University Of Southern Maine Displays Sick Satanic Art…This Is So Creepy And Wrong

(Tea Party 247) – A student at the University of Southern Maine has created a sick Satanic art display deliberately desecrating the Bible that has Christians expressing outrage.

The “art” piece was created by Riley Harris for a class assignment. The intent, CBN reports, was to “transform a book into something new.”

So this Riley chose The Good Book.

Conservative radio commentator Todd Starnes told CBN News that the art display includes a desecrated Bible and satanic images.

He explains that the piece is called “Unholy Bible: Very Revised Standard Edition.” It reflects the head of Christ covered with a satanic image and includes torn pages from the Bible.

“He actually ripped pages out of the Bible and painted them to look like flames from the lake of fire. Then he took portraits and paintings and Christ and in place of the face of Jesus he placed a satanic image. You can actually see the nativity scene with Mary cradling the Christ child and there is an evil satanic face on the Christ child,” Starnes said.

The self-professing atheist says the purpose of his exhibit is to “question authority.”

“I was thinking a lot about questioning authority in general,” Harris said. “People question different types of authority, but for some reason, religious authority seems too taboo to question, so I thought I would give it a shot.”

I wonder why he didn’t choose to question the authority of Islam? Just a thought.

According to, the exhibit is on display in a building on campus utilized by community groups and church members.

“I think it’s very inappropriate and repugnant,” said Casco Bay Church of Christ member Charlie Flynn said. “This is someone’s sacred text being desecrated destroyed and displayed in a public place.”

Unsurprisingly, the university supports the student and affirms that Harris is not violating any rules.

“The university supports freedom of speech rights for all students, affirmed and upheld by Board of Trustee System Policy 212,” the school said in a statement.

The policy reads, “The Board of Trustees is committed to protecting the rights all University community members share to free speech, which includes free expression and assembly.”

Flynn says this art piece has nothing to do with freedom of speech.

“If I saw a Koran with pig blood on it I would certainly call someone or a Torah with unclean foods on it,” he said. “This is a Bible with Satan’s image put over Jesus’ image and around Christmastime.”

Harris said he’s only “making people think.”

Really? As if no one has ever questioned Christianity before. What would be daring would be the pig’s blood on a Koran, that would make people think about the faux rebellion it takes to criticize Christians in a nation where doing so is practically mainstream while daring to question Islam is one of the most heinous of hate crimes.

This is exactly what Starnes points out:

“Here in the United States of America, only Christians and Jews are allowed to be attacked for their religious beliefs. It is highly improbable that you would see a university like the University of Southern Maine approve of a desecrated Koran or allow a student to take pictures of the prophet Mohammed and place a satanic image on those kinds of things.”

“I don’t think the university would be hollering about free speech and freedom of expression if that were the case,” he says.


  1. Wonder why this brave young artist didn’t choose the Koran and Mohammed to do this piece of crap…I mean art with?

    Think he knows his life would be forfeit? Muslims aren’t so much the religion of peace they claim…and the press and college would eat him alive.

    As always, Christians will be the target because to Satan…it means NOTHING to superimpose satan’s image over Mohammed’s. Pretty much 6 of one and 1/2 dozen of the other.

  2. Progressives are trying to change the culture. Some of this will be adopted, most will be trashed as early as the next election.Progressivism reached a high water mark in 1919, then faded into history. The current movement has reached too far, and things like prison reform, and possibly drug legalization may come to fruition, but most of it will be tossed as America responds in a big way.

  3. What is wrong with this place. I can’t call it a university, I call it an institution of obscenity.
    This place needs to be shut down and those running it investigated.

  4. Sadly, education, teachers union! Teachers, administrations, students in large majority are Anti America/Christian and has destroyed a once wonderful profession. Darrell Forman

  5. Does he even know what the Bible says? I sincerely doubt it and I would hate to be him when his body dies, eternity in hell forever and ever and ever. As you know your soul doesn’t die, it lives forever and you will know where you are and you won’t be partying with your friends. It’s funny so many of these universities you can’t disagree with the liberal professors, but you can mock Christianity and Judaism. Where is religious freedom? Oh and by the way Riley Harris you talk about religious authority . . . God nor Jesus said you had to obey the Bible. It is a tool to lead a good life and have life everlasting. It is your chose to live by the Bible or live anyway you want. God gave each of us the ability to choose how we want to live and You can choose to live in heaven or hell by what you do and say. Good luck.

  6. Riley, go live where you are amoung murderers, evil doers, you are not welcome here. Authorities should monitor this sicko

  7. There is absolutely nothing to upset anyone. The Bible states not every person that hears my voice will be saved. Then we live freely, freedom of speech and freedom of expression. If it upsets you do not look at it.

    But ban it then the Bible will be banned soon after. Possibly Churches driven into the underground, why?

    This person did this for controversary. And you idiots gave him what he wanted.

  8. This is the outcome of liberal colleges and what they teach. Disgusting and those that mock our Lord will have a special place in hell.

  9. 1. advertisement of a stupidity is not advisable.
    2. the remarks a propos the University are absolutely correct. Most probably there are some leftist dems in the departments who would rather see US fall then condemning the assassination of the iranian terrorist. Good grief., where would all there treacherous acts end?
    3. as for Islam I would really start digging the dirt the people in the US
    are unaware of. you may be utterly surprised and delighted.

  10. I guess he will find out what hell is on judgement day, course we Christians should pray for him to repent. If he is an atheist, why is he making images of hell, don’t they believe that their is no Heaven or hell, don’t they believe in nothing?

  11. Yes, ALL books and art need to meet the approval of “patriots” before it can be sold or displayed.
    Do you think of what you say BEFORE you say it? ( or print it? )

  12. Thank you, analyzers who raised such appropriate questions for atheist artist as well as citizens generally. While I understand RESPECT for different religions, that understanding should be carried out for Christians & Jews also!

  13. It’s okay to have your opinions and beliefs but to desecrate any religious book is intolerable. Freedom of speech has gone too far.

  14. Out university environments are what our k-12 are producing. Agreed. We all know no one could abuse a Koran like this. Ie in got more our soldiers must wear gloves to touch a Koran!
    It’s clear this person is filled with a demon.
    He says he’s questioning authority we ll bear him as he burns eternal In hell


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