Video: Look What ‘Protesters’ In St. Louis Did To Police Headquarters

(Tea Party 247) – Well, folks, it looks like yet another incident is sparking those wonderful freedom fighters in Black Lives Matter — and probably Antifa too — to participate in their usual activity in response to hearing some news they don’t like, meaning rioting and looting.

That is now the go-to response whenever a group of individuals gets told something they don’t want to hear. How many people’s lives and businesses have now been destroyed by “protesters” who want nothing more than to riot, loot, and burn things to ash without worrying about the consequences? It’s disgusting and disturbing.

Well, rioters in St. Louis who were enraged over the decision not to charge police officers involved in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor went all out, setting police headquarters on fire.

Is this stuff ever going to end? When are folks going to get tired of this and demand their leadership to call on the National Guard to reestablish law and order?

Via Daily Wire:

“Locally, about 50 demonstrators gathered in Florissant. Police ordered them to clear the road, and about a half-dozen arrests were made,” the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported. “About 100 protesters then gathered in downtown St. Louis, where they marched to City Hall and blocked Market Street and Tucker Boulevard. At about 11 p.m., a few people set fire to a chair at the entrance of St. Louis police headquarters. Officers quickly came out and put out the flame, then went back inside the building.”

The riot happened after a grand jury in Louisville, Kentucky, on Wednesday declined to charge three police officers with the killing of Breonna Taylor. The grand jury did indict one of the officers on three charges of “wanton endangerment” for recklessly firing his weapon into apartments during the incident.

Local media outlets reported that activists also gathered in nearby Florissant, where police ended up making multiple arrests during the incident.

The Florissant Police Department said in a statement:

Tonight, a group of protesters showed up in front of the Florissant Police Department to protest. The group walked out onto US 67 and blocked the highway.

There were three dispersal orders given to the protesters to move from the highway.

After the third order to disperse from the highway and the protesters refusal to disperse, officers entered the roadway and made 6 arrests. While officers were making the arrest, a protester threw a large loud firework at the officers. No protesters or police officers were injured.

There were no chemical munitions or any type of distraction devises used by police during tonight’s protest.

All 6 arrested are charged with peace disturbance. One of the 6 is also charged with resisting arrest.

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron, a black man, discussed the grand jury’s decision to not pursue charges against the officers involved in the Taylor case.

“My job as the special prosecutor in this case was to put emotions aside and investigate the facts to determine if criminal violations of state law resulted in the loss of Ms. Taylor’s life,” Cameron said. “This included examining the actions of Sergeant Jonathan Mattingly, Detective Brett Hankison, and Detective Myles Cosgrove, the three officers who fired their weapons in the early morning hours of March 13th. In working with our federal partners on this case, it was determined that while we would share information to advance our respective investigations, we must also maintain some level of separation to ensure the integrity of each investigation.”

“When examining issues regarding potential civil rights violations, we determined that any such violations are better addressed through a federal-led investigation, and issues involving potential criminal acts concerning the shooting are better addressed by a state-led investigation,” Cameron continued. “With this in mind, our investigation focused on the events that took place in Ms. Taylor’s apartment on March 13th. In the months since taking this case, [our] dedicated team of prosecutors and investigators with more than 200 years of combined career experience conducted a thorough investigation to better understand the events that led to Ms. Taylor’s death. The team is here with me today.”

“I want to personally and publicly thank them for their tireless work,” Cameron continued. “These men and women are true public servants, who for months have shown up every day with a desire for one thing, and that is to seek the truth. We decided while we would examine materials gathered by LMPD’s public integrity unit, we would need to conduct our own independent investigation and start from scratch in the interest of thoroughness, fairness, and finding the truth.”

Yikes. If you listen really carefully, you can hear all of the racial slurs being tossed at Cameron, stuff like “Uncle Tom” and other awful things, by the very same community he’s actually from. Yes, the black community will toss out these horrific slurs at this man without acknowledging the hypocrisy.

What happened to Taylor is awful and tragic. But her boyfriend opened fire on police officers who then returned fire. There are consequences for your actions. Our modern day culture is doing everything in their power to undermine that reality and deny it, but try as they might, it is what it is. If people do stupid things, they win stupid prizes. Unfortunately, in this situation, someone got caught in the crossfire.

Our actions do not just impact us on a personal level, but also others around us.



  1. Watching these terrorists disrupt the dinner of peaceful people trying to enjoy a night out it would not surprise me if the diners come armed and start fighting back. When the terrorists start blocking the highways and pulling people from their cars and beating them and the police tell them not to drive on the streets. Maybe it it time to say if I can’t drive on the streets or use the parks and don’t have police protection should I be paying taxes. This idea of catch and release without bail is stupid. Put them 10 to a cell if you have to and make it cash bail. Make the punishment prison time and a fine of 1% of the damage done plus the cost of extra police protection. If they are convicted of assaulting a person or police it is a hate crime and those punishments go into effect. It is time to call them what they are terrorists and not “mostly peaceful protesters”. Political leaders it is time to take back the community or get voted out of office. Remember this in November back those who have demonstrated they are for law and order.

  2. Mr.Cameron is dead on in this investigation. If the investigators were allowed to lead with emotions we would have lynch mobs. There would be no justice and a lot of innocent people would suffer. When examining an event a person has to become analytical void of any emotion. Then each part needs to be broke down and examined to see any and all violations or to determine if any had been committed. Then the findings need to examined to determine what changes if any need to be made or if charges need to be made Here there need to be rules of engagement.Last years stats, over 160 people died in police custody only 13 were black. There are over 2,000 black on black murders in cities every year.We are already exceeded that this year. these aren’t murders being committed by whites or cops.There was no intent to hurt or kill Ms. Taylor, they didn’t even know she was in the line of fire.This is where rules of engagement need to be established ( shoot or don’t shoot rules ) what has to be kept in mind is these walls are covered with Sheetrock or other materials they are not bullet proof. Or they can carry rounds of ammunition like I carried. It was a bullet designed to go in but not come back out.Do they work, don’t know, never use them on anyone. The idea was not to hurt someone else.

  3. Let the community pay to rebuild the station, and use moneys designated specifically for aid to the people in the community. Sorry, folks, there will be a shortage in the aid fund for a couple of years. Guess why!!!

  4. She hung around with scum and this is what happened. I have not the sympathy for her family that I have for the policemen who were involved. The tragedy is what happened to them in the line of duty. She should have expected the risk she was in and the resulting heartache she inflicted on her family.

  5. Yes it will end! When President Trump is re-elected and doesn’t have the stigma of an election hanging over him, I hope the armored vehicles roll out to crush antifa and all that LeBron James stands for.
    “I’d Rather Live Free in a Land of Hurt Feelings than be Enslaved by Political Correctness!”

  6. It’s hard to comment about people being lawless just because they think they can. It has nothing to do with being black or brown or white. The final truth is that under the 1st amendment, “you do not have the right to do what is wrong”!

  7. knock them down cuff these asinine morons, arrest them put them to county work cleaning the ditched alone side the county roads, this saves county money and these morons work of their punishment for the next 6 months or they go to prison for 10 years.

    Quit babying these TERRORISTS, they are not protestors when they start burning, looting, assaulting, raping and murder the citizens their homes and business, THEY ARE TERRORISTS AND SHOULD BE TREATED AS SUCH.


  8. Yes, her boyfriend is the true cause of her tragic death. He started shooting and police shot back instead of kneeling for execution as the Burn, Loot & Murder mob wanted them to do. Of course. mobs are totally incapable of anything resembling rational thought.


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