UK Academic Is Proposing Making These Words Hate Crimes To Say…

(Tea Party 247) – The assault against freedom of speech continues in the UK. Why bother being informed on what’s happening in the UK, you ask? They typically foreshadow the lunacy that will soon reach our side of the pond if we continue to allow liberals to run society and determine culture norms.

One academic in the UK is now pushing for insults like “geek” and “nerd” to be criminalized as hate crimes because “they cause distress to people with high IQs,” according to Summit News.

Paul Joseph Watson reports:

An academic in the UK says that the insults “geek” and “nerd” should be criminalized as hate crimes because they cause distress to people with high IQs.

No, you’re not reading the Onion.

Psychology lecturer and psychotherapist Dr Sonja Falck says that “anti-IQ” insults are hate crime’s last “taboo” and that they should be legally treated the same way as homophobic and racist slurs.

During her research, Falck says that people being called “nerd” or “egghead” or “brainiac” contributed to them “being set apart as being different to others and feeling like they’re a misfit and they don’t belong.”

So in other words, these individuals developed high IQs partly as a result of being taunted as “nerds,” suggesting the insults actually helped them in life.

However, Falck claims that such terms cause emotional trauma and is calling for “legislative action” to treat the insults ‘nerd’, ‘brainbox’, ‘geek’, ‘egg-head’, ‘smart-arse’, ‘dweeb’ and ‘smarty-pants’ as hate crimes.

“The N-word was common parlance in the UK until at least the 1960s. Other insulting slurs about age, disability, religion and gender identity remained in widespread use until relatively recently,” said Falck.

“Society at the time turned a blind eye to their impact by passing them off as harmless banter,” she added.

Anybody else think this was satire for a minute? It’s truly hard to believe anybody thinks of this level. Getting our feelings hurt is all part of the human experience. Instead of making criminals out of people who say words that some might find insulting, we should be teaching children how to manage their feelings when they get hurt or offended. We should be teaching children that offenses will come, insults will be hurled, not everyone they meet are going to like them and it’s OK!

The “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt” me mentality is seemingly a thing of the past.

The next generation is being taught that their feelings reign supreme and nobody has the right to make them feel in any kind of negative way about themselves. It’s insanity. Words are just words and last I checked, we enjoy freedom of speech in America and the UK. When we start making words like “geek” and “nerd” illegal to utter, we will begin the end of free speech.

It’s so ironic that the left are always the ones coming up with the idea to ban words and label the use of them a hate crime when they are the ones who literally formulate entire arguments around name calling and personally attacking whomever they happen to be arguing with.

Apparently, when the left uses insulting language that’s OK. They’re fighting for tolerance, love, and acceptance after all.


  1. The “right” to be not offended has been invented by the “liberals” who want to liberate us from our Constitutional liberties. If they just said: “First Amendment has no place in polite society” and “you common people must be censored in order to ensure civility” then most of Americans would ignore such calls.

    But when the “liberals” educate generations of youngsters to believe that the right to be not offended is the most fundamental human right, and aggressively advertize the benefits of such a right then, all the sudden, in mind of their indictrinated students freedom of speech is a bad thing.

    At some point the brainwashed masses will believe that individual freedom is a bad thing, and that is where the “liberals” will enslave us all.

  2. And so I guess when your computer is down and you call The Geek Squad to come fix it then we shall be doing a hate crime! UNBELIEVABLY RIDICULOUS! This world is going to explode with so much RIDICULOUS BULLSHIT! It’s getting to where we true human beings will be silenced and the Satans children will be able to bad mouth us all they want!

  3. If you can’t call spicks and spades coons and beaners, how will the rednecks know who you are talking about. OK. OK, you know I was just making a joke out of the whole thing.

  4. I am a ‘geek’, a ‘nerd’, and proud of it. My intelligence permitted me to get graduate and post graduate degrees and then to choose to educate young men and women as a secondary teacher for forty-seven years. Many of my students are successful in varied professional and non- professional areas of employment and I am proud to say that I am part of the reason why. I know this because they have told me so.

  5. Hey, I’m a geek and a nerd, and proud of it !. I’ve also been a smarty pants on many occasions with no detriment. It would be easier for these people (staying politically correct here), to list what we are NOT supposed to say. I know that cause I’m Smart lol !!!

  6. Well I guess all the people who go to comic cons and cosplay events are going to be disappointed to find out they are attending hate crime seminars. I like being a nerd and am proud of if. How can this person be called an academic? I am sure glad IT didn’t claim to be a nerd. Now that would be truly insulting. To us nerds

  7. The prof needs to think again. Clearly the expressions from back in the 1960s that she found offensive were not just accepted, since they have become relatively uncommon and/or unacceptable.
    The Leftist default response to whatever they dislike is, “There ought to be a law.” George Orwell saw this coming, and, sadly, his home country is in the forefront. Looking for free speech? Don’t look in Europe.

    • When niggers quit calling each other nigger, I might take tis more seriously. If you have ever been around a group of blacks when they are talking to each other every other word is nigger.

  8. I hate political correctness, too, but if any white people reading this post think it’s not OK to call a black person a nigger, a hispanic person a spic or a Chinese person a gook, then why is it OK to hurl insulting monikers at smart or studious people? Is it all about jealousy? Or fear?

    • Is it also “hate speech” to cal someone beautiful, athletic, cooperative, etc?? My kids take being called a “nerd” as a major compliment. Guess if you are not a nerd, you are the one feeling bad about someone else being called that. Hate speech qualifications are absurd.

  9. Hey Dr Falck, is it OK to call people who understand scientific graphs “climate deniers”, equating them with “holocaust deniers”?

    I’m a scientist, a bit nerdy and even a bit geeky but, call me a denier to my face …… better make sure you’re up to date on your medical insurance.

  10. Papa Marv: Individuals insulted and upset with these simple words are less then intelligencio. They are spoiled bratty 4 year olds now spoiled bratty controlling adults. Find a life and do something positive, visit a sick friend or family. There is a real world out there, grow up. Should that be too painful or difficult, go back under your rock or parents basement. You are unwelcomed “out here”.

  11. Papa Marv: Individuals insulted and upset with these simple words are less then intelligencio. They are spoiled bratty 4 year olds now spoiled bratty controlling adults. Find a life and do something positive, visit a sick friend or family. There is a real world out there, grow up. Should that be too painful or difficult, go back under your rock or parents basement. You are unwelcomed “out here”.

  12. Papa Marv: Individuals insulted and upset with these simple words are less then intelligencio. They are spoiled bratty 4 year olds now spoiled bratty controlling adults. Find a life and do something positive, visit a sick friend or family. There is a real world out there, grow up. Should that be too painful or difficult, go back under your rock or parents basement. You are unwelcomed “out here”.

    • Oooops, I think I’m learning the no-nos here. Let’s go with:

      The stoooopid “rhymes with witch” should watch Revenge of the Nerds.

      Not wishing tio be confrontational, but maybe you should too. You might change your mind.

  13. I don’t really think free speech exists in Europe any more. And if the little “snowflakes” here in America get their way our 1st Ammendment rights will be gone too.

  14. Just what would you expect from an academdition anyway??? Then one from the UK to boot!!! This hate speech shit has gotten way out of hand. When you can criminalize words but make excuses for the violent crimes committed by so called immigrants you have lost your country.

  15. Good grief! What a bunch of sissy’s, nerds and geeks. Put that in your pipe and smoke it GB. Hopefully the new PM can give Brits some backbones to stand up against the PC left and their incessant nonsense. Not that we don’t have our own PC morons trying to destroy our Republic and putting an intolerant Marxist Socialist form of pure democracy in it’s place. That’s why I will never register or surrender my guns. Just possessing them in defiance is enough.

  16. I guess they didn’t inherit the stiff upper lip. The older generations must be burning with embarrassment at how spineless and sensitive these people have become.

  17. Get your head out of your ass.Free speech,is getting expensive!I I for one will speak, as I have in the past.

    • Me too, I’m to old to change anyway but wouldn’t if I wasn’t. Always accused of having a big mouth, TS to the left.

  18. These overly sensitive individuals need the new adulting classes. There they will learn everything their mothers should have taught them in their formative years. IF you have children, nurture them. Mothers should be devoted to their development, teaching them how to properly sit on a chair, say please and thank you, the proper use of flatware, common sense, weaves and other stories that teach morals. They’re called Mother for a reason. When they are school age, moms can return to work if they can still be MOTHERS. Otherwise, they should put an aspirin between their knees to avoid an 18 year headache.He

    How Dr Spock and Madeline O’Hare got over on SCOTUS is beyond me. We cannot throw our language and words. Noah Webster and Thorndike must be spinning in their graves. “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me “. Again I could go on and on but readers probably think I am marplot.

  19. What idiocy. Most of the so-called ‘Geeks’ and ‘Nerds’ will be the ones to
    be the bosses of those who harassed them. The geeks and nerds could
    always try to behave a little less nerdy and geeky by trying to fit in. Fitting
    in certainly will not diminish their intelligence. This professor asking to
    ban the words needs to shut up and sit down. Or he can just flush himself
    down the toilet.

  20. Hey, Prof. Snowflake:
    No one ever said you’d go through life and not be offended by something. Grow a pair. I’m extremely offended by liberals and college academics whose useless hot air is contributing significantly to climate change.

    • Well damn, mine’s only 158, not quite the genius level you are, but I always heard the words in question as a kind of a compliment.
      Now I guess the movie “Revenge of the Nerds” is going to be forbidden to be shown in jolly old England, yes?

    • Hillary called us deplorable’s in 1776 Brits called us Yankey Doodles we adopted them as terms of pride, nerds should head these lessons.

    • Please, Liberals, your PC and phony Free Speech has already ruined a lot of People, how far can you guys and Women in this industry go before revolt against you people get the worst thrown at you is devastating.

  21. The UK banned guns. Now they think maybe they should ban knives, saws and hammers. If they ban words, other words will take their place. Can’t call a person nerd? How about socially challenged? Or Uber-brain? The thing is, you can keep blaming things or words, but ultimately it is the person. And that, you cannot control.

  22. For supposedly having a high IQ, they sure come with thin skins. I wish being called a nerd is all I have to worry about. Those that are constantly offended must lead one miserable life. Reality seems like a foreign thought to them.

  23. If saying “ridiculous!” Is also a crime?
    If you say that I am “Short”; is that also a crime? Because you hurt my dignity.
    If you say that my grandson is tall 6’2”; is that is crime? The “tall” makes my grandson feel uncomfortable; that he has to bend his neck?

  24. Sounds like a pretty daffy dame to me. You notice that the further you go back in time the more slang was in use. A free society is a colorful society rich in verbal expression. I hesitate at times to use certain words and expressions I used to use for fear of causing offense. This is mind control and I don’t like it.

    • You beat me to it but, how about “progressive”. Power from windmills, whoooo hoooo.

      “Psychotic Luddites”

  25. That is the one difference between the UK and the USA: the Bill of Rights; specifically the First. We should be so grateful to our Founders for the First and their deep insights into human nature. So far the First has held up despite continual attacks.

  26. Complete Stupidity is the norm now,get a grip. The World needs to watch The Man in the High Tower, they will get a glimmer of whet the future holds if we stay on the path of political correctness

  27. I think Dr Sonja Falck has shit for brains. Oops. probably not supposed to say that word. Okay, I think Dr Sonja Falck has doodoo for brains. Happy now?

  28. Here, the word “Geek” is sometimes a badge of honor. Ever hear of the “Geek Squad” from Best Buy that makes house calls to fix your electronics? Totally crazy leftist drama.
    Ever hear the saying “give them an inch, and they’ll take a mile?” The left have already taken the mile and now they are working on the 500 mile mark!

    • Shelly your right! So let’s see if the U.K. comes after us with a hate crime here in our own country. The U.K. will probably try and make Best Buy change the name. Better yet let see if the US makes Best Buy change the Geek Squad name. The way our country is heading I wouldn’t put it across them.

  29. Boo ! Help that made me feel unsafe . Boo should be a hate crime. Someone called me short ! They should be inprisoned . Hate crimes ! Help someone said hate crime , that makes me feel unsafe , uncomfortable and want to crawl back into the womb and suck my thumb.

    • So, this “academic” doesn’t realize that most of those “high IQ” folks call THEMSELVES “geek”, or “nerd”?!
      There’s a computer sales/repairs company that actually goes by the name “The Geek Squad”…guess they’ll hafta change their name…or face becoming “hate felons”!
      Wow, these “prog/lib”, leftist, SJW snowflakes really need a “time out”!


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