Virginia Governor Northam Wants $4.8 Million In Taxpayer Funds To Disarm Virginians

(Tea Party 247) – Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is stepping up his plan to disarm Virginians by proposing a budget in which he would receive $4.8 million that would be spent on an 18-person task force dedicated to carrying out his proposed assault-weapons ban. Perhaps he thought he would be able to just sneak this into the budget without notice but Virginians across the state are taking issue with it as they continue to fight for their Second Amendment rights.

The New American reports:

In response to the governor’s demands, pro-Second Amendment organizations are asking citizens of Virginia to attend public budget hearings around the state and to question state legislators if they intend to give the governor his gun-grabbing goons and whether they will vote to infringe in any way the right to keep and bear arms.

“We understand that this is short notice. But it would have a significant impact if many of our members could show up and make a 3-minute statement and ask questions of the legislators in attendance,” said the Virginia Citizens Defense League, as reported by the Washington Examiner.

“We see in the governor’s proposed budget that he wants $4 million and 18 new law-enforcement positions to enforce a ban on commonly-owned firearms,” said Erich Pratt, Gun Owners of America senior vice president, as quoted in the same story.

Since the Dems have taken control of the state legislature last year, Governor Northam has been dead-set on disarming his constituents. Virginia is on its way to becoming the next liberal dystopia state but Virginians aren’t going to go down without a fight.

The New American says that, “Published reports claim that over 90 percent of the 95 counties in Virginia have passed some sort of resolution — all of which are non-binding — as a signal to the state’s lawmakers that they do not intend to go along with their government’s proposed gun grab.” Yet, it would appear Governor Northam is not the least bit concerned about what the people of Virginia actually want, after all, he has an agenda to fulfill.

The Governor is also not concerned with what the American Constitution says about citizen’s right to bear arms nor what the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Constitution says in its bill of rights which is very similar to what the US Constitution’s Second Amendment says. Article I, Section 13 of the Virginia Constitution says:

“That a well-regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms, is the proper, natural, and safe defense of a free state, therefore, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed; that standing armies, in time of peace, should be avoided as dangerous to liberty; and that in all cases the military should be under strict subordination to, and governed by, the civil power.”

Key words: “shall not be infringed.” This pivotal term is originally found in the US Constitution’s Second Amendment and repeated in Virginia’s State Constitution. Our right to bear arms shall not be infringed. It seems pretty clear and straightforward yet Dems are zealously eager to violate the US Constitution and state constitutions, they claim to defend and uphold.

Northam is literally seeking millions in taxpayer funds to infringe upon those same taxpayer’s constitutionally protected rights. His proposed ban on certain firearms is an unconstitutional infringement on our right to bear arms, period, and he wants Virginians to sponsor it. It’s mind-blowing.

Virginians must step-up and hold their representatives to the task of defending the Constitution and the rights and protections it grants them. The New American reports, “Advocates of the right to keep and bear arms are planning to hold a “lobby day” on January 20 in Richmond to communicate their opposition to the state government’s proposal to impose tighter regulations on the purchase, ownership, and use of weapons.”

“With a number of extreme gun control proposals set to be voted on the next session, it is vital for as many people as possible to be at the capitol on January 20 to tell the Governor and his legislator allies that this is unacceptable,” declares a press release issued by the Gun Owners of America.

The New American continues:

There is need for such urgency and such demonstration of resolve, for not only does Governor Northam’s budget call for the $4.8 million and 18-man force, but it asks for more than $2 million in additional funds to pay for 10 more employees to enforce various other gun-control proposals, including universal background checks, a one gun purchase per month limit, and “extreme risk legislation.”

And, nearly unbelievably, the governor’s budget requests $250,000 in additional funding for the state’s prisons so that they can be equipped to handle the increased population that will result from enforcement of the following proposed “laws”:

The removal of firearms from persons who pose a substantial risk to themselves or others; prohibit the sale, possession, and transport of assault firearms, trigger activators, and silencers; 

increase the penalty for allowing a child to access unsecured firearms; 

prohibit possession of firearms for persons subject to final orders of protection; 

and require background checks for all firearms sales.

The governor reckons in his budget request that enforcement of each of those statutes will cost about $50,000 for the prisons.

If you live in Virginia, this is your time and this is your fight. It’s time to step-up. The whole country is watching. This could be a turning point in American history. What happens in Virginia could have far-reaching consequences for all Americans. We cannot let the left gain any ground on this attack against our Second Amendment rights.


  1. If I lived in Virginia, I’d love to be part of a Peoples Movement to educate all the State’s voters. I’d fund a full page ad in all newspapers for the same Saturday and Sunday State wide. Ad would announce a recall, quote the stats of some countries that were disarmed, and the resulting deaths at the hands of those Governments. Announce protests at all City Halls for late afternoon on Sunday.
    Schedule Interviews on TV to explain the Movement on a Friday night, early and late News programs, Mention protests times, death rates in disarmed countries, recall etc. In all cases, an online site to vote yes/no whole package.

  2. What many so call assault weapon ban fanatics fail to realize . It is just a style or type. It is a semi auto. Just because it looks military makes it DANGEROUS???Change the stock and it suddenly is the same as any other semi rifle that is legal to hunt with in numerous states. The SNOWFLAKES are crazy whimpering crybabies that are frightened and offended by everything they disagree with. Here is a bit of history that the lib fools in their zeal don’t want the average weapons ban criers to remember ,or even have knowledge. When WW II started and the German Army was about to invade Great Britain..Because of citizens not allowed to own weapons , because they had no great armed force as we did they could not defend them selves. Citizens, gun owners. hunting families from the U.S.A sent thousands of weapons so they could defend themselves.
    Now imagine an invading army to the U.S.A knowing that 90% of every citizen has weapons in every home or walking in and knowing we would be a push over because no one was armed??
    As far as Virginia. It is happening in many states. Wonder how this type fool gets elected. It is the URBAN masses dictating how the suburban areas live and their votes out number the rest of the state. If these states had only so many electoral votes per precinct same as when the President is elected it would not be happening. Let the rotting urban areas live off themselves and the f the rural areas succeed from their laws and watch them collapse under the tax burden of feeding and housing homeless .non contributing society .Watch their crime rate soar under their archaic laws .

    • The Anglo-French Purchasing Board/British Purchasing Commission also bought firearms by the thousands to give to the citizens who would be the Home Guard. I have one that has the Royal Arsenal West ( Woolwich) crest on it. It is not marked as US Government Property like most were as it was likely shipped over in 1939/40. It does have a double struck US Gov’t proof mark on the barrel. Mossberg 42M-B with no serial number visible.

  3. The idiot governor better realize that his newly passed law is unConstitutional and the courts need to enlighten this fool. This is what happens when the Democrats run for office and nobody pays them any attention till they start passing illegal laws and behave badly like California and New York. Virginia needs to throw this chump out of office

  4. Wake up all you spineless, mindless Virginia idiots who voted this administration in to office in your great state. It is not too late to correct this mistake legally and according to your Constitution. These people you voters placed in charge are a deceitful dishonest lot and will destroy the great state of Virginia in a heartbeat for the power they crave. Think! Think! Think!

  5. The sheriffs should deputize all citizens of Virginia, give them badges, arm them and all Virginians
    should march to the Capitol and arrest those committing treason against “We the People” and put them on trial. “We the People” have made The US Constitution as a law for our servants to obey by swearing an oath
    to our Republic and to “We the People.” When our servants threaten “We the People,”to take away our rights and freedoms, it is a felony against “We the People!” This is tyranny and treason against “We the People” and they shall be arrested and tried by “We the People” to receive just punishment for their crimes against “We the People.”

  6. I was born in VA. Moved to Alaska when VA started turning blue. Saw it coming with Northern VA, which for the good people reading this Northern VA. does not represent most true Virginians, most people born and raised in VA are true patriots. Desmond Doss a great example it’s ashamed what has happened.
    Northam has taken up the anti gun banner so his true legacy won’t be his blackface scandal.
    Sorry Ralph wagging the dog won’t work here you will always be remembered for the blackface and you crapped all over Black Virginians who were loyal supporters you should be ashamed but you are just another spineless liberal.
    A true embarrassment to VMI and VA.
    I know in my lifetime no one will ever take any gun from any law abiding Alaskan. It will never happen
    God Bless America

  7. We must never forget that this gun-grabbing frenzy began with the United Nations, which from its inception mandated a disarmed citizenry. More than 50 years ago over 100 countries allowed the private ownership of firearms. Today, only the United States and Switzerland have private gun ownership. We must get rid of the United Nations, which proposes a world government were unelected bureaucrats decide what’s best and the people are stripped of all rights. If we lose our Second Amendment right, we’ll become another Mexico where the people are disarmed, unable to defend themselves and have suffered more gun deaths than Americans killed in the Vietnam War.

  8. Well folks you voted for him and all those other Democrats last fall, get ready to lose your weapons may the next time you will think seriously about whose on the ballot when you vote. Oh, by the way look out your taxes are going up in 2020, you voted for him now take your medicine you deserve it.

  9. If this Fool wants to disarm citizens then he should be the first to give up his armed protection. But we know that will NEVER HAPPEN.

  10. Virginians need to demand a recall of the this elected zealot. He is over stepping his authority and cannot make a law taking away a Constitutional law and right without debate and proper vote by the state legislature. Stand strong Virginia.

  11. sWhat do you expect from an man that finds it acceptable killing a child after it is born, I believe in any normal its considered MURDER.

  12. Northam comes acroass as “Dead Man Walking” he totally opposes the Constitution and the Declarations of independence – it is only a matter of time.

  13. So….Ralph Northam wants to let newborns starve to death, he wants to take a constitutional right away,and wants us taxpayers to foot the bill? Oh. Okay that sounds good…..IF YOUR INSANE!!!

  14. dim-o-craps now days are socialist. I used to vote dimocrap when I was working 7 days 12-16 hrs. a day. I listened to people at work because I didnt have time to watch the news and didnt have a computer, but I woke up. I really dont think dims were that bad until after Clinton. most started after odumbo. people, dims are not working for you. wake up va. dont let this fool do this crap.

  15. how did virginia ever vote this idiot in office? I always thought va. was smarter than that. is he the child molester that was just voted in that I read about? get him out va., you’re better than that. you cant vote in a dim-o-crap snowflake.

  16. I agree, I would have thought that the southern part of Va. Would have out weighed the northern part voters for sure. The dems also got all those illegals votes i heard. Plus I’m also sorry to say that I heard that a lot of the Republicans didn’t show up to vote.

  17. We should amend the constitution so that it becomes a ‘privilege’ and not a ‘right’ to own a fire arm and then we should only be allowed a single shot long gun. You need nothing else for hunting. Automatic and semi-automatic weapons have no place in a civilised society. New Zealand has shown the way.

    • Go hide under your mom provided bed in her basement Micky. Be sure to hold that kitty really close because the idiot governor will turn VA into Venezuela North and you may need that kitty for food!

    • The Second Amendment was not placed in the Constitution for the benefit of duck hunters but rather allows for the right of self-protection and to make certain that the government does not trample the rights of the people. In the 20th Century alone governments killed 262 million people and this does not account for those killed in wars. This was verified by Rutkers University and confirmed by the University of Hawaii. Look it up. With a record like that, why would you want to turn in your gun to the government? The People of Hong Kong would love a Second Amendment right, something that you have and fail to appreciate.

    • 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Are you a complete IDIOT???

      I guess so, seeing you’ve got you head in the sand, please stop a realize that IF it were ever to happen that the government successfully succeeded in taking the weapons, you and whom ever that were left alive YOU WOULD BE A SLAVE to the NEW WORLD ORDER!!!

      Once that happens your ass belongs to them to do as they want and you’ll never have the ability to live within a free society.

      You’re nothing but a “DUMB ASS” grow some real balls!!!!

    • Move to New Zealand you socialist coward, though it might surprise you their gun grabbing ” plan ” has been a failure! Our 2nd amendment was not written for hunters nor for collectors, it was however written to protect us from a tyrannical government. Tyranny would be taxing citizens to use those taxes to undermine our God Given Rights! Hopefully a non informed leftist idiot like yourself will never need the protection our 2nd amendment affords but there are millions that do. Automatic weapons are illegal already, semi automatic might just save your ass someday. What a snowflake!

    • So if a group of 3 or more violent thugs breaks in to your house (and it happens ALL THE TIME) to rape your daughter and wife, kill you, and steal your valuables before going to repeat at your neighbors, you thing that single shot long gun is going to prevent that? Oh, wait! You probably live in a gated community with ARMED GUARDS don’t you. You know that won’t happen to you, so you just think you’re BETTER than everyone else with that silver spoon shoved up your butt, and you are so much smarter than everyone else, so you DESERVE to DICTATE to the rest of us what WE NEED to protect ourselves. Did I nail it? Because if that doesn’t describe you, then you’re just brain dead and need to shut your pie hole.

    • Mike, yes we should amend the Constitution, but NOT as you propose. The Constitution should be amended to prevent people of your mentality from voting!

    • Yes Mike we could change the Constitution. Two thirds majority of both houses and three quarters of the several States… not likely. Anyone who has not read the supporting documents and reasoning behind the second amendment really should take the time to do so. Our right to bear arms was not given to us but is protected by this amendment. By the way the PEOPLE are the “militia” not the National Guard. This amendment is all bout citizens protecting themselves against a government and it’s “standing army” not hunting, not stopping bandits. All laws restricting the use and possession of arms should be unconstitutional. I’m pretty sure that that back in the day the weapons of the people were equivalent to those used by the military.

  18. So without doing anything illegal what so ever the law abiding voters in the state of Virginia are having their rights infringed and are going to be labeled criminals, arrested, found guilty in a court of law, fined, have their property seized and then thrown in prison. It would seem the people of Virginia should be able to throw the Gov. and the legislature out the door if their constitutionally protected rights are taken away if they have the will to do so as elected officials serve at the will of the people not the other way around.

  19. I lost the right to posse a gun but I was trying to get that Right back.Obama gave all the Criminals there rights back and its going to cost me a lot to get it.When I was 18 I made a mistake and pulled my time since I got out I raised 2 Beautiful Daughters Helped raise 4 Grandsons and have had 12 foster children 5 girls 10 boys adopted 2 of them. worked 35 years at the same job but I can’t own a firearm But I back all of the Second Amendment Patriots and Will stand with them Because I’m American and will do what ever it takes to help the Cause

  20. Put a fork in Northam, he’s done and leaving him to simmer will just be nasty. Him and the dems have shoved not only their own feet in their mouths, I think they are up to their knees at this point. If they proceed with trying to pass these laws, they are violating their oaths of office. Some would say they are close to committing treason at the same time.
    Article 3, Section 3 of the Constitution spells out what is considered treason in the United States: “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court. The Congress shall have Power to declare the Punishment of Treason, but no Attainder of Treason shall work Corruption of Blood, or Forfeiture except during the Life of the Person attainted.”

  21. I really hope everyone isnt just talking smack and will back up their claims of defending the constitution here. Governor is counting on everyone chickening out of a real fight, dont let this happen. Or we will all be slaves.

  22. People need to know a small fact of history. The biggest difference for a Black in the South between being lynched and no was the possession of a gun. I have read several accounts of Black men coming out to face the KKK with a gun and the KKK road away after a lot of yelling and name calling. Give up your right to portect your property and roving gangs are free to attack you, because they will not give up their weapons.

  23. Hopefully before things are over in Virginia, Northam’s head will be at the end of a pike and paraded down Monument Avenue in Richmond!

  24. He actually is asking for tax payer money to assemble his own Gestapo squad. People need to be very aware of their family, friends and neighbors to keep an eye on them and be ready to fight his Gestapo goon squad.

  25. Has anyone noticed that Jeff Flake, Adam Schiff, Romney and a host of others in both parties resemble each other so much! Perhaps if they all received a Super Enima flush, they could think more clearly.

  26. I thought this kind of stuff only happens about north like my state the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts, apparently not. Our AG here banned the sale of “assault” weapons. She wouldn’t know the difference between an AR and BB gun. Good luck Virginians, keep up the good fight and don’t let this spread like a plague.

  27. Find it very hard to understand why or how the resedents of this state voted this demi-deminted idiot sh– for brains democrat into that office! Soros must have greased a lot of palms to make this happen!

  28. he also wants all white Virginians to wear blackface every Sunday when they go to Church..
    Talk about a puke who is more racist than the KKK.


    • The people of Virginia need to recall this nut job and get him committed to an insane asylum before he gets a lot of people hurt or killed.

  30. The Governor best read the history of the writing of the Second Amendment, first it took the longest the to complete the Second Amendment, it was written so that it could never be changed, and after much time and work our it was decided to add the last sentence, “SHALlL NOT BE “INFRINGED.”. If he wants to take away the right of the American people, and feel what he wants is what they shall do, he in the wrong country. He works for the American people, they pay his salary, by paying their taxes. I hope the voters give him what he deserves, voted out of politics,.

  31. Virginia

  32. From one true Virginian to our current residents in the mansion and his followers. Ther are many roads leaving this state find one and get the hell out! You don’t represent Virginians, you don’t represent our history or our past, and if things continue on this path our history WILL repeat itself! As Democratics you are playing right into the hands of the extremists. If your really stupid enough to believe the Dems really only want 4 or 5 mil to enforce this the you really have you head in the head in the sand. Dems will turn this into their new cash cow. Also, if the state has this kind of funding how bout giving teachers and other state employees the raises they deserve or pay back the funds to VSRS they took years ago to fund VDOT. NOPE YOU HAVE TO WASTE TIME and FUNDS on UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAWS….

  33. Read this: Norton v Shelby County, Tennessee, 118 US 425, 442; 6 S Ct 1121; 30 L Ed 178 (1886) reveals that “An unconstitutional act is not law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties; affords no protection; creates no office. It is as inoperative as though it had never been passed.”
    There are many similar US Supreme Court decisions on the Net, and these can only be overturned by another high court decision, not by some lower state court or mere governor who is too ignorant of the Law and incompetent to realize that not everyone in Virginia gave their lawful consent to have their guns confiscated. The People of Virginia are still the absolute sovereignty holders of their state! Why do elected public officials believe they are mandated to exercise their personal agenda over the will of the People whom he serves. Time for the pitch pot and feathers.

    • It’s all the illegals, Muslims and 3rd world immigrants mainly in the northern counties outside DC that have done it!!

      That is what is in store for the rest of the country the next 25 years!!!

      These people don’t come here to asimilate. They come to turn the U.S. into the same kind of 3rd world cesspool that they just left, and Pelosi and Schumer LOVE it…as they see cycles and hammers ALL over the place!!!!

  34. Can’t you come up with an emergency disclaimer to remove him from office immediately with enough people signing signatures I would think that you could possibly even have him put in prison for unconstitutional by taking away Americans Can’t you come up with an emergency disclaimer to remove him from office immediately with enough people signing signatures I would think that you could possibly even have him put in prison for unconstitutional by taking away Americans rights

  35. That ain’t gonna happen little BOY ! U better read UR 2nd Amendment Rights. All U DERANGED and DEPLORABLE THUGS think about is STEALING TAXPAYERS MONEY to PAD UR POCKETS !! Because U don’t do anything right to HELP the American People and Taxpayers..
    PELOSI all she says is U do this or I’ll do this and that but she ain’t nobody but DONKEY in a pool of QUICK SAND.

  36. O.K. Ask the people how this idiot get voted into OFFICE the PEOPLE of VIRGINIA put him there, the same goes for any other DEMOCRATIC RUN STATE . Why not IMPEACH him!!!!!!!!

    • Very Good Point ! We The People need to stand up and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !! We The People need to START IMPEACHMENT INQUIRY on every one of these DERANGED and DEPLORABLE’S.

  37. As they release all the drug addicts and felons from the prisons, they have now created space for the legal gun totters.
    Give me Liberty or give me Death, ‘
    Just don’t me smoke my weed with tacks!

  38. What I would like to know is how all of these Democrats just won the elections in Virginia in the first place? Considering 90% of Virginians are for gun rights and their freedoms. I think the good people of Virginia need to oust all of them and have a new election. I think this last one was tainted like the ones in 2016 in California where Republicans won than a week or so later, oops our bad we found more ballots and none of the Republicans won. Wake up America, our voting system is being ravaged by corruption on the Democrat side of the equation. This is how they will keep the Congress and steal the Senate and White House if we do not demand a better way of casting our ballots this year.

  39. What I would like to know is if 90% of Virginia is for guns and believe in their Freedoms, how did these Democrats when the elections? I think Virginians should demand new elections now and remove these scum from office. They have the right to do so if they feel their rights and freedoms are being removed and they are and it will not stop at just their guns. America wake up, this is what is going to happen in every state that puts Democrats in charge of their lives. Democrats need to be removed from all offices whether state, city or government. The insanity needs to stop!

  40. I can not believe that 95 counties in Virginia are going to allow the carpetbag suburban counties surrounding DC to run the state and turn it into California.

    • Secede from the state…just like the majority of the counties in CA are soon to do.

      Leave all these cities on their own with no resources and a bunch of crap on all their sidewalks!!

      This guy Northam appears to be almost as bad as that greasy Governor of CA!!

  41. If he passes this legislation I’m inclined to withhold my state taxes. If enough people did that he might get the idea we do not support his reckless proposals and he is allowed to be Governor for the people, and to serve us not the Libtard Left. I’d like to come out against his abortion stand also. We all must stand to turn our state back to blue. The demorats will do ANYTHING FOR POWER!

    • If he isn’t working with @95 % of what the people of his state want; can he be kicked out of office somehow? I would say that (in my opinion only) if most Virginians are against him doing that, and he continues to pass that gun law, he better be careful. There are people out there that will take care of the problem the way they see fit. Someone talk some sense into the man.

  42. Virginia law abiding gun owners need to make this crap seriously. The biased media which is left owned is already making us look to be racists. Bloomberg and Soros are ready to start interfering must like they did in our election. Remember our Reps whether they are Democrats or Republicans work for us and we need to make sure they know that! Impeachment proceedings need to be adopted for Gov Northam he has committed quid pro quo a d after all the Democrats claim our President committed that too. All so be selective on which media you speak with they are not your friend


  43. Dear fellow US citizens in Virginia, Your Governor is trying to usurp your State Constitution and the US Constitution with “HIS WILL” for millions of you. Legally, he has no authority to do so. The Supreme Court will shut him down, if you folks don’t recall him first. US Constitutional Law supersedes State Law especially when it comes to the US Constitution Amendments. There are 1000’s of over-zealous citizens in every state that may not have enough patience to wait for court rulings before they take matters in their own hands, especially knowing the precedent(s) in past of nations taking away citizens guns. (Germany, Cuba, England, France, Australia, for instance). Governor “baby killer” Northam, if I were you, I would change my stance and/or certainly increase my personal security detail by 20fold minimum. I’m sure their are 100,000s of thousands of patriot “good ‘ol boys & girls” out there that have bumper stickers and tatoos that say, “Come and take it, just try”.

    • I hope it doesn’t come to that, but if all else fails so be it. Otherwise we will be living under communist rule,and that won’t be fun. God help us all.

    • Common Sense – The Governor is operating within the law IF ONE ACCEPTS AMERICA’S MEMBERSHIP IN THE UNITED NATIONS TO BE LAWFUL. I fear Virginians are barking up the wrong tree as you can’t defend something you no longer have. People wanting to again have a 2nd amendment Right had best turn their attention to offensive action directed at
      getting the US out of the UN.

  44. This racist, anti-Constitution, blackface Governor of Virginia is a disgrace to Virginia and to the United States Of America. How did this happen in our country? I blame Virginia, the media and the electorate for voting this fool into office and for the rest of their voting abuses that turned Virginia Blue Totally. Morons are hard to educate but if you get them young enough and offer them everything then education takes a backseat to everything else. I hope you choke on the consequences of your vote Virginia.


  46. If this jerk, Northam, persists in his screwy ideas about guns and the Second Amendment, he should be recalled very quickly! Let him go back to his doctor business and stay the hell out of
    Virginia politics.

  47. While Republicans don’t always have the answer to every question or the solution to every problem, they are MUCH the lesser of two evils when it comes down to the issues. That being said, the people of VA “screwed the pooch” when they elected a Democrat governor, lt. governor, and Democrat-majority State Legislature. Northam is a stellar example at the STATE level of what America can expect at the NATIONAL level should the Democrat nominee win the Presidential election and the Democrats win a majority in both houses of Congress. What a bad trip that would be!

    • Sure he does, they all do and until they get kicked out of office or create an armed revolt they will continue to believe citizens will tolerate their extremists policies.

  48. Governor wants a 18-person task force of treasonous officials dedicated to carrying out his proposed assault-weapons ban. How much does he want to set aside for body bags as some will provide the 18-person task force of treasonous officials with an armed response. Counties can prepare a welcome committee to arrest and disarm the illegal intruders for treason against the people. He’s a Demon-rat who will buckle when enough pressure is applied. I hope everyone brings their arms to the capitol to show him he will need more the 4.8 million over his short term.

  49. Hell no, you “blackface” wearing idiot. This law is clearly unconstitutional and will be struck down in the coirts. For now you could step down and save the cost of throwing you out of office.

  50. The reason the Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the Constitution, exists is to enumerate the things that an all-powerful central government CANNOT do to its citizenry. Obviously, a group seeking such power is desirous of eliminating the Bill of Rights and the entire Constitution, eventually. We call such power hungry people DEMOCRATS and they must NOT succeed!

  51. And we want 4.8 million to pay the cost of maintaining gov northam and his crooked cronies in jail til we find an appropriate country they can be housed and live out their days as criminals.

    • Send them all all to Iran and then bomb the hell out of iran. Kill 2 birds with 1 stone and save the taxpayers money.

  52. The guv is a coward who will not face his constituency directly. Has not been on his weekly radio show (1140 AM) for over a year, ever since he blackfaced himself into the news. Still sucking up to blacks and trying to divert attention from his former behavior. COWARD!

  53. This is too rich! This libraturd expects Virginia’s tax payers to finance a group to take THEIR OWN guns away from them!!! UN FRICKEN BELIEVABLE!!! , but, their libraturd partners in the federal government want President Trump to provide witness’ and documents that they were in too much of a hurry to get properly in Hope’s that HE will give them evidence to have himself convicted in the Senate trial…UN FRICKEN BELIEVABLE!!!

  54. RECALL!!! Except there are too many idiots in Nothern Virginia who voted for the guy. I call it the blind leading the blind – no disrespect to blind people.

  55. I have the feeling that this will have a bad outcome and not go down without blood shed.
    For all you Liberals… voted for this Communist Idiot…….now live with it.
    Remember, you reap what you sow.

  56. Look another democrat rat that wants to disarm real citizens to make us weak against attacks by those who get weapons illegally! Not to mention the millions of bucks he wants to pocket hisself from tax payers money! We could only get lucky if he was gone!

  57. Funnny. It would only take One to “disarm” him as our forefathers intended for treasonous leaders….

    • This black face baby killer should be forced to resign as he clearly is a racist and destroyer if lives who is violating Second Amendment of US Constitution..

      Virginians should get rid of him IMMEDIATELY!! PUT HIM TO JAIL, AS POLICE DESPISES HIM JUST AD POLICE IN NYCity despises their Mayor DeBlaSio, despicable man, just as this racist baby killer Norton!

  58. Stupid is as stupid does. U all voted 4 this man knowing what he stood 4.what kind of drugs are u all on. Whats next u gonna vote 4 a communist a.o.c. next election cycle

    • You are right! Its not the handful of idiotic politicians to fear, its the millions that vote for them. How did such a late term abortion, anti gun , blackface idiot get elected in the firat place?

    • I could not agree more. The people of Virginia voted for this moron, so now they have to deal with it. They should have booted Mr. Blackface when they had the chance !!!

    • We didn’t ALL vote for him/them. My wife, kid and I are as conservative as you’ll find anywhere in the country. It appears that it’s just trendy to be liberal/progressive these days. Hopefully, these idiots will wake up when enough of their freedoms are stolen from them; and they don’t get all the free stuff they’ve been promised. Be too late then! My family (and our guns) will be selling and moving out of state if this BS continues.

  59. Democrat idiot. It’s idiocy that this racist democrat governor ( remember the black face photo) can try to pull this bullshit and believe he can get away with it.

    • Tax payer’s money will end up killing citizens to disarm them. This is an affront to the founders of our country, the constitution, its citizens and every law abiding person of our country to defend themselves. It is unconstitutional. it is unthinkable and wrong. Virginia needs to impeach or recall this governor. And, any crazy fiend like him.

  60. Just vote this blithering idiot out of office. Hr is incompetent, unintelligent and insane. We don’t need any more AOC’S , (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) in our Government.


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