Uh-Oh: Greta Thunberg’s Parents Get Bad News

(Tea Party 247) – The left is not above deploying whatever tactics necessary to trick, deceive, dupe, and otherwise convince voters into getting behind the issues they push. It’s all about convincing voters that it could be potentially dangerous not to vote for them. We are seeing this playing out right before our eyes when it comes to climate change hysteria.

Currently the left’s biggest shining star is Swedish teen, climate change extraordinaire, Greta Thunberg. Greta has made quite the international stir after appearing at the UN to dole out a lecture to the world on climate change. Not just any lecture either, a doomsday lecture full of hysterics and lies, to be precise. She accused every living adult on planet earth of stealing her childhood. How dare us.

It would, however, appear that it is her parents who have stolen her childhood rather than every other adult alive.

Reports have emerged that a new inquiry has been opened into the fitness of Greta’s parents. Not shockingly, the claims suggest they have been abusing Greta for political and financial gain. This is quite obvious to anyone who understands climate change hysterics are nothing but leftist propaganda created to drum up votes.

DC Clothesline reports:

A report was recently filed in the Kungsholmen district of Stockholm claiming that Greta’s parents are exploiting her in order to push the climate agenda, which is causing young Greta to suffer serious mental anguish and emotional distress.

In tandem with a public relations consultant, Greta’s mother specifically is said to have exploited her daughter to create mass hysteria and panic about the world ending in a few years due to climate change and global warming. And now Greta is spreading this same mental illness to other children via her mother’s damaging influence, which could mean that Greta’s mom is unfit to keep Greta in her custody.

“When large parts of the adult world and established media participate in the mass psychosis around Greta Thunberg – who obviously doesn’t feel so good – it’s like having to pinch one’s arm,” stated Swedish Party Chairman for Social conservatives and lifestyle liberals about this bizarre situation.

The worst part of the whole situation is that Greta is on the autism spectrum and suffers from Asperger’s. Her parents have literally convinced Greta, a child with mental limitations, that the world is going to end in just a few years if something drastic is not done about climate change.

Imagine what that must do to a child’s mind. To be told that the world is literally going to end because previous generations have supposedly failed so badly at taking care of the planet. How scary that must be to a young child. Greta is only spouting out what she believes to be true. She is genuine, which is genuinely scary, for her. Others have taken note of this and share in the concerns over the abuse Greta has been forced to endure at the hands of her own greedy parents.

“Ill start by saying I hope that little girl gets help,” wrote one LeoZagami commenter, adding, “She is being used to push a scam and as an advocate against the abuse of children want to see her get help.”

According to DC Clothesline, “another wrote that Greta’s mother, Malena Ernman, is guilty of having stolen Greta’s childhood by indoctrinating her into the climate agenda.” This is precisely the issue. Had her parents not been shoving this demented propaganda down her throat all her life she wouldn’t be traveling the world recruiting more followers of this false narrative.

It’s one thing to teach your children about the environment and different theories on climate change but it’s a whole other category to instill a real fear in them that the planet is going to be destroyed in a few years and that “entire ecosystems are collapsing” and then to use her genuine fear to propagate these lies to the world for personal gain. That’s just sick.

“As a mother myself I would never allow my young daughter especially vulnerable young daughter to cross the ocean by herself and be placed in this truly unhealthy situation,” wrote another LeoZagami.com user.

In the enlightened 21st century there are a whole lot of parents who need to be held responsible for the lies they push on their children and the abuse they force on them all for the sake of being “woke.” Greta’s parents should be called on the carpet for their blatant mental abuse of their daughter.



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