Watch: Pelosi Tries To Invoke George Floyd’s Name During Presser. There’s Only One Problem…

(Tea Party 247) – George Floyd was a man with a lengthy criminal history who was killed by police officer Derek Chauvin in Minneapolis over Memorial Day weekend.

Now, what Chauvin did was completely illegal.

Police officers cannot be allowed to kneel on a suspect’s neck for nine minutes and expect to get away with it.

Thankfully, Chauvin has been charged and will be tried, because this is America, where we have justice for all. Criminals and police officers alike.

Nonetheless, despite Floyd being a far from admirable character who was merely killed in a tragic way, he has become the patron saint of racially-driven causes, the inspiration for a new “revolution” of racial reconciliation that is the Democrats’ latest attempt to leverage racial rhetoric for their political advantage.

If they could just get George Floyd’s name right…

On Friday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) invoked the name of George Floyd during a press conference in a glorious attempt at virtue signaling.

Only…she didn’t use Floyd’s name.

She used some other dude’s.

The Gateway Pundit reports:

80-year-old Pelosi referred to George Floyd, the black man who was killed by a Minnesota police officer, as “George Kirby.”

“I only will do that if you tell me that this legislation is worthy of George KIRBY’s name.” said Pelosi.

Either Pelosi hit the bottle early on Friday or age is catching up to her.

If you’re going to invoke the name of a dead man for your own political purpose, make sure to get his name right.


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  2. Has Pelosi passed legislation to honor his memory by changing “Juneteenth” to “National George Kirby Day” yet ????

  3. Thanks, nancy, all this destruction and we finally know the guy’s name, RIP Mr. Kirby. Oh, and nan be sure to let joe know who it was.

  4. Apparently pelosi has the same mental imparement as Biden…early dementia and senility…and too long serving in the government.

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  6. Biggest lies in history 1. protest/protesters were by far mostly peaceful.
    2. dems and progressives all love america and “all” americans.
    3. everything wrong, is the president’s/or administration fault, everything that is right, due to house representatives.
    4. the virus originated in china, but it is not the chinese GOVT’s fault.
    5. all nationalists are supremacists. AND the french, argentinians, noth koreans, chinese, cubans (like myself), etc etc, are not nationalistic

  7. Drunk on he job is normal for NP. Can’t remember the name of George Floyd and flubs with Kirby. Pickled brain cells are a hard case to overcome. It’s a shame that the BLM org. won’t seem to notice and call her out.

  8. Pelosi is simply another example of a deranged person who is an alcoholic and just cannot leave the booze alone. It is a surprising fact to see one person who is so full of hate, so full of alcohol, and literally, so full of shit. I am certain that she is one Democorrupt who was not brainwashed to be a socialist or communist — her brain, if she has one, is pickled from the alcohol she consumes constantly. She should not be put into a home for the aged — those folks do not deserve such a punishment. Perhaps begging the BLM to let her live with them would suddenly cause the BLM to cease and desist. Trump is trying his best to make things better for all of the citizens of our Nation. There are three groups of people who are opposing everything Trump tries to do; the Democrats, the Antifa, and the BLM. We all should do the very best we are capable of to try and bring our Nation together – not follow the antics such as George Soros and the communist parties. We should all be so thankful that we do not have to fight other countries on our soil.

    • Good idea. If she is lucky when the ice cream melts it would put out the fire. The problem is, she probably has armed security guards and a wall around her house.

  9. Why do we STILL put up with BRAIN DEAD Senile Nancy Pelosi and her FAKERY and LIES? . . . Remove her from OFFICE now – ASAP and in HANDCUFFS if need be! One DISGUSTED Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

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  11. This is a joke. A House majority leader and an ex-Vice President hoping to be President, who between the two I’m not sure there is a complete brain working. Trump has his problems, most created by Dems and a lot of bad luck (Virus and BLM), and some self created. But America, wake up! Trump is the only one in 50 years to put China in their place. They caused this destruction. Look at his numbers before the virus! Give him a chance, he’ll get us back there. America also, VOTE to clear his path from the Dems that burned up nearly three years of his Presidency on BS. Only he can get our economy back and punish those responsible. Sleepy Joe will do nothing, but fill his pockets or his son’s pockets on your dime by letting China slide. Then let the deficit grow more to payoff the BLM and give them what they want. Let them earn it like everyone else has to do. Why do they get a free ride on everyone else’s back. They have already been doing it for years. If they don’t like it, have them listen to Morgan Freeman, Will Smith and Denzil Washington! They have some chose words on what the BLM need to do. Look their interviews up on YouTube. Enough is Enough. Vote for the President who can fix this. And while we’re at it get rid of Drunk Pycolosi.

    • It won’t do any good re-electing President Trump if we don’t elect enough Republicans to take the US House back, and improve the Republican count in the US Senate to at least 60 Senators. Other wise it will be just like the last two years with the Democrats in charge of the US House, not allowing anything that President Trump wanted to improve the USA for the American people to pass, and it will be even worse if the Democrats win control of the US Senate.

  12. As an American these demoncrats with their own agenda seem to forget they still work for the people. If they don’t do their job correctly they should be fired with no ongoing pay or benefits. Why are they above the law and above the people. Once again they are public servants not good.

  13. I for one will not put a P.O.S. criminal like George Floyd on a pedestal!….I believe the wine is starting to take a toll on old Nancy!!!!

  14. George Kirby … wasn’t that the ghost on the TV show Topper? Nancy must have been hanging out with Neil, the St Bernard who loved martinis!

  15. If I could give Nancy Pelosi any helpful hint (not that she would listen to or otherwise heed it), it would be that “sterno” and senility don’t mix well! She has had her day in the sun, and most of her better days are long gone now! Nancy, do us all a favor and just f-f-f-fade away like the proverbial old soldier! It’s time for someone new to take over where you leave off, hopefully a Conservative Republican who follows the Constitution rather than the Communist Manifesto!

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    • Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic liberal socialist party have proven time and time again that they are a bunch of bigots who are the biggest bunch of racist. They will say and do anything to get your vote even if they have to create the next civil war they are willing to burn the constitution and allow theses criminals who have used BLM to make their incompetent democratic leadership coward by not taking decisive actions to protect their citizens. The corporation that allows theses criminals to intimidate them into their stupidity ( What did uncle Ben and aunt Jemima and Miss Butterwort do?)
      Those states and cities leadership that are being run by Democrats are the best example of incompetent liberals morons who don’t give a F-CK about their citizens and the business and Property they are willingly allowing these criminals to dictate the law. They are a disgrace for not taking a firm to put a end to criminals. Their Governors and Mayors and their bleeding heart liberal cities Council are more dangerous than the Rioters and looters? They are unwilling to accept the truth that they are the problem not the Solution just banned all the police department in the country and that these clowns are on it


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