Video: Crazed Mob Threatens To Tear Down Emancipation Memorial Of Abraham Lincoln; That’s When This Black Female Pastor Sets The Record Straight

(Tea Party 247) – So it seems the “hip” and “cool” new way to protest is to find statues that supposedly represent people or ideas from our nation’s history that you don’t like or agree and either vandalize them beyond recognition or tear them down completely. Because history, apparently, doesn’t matter anymore. Why learn from the past and become better people when you can erase it altogether and pretend it never happened?

Well, a crowd of individuals who seem to buy into that idea whole-heartedly recently decided to gather around the Emancipatioin Memorial in Washington D.C.’s Lincoln Park Tuesday night threatening to gather a large force on Thursday and tear the “motherf***er” down.

However, not everyone who came to the protest was on board with the idea of tearing the monument down. A black female pastor stood up to the crazed mob and told them all that demonizing white people and tearing down statues wasn’t helping the cause.

Here’s more on this from TheBlaze:

WUSA-TV reported that a group called “The Freedom Neighborhood” organized the event, and a speaker was quoted by The Washington Examiner telling the crowd as he stood by the statue of former President Abraham Lincoln and a freed slave, “Thursday at 7pm, we’re tearing this motherf***er down.”

The group wrote in an Instagram notice of the event, “To achieve true justice, we are not working with the police, nor will we seek any relationship with them. In order to create change, we will do so by any means necessary. If you want a revolution, it won’t happen by being peaceful.”

The Emancipation Memorial was built in 1876 and paid for entirely by freed slaves. Famous abolitionist and former slave Frederick Douglass gave the keynote at the monument’s dedication ceremony.

But the memorial is seen as controversial because it shows Lincoln standing over the freed slave. Critics say that depiction gives the insinuation of a white man having superiority over a black man.

It really doesn’t matter what a person’s interpretation of the statue is. What it really stands for in its historical context is what matters, and in this case, those who commissioned it saw it as a monument to what Lincoln accomplished and how it advanced the cause of liberty and equality for all individuals.

Those who see this as a symbol of oppression do so because that is what they are looking to see. It’s what they want the monument to mean so they can justify ripping it down. Behavior of that nature is nothing more than hysterics, and it’s incredibly shameful.

Protesters were not willing to hear voices against tearing down the statue on Tuesday. A white woman took the floor in favor of keeping the monument in place, attempting to explain that it was used for educational purposes for Emancipation Day. She was shouted down.

Another woman also braved the crowd and was shouted down, but was able to get her voice heard. Turning Point USA’s Benny Johnson posted footage of part of her message, reporting, “Black female pastor is very upset at organizers of the tear down Lincoln movement. Is very upset at the organizers for judging people by their skin color — says this statue tear down movement is not helping.”

He added, “White libs in the audience hiss and sneer at her as she walks away.”

How sad is it that the only thing the protesters want is destruction? If they cared about equality, they’d be all for having discussions concerning the perceived hate they have witnessed or experienced and how we might do better to combat that on a cultural level.

Instead, they want to commit violent, angry acts of rebellion. Could the whole thing just be an excuse to indulge inner urges for this sort of behavior? It certainly seems like it.



  1. Thanks to preacher lady for carrying out her Godly profession of the Biblical Teaching of “truth shall make you free.” The evil present from demonic-led spirits show me that such destroyers/rioters have lost their souls as Bible teaches in “the love of money is the root of all evil.” Perhaps they are being paid via Antifa’s intern scholarships @ Arizona colleges, were raised by parents who failed their parental ethical responsibilities because they worked all the time for more “things,” or churches/schools that were more interested in money than their missions of developing ethical citizens instead of having everyone like them! Whatever! It’s GREAT to see people who are unafraid to stand tall & speak TRUTH.

  2. BLM, Antifa and all these violent protesters are doing nothing but sugar coating their reasons to make it look like their doing nothing wrong. Plain and simple!

  3. My question is why is it demanded that Whites and police kneel before the BLM Mob but a Black man kneeling before the man who freed them is wrong. It is all about BLM gaining power and making those opposed to them subservient to them and doing what ever the mob wants. If they can’t or don’t want it you can’t have it either. They are the masters and you are the salves.

  4. These are people who are cowards and have not contribute to the development of anything and some may never do. They are empty, just dry bones walking and right now they are getting their fixed/high. They are been used by a cult herd mentality BLM and Antifa the mob arm of the democrats. Their only agenda Is to disrupt the country to get President Trump out of office. If they are successful the AOC and the other squad members who I won’t even give them the time of day to mention their names because they do not worth mention. Some of these squad rodents come from areas in the world that they don’t want to live and were rescued from by this country’s refugee policy. However, they have so much hate and disdain for this country, Jews, christian and law abiding citizens, that if we let them win come Novenber, America as we know it will cease to exit. Biden is a figure head and these are Bernie Sanders protégées running the show to take out the president. We must be resolute, that we will not let them win and we will not return to the swamp in Washington, so much corruption it’s unbelievable. Don’t get me started with the fake news, they are not journalists they are democratic propaganda machines who even defend communist China, this is as bad as it is. We need to send them a message again, that we will defend the USA against all foreign and domestic enemies with a victory that will shock them and one they will never recovery from.

    • You are right! The problem being the far left socialist communist believers have blown the fact that any disagreement with being Politically Correct is racist and as usual the Conservitive go on the defensive mode instead of telling them to go to hell. Reasoning seems to be beyond the Liberals thinking, while the socialist and communist use it as an offensive tool. Being Political Correct is BS unless there is reasoning and they do not have reasoning, they just label you.

      The ones who are racist are the ones who promote it, it is that simple. When someone calls you a racist you should just respond to them: “Lets go to the WH and discuss it over a beer”. AND if they have half a brain they will connect it to Obama, backing a Ultra Liberal Black Harvard Professor against a Police Officer about the police officer being disrespectful and racist toward this SELF CENTERED PROFESSOR. That all “CHANGED” for Obama when he found out the Professor was the one being racist, and that the Police Officer was the Cities Instructor for how to handle race situations while investigating a possible crime. The Professor was literally trying to break into his home, and took offense for being questioned, like he was privileged or something.

      So to defuse the situation and save face Oblaimer invited them both to the WH for a beer! Oblaimer was himself being a racist and felt the heat.

  5. It’s all landscape, that’s all it is, it doesn’t change any of the facts because fools are tearing down statues and destroying cities. The FACTS still remain you have the highest crime rate, the highest black on black crime rate, the highest incarceration rate, the highest unemployment rate, the highest welfare and food stamp recipients, the highest abortion rate, the highest single parent rate, the lowest proficiency rate in Math, Science and English and the lowest graduation rate. FACTS are FACTS they don’t change bc statues are being torn down. You may want to start looking at the FACTS before you vote. You might want to look at the FACT that every hell hole city where blacks have high crime rates, horrible schools and enormous poverty are all run by democrats and nothing has gotten better for years on end. You may want to look at the FACTS that the Republican Party starting with George Bush wanted Charter Schools for the inner cities but it was the democrats that voted It down, why you ask, the FACT is it was all for votes, the teacher’s union votes. I can go on and on with FACTS but sadly you just ignore, all I have to say is WAKE UP BLACK AMERICA bc the statues you’re tearing down bc they owned slaves doesn’t change the FACT you are still slaves to the Democratic Party, it just changes the landscape.

  6. These Democrat politicians backed riots have got to be stopped. Not just the violent people on the street but the Democrat politicians who back them and refuse to protect the people they are representing. Immediately replace these Democrat politicians and return law and order so that the good people (majority) can live in peace And have the freedoms that being an American should provide

  7. The common perception is that the black community is rebelling against oppression. When I see pictures of these mobs attacking statues, I see an overwhelming number of white faces. Their objective isn’t to destroy statues and monuments. Their objective is to overthrow the American system and create a totalitarian system like communism. When they run out of statues, they’ll start killing people. It seems awfully convenient for Democrats to hide history by denying history. They were responsible for a lot of wrong doings such as KKK, Jim Crow, segregated government, etc. Why would they want any of those things to be remembered?

  8. Governors and mayors of Democrat controlled states need to do their job! Most statues are paid for by working taxpayers they have no right to destroy property belongs to others. The governor here in Virginia is doing the same thing. This is communism! If people did their research something journalist apparently do not do anymore they would know this. Countless communists survivors have stated this they know all the signs. Yet we have people,businesses and sports supporting these commies! Voting Democrat will get you communism! Democrats are communist!

  9. The destruction needs to stop. It’s not helping our cause. To have a structure removed is one thing, but to destroy it just brings about opposition and anger.

  10. I understand their anger over police brutality but what does it have to do with statues???????????? Your now uncontrolled behavior????????????? What does it have to do with looting your own black bar owner who closed his doors to join you and his business was destroyed, another man’s shoe business was looted and shoes destroyed. You are destroying your credibility now. All lives matter to the Lord.

  11. Tearing down statues is the new sport. The action certainly has no connection with the meaning of the statue or the life of the person it represents. Please find a new sport before every memorable statue is gone.

  12. Wow – and one amazing thing to all of this is that there are still people who don’t believe in hell. How can one observe all this diabolical evil, now descending into a complete eclipse of basic reason (to include the destruction of a symbol that such forces should be celebrating), and not think that they’re preparing themselves for alignment with and association with the prince of darkness for all eternity ??

    • There is none so blind as he who will not see!
      There are so many blinded people in this world. They think mankind can fix their own problems. It is a fools errand. Only God can, and he has a plan. You and I can see the plan unfolding. All we can do is warn those with closed minds and hope they see the light (of God).

  13. Time to teach all these very ‘intelligent’ people the history of this great country. Tearing down and defacing symbols that represent our history, doesn’t erase it. Are they going to tear down churches, too? Sorry, I forgot they already burned one, The teachers that taught History to all these people, obviously didn’t care about it, as it is very obvious they didn’t do a good job.

    Mr. President, you are the only one standing between the worldwide chaos and sanity. Enforce the laws of the country!!!!

  14. Do you remember the ’50s when “beatniks* dressed in black sat around in Greenwich Village coffee houses uttering way-out philosophies and smoking pot. Everything was “cool, Man”. (Biden’s lingo). This movement evolved to acid-using hippies having sit-ins to protest the Viet Nam war. They created communes, popularized free love, spoke out against everything and enhanced the “peace” movement. Long hair, fringe, bell bottoms and tiedye became fashion (top designers even modified and upgraded patterns for the rich and famous). Historically, you are now to the 70s and generational titles exploded – yuppies, yippies, x, y, z, millennials. Self-satisfaction, entitlement, superciliousness, selfishness became today’s life doctrine. Something got lost along the way. Oh, yeah – morals, education, respect, love, understanding, history, purpose and God.doctrine

    Now the beatniks and hippies didn’t care about skin shade. They “loved” everyone. We were, and still are, created equal. The ’60’s laws and policies were enacted to preclude shade discrimination – it’s debatable but I think the 1962 removal of “flesh” crayola and the Fair Housing Act of 1968 were probably the most altering. The Bill of Rights and Constitution guarantee freedoms as long as we don’t infringe on others’. None of these cause-groups were hateful and violent.

    These protesters today have failed to comply with fundamental existence guidelines because they weren’t taught. They are lawless. They are mean. They are hateful. The BLMers are under the misconception that their lives should matter and they should be liked despite their melanin content. In reality; shade is not the reason they are not liked: they are not liked because of their behavior and attitude.

  15. Anyone and everyone who are protestors, are on an agenda. While most are not there for violence, you have to wonder why they ARE there? What is the narrative? What urged them to leave the comfort of their homes, and what do they expect to accomplish?

    Mind you, some are justified. But my suspicion is that, the overwhelming majority, don’t really know. The results typically, turn into argumentative exchange with others, and unfortunately turn into confrontation which usually leads to physical violence. Then those who are there, not peacefully, stir the pot and things get out of hand. Then their fervor, turns into destruction, chaos, rioting, fires and death.

    Everyone who doesn’t remain peaceful, should be immediately detained, to stop things from escalating. Those who continue to resist being peaceful, should be cuffed immediately, with their hands behind their backs, and ties on their feet.
    Stop the violence, before it starts!

  16. The mobs need sprayed with water cannons. I watched another country use them and it was actually funny watching them being swept off their feet. Other countries use dye that doesn’t wash off. Then they can be picked up and arrested. Another trick they use in a spray is a substance that smells like skunk. Time to step up the game and stop the puppets of the rich evil ones. The ones that don’t get their hands dirty but pay the low intelligence ones to do their dirty work.

  17. The current law calls for 10 years in prison for anyone vandalizing. or destroying a monument on federal property. To be released after 10 years, each perp must be able pass a citizenship test, have written a 20 page, single space paper covering the Freedoms of our Constitution, another 20 pager on the positive praiseworthy aspects of the Declaration of Independence and a third 20 pager listing all errors in 1619 project and a final 20 page report on communist China’s treatment of their 11 million Muslims, hundred million Christians and racism against black people as personified in their current laundry commercial.


  18. Paid terrorist don’t care. They are paid to loot, burn and destroy not to pay attention to history which they probably know very little about.

  19. Until the general population realizes these on going actions have no bearing on addressing bad cops, or justice for abusive tactics. These foul BLM communist terrorists and their media and corporate fellow travelers will push and push (as was done in 1917 Russia by Lenin and in 1933 by Hitler) until they destroy our republic. We must recognize this is an attempt at a left wing coup and not looking for a redress of grievances but its only goal is to destroy this country and our constitutional government. Kowtowing, kneeling and shoe washing whining “I’m sorry” for something I and totally not responsible for is not going to placate the radical idiocy of this outlandish movement. In order to stop it we the people and the legitimate government needs to be prepared to whatever action that is stand up to this idiocy that these foul terrorists are using in statue and history destruction. As a country we were all appalled at what happened to George Floyd, Breona Taylor and Aubry Armaund (sic) . There was (and hopefully still is) complete agreement and support for justice not coverup to give complete redress to these – and to eliminate future egregious misbehaviors. The turning of this consensus into riots, looting, destruction of national monuments and continued Democratic Party obstruction is only going to deepen the divide and probably a result that will tear the country apart.

  20. also not one of the ones that have looted and torn statues down should receive a dime of tax payer money they do not deserve anything but jail

  21. Hit them where it hurts – if caught rioting or looting, take away their welfare!! Obviously, they don’t work if they have time to riot, loot, and cause trouble. Identify the ones responsible and if they are receiving any government aid, shut it down!!

  22. It’s hilarious that only the Left indulge in such spastic temper tantrums and engage in such violent acts of wanton destruction! I’d wager that they were all spoiled ROTTEN as children, and that the children never GREW UP! If the Right participated in like or similar behavior it would attract much greater attention because (1) we’re conservative and (2) there are (hopefully) a lot more of us than there are them, so our impact would be noticeably greater! It’s not difficult to imagine the extent of the pandemic of TDS that would result on the Left because of the activism of the Right!

  23. These ignorant terrorists have no knowledge of the history of the statues. Just because white people must have put them up, they want to tear them down. Ignorant people need mental evaluation.

  24. all this crazy crap should be stopped. Rioters and those that tend to destroy every thing this country was built on have torn down and desecrated statues one after the other without the government stopping what is taking place. they can tare every thing down but they cannot change history. History is what all of these things represent good or bad. they cannot change history. the looting and killings have to stop and the government take charge of all this. We today are not a part of any of the things that happened back in that era and that want us to pay for their misfortunes. the truth is, the blacks own people sold them into slavery, that is the ones they should go after. How many times has anyone looked at one of these statues and said, boy that guy really did these people in with their slavery. I have passed many of these statues and streets named after the ones they tare down and not once did It enter my mind that they were guilty or not guilty of anything. I never gave it a thought or noticed any of the names on streets or the statues. How all of a sudden these things that are a part of history become a big sore for people. the looters and the ones that tore things down just got on a roll and were on complete destruction and the sad part about it is the government let them do it. what a black mark on the history of this country that will never be erased

  25. I truly suggest not giving any more government money to people. I realize it will negatively impact good people. But, the idiots but black and white, and that’s a mild word, should not receive money to allow them to hang out and cause all the chaos while living off money from the government of the country they obviously hate. Moving to another country is an option all left wing radicals should seriously consider. The USA will be better for it.

  26. It is about time these ” rioters ” realised THEY are being used as slaves by Antifa and other left wing organisations to do THEIR dirty work of inciting rebellion and social unrest. How many at the top and upper strata of Antifa etc are black persons?

  27. Why aren’t these idiots being arrested? I can’t understand the reasoning of allowing this stuff to continue.

    • Because you have idiots telling the police too stand down and are anti-police like the rioters .

  28. These are people with a complete lack of ANY real intelligence ! They just follow the crowd, because they think that it is exciting to be a part of a revolution. If they had a test for real intelligence, you would find that they are FAR below normal !

  29. She was wonderful! Too bad it fell on deaf hears! The crowd mentality is driven by hate and sometimes money!! It is Marxism driving all this and must be stopped by force. They are not willing to be reasoned with.

  30. Just shows how truly ignorant some blacks are by not knowing their history. By tearing down this monument, they are not honoring their own people who honored the man who set them free. Blacks today think they have it so horrible but can’t fathom their own brethren who put this up to show how happy they were with Lincoln. Fools, all fools.

  31. They have no “moral indignation” or “noble purpose”, their only goal is to destroy everything that made our country better than most! All on the direction of obscenely rich and corrupt world figures. Wake the f**k up, America!

  32. These are not protesters, these people are sheep looking for a little excitement. What they are going to find is jail time and their life ruined just by being there. Lead my a few total nut jobs they will start the trouble only to run and hide when the police start arresting people. While millions watch on tv, the sheep looking for attention will end up walking off the cliff.


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