University Of Houston Promotes ‘Fun’ Racist Ice-Breakers Based On Who Should Survive Liferaft Based On Intersectional Hirearchy

(Tea Party 247) – Identity politics is the name of the liberal game and college campuses are being used to perpetuate this racist practice. The principles of identity politics are simple. Divide everyone based on the color of the skin, their country of origin, or any other factor that the individual cannot possibly determine or change and base everything in their life off of that. In the past identity politics has been a subtle, yet very present, theme among the left. Now they make no secret of it.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any crazier, the University of Houston has decided to make identity politics fun for all!

One of the fun games being played by students and faculty at UH is called “Whom to Leave Behind” and it is rife with opportunities to judge others based on purely inconsequential traits. What fun! The game is set under the pretend scenario that the world is about to end and there have been 12 people chosen to go to another planet. Unfortunately, “due to changes in space limitations, it has now been determined that only eight persons may go. Any eight qualify.”

Let the good times roll!

Among the individuals “eligible” to make the trip to save mankind, are “a female mov[i]e star who was recently the victim of a sexual assault,” “a Hispanic clergyman who is against homosexuality,” “a 21-year-old, female, Muslim international student,” “a racist armed police officer who has been accused of using excessive force,” “a militant African-American medical student,” and so on. Each one seemingly more ridiculous than the last.

Look how the students are forced to judge these people in the most uncomfortable of ways, reaching conclusions that have been orchestrated by the masterminds behind the “game.” Make no mistake, there is a right answer to this and a wrong one and I can guarantee the police officer was never intended to make it on the spaceship. The blatant manipulation of this game is sickening. Forcing students to judge others on superficial, unimportant things such as skin color and ethnicity is just downright racist.

Students are clearly supposed to assess how much victim status each made-up individual is afforded and that is to be the basis of whether or not they get to make it on the fictitious spaceship.

If you take the time to peruse through the UH’s Diversity Activities Resource Guide you are sure to find some good belly laughs but more so you’ll find it to be highly disturbing and unsettling.

Another super-fun game is called “Perceptions” and its goal is to look around at the other students in class and judge them based on their appearance. There is a list of actions such as, “changes their car oil,” “is probably from a wealthy family,” “would like to have a large family,” and “knows what a Bar/Bat Mitzvah is,” and students are to evaluate each of their co-students and mark down their names next to each category based purely on their physical appearances. Who could pass up such a fun and informational, and in no-way offensive, ice-breaker!?

Be sure not to miss the game called “How Comfortable Am I?” in which participants must rank their comfort level with different scenarios like, “Your new roommate is Jewish,” “Your dentist is HIV positive,” “Your mother “comes out” to you,” and “A Thai immigrant student invites you to dinner with her family.” Why not just name the game, “How Tolerant, Accepting, and Inclusive Are You?”

I could go on and on. This “resource guide” could easily be renamed, “Liberal Game Night!”

Jokes aside, the games I listed were just the “ice-breakers,” the guide goes on for many, many, many pages describing different games and activities to help students better engage in discussions on acceptance and tolerance. Actually, all this guide does is force students to focus on identity politics and physical appearances versus the content of character.

The left has repeatedly criticized Trump for wanting to take America “backwards” but this is exactly what UH is doing. If we cannot move past superficially judging people based on physical appearances and other inconsequential characteristics, we will continue to be a country divided.


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