Tulsi Gabbard Takes A Stand For Democracy With New Bill That Fellow Democrats Are Sure To Hate

(Tea Party 247) – Not all Democrats are deranged. House Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) has proven to be a rare reasonable and level-headed leftist. She is also exactly the kind of woman you would have thought the “pro-woman,” “pro-minority,” Dems would have loved in the White House but it turns out the left is all talk and no walk.

In light of the latest bill Gabbard is working to get passed, we can see why the Dems can’t stand her. Gabbard, along with Republican Rep. Rodney Davis (R-IL), has introduced a bill that would make the voter-gathering technique known as “ballot harvesting” illegal. This bipartisan legislation’s timing is crucial considering the lengths the Democrats have been willing to go in order to utilize this technique which Gabbard says is “ripe for fraud.”

“Banning ballot harvesting is not a partisan issue. It’s been used & abused in states like North Carolina and California & is ripe for fraud,” Gabbard tweeted Friday with a video of her explaining the bipartisan bill she and Davis introduced to federally ban the practice.

The bill, known as the Election Fraud Prevention Act, is designed “to protect the integrity of our elections & our democracy,” Gabbard wrote.

“We’re getting closer to Election Day now and it is critical to remember that the strength of our democracy lies in the integrity of our elections,” Gabbard says in the video. “Every one of us has to have faith that our vote will count.

“But right now, there are still many states in our country that allow for something called ballot harvesting,” she continued, going on to explain the process.

“This is a system that allows for third parties to collect and deliver ballots for other people, potentially large numbers of people,” the Hawaii lawmaker said. “Unfortunately, ballot harvesting has allowed for fraud and abuse to occur by those who could tamper with or discard ballots to try and sway an election for or against a certain candidate or party.”

She said it doesn’t matter whether Americans are voting by mail or in person, “no one should get in between a voter and the ballot box.”

BizPac Review has more details:

Gabbard said some states have banned the practice of ballot harvesting and some have allowed it, adding that there have been instances where the process has been used to defraud elections.

“Our bipartisan bill protects the chain of custody for every one of our ballots by prohibiting funding from going to states that allow this practice,” Gabbard — who is also an officer in the Hawaii Army National Guard — said, adding that it also encourages states to end the harvesting practice.

The legislation comes as Democrat-leaning courts in California and the swing states of Michigan and Pennsylvania issued rulings late in the week that, according to critics, change state laws regarding balloting.

— California: While no Republican presidential candidate has won the state since then-Vice President George H. W. Bush in 1988, there are a number of competitive congressional districts that some Republicans believe were ‘stolen’ by Democratic ballot harvesting in 2018.

Former Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah, explained in his recent book “Power Grab” that Democrats took eight seats from the GOP two years ago using ballot harvesting.

— Michigan: On Friday, Court of Claims Judge Cynthia Stephens ruled that ballots can be counted 14 days after the Nov. 3 election despite the fact that state law “requires them to be received by the time polls close on Election Day,” ABC News reported.

“The evidence in this case stands uncontroverted and establishes that the mail system is currently fraught with delays and uncertainty in light of the COVID-19 pandemic,” she ruled in overriding the law.

— Pennsylvania: The state Supreme Court ruled earlier this week that ballots received up to three days after Election Day must be counted, though state law says they cannot be if they are received after Election Day.

In addition, the court ruled ballots that do not have postmarks will also be counted.

The ballots “received within this period that lack a postmark or other proof of mailing, or for which the postmark or other proof of mailing is illegible, will be presumed to have been mailed by Election Day unless a preponderance of the evidence demonstrates that it was mailed after Election Day,” the court ruled.

The state high court also kicked the Green Party candidate off the November ballot, claiming it did not fulfill technical requirements in a decision conservative critics blasted as helpful to Democrats because Green Party voters tend to be very liberal.

Democrats are working overtime to steal this election right in front of our very faces. It’s good to know that not all Dems are on board with this blatant effort to undermine our Democracy but, disturbingly, most of them are.

This is yet another reason why it is crucial for President Trump to fill the empty SCOTUS seat. If the Supreme Court has to get involved, America can’t risk it going to a 4-4 deadlocked panel.

Featured image credit: Gage Skidmore – flickr.com/photos/gageskidmore/48610155997


  1. Tulsi is a throw back to what the Democratic party used to be and should still be today, instead of being a socialist Marxist party!!!!

  2. I thought this site had standards. The cretin who is using leading democrat names to post derogatory nonsense bordering on obscene needs to be removed from this comments section. He’s worse than the bots pushing get rich from home schemes. Why are those posts still there?

  3. Tulsi is still a liberal democrat. She happens to believe in the integrity of the voting system. Left a lone our voting system has went both ways over the last several years as long as they stay somewhere near center. But with the radical swing to the left, the democrats can’t win with out fraud. That only shows how far they have deteriorated. How important this election is. It is a choice between growth and freedom and Marxism and slavery( police State ).

  4. Democrats are the party of hate, cheat and hoaxes. Americans do not want people like this in office! Given power the will destroy our freedom and everything our country stands for

  5. Tulsi, I would also love you to switch your party toRepublican. You are an intelligent , common sense person. You don’t belong with the dems.
    I really hope your bill passes about banning the practice of ballot harvesting . The first time I heard you speak during your campaign for president in New Hampshire , I also thought, as Ed ( the previous reply), you should change parties.

  6. Regardless of her position on certain policies, she is still a socialist democrat. She does NOT need to switch parties and run as a Republican. We have enough RINOS as it is. One more Trojan Horse legislative voter to throw a wrench in the Republican agendas is not needed, thank you very much. If she wants to do the right thing, let her be. Maybe she can help keep the House from completely destroying the country. I don’t know her voting record as a democrat, but most voting on a lot of issues have been 100% against Republican legislation. So I guess that answers the question on her voting.

  7. What good are laws if the courts are going say you don’t have to follow the law. In several states the law tells us how to count ballots and the court tells them no this is the way I think they should be counted. If my taxes are not postmarked by the due date I am charged a penalty and charged interest by the government. If they have to count ballots that come in days or weeks late what good is have a election date. Remember how upset Obama was during the primary with Clinton and the Mayor of Gary Indiana announced the results before the results were in from the rest of the state. I believe Obama lost the states delegates. In almost every close election the Republican is leading only to lose when more ballots are suddenly found in the trunk of a car or a back room and surprisingly the votes are overwhelming Democrats. In some case they produce more votes than registered voters.

  8. Yes this young lady is a Democrat and just being a Democrat doesn’t say much for her; but, she seems to be a very smart young lady and was the only one on that debate stage that even acted like she had good sense. This statement and follow up on ballot harvesting does say a lot for her. Go get um Tulsi!

  9. Tulsi Gabbard is a leftist socialist, but she is articulate in her speech, and level headed in her approach to various issues. She was the lefts best chance of winning the white house and the morons threw her away because she ruffled their high and mighty feathers. I do believe she did not get the nod form the left because she probably would not bow to George soros.

    • Wow Chuck! Little graphic don’t you think? I know her political stance and I would never vote for her because of her socialist agenda. What I am saying is that she was the lefts best chance at winning back the white house. Instead they go with the bumbling idiot Biden and a lady who is only about allowing the innocent to be aborted. Harris doesn’t give a crap about anything else just as long as women have the right to destroy a fetus because you know its their body and their decision and to hell with what the man has to say, and Joe, well what can we say about sleepy joe? He needs to be put in a rest home and spoon fed chicken broth.

  10. Agree. Tulsi needs to be in a party that believes in our laws, not the party of those who think cheating is okay. I’ll never forget the ballots “found in car trunks” and other places during an election. I think that’s how we were saddled with Clare McCaskill, if memory serves. Winning isn’t legitimate if you have to win by cheating. That is nothing more than being so POWER hungry, that you are willing to do anything to gain it. POWER GRABBING is the last thing we need in fair and honest elections. GO TULSI.


  12. Far be it from me to ever have anything good to say about ANY Democrat, and I’m NOT a Republican! That being said, I must admit to the possibility that there is an exception to every rule. In this regard, the “exception” is Tulsi Gabbard! She is probably the only logical, rational, REASONABLE Democrat in either house of Congress, and the legislation she cosponsored with her Republican counterpart is a prime example of her remarkable perception! I wish her all success in her endeavors!

    • Tulsi is absolutely the only logical weeny blower in the Democratic party. She gives such extraordinary head, you dumbass. Do you give good head too?

  13. Get off your butts and go vote. Its what we have always done in the past..If Creepy Joe Biden and his wife can go to the polls to cast their votes, then so should all of us. And if you are too lazy to go to the polls, and want to sit home and send your ballot in, then get it in by the election date November 3. No ballots received after this date should eve be legal, and that is how it should be, then all this ballot fraud the Dems are planning would not be able to become reality. Trump is going to win by a landslide in November, mark my words…and I hope he puts all these treasonous bastards in the House in Jail…its where they belong..anti-American, hateful people. The Squad should be hung in Times Square for all to see…terrorits every one of them, in cahoots with terrorist organizations like Hamas and PLO…how in the hell did these people get anyone to vote for them, is beyond me. Use your brain and not your emotions people. Yeah, you may not like the President, but HE LOVES THIS COUNTRY, AND IS THE ONLY OPTION WE HAVE, and I will vote for him without a moments doubt. GO TO THE POLLS AND VOTE…TRUMP ALL THE WAY 2020/LANDSLIDE

  14. Tulsi Gabbard is the real deal! Easily one of the best to ever run for president! How Biden and Harris were selected over here is a complete mystery!

  15. If BALLOT HARVESTING is STILL implemented, then KEEP these FRAUDULENT ballots as evidence for a FEDERAL PRISON sentence, for a STEEP price that the PERPETRATORS must pay . . . including STEEP FINES. One Enlightened And Wary Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    • Agree. Tulsi needs to be in a party that believes in our laws, not the party of those who think cheating is okay. I’ll never forget the ballots “found in car trunks” and other places during an election. I think that’s how we were saddled with Clare McCaskill, if memory serves. Winning isn’t legitimate if you have to win by cheating. That is nothing more than being so POWER hungry, that you are willing to do anything to gain it. POWER GRABBING is the last thing we need in fair and honest elections. GO TULSI.


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