Washington Post Shares “Ghoulish” And Bizarre Stat About Trump Supporters And Coronavirus

(Tea Party 247) – The Fake News media is at it again.

The insufferable and fake rag, The Washington Post, has been slammed for its latest display of complete and utter disdain for those deplorable, dirty, rural Trump supporters.

An “analysis” penned by the Post’s Philip Bump is suffering immense backlash after its “positively ghoulish” basis and underhanded attack on Trump supporters.

The piece was titled “1 in 8 Trump voters lives in a county with no ICU beds” and published on Friday. It was based on the findings of a new study that had been presented in an article titled “Millions Of Older Americans Live In Counties With No ICU Beds As Pandemic Intensifies” and published in Kaiser Health News.

The Kaiser piece had claimed that “more than half the counties in America have no intensive care beds, posing a particular danger for more than 7 million people who are age 60 and up.”

Bump’s “analysis” was based on this point.

“The presence of a hospital and of intensive-care units correlates to how rural the county is, as you might expect. But that also means there is a remarkable bit of overlap with politics, given how central the rural vote was to President Trump’s election in 2016,” he wrote.

“Comparing the county-level data from Kaiser Health News to 2016 presidential election data, we discovered a remarkable bit of data: About 8.3 million people who voted for Trump in 2016 live in counties where there are no ICU beds or no hospitals. That amounts to about 13 percent of the total votes Trump earned in that election, or one out of every eight votes,” Bump continued, noting that the president “won 10 times as many counties with no ICU beds as did Clinton.”

He continued to try to link the lack of ICU beds to Orange Man Bad.

“For every person 60 or older in a county which voted for Clinton and has no ICU beds, there are 10 times as many people in that age group in counties that backed Trump and have no ICU beds,” he said, eventually going on to declare that this issue is not, in fact, about “about politics.”

“The issue here isn’t politics. It is that many Americans have limited access to the sort of medical care the virus might necessitate. It’s that many others live in places where that access will quickly be strained by the volume of covid-19 cases that are expected to emerge,” he asserted. “For a president so heavily focused on his base, though, it is worth noting how heavily that former group overlaps with his most fervent support.”

Twitter users were quick to attack Bump’s below-the-belt premise, sarcastically noting the “pure class” of the paper.


  1. My roomate’s mother makes $67 every hour on the internet. She has been fired from work for nine months but last month her paycheck was $21270 just working on the internet for a few hours….

  2. This must be another Biden-Sanders-Pelosi-Schiff-Nadler-Schumer political conspiracy. They are depriving the population of ICU beds. We want equality. So, if we don’t have those beds then we need to immediately close up those rooms in the hospitals and redistribute that equipment equally. How’s that? Then every city and town will have one ICU bed. Isn’t that the Sanders democratic Socialist plan?

  3. We living in fly over country are way less likely to be contaminated by Wuhan because of the fresh air and space between us. Maybe pandemic is here to cleanse the earth of communists, Mohammedans, and democrats.

  4. I was introduced to the wapo on 10 July 1973, the day after induction into the Naval Academy, Class of ’77. Part of our Plebe “rates” was to be “conversant” on 3 articles each from the front and sport sections daily. My moniker for the rag quickly became “the insult to the fish,” as many people joked that wrapping fish from the fresh fish market was the only suitable use for the rag. Some even joked that was the only reason it was printed. I reasoned that ANY self-respecting fish would have been EGREGIOUSLY OFFENDED at having been wrapped in the wapo.

  5. My friends stepmother makes $0/hour sitting on the computer playing FarmVille. She got fired 6 months ago from her job for being on her phone too much so she just sits around now all lazy and worthless. Kinda like the 2 people that posted above me ⬆️

  6. Solved the problem…1 in 8 trump supporters SO who are the other 7 ???, Wait, could they be Democrats ??? Biden or Bernie supporters ?? This just shows we are smarter ! Works for me !

    • What he never mentioned is that 8 of 10 democrats live in big cities , who are WOEFULLY lacking in ICU and intensive care beds for their bloated populations

  7. I’m always amazed by the blind arrogance of people like this who have zero practical knowledge of how to provide for themselves without being a parasite on the people. First of all: many of us moved into the country or to smaller communities to get away from what their oh-so-wise social engineering was wreaking. We stopped trusting the mainstream media years ago when it became apparent that the editorial departments were gagging & directing reporters to write what the big boys and owners wanted said: not having our best interests or truth in mind…..purposely misprinting our editorial letters to make us look ignorant and so forth, going to alternative media. Many went on to self-educating outside the box distrusting the dumbing down and manipulation, defilement, drugging and so on by our ‘betters’ as our eyes were opened to what was going on. The choices to centralize our schools, our medical system & to turn our police forces from local peacekeepers to psych-squad police state supers were not made by the people, but by the planners who want us to live & do what they tell us to do. We didn’t push out the ICU’s or tell the medical system and schools to focus solely on Pharma while suppressing nutrition and lifestyle health, & dumbing folks down to make less discerning consumers. And we sure weren’t the ones who decided to close our own production down to become dependent on offshore commies and fascists who have American freedom that hinders their ‘dreams’ of Utopia nowhereville. Putting all of our eggs into their one basket ….worse: killing all of our chickens so we don’t even HAVE any eggs!….so when we have a crisis we’re all guaranteed to suffer with no distribution of risk, or segment of society that may have made different choices being able to step up to help. Our schools were centralized. Our curriculums were massacred by centralized publishers and one worlder antichrist occultists like Mueller pretending to be ‘scientific’. Our denominations & churches were attacked by the same sort of ‘engineers’ and activists even here, by those who realized straight King James Bible preaching turns out savvy, sober and able free men and women. They attacked the Book sideways as that old lecherous once a philosophe, twice a sodomite Voltaire advised….and few realized what the outcome would be. Most of our churches are as bad as our schools with the same state enforced religious humanist religion & survival of the fittest where the ‘strong’ prey on the weak, and the middle class eliminated. They left a few details out of their ‘common ground ‘ cultural diversity and respect curriculums, so now we get to experience the ‘outcomes’ firsthand. At least out here people have been learning how to stand in the Lord alone or in small fellowships away from the crowds and compromised CFR phonies: learning how to self-care & guard health, care for our sick, how to find or grow food, trying to pay down debt as we realized things were not going to get better, why economic common sense….math understanding what all that fine print on ‘easy credit’ means, & economic history and so forth were not being taught in our schools (or real literacy across the board)…..realizing that the planners behind the scenes don’t want knowledgeable, literate and strong people: by the Obama years it was crystal clear that the plan was obviously to crash our economy & grow the rich and poor divide. And we’d given up hope that those who put their Bibles in their desks, then left them at home and went with Freud and Jung’s occult kabala and Greco-Roman psych-craft…..weren’t about to speak up & risk their government salaries they could never make in a free market. We didn’t decide to bring in antichristian and brainwashed immigrants and terrorists who neither understand American freedom nor value it, who do not understand true tolerance where everyone has a voice….but no one the right to impose it, to steal, assault, rape and terrorize.

    If they’re so smart and so ‘righteous’, why don’t they live in the conditions they are forcing upon everyone else and not in their gated communities with private armed security? That sell-off of biotech stock…..and the amounts of money involved in those sell-off’s by our elected officials ….did not go unnoticed. Nor the $15 million in U.S. gov grants to the Harvard professor working with the Wuhan University of Technology. We see that, then we see Democrats lining their pockets with stock in the very global corporate state fascist businesses as mentioned above, while squawking about aiding middle class private-class businesses and employers that make up 40% of our economy who’ve been struggling and burdened for years to pay for centralized Pharma medicine and just in time and all the other brilliant ideas the nannies and America-haters have put upon us…..and which are hindering our ability to respond to crises like we’re facing today. Frankly, we’re getting tired of the charade….but we’ll survive. And we’ll remember not to fear those who can destroy the body but then do nothing, as we fear the one who can destroy both body and soul in Hell. Folks can sell out their soul to the Beast if they want to: but anyone with third grade level literacy and a King James Bible read with contextual understanding can tell you how that’s all gonna pan out.

  8. How about this stat: Trump supporters aren’t as quick to think people should be locked down and thrown in jail for violating the lockdown by their government as Bernie and Biden supporters.

  9. People need to stop reading garbage coming from MSM especially at a time like this. We are all in this together. Chinese virus Coronavirus COVD-19 whatever they de die to call it does not discriminate and in some cases takes no prisoners. The only thing MSM is good for is bashing the President and his supporters. We are stronger than they even care to know and we will beat this! TRUMP2020 Best President ever! MSM only good for propaganda and dividing us stop reading and listening.

  10. Outlying hospitals have access to ICU’s in larger hospitals. They transfer patients to them by ambulance or helicopter, and successfully I must say. It is ludicrous for Mr. Bump to not only insult the voters but in the same ugly spirit slam good hospitals which are made up of competent, educated, hard working people. Everything is about cost effectiveness. Once Pres. Lyndon Johnson signed the Medicare Bill, then what we have today is the result. Up to that time, people bought their own medical insurance or their companies offered an insurance package as part of their benefits package. Still their were many elder people and disabled who could not participate this way. Hence Medicare. There were many problems with this but funding the program from Social Security Fund was the worst thing. Up to this point SS was solvent. Now remember I am speaking to a Bill signed into law in 1965. By the 1980’s the government felt the need to control hospital costs. Hence the DRG”s Pres. Reagan signed this Bill into law. This law assigned a code for absolutely every illness, surgical procedure, x-ray,lab test, all specialty tests, etc., etc.; I think you get the picture. Absolutely everything related to hospitals, doctors, and nurses had it’s own specific code. I digressed a bit from the article subject hoping to stimulate interest so people will research the subject a little.
    When or if it becomes necessary I a certain that Pres. Trump will work with the Governor of each state that needs auxiliary hospitals just like he is with CA, WA, and NY. I have every confidence our military can get everything in place. They are very good at these things. If there is a need for more nursing staff, we have many retired nurses who are still very able, capable, and willing to step into the gap; myself included.

  11. Why does anyone take stock in what the NYT and WaPo have to print anymore. If this ass clown, Philip “Rump” Bump, would have really done some journalism, he would have investigated how many rural hospitals were shut down because of Ovomitcare when the hospitals were being shut down. I wonder how many ICU beds were lost because of Ovomitcare. Now he’s saying Pres Trump and his supporters are the rural “hicks” that closed the beds. He’s the typical liberal jackass!

  12. So, what about all of these celebrates getting it. Rural doesn’t need hospital beds to lounge in, we relax going to work. I know where my toilet paper is coming from, from now on. Unsold newspapers.

    • Interesting point; I need to quit throwing old newspapers into the recycle bin. I’ll save the comic pages though; they are the best part.

  13. Interesting. I wonder what the statistic is on Clinton (or Biden) supporters who live in a county that grows enough food to feed their own (county) population?

    • I use the few newspapers i get for the bottom of the garbage pail, lest their be any leaks (and newspapers specialize in leaks)

  14. Its a shame the ILLEGALS/hollyWEIRD/athletes getting tested whether they have symptoms or not but not the US citizens!! That is why we have a shortage of tests at this time!!

  15. When the Coronavirus entered most Americans’ radars, the deadly pandemic was largely contained to China. To try to keep the virus from entering America, President Trump on January 31st announced a ban on travel from China to the U.S. The move was almost reflexively panned as “racist,” “xenophobic,” and not in line with science. More than a month and a half later, it’s now widely acknowledged that limiting travel from “cluster” regions is one of the only ways to slow the virus’ rapid spread, and that this travel ban helped the United States gain time to prepare its defenses. Americans themselves quickly began practicing “social distancing,” limiting their exposure to large groups of people where the virus can quickly spread exponentially. These common-sense measures were likewise derided as “racist.” On the day the travel ban was announced, Joe Biden said: “The American people need to have a president who they can trust what he says about it, that he is going to act rationally about it. In moments like this, this is where the credibility of the president is most needed as he explains what we should and should not do. This is no time for Donald Trump’s record of hysteria xenophobia — hysterical xenophobia and fear-mongering. When Americans began practicing “social distancing,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) accused them of racism. Honestly, it sounds almost so silly to say, but there’s a lot of restaurants that are feeling the pain of racism, where people are literally not patroning [sic] Chinese restaurants, they’re not patroning [sic] Asian restaurants because of just straight up racism around the Coronavirus,” she said on Instagram Live. Her Democratic colleague, Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) likewise accused Americans of being “racist” for practicing what are now widely accepted as the best practices to prevent Coronavirus’ spread. You know, since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, we’ve seen not only the spreading of the virus but also a rapid spreading of racism and xenophobia,” the lawmaker said during a congressional oversight hearing. “We have witnessed it at the highest levels and, in fact, the Republican Party fanning, irresponsibly, these flames. One colleague tweeted that, ‘Everything you need to know about the Chinese Coronavirus.’ My district is home to nearly 32 percent foreign-born residents, with more than a quarter immigrating from Asia. This painful rhetoric has consequences. Restaurants across Boston’s Chinatown have seen up to an 80% drop in business. And I believe this has everything to do with the rapid spread of misinformation and paranoia.” Americans, and Trump, were likewise attacked in the media. On CNN, contributor Jeff Yang said Americans were being racist for avoiding crowds and especially those sneezing and coughing.“A lot of Asian-Americans and Asians in other countries, who are experiencing I guess you could say a metaphorically cold shoulder when it comes to being in public and simply being, you know, Chinese in a crowded space,” Yang said. “It’s something that causes people to part like the red sea, daring to cough or sneeze causes people to actually shy away from you. There is a sense in which people feel very much like there’s a kind of racial profiling occurring, simply because the disease so is far has been primarily limited in terms of fatalities.”
    Yang additionally attacked Americans for connecting the spread of the Coronavirus to Chinese eating habits, even as scientists and China’s communist government agree that the virus can be traced back to “wet markets” where wild animals are sold for human consumption. It is simply just beyond extreme and not held up by scientific data,” Yang said. TV talking heads also claimed Trump’s Chinese travel ban is oppositional to science. The founding dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine and frequent MSNBC guest, Peter Hotez, said: Historically travel bans tend not to work very well, they tend to be counter productive.” Do you see how the democraps/media can manipulate your life? The democraps/media is creating an all-out panic. They are destroying small businesses, crushing 401 (k)s, and worst yet, terrifying people. They are rooting for recession, destruction, and death. They are the enemy of the people and “ALL OF THEM” must be ERADICATED!!

  16. Fluck you and your mother to its bad enough my children are democrat I don’t need to be around any more of them! GFYS!

  17. What can we say, it is Washington Post, it is liberal/socialist, it comes from a big city and it is a media product.
    That is all we need to know.

  18. people need to use the wapo instead of toilet paper seems that’s all it’s good for. it’s a lying rag of a newspaper anyway. can’t believe anyone with half a working brain cell would even read the trash that they publish.

  19. people need to use the wapo instead of toilet paper seems that’s all it’s good for. it’s a lying rag of a newspaper anyway. can’t believe anyone with half a working brain cell would even read the trash that they publish.

  20. Capitalism at work:
    Toilet paper with each sheet saying NEW YORK TIMES or WASHINGTON POST!
    Please color and icons to match the purpose of the J O B 💩 🧐😳🤔🤓

  21. In my opinion, we need to shut down the Washington Post and New York Times now. Everything that is being shut down, and only essential services needed. Both papers have lost their essential services status, not like they were essential in my world.

  22. Bump is about right for the WAPO. He needs a real job; something that would challenge his mental capacity. He may want to rethink his analysis as those elite city-slicker hospital beds overflow.

  23. The Democrats want to take our guns and make our country a communist party. Wake up America while we still have our freedom. Socialism is communism!!!!

  24. The NAZI COMMUNIST SOCIALIST media,,,,especially the WAPO needs to be shut down by any means necessary,,,,,they are stirring a panic simply tp satisfy their needs politically,,,,,this is not a time for partisan politics,,,,this is a time to pull together and get this great NATION through this China induced crisis,,,,stop the bullshit and media lies,,,,,it would be more than fitting to see journalists fighting the virus instead of fighting politics,,,,,you don’t see this President campaigning and blaming the democrats,,,although there is a lot of blame to be placed on the Democratic Party and their partisan media blowhards,,,,,stop the bullshit before you regret every word an$ lie you are pushing,,,,remember what happens when you push a lion too far,,,,the roar will be the last noise you Ever hear,,,,,,,

  25. 7 of 8 Biden supporters live in cities where their Democratic politicians stole all of the money to purchase ICU equipment. In NY hospitals ICU and Janitor’s Room are the same place. Hey idiots: STOP voting for them.

  26. Since a lot of us hunt & fish & know how to do stuff with our hands, I figure we’ll do a whole lot better than folks who like to live all squashed together in concrete jungles. They can control the shit out of people in those places, that’s the plan.

  27. Oh please can the American people get a break. The virus does not know who is Republican or who is Democrats. The virus does not know how old someone is. Unless someone is doing something to infect people with the virus that is the only way to hit a person of gender or age. So this business of it being Trump supporters vs Democrat supporters is for the birds.

  28. What else can you expect from the dems. They are so into themselves they think they are the only ones that have a brain. Please just go away and let us live a normal life.

  29. From my observations, 100% of Obama voters are brain dead. IQs in single digits, and many are certifiably nuts and/or demon possessed. THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. And 4 out or 10 dem voters live in appliance boxes and sh*t in the street. What’s your point? Didnt WAPO used to be a newspaper or something?

    • Right on, Dennis. And as Mark Twain once said, “There are liars, there are damn liars, and there are statistics.” He lumped them all together because stats can be interpreted several ways.


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