Unsportsmanlike Conduct Alert: Athletic Wear Company Releases Ad Showing Trump Being Degraded

(Tea Party 247) – The left is completely unhinged. They are constantly falsely accusing conservatives of the very things they themselves are guilty of. One of their favorite allegations is that conservatives are fascists, meanwhile they literally seek to silence and destroy any and all opposition. They claim to want equality but then turn around and attack and degrade anyone who they disagree with.

The President has been the brunt of this leftist hypocrisy and hate. Their attacks aren’t political but rather personal and always classless and distasteful. In a recent show of liberal tolerance and acceptance, a billboard for Dhvani, an athletic wear company, depicts various women doing embarrassing and degrading things to a man who is supposed to be President Trump. It’s truly disturbing. The billboard is being featured right in Times Square in the middle of New York City for millions and millions of people to see.

The company posted on Twitter, in reference to the ad, saying:

“This is not OK.

Attacking Gold Star families is not OK.

Mocking a disabled American on national TV is not OK.

Referring to America’s allies as “shithole countries” is not OK.

Calling white supremacists “very fine people” is not OK.”

The Blaze reports:

In another image from the ad, the Trump impersonator is hog-tied by middle school teacher and Marine Corps veteran Michal Mesa.

In another, the impersonator is sitting on the toilet with his pants around his ankles while a woman grabs his smartphone from his hands.

Vendors can refuse ads, but the company says that they were able to compromise with their vendor to get the ad approved.

“We were able to work with our vendor and reach a consensus on the level of facial obfuscation that would appease the landlord and get this bold, pull-no-punches, call-to-arms creative up and in front of potentially millions of like-minded Americans,” said Dhvani chief marketing officer Angela Williams.

The company said that is would give part of the proceeds from the campaign to Planned Parenthood, but the abortion provider refused the donation, citing death threats from those who disagreed with their mission to increase abortion accessibility.

Somehow the left believes it’s totally acceptable to take words and actions out of context for the sake of framing their own narrative about Trump. Their very own signs are the epitome of hypocrisy. They are trying to stand up for others by tearing down President Trump. When did two (alleged) wrongs make a right?

In typical leftist fashion they have taken cherry-picked behaviors of Trump, disregarding any context, and framed them to paint as negative a picture as possible. Then to top it off, they showcase their own hatred and deplorable behavior in an ad aimed at selling sportswear. Completely illogical and bad business.

Can you imagine the outrage had conservatives treated Obama the way in which liberals have treated Trump since his inauguration? When will the degradation of the office of the President stop? We are all afforded the right to free speech but that doesn’t mean we ought to use that right to be despicable and nasty humans. Believing someone else is supposedly a horrible person never justifies your horrible behavior.

Alas, leftists always feel justified because they view themselves as morally superior all while behaving in a way completely void of morals. The hypocrisy is never-ending. Hopefully more people are turned off by this vulgar and distasteful advertising stunt than support it.



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