Volkswagen Commercial Banned In UK — For Showing Women As Mothers…?

(Tea Party 247) – It really seems like we are living in some kind of bizarre alternate universe. How can we expect to have a properly functioning society when we have adults running around, manipulating societal standards, who don’t even know what gender they are? The LGBT mob has been working hard at decimating any indication whatsoever that there are, in fact, only two genders and that those two genders, male and female, are factually very different from one another.

Gender stereotypes are just so yesterday!

We can get a good idea of the direction America is heading in by looking at the UK. They always seem to be one or two steps ahead of us in the social depravity and lunacy category. The latest madness to come out of the UK is the banning of a Volkswagen commercial. It must be extremely offensive, depicting some kind of violence against women and children or some kind of graphic, hate crime. Maybe it uses vulgar language and features nudity.

All valid reasons to ban a commercial.

Not in this case. The reason is much worse, much more offensive than any of that. At the end of the commercial a woman is shown caring for a baby. That’s right. They depicted a woman in the role of a mother. Absolutely absurd and offensive. I’m on the verge of getting triggered just typing this. (Please apply a healthy amount of sarcasm there.)

Paul Joseph Watson reported on this bizarre story via Summit News:

The ad shows a scene of a woman and a man in a tent on a cliff face, two male astronauts floating in a spaceship and a male para-athlete with a prosthetic leg doing the long jump.

At the end of the clip, a woman is seen sat on a bench next to a pram.

The commercial was banned by the UK Advertising Standard Authority (ASA) after just three people complained, with the ASA asserting that it violated gender stereotyping rules.

“By juxtaposing images of men in extraordinary environments and carrying out adventurous activities with women who appeared passive or engaged in a stereotypical care-giving role, we considered that the ad directly contrasted stereotypical male and female roles and characteristics in a manner that gave the impression that they were exclusively associated with one gender,” said the ASA. “We concluded that the ad presented gender stereotypes in way that was likely to cause harm and therefore breached the Code.”

Volkswagen tried to explain the meaning behind the ad, but it was to no avail.

“The core message of the ad was centred on the ability of the human spirit to adapt to challenges and change brought about by circumstances. They illustrated that through a number of different scenarios featuring various characters so that as diverse an audience as possible would be able to identify with the message.”

“They included the final scene of the woman in the park as a relatable example of adaptation to change, as they believed that welcoming a newborn into the family was a life changing experience that would be shared by many viewers, regardless of gender. The scene served a secondary purpose of illustrating the reduction of engine noise in an electric vehicle.”

You can’t do anything nowadays without deeply offending some unhinged leftist lunatic. What a ridiculous thing to get bent out-of-shape over. A woman sitting with a baby. Did it ever occur to these lunatics who have nothing better to do than whine and complain about “gender stereotypes” that many, MANY women identify with that image because they are, in fact, mothers?

Also, just for fun, let’s not forget to point out the fact that women are the only humans capable of being mothers, which makes them pretty unique from men. This is a biological, scientific fact no matter how much the LGBT mob tries to insist men can be moms too. They cannot. Perhaps this is why the commercial is so offensive to them. It rejects “their truth” in favor of actual, objective truth.

It is truly incredible to see major institutions like the government and big corporations kowtowing to the insane and irrational demands of a teeny, tiny percentage of the population. Will the western world every return to our senses? It’s looking more and more doubtful every day.


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