Watch: New Video Exposing The Truth About Vaccines – Before It’s Banned

(Tea Party 247) – A new video has been released on Facebook which details the numerous reasons why vaccines are dangerous. We need to do our part in sharing the video to make sure as many people can receive the information as possible before it inevitably gets banned and censored from all major platforms.

The dangers of vaccines are nothing new. Insiders have even come out to speak against vaccines confirming they do in fact cause autism and a wide range of other autoimmune, chronic conditions. Take Dr. Andrew Zimmerman, for example, who gave testimony to the United States Vaccine Court claiming that vaccines do cause autism and that big vaccine manufacturers know this but really don’t care.

There are no actual safety and effectiveness standards put on vaccines. None that are adhered to at any rate. The CDC and the FDA pretend to monitor vaccine safety and effectiveness but there is much more evidence proving vaccines are neither safe nor effective than there is proving the opposite. The fact that there is a special Vaccine Court should speak volumes to Americans. Add that to the disturbing fact that you can’t actually sue vaccine manufacturers when your child is injured by a toxic vaccine, and that should be enough to make parents, at the very least, skeptical.

The media fuels mass hysteria over supposed disease outbreaks which only results in the bolstering of vaccine profits for Big Pharma and more injured children living with chronic disabilities they wouldn’t otherwise have. The media fails to report truth and facts on vaccines or supposed outbreaks. Like, for example, the majority of people who get mundane diseases like the measles are actually vaccinated for the disease already. They minimize this fact and focus solely on the unvaccinated people and how “dangerous” and “irresponsible” they are.

Parents become so obsessed over the lie that their children are going to die if they don’t get them vaccinated that they are willing to allow their children to be injected with numerous shots at any one visit to the pediatrician. This is especially dangerous seeing as how certain levels of different neurotoxins can make them even more dangerous, like aluminum for example. The CDC and even hospitals have regulations on how much aluminum young babies should be injected with but yet these standards are ignored and exceeded daily by pediatricians everywhere.

The hysteria over disease is completely irrational. Fervent pro-vaccine advocates and parents don’t want to acknowledge the fact that infectious diseases were naturally becoming eradicated along with advances in the way we maintain cleanliness in society. Access to clean running water, indoor sewage systems, and garbage removal systems are all to thank for the decline in infectious disease in modern societies. A fact all vaccine advocates choose to ignore.

All of this creates an environment perfect for the government to swoop in to “save the day” from the dangers that the unvaccinated supposedly pose to society. The pro-vaccine population feels justified in supporting laws that force parents to vaccinate their children against their wishes and better senses. This would be all good and well if vaccines worked and were necessary and if they were SAFE. They are none of these things.

Let’s not forget the fact that forced vaccinations creates a medical dictatorship run by corrupt pharmaceutical companies who become wealthy off the sufferings of the masses. Medical freedom is vitally important to retaining the freedoms we enjoy as Americans.

Check out the video here and share, share, share! We need to spread truthful information on vaccines. People need to be aware and parents need to be able to make the best choices for their children.


  1. Ultimately this proved to be a timely article. 5/21/20
    Covid 19 is a PLANNED PANDEMIC. Designed to be used
    as a Democrat party political ploy to blame TRUMP and
    Vaccinate the lemming voters at the same time. BILL GATES
    has now been exposed. So too have several others.
    Nancy Pelosi is at the helm of this divide. Begging the President
    and Senate to pass money for Planned Parenthood which alreay
    has incredible stockpiles of Tax Paid funding. The Kennedy Ctr?
    Really? She is a piece of shit America. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!


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