United Nations Makes These Baseless Assertions About The Flood Of Illegal Immigrants To UK

(Tea Party 247) – Progressives are quickly taking over the world with the help of global organizations like the World Health Organization and the United Nations. The efforts to move the world towards embracing no borders and a one world government have never been so obvious.

The UN has told the citizens of the UK that the onslaught of illegal immigrants is “not a threat” to Britain and not only that, they should embrace them because it could somehow benefit tax payers. A representative from the UN argued in front of the Commons Home Affairs Committee Wednesday, that Britain should provide new opportunities for even more low and no-skilled third world migrants to come to the country illegally because it will deter people from paying human traffickers.

Here’s more from Breitbart:

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees’ (UNHCR) representative in the UK, Rossella Pagliuchi-Lor, told MPs that the thousands of people who have broken into Britain in recent months were not a problem.

Instead, she insisted that the only “dangers” of the situation were risks to the lives of migrants travelling across the Channel in dinghies, along with “a different sort of risk”, which she said was critical media reporting of the phenomenon.

Taking aim at “the sort of narrative that we’re seeing in the media and elsewhere that suggests these arrivals by boat present… a danger, a threat to the UK, when in fact [illegal immigrants are taking] simply a different route,” the UN official insisted that third world migrants are “not a threat”.

“The people that you will find on the boats are pretty much the same you would have found otherwise on the back of a lorry. There is no real difference — the main risk is to themselves with regards to the danger of the crossing itself”.

She also dismissed the idea that boats could be turned back to France, stressing that attempts to do this could put migrants’ lives at risk in the water and therefore should not be an option for Britain.

The UN’s evidence to the select committee came as the total number of migrants officially recorded as having made it to British shores by boat this year had reached close to 7,000 — more than triple the figure recorded in 2019.

Pagliuchi-Lor and Vincent Cochetel, the UNHCR’s special envoy for illegal immigration to Europe via the Mediterranean route, said Britain was a popular destination for migrants due to its reputation as a “champion in terms of multiculturalism”, and called for the government to create “safe, legal routes” for migration.

Pagliuchi-Lor went on to complain that the UK’s restrictions on family reunification are “quite restrictive” saying that the government needs to broaden who they define as family so as to encourage more chain migration. She also said that the UK needs more legal pathways so that low-wage laborers can resettle in Britain and that the UK needs to expand its “study visas.”

Pagliuchi-Lor even tried asserting that illegal immigrants somehow contributed money to the country’s treasury at a rate higher than what they burden the tax system. The truth is, as Breitbart points out, pro-immigration researchers from University College London found that illegal immigration from outside of Europe cost British taxpayers £118 between 1995 and 2011.

Obviously, it’s completely nonsensical to think that illegal immigration is going to result in prosperity. It has been proven to do nothing but the opposite.


  1. The UN was established in 1945 to end all wars and maintain peace in the world. That was 75 years and countless wars ago. It’s way past time for the United States to withdraw from the UN and send it packing. It might not survive without US money and support. Our best chance for making this happen is to reelect Donald Trump and replace as many Democrats as possible in down ticket offices at all levels of government.

  2. UK tax payers have already gained hard earned experience with the ideology of the UN and unabated illegal aliens! UK knows better than to believe UN Marxists!

  3. Stop all funds from the US and Britain to the UN and WHO. Tell the Muslim countries to take care of their own. Another possible answer is to give thes young men a quick training in how to use a weapon and ship them back to their home country with a weapon and 25 rounds. They would then be put under penalty of Death if they return to any non muslim

  4. Fantastic work-from-home opportunity for everyone… Work for three to eight hours a day and start getting paid in the range of 7,000-14,000 dollars a month…
    Weekly payments….S­a­l­a­r­y­8.C­o­m

  5. The UN does not want to fix the problem they want to take over the world. They want a 1 world government.
    The only resolution is to get out of the Un.They have outlived the reason for their existence.Theye are trying to control things that they were never meant to control.

  6. Well maybe the rest of the world will wake and see that the Unfriendly Nations have become a danger to all of civilization. The U.S. first needs to evict the U.N. off all U.S. Sovereign territory. Then decide if further participation by the U.S. is warranted. The U.K. should do the same.

  7. The issue isn’t migration in the sense of accepting. It is the failure to address the issues the migrants faced in their home country.

    That is in fact the failure of the UN.

  8. Illegal immigration should be stopped in all the countries of Europe and the UK. Most of these “refugees” are young men of military age. Think about that for a moment. Let’s all call it what it is: AN INVASION. All of these “refugees” are Muslims. Once they invade a country, they infiltrate the government, use up all a country’s resources such as welfare and then begin the burning and destruction of Christian churches. If open warfare begins, they have an Army of young men already planted within the “walls”. Islam is at war with the West and has been for centuries.

  9. So if the goal is REALLY to stop illegals from invading countries, then the answer is to make things worse for them in the invaded country than it would be if they stayed put and strived for change in their home country. Here is a solution that would probably work, despite likely outrage by UN and WHO: (1) Castrate illegal males. Maybe chemical castration, which is a reversible treatment would be acceptable. Otherwise, send them balls a-rollin’. (2) Reintroduce indentured servitude. Caught iIllegals would be “leased” to owners for a given term. They would earn a tiny wage during their indenture-ship, which would be paid to them at their home country at the end of the term. (3) Forget indentured servents and go to full-fledged chattel slavery! Any illegal would be sold to bidders to be worked as they see fit. The slave would be allowed to buy his freedom, if and only if, they leave the invaded country and never return. Violation of this provision would then result in slavery for the rest of their life. Of course we would need new laws — or maybe just to dust off some of the OLD ones. For instance, it would be legal to administer a specified number of lashes from a whip for given transgressions. And of course, run-away slaves would be chained when recaptured. What to do with female illegals? Chastity belts for one thing. Don’t you just LOVE these ideas?

  10. Fix the problems in those countries from which these people desert and possibly the leak will seal itself. Otherwise, the world is in for some tumultuous times. Cannot blame people for wanting to escape from countries which enslave and mistreat their people, but putting the burden on other thriving countries will just ensure that the problem travels on.

  11. Ship them BACK . . . sent them to CHAIN GANGS for breaking the law. One DISGUSTED Patriot. send the OTHER lawbreaker ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS BACK where they CAME from. They will not ASSIMILATE into society. One Enlightened PATRIOT. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    • I’ve been saying similar here. Illegal aliens allegedly walked from Mexico and Central America. Chain gang them to the south border picking trash as they go to earn their bread and water. Then they work on the wall. When it’s completed they end up on its south side.

      Simple. Cost effective. Deterrent.

  12. The better response is to get rid of the traffickers in any way that can be done. The UN is a bad organization and has been since it was organized. This story is another example of the evil that is at the base of the UN.

  13. Don’t allow your country to be destroyed by people with ill intentions-people doing everything in their power to destroy you-steal everything you have including your women and killing your men!!! ISLAM!!!

  14. The Brits should use the money wasted on the Royals and illegals to help their own citizens. The so-called refugees look to be an army of young men looking for welfare. The welfare seekers should stay home & help their own countries prosper. My thoughts.

  15. How does this benefit the taxpayer with 82% still unemployed?…these people are only coming for the freebies!…big mistake UK!!!

  16. The financial costs aside, what about CIVID 19 threat? None of these illegals have been tested and most likely are infected. Not a good scenario. That alone adds a lot more to the financial costs.


  18. Usher this UN clown to the channel, I sure with all his hot air he could make it to France or Germany swimming a liberal backstroke. A breast stroke just wouldn’t be cricket.

  19. Britain needs to wake up like the USA and define who they want to be. Keeping the UN out of the UK is one way and tell the UN to get the heck out of the British Isles.


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