Watch: James O’Keefe Exposes What’s Really Going On In NY Hospitals

(Tea Party 247) – James O’Keefe and the undercover journalists who gain insider footage for his Project Veritas are used to putting themselves at risk to expose the dark underbelly of leftist policies.

But now they’re taking it to a whole new level.

Brave journalists from this formidable organization have given us an inside look into New York City’s hospitals as well as hospitals in New Jersey, which are currently faced with some of the highest numbers of coronavirus cases in the United States.

O’Keefe, who recently traveled to Los Angeles and around California, was seeking a test for the coronavirus.

The doctors in the hospital advised him to self-quarantine, as has generally been recommended for anyone traveling when they return home.

Symptoms generally appear within a week or two of the initial exposure to the virus, but as we know very well by this point, you can contract the virus and show no symptoms. This is why self-isolation is being so firmly recommended by health officials around the globe.

One doctor told Project Veritas that tests are typically administered to the elderly, obese, those who have COPD or otherwise appear to be suffering from life-threatening conditions.

The doctor also said that newborn babies are being checked for COVID-19.


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  4. Hospitals do what they must do. Administrators do what they can do. Politicians do what they think will get them a vote. The people do what other people need to be done. Today the Press does nothing because they are completely fictional.

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