Vermont Dem Senator Introduces Bill That Would Make It Illegal For Anyone Under 21 To Own This…

(Tea Party 247) – One Vermont State Senator has caused quite a controversy with the introduction of a bill that proposes it should be illegal for anyone under 21 years of age to own a cell phone. According to the Gateway Pundit, bill S 212, introduced by Sen. John Rodgers (D-Essex-Orleans), would make it a misdemeanor for persons under 21 to own or possess a cell phone, punishable by up to one year behind bars and a $1,000 fine.

The Times Argus reports:

A bill has been introduced in the state Senate that would make it illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to use or possess a cellphone.

“The Internet and social media, accessed primarily through cell phones, are used to radicalize and recruit terrorists, fascists, and other extremists. Cell phones have often been used by mass shooters of younger ages for research on previous shootings,” the bill reads.

The bill said the Legislature has concluded those under 21 years old “aren’t mature enough” to possess guns, smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol and the same should apply to cellphone use. The state recently increased the smoking age to 21 and barred those under 21 from buying a gun unless they take a hunter safety course.

Of course, this is absolutely insane and was met with sharp criticism. Michelle Fay, the Executive Director of Voices for Vermont’s Children, a Montpelier-based organization that promotes public policy that enhances the lives of the state’s children and youth, spoke out about this proposed bill.

“There are so many critical issues impacting the lives of working families in Vermont today, from increasing minimum wage to implementing equitable family and medical leave insurance programs to establishing an office of child advocate. We urge the Legislature to focus on the important work at hand instead of getting tied up in hollow diversions.”

She makes a very good point. Surely, there has got to be more important issues for the lawmakers of Vermont to be focusing on rather than nonsense bills that would criminalize cell phone use for anyone under the age of 21. Maybe people under 21 aren’t mature enough to use cell phones, that’s a topic for another day. The issue is personal liberty and the fact that America is home of the free.

But…it turns out the bill may not be everything it seems to be at first glance. In an interview with the Times Argus, Rodgers gave a different perspective on the proposed bill.

The bill was introduced by Sen. John Rodgers, D-Essex-Orleans. Rodgers said Wednesday he introduced the bill to make a point.

“I have no delusions that it’s going to pass. I wouldn’t probably vote for it myself,” he said.

He said he’s a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and the Legislature “seems bent on taking away our Second Amendment rights.”

He said, based on the information presented in the bill, a cellphone is much more dangerous than a gun.

Point well taken and we commend Rodgers for being willing to buck against his own party in an effort to defend the Second Amendment and the right of every American to enjoy personal liberty free from the tyranny of an overreaching government.

At first glance, the bill seemed like just another outrageous attempt by Democrat lawmakers to seize more personal freedom from their constituents and while it was at face value, it was actually designed to make the point that if liberals continue down the road of abolishing the Second Amendment, bills like S 212 won’t be too far off.


  1. I think that this democrat has lost touch with reality. Cell-phones are not the only “recruiting tools”, used by “terrorists”.

    E-mail, television, and even radio, can be tools, for good or evil.

    Cell-phones are a modern, and convenient, way for families, and friends, to stay in touch.

    Not to mention that a cell-phone CAN be a life-saver, if a person is injured.

    Additionally, thanks to G.P.S., when a person goes missing, their phone can be tracked to within just one mile.

    This reduces search time, by up to 90%.

    No, cell-phones are neither good, nor evil. It is how we USE them, that makes any tech “good”, or “evil”.

  2. While I understand the perceived logic behind this and the abuse that is caused by having a phone, it is not only those under 21 that are committing dangerous contacts via social media by way of a phone. To that, should all phones be banned to anyone of any age? Parents are responsible for guiding their children into what is right and wrong and for limiting their child’s use and banning sights that are potentially dangerous. My daughter, now 40, was given a cell phone as a freshman in high school. She never abused it and always let me know where she was by calling me on her phone. By doing this, I was confident that she was not in physical trouble. She went to a county school, and although we lived in the city, most of her friends lived in rural locations. Her car broke down several times and she was able to call me for help and also call AAA. This was a tool we used to be comfortable in knowing she was safe and that she could stay safe. I would definitely do this again. If you put this into law, you’re taking away a parent’s right to protect their child. Please do not pass this law! Teach a child about the dangers of having a phone. It is the parent’s responsibility.

  3. Using or abusing a cell phone is hardly “free speech” they are very expensive to buy and then use.
    Surely the problem is the abuse of cell phones by teenagers, ask any teacher!

  4. More proof of the dumb-o-rats agenda to turn the American people into mindless zombies that are under control of a totalitarian government. While I agree teens spend far too much time on cells ,that is up to parents not Uncle Sam to control .In todays day and age with two working parents it has became a fundamental tool of maintaining contact with their children. Yet this jerk idiot wants to make it illegal. Why have Dumb-o-rats became so fixated on this control of the people??? ONE WORLD ORDER!!!!

  5. These democrats are clueless and delusional, I can’t believe anyone with any common sense would waste their times and vote for these idiots.

  6. I know this was a fictitious bill meant to bring attention to just how bad it is getting. I believe if someone is old enough to put their life on the line than they are old enough to make other life choices for themselves. The real issue here is, we the people have been sitting on our laurels for way too long as the Dems, now Socialist, and Liberals have been eating away at or liberties and freedoms for a very long time. Saying it is better for the whole. We blindly think they are doing for our good, let me tell you no one knows what is good for you except you. This is just the beginning of the end for all of us and our country as we know it unless we make sure our elections are watched closely. Virginia is going through hell right now because the Dems somehow managed to now take over their state and the hammer is already dropping on those who live there. This will be every state if we do not make sure the elections are run legally. If a state like Virginia can be stolen so can the rest. Want to keep America free, then we need to make sure President Trump wins another 4 years and the Dems lose the Congress by a large margin and we keep the Senate by a large margin. If we lose, we also will lose our future and our children’s future. Pray America! Start movements in your areas, make people aware of what is really happening, it will happen to all of us, even Dems who faithfully follow their party they are just to stupid to realize it.

  7. These idiots do not realize the average age for a deck worker on a Navy aircraft carrier deck is 19.6 years old, yet they cannot own a cell phone? Is is total idiocy. People join the military at 18, and get issued assault rifles at that time as well.

  8. This State Senator evidently sees the need for increased fertilizer production. The introduction of this bill will delight the farmers and feed producers. The entire Midwest will reap the benefits of free fertilizer. California has no need for additional B.S., as they have excellent non-stop production facilities in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Sacramento.

  9. WOW, the loony get more loony. Think they would feel the same if some pervert were harassing their teen daughter and she needed help? Maybe they could do carve outs for their own family. I could understand restricting phones from the classroom.

  10. What in the HELL is it about Vermont that causes people to ONLY elect the mentally ill to public office? Think about it, do you recall a single mayor, governor, senator, or representative from EITHER party, elected to serve in Vermont, that shows ANY evidence of cogent, linear, critical thought? Heretofore, I refuse to eat, drink, or handle anything produced in, or shipped through VERMONT!

  11. Hahahahaha….. But at 18, a kid from high school can go to war and kill enemies. They’re not even allowed to drink yet….. What a country!!!! The world is laughing at us. They think we are so stupid, as proven by our low scores in Math, Science, and academics in general…… 😬😜😝

  12. 911
    Child. my Daddy has fallen . He is holding his chest.

    911. 🔥 FIRE
    Mommy hair on fire. She having a baby.
    911. This person has a.cloth over his head!
    He said get down to my Granny. She is watching me.
    He on top of her. Help. He does not know I am here. Oh he just hit Granny with a gun.
    I do not know where my little Sister is. Help.

    How many of these use a phone

    Help I fell down the stairs.

    A bus.and car just ran.into our house.

    In the middle.of the night. Who is it!
    You don’t sound like Daddy!
    Go away!
    Help he is coming in after me. He is.pounding the door and is.breaking the window.
    Should I electricity him! Home alone! It happens.

  13. Yeah isn’t that something but they want those young people to vote because they know nothing about history or life? Now they won’t even younger children to vote but they don’t want them doing these other things that because they are not mature enough does that make good sense to you people. This just shows you what the communist a.k.a. control freaks really are communist!

  14. Those democrats won’t rest until they get there agenda 21, this is not just attack on the 2nd amendment that they are attacking it’s a whole contire bill of rights! Regardless of age banning cell phones is attack on the 1st amendment there trying to shut you up, They want to accuse trump for violating the constitution but yet they want to take away your god given rights. Enough is enough. We will not shut up, we will never surrender our guns or any other god given right. Those democrats are what I consider the 4th rich and these nazi type Democrats can not and must not win, the tea party must strike back now and help trump. And protect the bill of rights and the constitution at all cost.

    • I live in Nevada, and this is law, cannot use cell phone while driving ,, BUT the police don’t ENFORCE IT. Matter of fact Police talk and text while driving too.

  15. People have lost a lot of common Sense. 80 years ago, average age of bomber crew was 19 to 23. Now we have a more corrupt and complex environment. Can’t expect to much from the left or ignorant people.

  16. It is Vermont’s need for control over the people. Vermont doing what Vermont wants to inflict on the people socialism and state control even in a small way.

    • No lady it’s communism tell it like it really is. Socialism is nothing but a transitional period between democracy and communism for the dictionary and they have been transitioning from democracy for the last 80 years to communism. Well and besides this is a republic not a democracy.

  17. Right on read the text of the bill. An 18 to 20 year old can go to war sign a contract buy a house or car smoke pot get married but cant own a gun, smoke a cigarette or think for themselves. This exposes the hypocrisy of some of the ruling class.

  18. What an idiot. Is the cold weather getting this politicians brain. Vermont voters you must be proud of this socialist. Welcome to communist state of Vermont.

    • Read the above story again…..He did it as a joke, that he himself would not vote for, he wrote the bill to show you how the democrats will take all the rest from you, he is more for the republicans and believes in the second amendment. read it again……

    • Some people just don’t know how to read and understand what they read! did you not read where he said he won’t vote for it either, and why he authored the bill….go back and start over…..

  19. This whole subject is just a bunch of baloney. Used to be that the legal age of majority was 21 years of age before being considered a legal adult. It also used to be that adult people were expected to be financially and personally responsible for their actions and words. Today our society has allowed so-called adults to act like mere irresponsible children who do not know how to properly reason and evade any rules that keep the public safe from these adult children, who cause harm w/o the ability to make restitution to those who have been damaged.
    So, is it any wonder that the government steps in to regulate those ‘persons’ who cannot regulate themselves? usually at the expense of legally responsible adults. Nowadays it seems that most parents are raising bad children into becoming even worse adults. The government is always looking for ever more reasons to control our lives because they know best, and end up treating us all like their children rather than the creators of the elite rulers they pretend to be. We have no one else to blame for not attending to our responsibilities as true Americans.

  20. What a fool ! Does he not know how many parents use this tool to keep in touch with their children ? Children can use other modern tools like , computers, cars, microwaves , and , by the way, many people only have a cell phone , and note the phone is just a small computer !!

    • Read my above post and go back and read the story again, he’s not a fool, he trying to show you that the democrats will try anything, did you read that he said that he himself would not vote for the bill that he authored.

  21. So, you can get sued, vote, die for your country, go to jail, and own property. But can’t drink alcohol, smoke or use the phone. Sounds American to me! I really feel sorry for the young people today. Why does one American have less rights, but all the responsibilities, than another?

    • You have a right to feel sorry for the youth today, they are so dumbed down that they couldn’t hold a candle to the youth of yesterday, and yet….we didn’t have the cell phone, the computer, the IPad, etc and we of yesterday knew how to do math in our heads WOW…..We also worshipped God back then.

  22. This bill is outrageous ! This person is either a total idiot or there’s some other sinister workings behind it.
    A cell phone is the parents way to be in contact with child to monitor where abouts. It’s also the only means a child has of communication for help in an emergency. With all the child trafficking/kidnappings of women & children, a cell phone is no longer a luxury but rather a basic necessity and it’s also ones only lifeline in some areas, especially now that landlines no longer exist.
    There’s no place for a child to go to call for help. This is especially true after businesses are closed in evenings
    A cell phone helps police track where abouts by GPS and many times saves lives.
    I don’t know the true motives of someone who would introduce such a bill but I would want to start investigating to see if they & any others voting same are personally involved in some aspect oftrafficking.
    I thin anyone who votes for such a bill should be seriously investigated & they should not be re-elected next term.
    Safety & well-being are of paramount importance for our children over any other nonsense going on in Congress on the Democratic side especially today. Many of the democrats & the idiocy they display are a blemish on our country. This is just one more example.

    • Before you know it, shock collars and chipping will be mandatory for everyone under 21. Then they will see what a success that is and we will all get to sport the extras.

  23. It seems that cell phones are getting the blame for the misuse, but just like a handgun or rifle, cell phones are not by themselves, a danger to the public,. Without the action of an individual, regardless of age, a cell phone is just a stoic piece of electronic gear.

  24. I have seen the introduction of a bill that was meant to make a point or call attention to a problem that was never meant to pass.A state senator in Colorado introduced a bill saying we should be able to abort a child up to 3 years old. For once I’m in agreement with a Democrat. ( boy that was really hard to swallow) We do have a problem brought on by cell phone use, texting while driving,causing attention problems in the class room,causing anti social behavior (every body texting while sitting in the same room)and a variety of other issues including the ones he mention.The use of a cell phone is already being dealt with, like hands free and no texting while driving. The words researching while driving should be included. Beyond that it is encroachment on our rights.

    • A simple fix to using a cell phone while driving, make it illegal to have possession of, sell or use a cell phone that will do anything other than ring and/or vibrate when moving at or above 5 miles per hour. It should be an easy programming excise for cell companies to transmit the code to all cellphones, which they will do if they can’t sell their product without that fix. That will take care of the biggest killer, using the phone while driving.

      Now for the other problems mentioned, that comes under the heading of parenting (install the apps that tell you what and when the phone was used and for what) and corporating with your child’s school. After all, you spend the money and take the time to send them to school to get an education not talk, surf the web or play games on their phone. *or should I say your phone that you allow them to use*.

    • Robert Ratto, you are confusing rights with privileges. There is nothing that guarantees you the use of a cell phone therefore, it is a privilege that has been granted by the government. What the government grants the government has the power to take-a-way and they don’t need a reason.

  25. I think this is very stupid that’s what’s wrong with Democrats. They just want to take away our rights. That’s why it is important to put Trump back for another 4 years. If Democrats gets in we will lose our rights as a Americans.

    • Your right, Gary, they have a better chance of being “radicalized” in school with all the new teacher mandates on “diversity” and “tolerance”.

    • The Burn is pissed off because he;s too stupid to be able to work one! He hates being dumber then a 5 year old!

  26. Can you say ignorant shit bag democrap, just for shit’s and giggles, they need to be punched in the face, four year education gives us shit if they went to some commie school in the United States. Dam commie professor need a good ass kicking and deported to North Korea, Kim will straighten out there soft commie approach.

  27. Another wack-job Dim deciding what is good for us and what isn’t. Thanks but no thanks. But I guess it was Obanana who decided young adults up to age 26 were still children and should be able to stay on their parents healthcare. Some of them are still living in mommy’s basement as they still have not grownup at age 36.

  28. I lost my brother to leukemia at age 22, he was married, owned his own house, a banker by profession and an outstanding musician and athlete who had already lived a full life and lost his battle with cancer after a valiant two year fight – does that fit the box as an impressionable child.

    FCS these guy’s fight our wars, life can be short, some are always children, some are wiser at twelve than many will ever be.

    Don’t be so stupid as to adopt such a tired old has been’s will on a vibrant sector of society.

    BTW – I am 68.

  29. It appears to me that many of the above responders failed to read the entire post. Probably stopped after the headline. Should go back and read the entire post, then modify their comments.

    • You are so right, people should not only talk, but they should listen too. That also applies to reading,especially in these times, when Headlines are not what the subject of the article is often about.
      I commend the legislator who sponsored this bill, the point he makes is so true of those who want to take away our rights, while depriving us of the Freedom we deserve.

    • At least there are three of us who understand what we read, the last part of the story told the whole story.

  30. Unalienable Rights, Bill of Rights; Stupid politicians when are they going to pass a law that all of them need to take a course on the U. S. and their State constitution and pass a test on the peoples rights. They need to know what they can and cannot do!!!!

    • Mr. Reade,
      Before I say anything else, let me thank you for your service to our nation. Our military keeps us safe and our nation operating.
      It’s the main goal of the Socialist/Democrats to gain as much control of our society as possible. Living in California I’ve seen businesses pour out of out state in droves. Our Democratic legislature has raised taxes to astronomical levels. Passed and enacted thousands of regulations and requirements making doing business here a losing proposition. Allowed thousands of illegal aliens in to take jobs away from Californians. At the same time, taking an excellent public education system down to the bottom 10% of the U.S.
      And these losers want to control the whole damn country! (?)

  31. Take a look at this picture, Folks. We train 18-year-olds to shoot guns, go to war to defend their country and its interests, decide whether to pull the trigger on another human being or not. Yet they are not mature enough to own a gun in some states, drink alcohol, smoke, vape, and some places vote (and own a cellphone whether seriously meant or not). There is something VERY wrong with this picture.

    Somewhere someone has to bring this into focus. Are 18 to 20-year-olds adults or are they children? We can’t have it both ways. Just playing the Devil’s Advocate here–make people think

  32. I agree 100%, it seems so many young people on their phones day and night, and that includes while driving, so dangerous , this my friends, has got to stop, before many folks get injured or killed, for Pete’s sake!

  33. If they are not mature enough to own a cell phone, than they are surely not mature enough to vote or serve in the military. How dumb can you get.

  34. since they are not mature enough to own a cell phone, then they certainly not mature enough to vote. This is the dumbest bill.

  35. LMAO Hmmmmmmmmm Thinking there should be a law passed that no one driving or operating a vehicle or equipment should be allowed to use their cell phone! When you are behind the wheel, your attention should be on the road period!


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