UK Elementary Schools Now Giving Compulsory Lessons On Masturbation…Not A Joke

(Tea Party 247) – What is really going on in the UK? With the start of a new school year it seems as though education administrators have spent the entire summer break planning how to most effectively sexualize small children. In a most disturbing report by the Daily Mail, it has been revealed that “Children as young as six are being taught about touching or ‘stimulating’ their own genitals as part of classes that will become compulsory in hundreds of primary schools.” The lessons are part of a new “sex and relationships” teaching program called “All About Me.”

The report says:

All About Me is being rolled out across 241 primaries by Warwickshire County Council and could be adopted by other local authorities next year as part of the Government’s overhaul of Relationship and Sex Education (RSE).

Family campaigners and religious groups warned that vague guidelines issued by the Department for Education meant schools could soon be providing sexual material to young children that many parents would consider inappropriate.

Even politicians who had supported the RSE legislation expressed concern. Tory MP David Davies said: ‘I and many other parents would be furious at completely inappropriate sexual matters being taught to children as young as six. These classes go way beyond the guidance the Government is producing and are effectively sexualising very young children.’

Documents obtained by The Mail on Sunday detail how All About Me classes involve pupils aged between six and ten being told by teachers that there are ‘rules about touching yourself’. An explanation of ‘rules about self-stimulation’ appears in the scheme’s Year Two lesson plan for six and seven-year-olds.

Under a section called Touching Myself, teachers are advised to tell children that ‘lots of people like to tickle or stroke themselves as it might feel nice’. They are also instructed to inform youngsters that this may include touching their ‘private parts’ and, that while some people may say this behaviour is ‘dirty’, it is in fact ‘very normal’.

However, the youngsters are warned it is ‘not polite’ to touch themselves in public – it is an activity they should do when alone in the bath, shower or in bed.

There aren’t words adequate enough to express just how wrong and inappropriate this is. Adults teaching small elementary aged children how to stimulate themselves to experience sexual pleasure is beyond perverted. Whoever thought this was a good idea?

As if it wasn’t bad enough, the lesson called Touching Myself goes on to give different scenarios in which students must determine whether or not the people in them are behaving appropriately or not. One scenario involves a girl named “Autumn” who “has a bath is alone” and “likes to touch herself between her legs. It feels nice.” This is supposed to help the teachers better convey the “rules” of self-touching.

This truly illustrates how far society has free-fallen down the slippery slope of sexual depravity. Who in their right mind would think this is acceptable to teach young children, especially in a public setting?

Conservatives and Christians have been complacent for far too long. Society is not better off because of our fears of being labeled “bigots” or “homophobes.” The very innocence of our children has been sacrificed on the altar of political correctness.

Hopefully we haven’t reached the point of no return.


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