US Army Colonel Makes Stunning Claim About Origins Of The Chinese Coronavirus

(Tea Party 247) – The accusations are mounting against Beijing that the origins of the novel coronavirus are far more sinister than the Chinese Communist Party would have us believe.

Lawrence Sellin Ph.D., a retired US Army Colonel with 29 years of service in the US Army Reserve who previously worked at the US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, recently wrote in an op-ed that the virus was likely leaked from a Wuhan bio-lab in late November.

The colonel writes, “there appears to be a politically-motivated campaign to demonstrate that CoVid-19 occurred naturally as a species ‘jump’ from animals to humans originating in the Wuhan wet market…there is still little evidence that directly supports that contention.”

Instead, Sellin asserts that it is far more likely that the virus originated from a leak in the lab, arguing that “the technology to create a coronavirus chimera has been demonstrated,” and “deadly viruses have previously ‘leaked’ out of Chinese virology labs in two separate incidents.”

“Given the illness, death and economic destruction caused by CoVid-19, it is the responsibility of the Chinese government to fully open its research files and databases to international inspection, including information about the hundreds of coronavirus isolates, in order to ascertain the true origin of the Chinese CoVid-19 coronavirus.” Sellin urges.

Sellin, a regular contributor to the Military Times and a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq, has been quite vocal on social media about his theory, pointing to other figures, including government officials, who have not ruled out the theory:

Sellin is demanding that Beijing be held accountable for its obscurity in the early days of the virus:

Last week, molecular biologist Richard H. Ebright of Rutgers University, also said that he thinks it’s a definitive fact that the virus may have leaked from the Wuhan Institute Virology:

While Ebright does not believe that the virus is an engineered bioweapon due to research that indicates this may not have been the case, he does believe it’s likely that the strain of coronavirus that is currently at pandemic levels came from the Wuhan lab.


  1. yea and Fauchi is standing right there next to Trump every night. Kinda like General Rommel standing next to Rosevelt in the middle of the war. This is the Twilight Zone……………………..

    The dots then connect back to Soros and Gates and those behind them.
    Soros helped fund that lab and Gates is an unapologetic Eugenic Globalist hell bent on killing off most of us.

  2. Just doing online searches of patents, and a bit of common sense knowledge of politics turns up patents on coronavirus biological material from 2018, and expanding that search, on many other altered viruses for potential vaccine manufacture….with many potential scenarios possible. Given the history of past leaks from the Wuhan facilities, reports of scientists from time to time concerned with carelessness in the handling of such materials by Chinese nationals working in North American labs, the Chinese penchant for patent violation & attempts to clone technology and steal markets, and the traditional elitist Asian mentality of any-means-to-our-end regardless of what it means for our own people….let alone others still outside our immediate control….

    It’s really hard to tell what really happened, and we’ll probably never know the full details of it given security concerns and classifications: but the wet market bat soup and the monkey story is a whole lot less likely and plausible with regard to the emergence of these sudden chronic and acute ailments in the world’s human populations, rather than them being the consequences of men trying to play God and competing with one another for empire and control: including in biotech labs going back to WWI chemical & bio-warfare and only heating up from there. You can take that back further if you dredge up the purposeful infection of various groups with smallpox infected materials and ships….and not just non-European indigenous groups, though definitely including them.

  3. Oh yes – let’s trust a dumb old fart with no access to DNA testing blurt out stupid baseless garbage to the gullible right wing idiots. Trump’s actions to stop the spread have been useless and fatal..

  4. No question in my mind that it did happen in a lab. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the Democrats didn’t have a hand in it as well. Evil is something few of us know anything about. But the Democrats have crossed that line and live in that realm.

    • I wish there was a way to upvote on this site. I think you are absolutely correct. After the house passes legislation to create a federal requirement for voting by mail, I hope the senate refuses to consider it, but if they don’t, the president needs to have his veto pen handy. If that became law, it will be the end of our republic as we have known it. It’ll be more than just never electing Republicans again; it’ll be the end of American citizenship.

  5. Now the biggest question is why was the USA’s CDC worker pulled out of that lab by the US Government just before the virus was announced by China. Now if that CDC worker was there, and China did not get rid of them the US did we would have had more information about the virus. The second question is what advantage did China have by letting such a virus get out and how was it humanly possible when Bio Labs have such tight restrictions on movements of persons who work in them.
    Quit accusing the China people of being stupid about something like this, they had just as much to loose as anyone else in the World maybe more.

  6. It looks like, if you can trust the Chinese figures, that they released the mild version on most of their population. So that they would build up antibodies to it. Then a second or third release which went worldwide. Which was a deadlier strain. So if they knew that the people would get the immunity from the first version and then released the second, third, whatever version, it is a clear case of murder.
    As of today at 0830 China claims only 3335 have died from it in China while 14,795 have died from it in the US. But remember, there also are some reports that are unverified of the government killing some who were infected and not claiming them as virus deaths. Do not believe the Chinese figures.

  7. China released it on us and the West to do exactly what it did, cause chaos in the World economy.
    Our economy was going strong, which meant four more years of Trump. This could not be tolerated
    by China because Biden was their man. So cripple th economy in an election year, get Trump oyt
    and get “Sleepy” Joe in, who will bend over backwards to do away with all tariffs and get in bed with

  8. I have been following this since the first days in Wuhan China. At first it did seem to be a form of a bio weapon. This was proved false by other strains (mutations) going to Europe. The mutations are the real issue, they became much more deadly than what happened in Wuhan China, and I mean much more. The CCP are known to be pathological liars and deceivers. Two facts, 1) there are now about 8 mutations (there are many sources to prove this) 2) the mutations are becoming more deadly (the math proves this) So what really happened? Can we assume the CCP knew there would be mutations and they would become more deadly? I think so but I can’t prove that. Was Wuhan a test bed and a distribution (world wide) center? There is some evidence to back this up and logically if we assume CCP is guilty then it makes logical sense. So who or what is the target of the CCP? I would say obviously America. They see America as the enemy and America (except the Chinese mouth pieces) see CCP as the enemy. WW 3 coming up, me thinks.

  9. We may never know the truth, but we do know that George Soros was an investor in the Chinese Biological Warfare Center in Wuhan. That is a huge red flag.

  10. Not only fess up on the origins, but also the severity of this disease. Data keeps leaking out that just doesnt jive w/the numbers they have released-examples: 21million fewer cell phone subscribers in China between last Dec. and now, 460,000 businesses open for 3 yr or more now closed. These numbers belie a much more severe problem.

  11. CCP planned on releasing this virus on the world. Now the world needs to turn on China and nothing made in China at a minimum.
    Rebuild our own manufacturing and all the stuff here including meds.
    God bless President Trump and the USA.
    MAGA/KAG 2020
    Vote Republican in November.

  12. I’m not sure of the time line but, it wasn’t that long ago there were violent pro democracy pro America demonstrations and riots in China. Then the wuhan virus made its debut. You hear not a word about it! Just a thought!

    • I thought of that when the virus started increasing around world. No one else I have talked to put that together. Smart man. Also, new trade agreement that I’m sure the Chinese were not too happy about. They didn’t want to follow 1+1+1 makes makes chaos in the world.

  13. This was a conclusion I drew from the onset. Wuhan is the location of Chinas biological research (warfare) lab. Amazing coincidence!

  14. The Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party will not demand Their Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Chinese Government Comrades give any information. They are Comrades to have a one world progressive socialist communist Government.
    This is why they side with China against their own country, if they consider The USA their country it’s hard to tell.

  15. I believe that this virus was developed some time ago and was leaked to see its effect. That the cure and inoculation was also developed before it was leaked to the public to control the results. The problem was it spread to fast. The information was kept secret for fear of global blame which would destroy their economy and world isolation. I am in mind CHINA..

  16. We know what Khrushchev said in 1956, he said time is on our side and we will bury you. This is also the aim of the Chinese communist party. What Trump has done to their economy with the trade tariffs, it has hurt their economy, so they in turn leaked this virus to disrupt ours. It just may be a test case in biological warfare. We know how they treat their people with all the camps so killing a few thousand people worldwide would make little difference to them.

  17. “the virus was likely leaked from a Wuhan bio-lab in late November.” Beats the hell out of the bat lie. Remember: If it says MADE IN CHINA, leave it on the shelves.

  18. Whether the virus leaked from a lab or made the jump to humans in a filthy wet market; whether through malice, incompetence or corruption, the Chicoms unleashed this pandemic on the world and they need to own it. What is more, this is hardly the first disease to originate in China.
    We really need to consider whether or not travel to and from China is worth the risk. The Chicoms can either take steps to clean up their country or we cut off all travel. Same goes for any country that does not do the same.

  19. I do not believe we are dealing with only one pathogen. I believe we are seeing the results of possibly two, three or more strains all at once unleashed upon humanity. Some no more dangerous than a mild flu and others much more sinister. It would help to explain the variations in how many are dying in one place while in other places many get sick but recover quickly as though they had a 72 hour bug. I also feel that the shutdown of almost the entire western world is a mistake that should never have happened AND this tactic is only making old man George Soros get a boner. The one bastard Nazi scum who should already be dead!


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