Undeniable Proof That Antifa Stormed The Capitol Continues To Mount

(Tea Party 247) – The mainstream media and the Democrats have used Wednesday’s Capitol Hill attack as a means to demonize all Trump supporters and label us all traitors.

The timing of the attack could not have been more perfect for Democrats and the fallout has proven just how beneficial the entire thing was for them.

It just doesn’t make any sense for Trump supporters to suddenly decide to become unruly, riotous, and violent. Not only does it not make sense, now there seems to be ample video evidence to prove that Trump supporters were not down with what was going on at the Capitol on Wednesday.

Don’t expect the mainstream media to even give any of the footage even so much as a second thought. Don’t expect them to ask any tough questions or do any actual investigating.

They’re too busy pushing the radical left’s narrative that Trump supporters attempted to commit insurrection on the US government Wednesday and blaming President Trump for it.

Naturally, they also have time to mock Trump supporters for suggesting that the violence was actually an orchestrated event planned and carried out by Antifa members posing as Trump supporters.

Some of them weren’t even really in disguise. They dressed just like they would if they were going to a regular, old-fashioned riot: all black and faces covered. The only difference was they made a little effort to put American flags on their attire.

There now seems to be overwhelmingly video evidence as well as law enforcement confirmation proving Antifa involvement but the mainstream media and the establishment continue to laugh at such suggestions.

They continue to push the narrative that President Trump incited his supporters to violence despite it being completely and utterly untrue.

The New York Post reported that according to a law enforcement source, there were “at least two known Antifa members” who were spotted among the mass crowd of Trump supporters at the Capitol.

The two were disguised as Trump supporters but were spotted by law enforcement in surveillance footage by police who recognized the individuals from protests that happened in New York City.

A known BLM activist was even spotted at the event as confirmed by Antifa expert and activist Andy Ngo.

Utah’s Deseret News reported that BLM “journalist” John Sullivan claims he entered the Capitol during the rally only to document the event but that according to his own video he can be seen encouraging others as they rioted.

Sullivan later admitted to having prior knowledge of the event and that it may have been planned using secret online chats.

“As far as them storming the Capitol, I knew that was going to happen,” Sullivan said. “I’m on chats that are underground that are sending out flyers that are just like, ‘Storm all Capitols on the 6th.’ It wasn’t anything that was secret. It was something that was out there … and they did it.”

Don’t count on the Democrats to tell you that!

Then there are the videos that show Trump supporters calling out Antifa and attempting to stop them from breaking glass on the Capitol building. In one video, you can hear the crowd booing and yelling “stop them!”

Another video shows a man, presumably a Trump supporter, asking “What the f***? Are you Antifa?” to a man who is trying to break the glass:

There is video after video proving that not only were Trump supporters not the ones responsible for storming the Capitol but they did, in fact, try to stop it from even happening at all.

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  1. Proud boys went there in black to make it look like ANTIFA was there. They said they would have American flag patches on, so they could tell each other apart from any ANTIFA they might encounter. If these two, or 3 guys in the video were ANTIFA the big pissed off Trump supporter and all those around them would have beat them senseless. Notice how he is really pissed and screaming at them when asking if they are ANTIFA. When they say no the smaller guy leans in and tells him something and the big guy’s agitation lessens. They probably told him they were Proud Boys. If they can find all those others folks they should be able to find the big Trump guy and ask him what they said. I do applaud his effort to stop them from breaking in and other Trump supporters that were there trying to help cops and keep people in line, but it obviously wasn’t enough.


    • Your brainwashed. Haven’t you figured out all these companies are working for the democrats? What did you think about Antifa and BLM who destroyed democrat states for 8 months? Did you write about that? Maybe you were part of it? Don’t you realize your sticking up for Antifa and BLM(yes there were some who were there for the cause, but many weren’t). Do you realize your taxes will go up to pay for these cities? Same cities Trump refused to bail out because they don’t know how to budget. That was all a set up and people better start realizing it before we are completely gone. Next step is that Pelosi is going to implement universal income. She already mentioned it but of course media didn’t elaborate on it. We’ve skipped socialism and moved to communism. Don’t you recognize the same things in China? Why don’t democrats want to do anything to China? Same thing going on in Taiwan is going on here. Trump supporters are trying to preserve out freedom. Listen to his speech. Of course media is cherry picking as usual. If you really want to be informed listen to all speeches in entirely before believing what media WANTS you to. Try informing yourself. Trump said to peacefully protest. But we all know that media’s idea of peacefully protesting is setting things on fire. Have the media you listened to tell you about the BLM and Antifa members identified and arrested. It was all over social media what they were going to do. Trump supporters never had any violence at the rallies. Only violence ever committed was by Antifa and BLM who came to disrupt them and physically assaulted them. This is a Tragedy. Pelosi and democrats could give a rats ass about cops now she’s concerned?

  2. Be smart. Talk with your dollars. Stay home on Joe’s big day- take it as a non- payday if you can- no tax revenue for that day. Don’t spend money that day. Try to not watch any MSM channels, including your favorite shows. Take your money out of stocks and put in a money market for awhile. Bank with small independent banks when you can. Patronize non- corporate businesses. Those who cancel should be canceled

  3. MAYBE the proof is on the OLD HAG Pelosi’s LAPTOP. taken by Special Forces. She is OBVIOUSLY guilty, along with the REST of the Left Wing Communist, er, Democrat Party. May she spend the NEXT 50 LIFETIMES in FEDERAL PRISON for Sedition and TREASON along with Nadler, Schiff and Hillary! One Enlightened Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020.

  4. I really want to keep the United States United but that doesn’t look possible. Give Trump leadership of all Red states & Biden over the Blue states. If you live in a Red state & don’t like Trump, move to a Blue state. If you live in a Blue state & don’t like Biden, move to a Red state. Problems solved. Also Reds keep your guns & Blues can turn theirs in to Biden.

  5. Quit blaming trump for the disaster at the capital. The truth is out it’s the anarchists, antifa, BLM, idiots that took the opportunity to infiltrate and caused a disaster. Get It’s straight stop blaming trump for everything we need to look to Pelosi and the Democratic Party as all shit is going to come out about them before he leaves office. That’s why they want to impeach him so that the truth doesn’t come out about all the stuff that they have done against the American people.

    • I read it was a stack that weighed 8-12 lbs. and very high. Open it’s not mostly enacted to cover their names. Don’t trust Wray, he’s deep state alongside Barr. If he wanted to preserve his reputation he should have done his job. Instead he chose to slow all everything. He and Durham had information a long time ago. He didn’t want to influence an election. Instead he’d rather have a crook elected. How’s that for integrity? There was plenty of proof of election fraud too. Missing! FBI comes out for capital but is mostly missing for 8 months? DEEPSTATE! He should have retired at beginning if he was afraid to do his jo!

  6. I wonder why there was no rioting at any of President Trump’s hundreds of rallies. Why did peaceful protesters arrive at state capitals nationwide to protest the fraudulent election. Again no rioting. We all saw the Marxist BLM and Antifa rioting, looting, injuring and killing in various cities all over the country. Those moronic mayors and governors did nothing. Oh, democrats called them peaceful protests. Basement Biden and the Ho of Babylon, by their silence, condoned the violence. Ho Harris arranged for bail for the hundreds arrested. This will be an alternate universe until the 2022 midterms. Hopefully the GOP will take control of the House and Senate. Until then, hang on.

  7. Not on communists Twitter not on communists Facebook. I do hope they ban all conservatives because that would put them out of business! They depend on users for advertising. If you don’t get banned cancel your accounts to ruin thier business. Think about how you communicated before these communists started social media. Use your phone actually talk to people it works!

  8. I really wish all news services would put this out and let others see that bit was not Trump supporters who did this. We who are Trump supporters are suffering great distress because the people in the other party are so inflamed to get us to think that our people have done this. Such a shame for us to bear. Jane Ann

  9. The DOJ, FBI, ATTORNEY GENERAL, Durham, DC POLICE, Fake News Media, Big Tech, CIA, or anyone will arrest these guys, who are definitely not part of the Trump Protest, these guys are Antifa or BLM, which are protected and being used too destroy a peaceful protest.

  10. That’s the Democrats and radical lefts play book sent in and funded by George Soros. It’s been playing on our TVs all summer!

    • Zero proof? That’s the common phrase that all Democrats are spewing these days. You think we’re stupid, but you don’t even try to hide your lies and arrogance. Your day is coming, and you will go down!

    • “Zero proof?”
      Yes. see video above.

      “That’s the common phrase that all Democrats are spewing these days.”
      You know another common phrase? The sun is hot. Yeah, because that’s a fact too.

      “You think we’re stupid, but you don’t even try to hide your lies and arrogance.”
      No. I know you’re stupid.
      Which lie did I hide?

      “Your day is coming, and you will go down!”
      You mean like how Ashli Babbitt went down?

      “Go back to your parents basement and smoke your pot all day Loser!”
      Want some cheese with that whine?

      “I guess video proof is not good enough for you?”
      Where does it say antifa? What video proof? Provide timestamp. put up or shut up.


    • Communist Danny sew up your pockets and leave yourself alone..find something else to play with..and stop smelling your communist fingers..you will be ok ..hate seeing you getting your panties in a bunch..poor Communist Danny..

    • Yo Danno, this is ref to a post you made back to me. You speak like a true Liberal while everything you say comes back directly from the mirror you’re standing in front of. Yes I know the sun is hot., that’s obvious. I didn’t say you hid any lies, I stated you don’t try to hide your arrogance and lies. I don’t live in my parents basement, I worked hard and honestly my entire life to get where I am. No proof in video, you must be deaf or your audio was turned off. You asked for a timestamp, it’s precisely at the 45 second mark of above video. That’s a fact. BTW, the only actual truth from your entire post is that yes, I do enjoy a little cheese with my wine, which is not a bad thing. Try not to drown in your swamp, because the real truth is coming out, slow but sure.

    • It’s not like they had occasion to paint their symbol, the A in a circle, on the walls of the capitol. But they did do that on Nancy Pelosi’s garage in San Francisco along with a severed pig’s head. So we know for a fact that it was Antifa that vandalized her house. So why wouldn’t they vandalize the capitol?

  11. I believe we are the last Generation that has a chance to turn our Country back to God. President Trump did wonders for our Country. He wasn’t perfect, but, who is? We are in spiritual warfare. Good versus evil. It’s time for every red-blooded American to pray, and through legal and honest procedures, take a BOLD stand for the Country our Founding Fathers gave us.

  12. Hitler had his brown shifted goon squads to terrorize the population to cause fear..havoc and enforcement….biden and the democrats have their black lives matter and antifa to do the dirty work of the democrat party to setup and destabilize Trump supporters…the social media to shut down the voices of Trump supporters..the education system to indoctrinate your children….the news media to spred the lies and promote more fear and anger within the republican supporters….big industry to comply with democrat policies and the threats of retaliation to anyone who does not conform to the democrat power and demands…

  13. Can not disprove that some TRUMP supporters were not absorbed in to mob mentality, but do believe that initial movement was ANTIFA or ANTITRUMP. The swamp needed this to bitch slap Trump into submission of public opinion.

    That’s why Biden was so calm .. never campaigning..knowing ahead his win was in the bag by stealing the election. THEIR HANDS ARE FILTHY WITH TREASON AND 70 MILLION TRUMP SUPPORTERS HAVE TO BECOME VICTIMS OF SOCIALISM!!

  15. Shame on antifa horrible zombies they should disappear from this planet put. Them in the third zone with the demons they are possessed

  16. We all know it was totally out of character for Trump supporters. Funny how the Congressional members and media started screaming immediately but totally in character for them.


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