Unsettling Video Of Emotionless Mother Thanking Her Unborn Babies Right Before Ending Their Lives

(Tea Party 247) – A disturbing video showing a woman starting the abortion process is going viral. The video is difficult to watch for a number of reasons but it exposes the nonchalant attitude towards human life that many on the left have.

The video is just a clip from a PBS special on abortion in which they apparently make it seem like just another medical procedure. Pro-life activist Obianuju Ekeocha shared the video on her Twitter timeline and did her best to brace viewers for what they were about to witness.

“This PBS documentary airbrushes abortion to make it look like some healthy new age practice,” Ekeocha said. “The women in blue is pregnant with twins and she is filmed here taking the abortion pill to kill them. You witness their killing 😢 And her statement at the end is chilling.”

In the video, a doctor explains that taking the RU-486 pill to kill an unborn baby is a “great” procedure for women who want to feel like they have control.” Her attitude is upbeat and cheery. She really seems to love her job.

The doctor meets with a woman in an office and explains to her what will happen when she takes the pills. The whole scene is very unsettling and difficult to watch. The casual tone is almost unbearable.

The doctor hands the woman one death pill which will “make the pregnancy stop growing” and she placidly takes it with apparently no emotion over the deaths that are about to take place inside of her. She is given another pill to take at home where, according to the doctor, the “pregnancy tissue” will be pushed out of her uterus.

“Pregnancy tissue” is abortion code for “baby.”

If you aren’t incredibly uncomfortable watching the video up to this point, just wait. It gets much worse. The woman, speaking as if possessed by some kind of entity, explains her thought process.

“What I hope I feel is a sense of peace, not only with myself and the decision that I’ve made, but also a sense of peace with these two beings that I’ve chosen to not bring into the world.”

The mother says. Interesting to note that she clearly acknowledges them as “beings” and that she has decided not to allow these “beings” the right to life.

She seems to be very aware of the scientific fact that these “beings” are not just a part of her body but rather their own, individual entities.

As if that wasn’t disturbing enough, she continues on to say, “Thank you for choosing me, and I’m honored to be given this gift of life…”

BUT “I can’t do it right now. I can’t accept that mantle in terms of the other lives that I’m taking care of and that I’m responsible for.”

It’s almost impossible to process. “I can’t do it right now.” As if a friend just called her up and invited her to attend a luncheon. It just isn’t going to work for her right now. Even more troubling is that she clearly acknowledges that these are lives that she is terminating. She doesn’t pretend that they are just globs of tissue and that they are just being removed from her body.

Not only is what she is saying heartbreaking but her casual and almost serene tone make her come across as borderline psychotic.

PBS is attempting to make this woman a moral character. Her demeanor is meant to come across as unassuming and gentle. Her words are meant to make her seem wise and responsible. Her decision is meant to look noble and brave. This is a great disservice to the women and babies who have fallen victim to the lies of the abortion industry. This video is a sham.

She acknowledged that she had been given the gift of life but was still willing to end those lives. This is where we are as a society. Willing to say the words but unwilling or perhaps unable to feel them. Life is indeed a gift and one that ought to be cherished and not treated like an inconvenience that can simply be eliminated.


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