UK Police Force Is Very Concerned About…Racist Toddlers?

(Tea Party 247) – Ah, the UK. The once-great nation that dominated half the globe has been reduced to a crime-infested disaster zone for ill-fated “multiculturalism” as the last remaining patriots desperately fight for their right to leave the globalist organization that has brought Great Britain to its knees.

A police force in the UK has created a video portraying a white toddler as being racist towards a dark-skinned toddler in kindergarten as part of their “hate crime awareness week.”

Apparently, the Devon & Cornwall Police are terribly concerned about “hate crime” perpetrated by white supremacist five-year-olds.

In a video posted to their Twitter account, a blonde-haired, blue-eyed little girl is verbally abusive to a little brown boy.

In the cartoon, the little girl sees the dark-skinned boy playing with a toy before walking up and behaving as though she was raised in the American Jim Crow South, saying “Stop playing with those, you’re going to make the toys dirty like your skin.”

The little boy then starts crying, before a teacher steps in.

“My father says we should not play with people like him because they are different,” says the girl.

The video is one of several cartoons posted by the Devon & Cornwall Police, but in every instance the “hateful” person is a white person.


As Jack Montgomery writes, the cartoons are meant to urge the public to “report “hateful” behavior “even if it isn’t a crime” and don’t worry,“you don’t even need evidence”.

Let that sink in.

Last week, we reported on a chief of police in the UK who made sure to recognize “international pronouns day,” cutting a video that warned citizens that misgendering a transgender person could be considered “abuse.”

As Paul Joseph Watson, a Briton, points out, “All this is occurring while police budgets are stretched to breaking point and the UK’s violent crime rate continues to soar.”

What this is is accumulating people to enforcing thought crime and enshrining political correctness into law.

And it can’t possibly end well.

Featured image credit: Terry –[email protected]


  1. It is a cartoon? When I first started to read it, I thought it was a real live action clip they were talking about. Still very messed up. Kind of like the Democrats in this country. Raise taxes, redistribute the money, because they know better how to spend our money than we do.


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