UK Doctors Break Their Silence On “Medical Scandal” Plaguing British Children

(Tea Party 247) – British doctors are finally starting to publicly resist the “transition” craze in their nation, expressing regret for the role they’ve played in one of the most disturbing freak medical trends of modern history.

Last week, Life Site reports, the UK’s Sky News exposed this as well as other troubling facts about the what they call a “boom” of children struggling with gender dysphoria in a short documentary titled Transgender Children: Crisis in Care.

With a focus on Britain’s Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust in London, the documentary revealed that a stunning 35 psychologists have left the gender transition clinic in the past three years.

20 of them were tracked down by reporters, but only six agreed to speak about their work at GIDS.

Only one, with their voice altered, agreed to appear on television.

According to Sky News, all six of the psychologists were concerned about children being given hormones and, when looking back on their work at the Tavistock Centre, felt that they had not been able to adequately explore the psychological reasons for their patients’ discomfort with their naturally developing bodies. More than one of them said children with gender dysphoria have soetimes suffered previous trauma, including direct abuse.

“Therapy is not an option in this service,” one told Sky News.

Another said: “We fear that we have had front row seats to a medical scandal.”

Kelly-Jay Keen-Minshull, also known as Posie Parker, is the U.K.’s most famous opponent of redefining the concept of female to include males. She told LifeSiteNews she hopes recent media attention to the controversy will bring an end to it.

“I am ever hopeful that increasing scrutiny of the practice of medically altering children who present as gender-confused will bring about an end to it,” Keen-Minshull said via email. “However we must not underestimate the power and pressure of pro trans lobby groups who wish to make access easier to both medicalized and surgical pathways.”

According to Sky News, 77 children were referred to GIDS in 2009/10 while in 2018/19, there were a crushing 2,590.

Currently, there is a waiting list of 3,000 more.

Life Site notes:

Girls have overtaken boys in requesting the service to an astonishing degree. In 2009/10, only 40 girls were referred; by 2017/18, that number had risen to 1,806, an increase of 4,500%. According to one of Sky News’s sources, the sharp rise in female patients began in 2012. Perhaps significantly, all the children who spoke to Sky News were girls who identify, or formerly identified, as transgender boys.

One GIDS whistleblower told Sky News that he didn’t feel that he could even tell parents that their children weren’t transgender, for if he did, he would “immediately be called transphobic.” Meanwhile, GIDS sees children as young as three. Half the children who arrive there are put on puberty-blockers to arrest their development. At 16, they are given cross-sex hormones, and at 18 they can be given different surgeries, ranging from breast implants and mastectomies to the radical reshaping of their genitals.

Dr. Bernadette Wren, who spoke to Sky News on behalf of GIDS, said that the staff at Tavistock “fully inform children about the consequences of medical intervention in their teenage years.”

Yeah, but they’re children.

Sky News interviewed some of the children, demonstrating that they were clearly too young and confused to be able to provide the kind of informed consent one would wish for such radical, life-altering “treatment.”

On girl, 16-year-old “Leo,” began to identify as a boy at the tender age of 11. At 14, she was given the choice of harvesting her eggs. She wanted nothing to do with the idea of receiving the estrogen shots or the invasive surgery necessary to do this.

No 14-year-old should ever be faced with the decision as to whether or not they want to harvest their own eggs! This is insanity!

“I could always adopt,” she concluded.

Life Site continues:

Another issue is that there are not enough psychologists at GIDS to cope with the high demand for appointments. Currently, each staff member has a caseload of 120–130 patients, Sky News revealed, and there is a two-year waiting list.

One young woman on that waiting list is “Luke,” who says she came out as “trans” at the age of 14. Not willing to wait for the official channels to help her body align with her desired male sex, she “went private.” After a single telephone consultation that cost her £60 ($80 U.S.), she was given a prescription for testosterone cream.

Some children begin their “transition” with even less medical supervision. Sky News reported that children are finding cross-sex hormones for sale over the internet and “instructions” on how to “transition” on social media.

Finally, transgender activists have left many experts too frightened to speak. Sky News said many of the people who approached them to talk about gender dysphoria in children “wanted their identities protected for fear of criticism.”

Posie Parker told LifeSiteNews that children need to be fiercely protected.

“We must not allow politically motivated vested interest groups to herd vulnerable children into irreversible harm,” she said.

“It’s simply unfathomable that society has been manipulated to see this as anything but malignant, and qualified medics going along with this, even more incomprehensible,” she continued.

“I would warn any concerned parent to avoid consulting with GIDs until there has been a comprehensive independent review of the service.”



  2. It is a big mistake to offer a youth a quick chemical fix to resolve their self image dilemma. A young person can’t fathom how their own body will continue to change throughout their life. A pill or surgery will not be able to control this process. We grow, we age. Our physical changes take us through parallel inner processes of change. The results, though unpredictable, mature us.

    Attempts to “fix” someone with chemical or surgical intervention could well disguise their true potential. This would only make their life process of self discovery & happiness even more difficult.

  3. These parents are born again Nazi’s!
    Dr Mangelise must be getting a chubby over this one.
    Soros loves mucking up society, his fingerprints are all over this

  4. I can’t wait for the malpractice suits to come rolling in after the regret of these mutilations is realized. Confused, impulsive, rebellious teenagers don’t stay that way forever. Disclaimer- unless they go to university.

  5. And we thought the Roman Empire was decadent in ITS declining days! Any question why the Ayatollah deemed us “the Great Satan?”

  6. Nazi Germany started the with indoctrination of children and the removing of the rights of parents to over see the growth and development of their children. That way Germany gained early control over the lives of the German people. This is the same tactics that GIDS is employing. They want control and they don’t care about the welfare of the children whose lives they are destroying.

  7. Don’t mess with what the creator made! I would criminally charge any parent who allows an under age child to “decide ” which gender he/she is or wishes to be. Also, any medical doctor or psychologist that prescribed medication to block the natural hormones for the growth of the child in his/her natural gender before this child reaches the age of consent would be prosecuted. This LGBTQ/TRANS pressure on society has to stop. They don’t want equal rights they want total protection with no responsibilities!!! Some of their actions are so far over the top that it’s not even funny anymore!!! This crap is what is causing the terrible confusion in our very young and impressionable children…A 3 YEAR OLD CHILD!!! For cripes sake!!! Those parents should have had their parental rights severed and the child placed in foster care. The parent should have been prosecuted for RECKLESS CHILD ENDANGERMENT and FORCED to get psychiatric treatment.

  8. See that thing betwixt your legs?

    If it’s a dingle, you’re a Greg.

    If it’s a puddy, you’re a Meg.

    Your dingle or puddy has got you pegged.

    Deal with it.

  9. These children are so confused. I used to think that I wanted to be a boy. But I’m a grown up adult female and loving every minutes of it.

  10. It is a population control tactic. The Globalist want about a 80% reduction in the world population. If you haven’t heard of Agenda 21, I advise you too look it up. It is a global plan for every country. They are not hitting their target date . I believe the new date is Agenda 50. China Is the only country which executed a population control plan in the 1980’s, with their one child only policy. The rest of the world did not comply . The only way to reduce population is war,pandemic, or reduce birth rate. Transgendered can’t breed. China has the largest population in the world currently , but is on the decline. India will overtake China as the most population according to statistics. It wouldn’t surprise me if India didn’t have an outbreak of an unknown virus , the globalists have power, money and an agenda . They will do it no matter the cost or cruelty.

    • I have wondered myself if the leaders of the anti-vaccine crowd, are pushing it for this very reason. I know about about the UN’s agenda 21and it’s stated goal of climate change being used to implement global Marxism (with them at the helm controlling it all of course). Their entire inception was for this purpose! I always said Obama didn’t want to be president of the United States, he wanted to be ruler of the world! It was no secret how he continually tried to undermine our nation’s sovereignty to the UN. I was not surprised at all that he tried to get a job at the UN that would have given him immense power. I guess even they had enough of his smug arrogance!


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