Watch: BLM Protester Has Spectacular Meltdown…You’ve Got To See This

(Tea Party 247) – It’s very tricky of this movement known as Black Lives Matter to brand themselves using the phrase “black lives matter.”

While virtually every decent American agree that “black lives matter,” the group itself has many, many issues.

Case in point? Trying to destroy the Emancipation monument:

As Red State explains:

The man this crazed woman is verbally assaulting is dressed as Frederick Douglass, who spoke at the dedication of the Emancipation memorial in Lincoln Park. Protestors gathered again last night to demand it’s removal. The statue itself was paid for by freed slaves to honor the man that won the Civil War.

But none of that matters to this woman and those protesting along side her. They are selfish children, so enamored with their own warped world-view that they’d actually spit on the legacy of freed slaves by attempting to destroy a statue of Abraham Lincoln. Get it? This highly privileged protester’s feelings are now more important than the freed slaves who paid for the monument. That’s the kind of irony and idiocy being brought on by the intersectionalist ideology of BLM.

Some will say I’m typecasting a broader movement that doesn’t necessarily agree with BLM as an organization, but that’s not really how it works.

Let’s say there was a racist, anti-Semitic organization that opposed tearing down Confederate statues. Now, let’s say that group has a slogan they created and that they repeat over and over. If even non-racist people against the removal of those statues for differing reasons started using that slogan and extolling that organization as a force for good, what would happen? The latter group would immediately be lumped in with the former group as racists.

The same is true of BLM when it comes to any tacit support of their leadership. I’m not going to use their slogan or extol the “general” good of an organization that wants to abolish the police, says they are anti-capitalist, espouses black supremacy, commits acts of violence, tears down statues of Founding Fathers, and supports anti-Semitic causes. That’s my conviction. I do not want to be connected with such a group in any way.

What’s crazy is that mainstream corporate America, instead of taking the views and feelings of mainstream America, is falling in lockstep with the views of these far-left radicals.


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  3. Cant even understand what the hell she is saying . its like nails on a chalkboard. Its so unbearable that the question of what she is screaming about is irrelevant. The only thing that desires to be known is when will she shut up .

  4. Antifa and Blm are both antagonist organizations. They aren’t based on facts. Their actions show that!!!
    We can ALL agree that ALL lives matter no MATTER the color. It’s ironic that people that were never slaves are trying to take down a statue that freed slaves paid for!!! Unbelievable!!! They have NO RESPECT for the ACTUAL PEOPLE who went through hell! I’m so tired of these garbage people who are asking for trouble instead of helping OUR COUNTRY BE BETTER!!!

    • And the majority of the U.S. Congress (role models they’re NOT) is a sterling example of “How to take your own country apart”.

  5. BLM is not a real “racial rights organization”, but instead is a strict “Marxist Organization”, whose main goal is the destruction of the USA and the American way of life, as they want our “US Constitution” to be burned and replaced with a “Marxist Manifesto”.

    That is why BLM isn’t going after only what some claim could be a racial statue or monument, but instead the BLM is attempting the destruction of all US and American statues and monuments, in an attempt to destroy our history, so we’ll have no reason for loyalty to our country, when it has no history left to be loyal to.

  6. These uneducated Marxists mobs need a lesson in history, if they want to destroy the statue of president Abraham Lincoln. Any attempt to do so is based on ignorant and something deeper than cultural revolution. Here is the one President, whose greatest achievement was to eliminate slavery and how hard the democrats fought against it and that it was emancipated slaves who paid for the statue, yet these morans want to rip it down. This is unbelievable!!!!

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  8. She’s an Idiot just like most of the BLM Protesters. They don’t know about the Proclamation and that Lincoln Freed the Slaves and the Slaves paid for the Statue It’s called “The Dumbing down of America” by the Dumbocraps.

  9. Why is this woman yelling at two elderly black men if she believes black lives matters, oh those black elderly opinions don’t mattter! Those 2 gentlemen have forgot more about life than this POS girl will ever know! The POS girl should move to Cuba because she forgot why America is great, EVERYONE CAN HAVE THEIR OWN OPINION!!!!’

    • According to the left their opinion is the only one that should count and all others are wrong. When the right objects to some art they are told that is too bad but you can’t just destroy it because someone objects except when they object to art work then it must be totally destroyed and removed from people minds. What a bunch of hypocrites.

  10. Feel sorry for people in the future of this country….wish they would come to our town and try this BS..bunch of pansy a$$ poosies!!!!

  11. “All animals are equal, but some animals are mlore equal than others” — the evolution of ‘equality’ in George Orwell’s “ANIMAL FARM”. Why is it that black lives matter, but all lives and especially white lives don’t matter equally?

  12. These so-called protestors are uneducated Socialists Terrorists who o purpose is to destroy America and turn this Nation into a Manure 3rd world Muslim country.
    These Terrorists are Burning down homes and businesses, assaulting the elderly. Raping children in the streets and murdering anyone they want and backed by the Democratic party that is financing them, protecting them from prosecution, and arming them with weapons to place in the hands of children, That what Terrorists do.

    And terrorists are being back by the Nazi-Socialistic Democratic Party.

  13. Will they next want The United States National Slavery Museum torn down, the White House changed to The President’s Residents. How far will PATRIOTIC AMERICANS LET THIS PSYCHOTIC BEHAVIOR GO?

  14. The ideological blindness and deafness of the American Taliban (Antifa, BLM, et. al.) speak derogatory volumes on a movement which is symbolic of the most heathen of quasi-political movements having risen in the USA 🇺🇸 today!

    • Well put but few in that movement will understand what you said. The Dumming down of America. Sad.

    • And donations to BLM from mindless individuals and corporations are siphoned directly into the Democrat Party’s Election Fund.

  15. BLM/Antifa praises their communist agenda and displays it to the world through domestic terrorism, rioting, arson, looting, destruction of businesses, homes, churches, destruction of all monuments to history, including those that honor black people. They seal their communist destruction with injury to thousands of Americans and even murders of more black people. They bare the blood and shame for David Dorn, Italia Marie Kelley and more. They proudly proclaim their legacy of shame and hypocrisy.

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