Was Obama A Manchurian Candidate? The Shocking Truth

(Tea Party 247) – Now that the Obama presidency is long gone, we’re only beginning to grasp the full extent of his corruption and crookedness while in office.

A piece authored by Air Force veteran L. Todd Wood, who makes the argument for the Washington Times that Obama was, in fact, the real Manchurian candidate in the White House, and not Donald Trump.

In Woods’ analysis, he vindicates many a “conspiracy theorist” who reported the truth about Obama when the rest of the media refused to.

He notes that Trump’s wildly successful first term has only served to underscore just how treasonous Obama’s actions were.

“I am struck by the realization that America really did have a Manchurian Candidate in The White House for eight years,” he wrote in the piece, which was published last year.

“The speed with which Trump has been able to turn things around points to the diabolical depths the Obama administration went to in order to undermine our national strength and way of life. All Trump had to do was stop doing things that hurt America; America could then take care of itself. The results are plain as day. However, it will take decades for the Obama damage to be completely undone. The deviousness of the Obama sedition runs deep.”

Let that sink in.

“All Trump had to do was stop doing things that hurt America; America could then take care of itself,” he continues.

He then goes on to list a number of Obama’s policy decisions that, all told, are hard not to label as seditious, as summarized by the Washington Standard:

He irresponsibly pulled all American troops out of Iraq knowing that instability would follow.

He shackled our military field commanders making the fight against ISIS unwinnable. President Trump proved this when he took the handcuffs off and defeated ISIS in a matter of months.

He ordered the assassination of Muammar Gaddafi after Gaddafi agreed to give up his nuclear weapons making Donald Trump’s task that much more difficult in getting North Korean Chairman Kim Jong-un to accept the word of an American leader.

Obama basically installed the Muslim Brotherhood on the throne in Egypt until the Egyptian military took control back from them.

The so-called Arab Spring, the destabilization of the Middle East and North Africa, and Obama’s refusal to confront Bashar Assad after his use of chemical weapons all defy any sense of logic.

And domestically:

Obama never passed a budget.

He ran up more debt than all of our previous presidents combined.

He left the military depleted in both manpower of materiel.

He turned the IRS into a political weapon.

He turned the EPA into a political weapon.

He turned the CIA into a political weapon.

He turned the DOJ into a political weapon.

He turned the FBI into a political weapon.

He did nothing to stop Russian meddling in our election.

And with trade:

He fomented the massive imbalance that left vast areas of our country devoid of jobs and shipped our money elsewhere.

He allowed Chinese companies to demand ownership interest in American investments in China and with it the transfer of trillions of dollars worth of proprietary technology.

Uranium One.

Skolkovo – the transfer of cyber technology to Russia.

And then there was “… the coup-de-grace of anti-American activity was the JCPOA, or, to say it another way, the agreement to give Iran everything it wanted, including nuclear weapons and money — lots of money — which it immediately used to further destabilize the region, and existentially threaten the only democracy in the Middle East, Israel.”

This doesn’t even cover all of it, considering all that has been revealed of the dirty dealings of the Obama administration when it came to Trump-Russia, much of which has been uncovered since the piece was penned.

They used to call us racist for doubting Obama so much…turned out he was much worse than we ever could have imagined.


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