Venezuelan Politician Challenges Bernie Sanders To Visit Venezuela Minus His Bodyguards

(Tea Party 247) – Bernie Sanders is a delusional old socialist in complete denial about what socialism actually breeds. Anybody with a shred of knowledge of what’s currently happening in Venezuela knows that socialism only leads to tyranny and poverty. Last year Sanders refused to even acknowledge that Venezuela’s socialist leader Maduro was a dictator claiming that democracy was still operative in the country.

“I think it’s fair to say that the last election was undemocratic, but there are still democratic operations taking place in that country. The point is, what I’m calling for right now is internationally supervised fair elections,” Sanders said at a CNN town hall last February when asked why he would not label Maduro as a dictator. Apparently the starving population of Venezuelans means nothing to Sanders.

It’s clear that Sanders is desperate to avoid any association between Venezuela and socialism. Either that or he really doesn’t have a clue what’s actually going on there. One exiled member of the Venezuelan National Assembly, José Guerra, seems to believe it is the latter. He has issued a challenge to Sanders, saying he should visit the country sometime without bodyguards.

DC Clothesline reports:

The challenge came after Sanders said that the tyrannical leader of the South American nation was not a dictator last year.

The senator has since conceded that Maduro is, in fact, a dictator but Assemblyman José Guerra has still not gotten over it.

“Maybe they misunderstand what is going on in Venezuela. It’s a dictatorship. There’s no power separation and more than 400 political prisoners that have been prosecuted like me. It’s a new dictatorship,” Guerra said in an interview with PJ Media.

“Those people should go to Venezuela and live in Venezuela for a couple of weeks in order to have a very good picture of what is going on in Venezuela. I suggest that they go to Venezuela,” he said.

More than 50 nations, including the United States, have decided to recognize Juan Guaido as the president of Venezuela.

“I don’t know that Jesse Jackson and Bernie Sanders know in a very good way what is going on in Venezuela,” he said.

“I suggest Bernie Sanders take a week and go to Venezuela without bodyguards and go to the street and speak with a cell phone and see what is going on with Bernie Sanders, OK?”

We agree, it would do Sanders good. He could make a field trip of it and take the Squad with him. They could get a great visual on what socialism does to a country as they take a stroll through the poverty-stricken streets of Caracas. Luckily they won’t have to worry about doing any damage to the climate while they are there. They’ll be doing a lot of walking considering the nation’s public transportation system is all but shut down.

They also won’t need to worry about being mugged by robbers on motorcycles. According to DC Clotheslines, a report from March claims “robbers who used to zip around Caracas on motorcycles, shoving pistols into car windows and demanding wallets, are now reduced to walking.” Sounds like crime is down. What a socialist utopia.

The sad truth is if Sanders went to Venezuela he would somehow spin the entire experience to support his claim that democracy is still intact and that socialism has nothing to do with the country’s economic crash.

Sanders says the US should not intervene, saying, “But what must not happen is that the United States must not use military force and intervene again as it has done in the past in Latin America, as you recall, whether it was Chile or Brazil or the Dominican Republic or Guatemala.”

Ironic for someone who just said, “I strongly condemn Trump’s reckless decision to abandon our Kurdish allies to their fate at the hands of Turkish President Erdoğan.” The Venezuelans, on the other hand, are not deserving of US intervention to save them from their fate at the hands of Maduro. Makes sense.

Sanders, like all leftist politicians, just can’t seem to keep their policies and platforms straight. We hope he does decide to take a visit to Venezuela and learn what socialism really does to a country. With any luck there won’t be enough fuel to fly him back to the United States.


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