Watch: Antifa Members Conduct Satanic Ritual Amid Protest—Using Real, Bloody Heart

(Tea Party 247) – It is incredibly important to understand that at the root of far-left, radical ideology like that behind Antifa is a fundamental philosophical difference from that on which our nation was founded.

This is why the adherents to this ideology rage so violently and angrily against our most sacred institutions, from criminal justice buildings to churches.

Our nation was founded by God-fearing Pilgrims who sought refuge from tyrannical regimes who sought to tell them how to worship.

Even after the Reformation in Europe, monarchs sought to dictate the way that church services could be conducted, and doctrine taught.

So, the Pilgrims sought a refuge where they could worship freely, not according to how the state told them to interpret the Bible, but how they did as individuals and factions.

This is the ideological foundation of our whole nation.

Yet, those on the left don’t even believe that there is a God to worship. They don’t believe that everyone is entitled to freedom of speech or thought. They believe our whole system, carefully designed to preserve ideological liberty, is false.

It’s downright anarchy—spiritually as well as politically.

And now Antifa is just straight-up doing Satanic rituals in the street.

Over the weekend, Antifa members performed a Satanic ritual in the street in Boston, where they squeezed the blood out of a heart and ate it.

Brace yourself—this is sick.

Copyright 2020.


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  2. Sad thing is the Government in those states are letting it happen and just as responsible for it. Vote them out of office. Our children should never see this type of behavior be allowed in a civil society. They are being subjected to so much already.

  3. If it’s chaos they want that’s what they’ll get but it won’t be the kind of chaos their expecting. Their world is gonna be turned upside down and the ones that don’t perish will be wishing they had.

  4. It doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. These putrid excuses for human beings ARE possessed by a dark spirit. Jesus gives us very important insight on this matter that we must all be aware of. In Mathew 7:18 he tells us that a good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. these ANTIFA demons have demonstrated by their actions, language, and demeanor that they are corrupt. Jesus goes on the tell us what will happen, in his own due time, to the corrupt tree. In verse 19 same chapter we are told it will be hewn down and cast into the fire. Then he finishes up with the best way to test for good and evil in verse 20 he plainly tells us that by their fruit we shall know them. NUFF SAID!


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