Watch: Mainstream Media Infuriated Real News Is Covering Hong Kong Protests

(Tea Party 247) – Patriots across the country have been inspired to see the grassroots, pro-freedom movement raging in the streets of Hong Kong, and pro-liberty media outlets have been there covering it.

Well, this isn’t making the mainstream media very happy.

You see, it’s their job to weave narratives, and they don’t like it when alternative news outlets step on their toes.

Infowars has been on the ground in Hong Kong covering the massive anti-ChiCom protests, and they explain how they’ve irritated the media:

Infowars reporters Savanah Hernandez, Greg Reese, and Paul Joseph Watson have been providing extensive mind-blowing coverage and reports of the Hong Kong protests all week.

But when a couple of MSM journalists tried to ridicule Infowars as “conspiracy theorists” during the demonstrations, Hernandez clapped back.

“In the middle of conducting interviews with protesters today, I was mocked and called a conspiracy theorist,” she wrote.

“Stop wasting time focusing on my journalism and do your job and give the people of Hong Kong a voice.#LetHKSpeak.,” she explained in a tweet.

“I did not march for 4+ hours, conduct hours of interviews and experience tear gas to be discredited. MSM is so jealous of real journalism that all they can do is attack it,” she added in a later tweet.

The mainstream media is threatened by what Infowars has gone to Hong Kong to do the work that they’re unwilling to do.

They’ve been working on fake news for so long, they have no idea how to do real reporting anymore!

The REAL NEWS movement in the US is what is inspiring the Hong Kongers, not the bulls*** narratives the fake news media pedals to try to advance their radical left agenda.

Infowars notes:

One demonstrator explained to Infowars why Pepe the Frog has become a symbol of freedom against Communist China.

Another protester described the clashes between the demonstrators and police forces, where he sustained injuries from rubber bullets.


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