UN High Commissioner For Human Rights Makes Insane Statement About ISIS Fighters

(Tea Party 247) – The United Nations may as well be called the United Globalist Nations. We shouldn’t even be involved in it.

The organization is so afflicted with the insane, far-left progressive ideology, it’s impossible to believe that anything they support is in the interest of any sovereign nation.

If you’re not convinced the US should leave the UN, consider this: the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet, recently declared that captured ISIS fighters should be permitted a trial or released.

The Daily Caller reported:

Suspected ISIS fighters captured in Syria and Iraq must either face a fair trial or be released, said Michelle Bachelet, the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights, at a Human Rights Council session Monday.

Approximately 55,000 suspected ISIS fighters and their families have been caught and detained since the Islamic State lost its territory and was largely defeated, according to the U.N. These terrorists often don’t face a fair trial and the issue has not received enough attention, Bachelet says.

Suspected fighters have often been sentenced to death in places such as Iraq without having access to a fair trial, she asserts.

*Record scratch*

I’m sorry–ISIS is being recognized by the United Nations has having “territory”?!

These are openly terroristic insurgent soldiers who want to kill people who don’t believe in Allah, and we’re talking about their need to “face a fair trial”? Is the UN governed by Sharia law now?

To our point that the UN is only interested in globalism, the disposition of captured ISIS fighters falls under the laws of the sovereign nation in which they were apprehended. Obviously.

These nations have the authority, not to mention the right, to determine their own laws, system of government, who is accepted as a citizen, in addition to, of course, how to deal with those who break their laws or try to invade their bloody country.

It is interesting to note that Bachelet only addresses Iraq and Syria, but not other Middle Eastern nations. However, ISIS fighters have escaped to other nations.

Bachelet continued:

“It must be clear that all individuals who are suspected of crimes — whatever their country of origin, and whatever the nature of the crime — should face investigation and prosecution, with due process guarantees,” Bachelet said Monday. “And the continuing detention of individuals not suspected of crimes, in the absence of lawful basis and regular independent judicial review, is not acceptable.”

Family members of alleged ISIS members are also being housed in “deeply substandard conditions” and should not be detained forever. At least 200 children have died while on their way or in the al-Hol camp, a Syrian holding center for ISIS family members, NPR reported.

Bachelet also addressed the countries rescinding citizenship for the family members of these alleged fighters.

“Foreign family members should be repatriated, unless they are to be prosecuted for crimes in accordance with international standards,” Bachelet said. “Children, in particular, have suffered grievous violations of their rights – including those who may have been indoctrinated or recruited by ISIL to perpetrate violent acts. The primary consideration must be their rehabilitation, protection and best interests.”

Making children of suspected terrorists stateless “is an act of irresponsible cruelty,” according to Bachelet. Countries such as the U.K. will sometimes strip people of their citizenship if they find that they are involved with ISIS, NPR reported. These people should be rehabilitated and protected, Bachelet said.

As the Western Standard notes:

When addressing the issues with children, the devout Islamic parents have committed a crime deserving of prosecution. But, that is determined by the country where these individuals reside. And, how does one “rehabilitate, protect, and consider their best interest” when these families of ISIS members are only devout in following their religion? Surely Bachelet isn’t suggesting persecution of individuals practicing their religion. Like so many westerners, Bachelet is projecting her values and principles born in free societies of western civilization onto individuals who possess values and principles conflicting with hers and are born in societies subjugated to the Koran and the practices of a barbaric, thieving, lying, misogynistic pedophile rapist.

More from Bachelet:

“States have important responsibilities for their own nationals,” Bachelet said according to the press release. “If citizens are suspected of committing serious crimes in another country, or detained on any grounds, the State of origin should make all efforts to ensure that they will be treated in accordance with international law.”

“Instead of answering to the country’s laws,” The Western Standard notes. “Bachelet suggests these venomous traitors should be treated according to international law. This is the insertion of the United Nations into domestic policy and law of sovereign nations in an attempt to elevate their “international law” over domestic law, which is Sharia in Iraq. It seems the ranting by Bachelet has let the “cat ooutta the bag”. Under Bashaar al-Assaad, Syria has experienced a more secular law despite being a majority Muslim nation.”

Why is Bachelet so concerned about ISIS fighters not getting a fair trial? Bachelet knows that Sharia courts are unfair period, but especially for women. However, these devout Islamists who have waged devastation across the Middle East are to submit to Sharia in Iraq as Mohammed, may pig’s blood be flung upon him and a ham stuck in his mouth, commanded.

Bachelet’s statements say all anyone needs to know – Sharia law is unfair and unjust; the UN knows it; the UN wants to interfere in sovereign nations’ domestic laws by dictating the world’s nations follow international law; and, the UN knows devout Islamists in countries governed by Sharia will submit to Sharia. Yet, the UN cites Israel and the US on “human rights” issues. Yes, it’s time for the US to leave the UN and kick if off our soil.


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