University Students Show Shameful Inability To Cope With Reality Following Debates

(Tea Party 247) – It is no secret that American universities have turned into indoctrination centers for leftist radicals, but we’ve also seen a disturbing trend of snowflakery in these higher-learning institutions.

The “safe space” culture has gone entirely too far, and the fact that students are being coddled to the point of not even being able to handle the appearance of disagreement, it’s no wonder they start rioting and looting when they get out into the real world and find out how many people disagree with them.

So imagine what happened to those who attend the university where the first presidential debates were held, with no skills for coping with the existence of The Orange Man….on their campus!

Oh, the humanity!

Students at Ohio’s Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), where the debates were hosted Tuesday night, dedicated a “confidential support space” for students who just couldn’t handle the heated attacks from the candidates.

No, really.

InfoWars reports:

The University says “students can discuss the impact of recent national events, including the presidential debate and upcoming election.”

There are eight “presidential debate support spaces” available for students to attend, according to the university which asks that everybody use “respectful dialogue.”

The spaces will remain active from Monday through to next Friday, for ‘virtual counselling sessions’.

The university announced that the “Support Space is not a substitute for psychotherapy and does not constitute mental health treatment.”

The spaces are a throwback to 2016 when education centers offered counseling after Trump won the election.

Well, whatever happens in November, we can probably expect lots of meltdowns.

Video: Full Presidential Debate: President Trump and Joe Biden


  1. It’s actually good to know, the Democrat Party Revolution Army, waging a violent Bloody civil war against the U.S.A. currently, will not be able to cope with the counter aggressive actions that are soon to be coming at them!

  2. i watched this coming late 60’s and 70’s through Saul Alinsky and his proteguees Bill Ayers and Bernadtte Dorn, the anti war problems. GI’s returning home from South East Asia were not allowed to were their uniforms while traveling because these messed up people would spit on them call them baby killers one thing the cops did help but were over manned. The net result for today the college professors of today are the screwed up students of the SDS and like movements (Communist trained them) (Saul Alinksy was the Communist trained leader of the missfits) so our kids are taught not to allow free speech on cmpus and the profs encourage these feelings, but this is why our kids come home with an entitlement attitude and are not willing to put forward the effort to excell in the business world today. . .The drop out group are those making up the BLM & ANTIFA marching missfits Many of these kids fall for the Socialism fad not tking the time to see how well it has fared in other prts of the world. . . .IT HASNT. . . NOT ONE COUNTRY HAS HAD N ECONOMIC SUCCESS THAT CAPITALISM HAS HAD MOST OF THESE NATIONS ARE VERY BAD POOR PLACES FOR THEIR INHABITANTS

  3. When I was growing up we were poor. There were Mom and Dad and five of us kids. Money was short most of the times so all of us got used to hearing NO. None of us kids got any kind of allowance and we came home each night after school and done chores. If we wanted money for something extra we went out and earned it. In the summertime my brother and I mowed grass and shined shoes. Where we lived there were many one man construction companies and they would hire kids to clean up around the places they were working on, clean tools and clean bricks so they could be reused. We did a lot of odd jobs just to earn spending money. It seems as though these snowflakes missed a lot of growing up as a result of having it so easy, and being raised by some very permissive parents! It seems as if they should have had a kick in the seat of the pants to get them started in the right direction with the right perspective in life.

  4. Muslim Terrorists are for Biden
    The CCP is for Biden
    Abortionists are for Biden
    Green new Dealers are for Biden
    Felons are for Biden
    BLM terrorists are for Biden
    Antifa is for Biden
    The Squad is for Biden
    Illegals are for Biden
    Hollywood is for Biden
    Bernie is for Biden.
    Any questions?


  6. I believe that our entire educational system needs to be cleared up and out. Our kids are taught by mostly communist-inspired teachers/professors to think like a communist. They must follow the leader and do as they are told. They are taught not to think clearly because to do so would invert the intentions of the crazed communist educational system. Our colleges/universities are rapidly deteriorating to the point that almost all of the graduates can’t spell “shit,” and they can’t add “2+2” without a calculator. There must be a culling out of our teachers/professors to rid the educational system of socialist and communist teachings.

    • Robert E. Altee
      Now the children of today are not children of the 1950 or 1960, they are being taught how to cope in the modern day, when I went to school in the 1940s and 1950s we were taught religion and propaganda bout how the South was stolen by the North and how blacks were to inferior to even hold a fair job let alone a technical position. That is not the real world and today the real world as it should have been taught to me is being taught to the students. In todays society even children who live in the country have problems finding jobs because of modern methods of doing things, when I was young plenty of field work and picking fruit and tossing hay, also painting some fences, all gone by the way side do to modern methods, and the USA today by hanging on to old methods and old things taught are so far behind the world it is really a shame, we have to import specialist in nearly every field of expertise you can name because of the cost of an education in this USA where it is free in most of the World, we have about 250,000 young persons leave this USA every year to go to Europe for the free education they get there. Now exactly why does anyone need to do those things in their head when in industry the machine does it for you. Even when I went to law school in the mid 1950s grammar and spelling were not important mainly because I was studying law not English grammar it was the same with medical school, persons went there to learn about diseases and how to treat them not how to white something down or how to add or substract.
      Now the Democratic Socialism is in every country in the Free World except the USA our closest neighbor is Democratic Socialist, yes Canada, and they seem to be doing much better World Wide than the USA in nearly every thing you can name.

    • You are a FOOL!!! MOVE to CANADA you like it so much we don’t want you here !!!! OR how about VENEZUELA i heard there change to SOCIALISM IS GREAT !!! THEIR EVEN EATING THEIR PETS TO SURVIVE SO MOVE THERE” SOCIALIST”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  7. Boo hoo, I’m a liberal democrat and I need my passey and blankey so I can go suck my thumb and hide from the big bad orange man. Why’d my mommy and daddy send me into the mean old world.
    And just think, one day these wussies will run our nation. Someone get a supply of bottles and diapers for the White House and congress when they do.

  8. As a retired educator, I can tell you, this snowflake nonsense started in the 60’s & 70’s. I tried to contribute to stopping it in the school I taught at, but I was alone for the most part. Parents, grandparents, relatives need to get involved, educated about what goes on in the public schools, & make your voices heard. These little darlings have been raised by helicopter parents & never, NEVER had to face reality! They’ve been told from the get-go they were the best thing since sliced bread. They received recognition for showing up, not for DOING something worthwhile, for excelling.!

    • I have a theory as to how this all came about. Most conservatives went through the education process and then went into the world to pursue careers and contribute to the advancement of society. Radicals on the left, on the other hand, found it more comfortable to stay in the academic world. They went on to earn higher degrees while performing as graduate assistants, then became instructors and worked their way up to professorships. Pretty soon, they had taken over most of academe. Leftism tends to breed more leftism. All of these “safe spaces” and “participation” trophies are just signs of how weak minded the academics actually are. That’s why they support an all encompassing government that would provide total safety sans any liberty. We must find a way to combat that or perish as a civilized society.

  9. Snowflake is a very appropriate label for the coddled students. Trouble is no one has told them they are being made into snowflakes that dissolve and collapse in order to make them vulnerable when the Communist plan is executed. It’s a segment of the Obama division to weaken America. Rich V poor, young V old, blacks V whites, Democrats V Republicans, pretend white Privilege( non existent), every avenue they could Conger up To divide & weaken. All for fundamental change of how America works!

  10. It seems that the time-out generation has not had the proper nurturing they needed to build adequate mental fortitude that can handle the most basic disappointments.

    • Instead of time out, a swat on the butt should have been lovingly applied. These brats are the same ones throwing themselves in the floor and pounding their feet as toddlers because they heard the word no. Now that they’re older, they protest and riot instead of pounding and stomping their childish feet.

  11. One may reasonably be expected to suppose that an individual must be relatively intelligent in order to be admitted to and attend one or another of our “prestigious” institutions of higher indoctrination- uh, I mean education! My question is, has always been, and may always BE, HOW CAN ANYONE SUPPOSEDLY SO INTELLIGENT BE SO IGNORANT? Are they so fragile emotionally that they can’t deal with reality, and so must stumble along in their dystopian fantasy? Life isn’t (always) fair, and one has to play the hand one is dealt! Of course, the pampered little darlings in our major indoctrination (gotcha!) centers are so naive and vulnerable that they are easy marks for all the Marxists in high faculty positions there and are thus easily brainwashed! I could go on and on, but I believe anyone reading this will get the picture!

  12. Snowflakes?? Nope TOTAL AIRHEADS!!



    Cpt. Lauren N. Dowsett


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