Tucker Carlson Destroys Nancy Pelosi For Calling Trump “Obese” With One Simple Phrase

(Tea Party 247) – Nancy Pelosi has attracted quite a bit of attention for recent comments she made that President Donald Trump should not be taking the drug hydroxychloroquine because he is “morbidly obese.”

The fact that the Speaker had the audacity to fat shame the president and criticize his use of the antimalarial drug as a prophylactic against the virus which he began under the guidance of his physician was only secondary, however, to the fact that she really, really, shouldn’t judge.

This is exactly what Fox News Channe’s Tucker Carlson pointed out during his program in the wake of Pelosi’s comments, hilariously noting that “people with glass faces should not throw stones.”

He compared Pelosi’s comments to her record on abortion.

“Nancy Pelosi believes abortion is a sacred medical decision,” Carlson said. “It’s a choice that involves a woman and her doctor, and that’s it. Everyone else can shut up and applaud. But on the question of how to treat the coronavirus, Pelosi is happy to judge. After Trump announced his physician gave him a drug called hydroxychloroquine as protection against the virus, Pelosi exploded. This is one medical decision Pelosi does not believe should remain between a patient and a doctor.”

He recounted Pelosi’s comments which she had given on Monday to CNN’s Anderson Cooper that Trump was “morbidly obese.”

“Got that? Not only is Trump taking an ‘immoral’ pharmaceutical, but he’s fat,” he added. “‘Morbidly obese’ is how Pelosi put it. Now we make on this show a real effort not to mock people for how they look. It isn’t always easy, but we really do try. Nancy Pelosi should try, too. Why?”

After showing a picture of the elderly Pelosi, Carlson continued.

“She turned 80-years old in March. Does she look 80? No. More like 37. If you guessed diet and exercise, we’re not going to argue with you because we don’t know for sure. And we don’t really want to know. But we would remind the Speaker of the House that people with glass faces should not throw stones,” he stated.


Featured image credit: Gage Skidmore – flickr.com/photos/gageskidmore/45577916795


  1. Nancy Pelosi believes that ‘abortion is a ‘sacred’ medical decision, between a woman and the doctor (NEVER IS A CHOICE OF THE HUSBAND…?)

    So, if the Abortion is too good to democrats-communists,
    Why Pelosi and Obama’s, DID NOT Abort their own descendants???

  2. SOOOOOOOO many comments here have me laughing so hard and the articulation of them is awesome. I’m SO glad to see other people as angry as I am about congress and their impotence….i pray pray 🙏 for Trump, Pence & their families that they’ll win in November and get this economy back on track. And while they’re at it…..get Fauci and Birx outta the swamp….. they’re part of it


  4. sO i GUESS THE RULES HAVE NOW CHANGED SO THAT WHEN AGENT ORANGE CALLS OTHERS “PENCIL NECK”, OVERAGE, ETC., THATS ALL COOL AND CLEVER, but when anyone (correctly) refers to him as “lard ass” that’s disgusting and disgraceful.

  5. She has so much BOTOX & her face is messed up. She has been called Shiny Face Drunker. The eyebrows are ridiculous. If she was in the heat her face would melt. One ugly person from the inside & out.

  6. Term, (or should I say, terminal) limits would keep Pelosi and her coven of witches and Worlocks from polluting Washington for decades.
    POTUS is morbidly obese?
    How can Pelosi look at Nadler?
    He is so fat that he has a permanent wedgie from his pants waist almost touching his man-boobs!
    Add one Schiff, and you get “Laurel and Hardy” on impeachment and Nadler says; “This is another fine mess you’ve gotten us into Adam!”
    How about the our loving two Cuomo brothers, Dumb and Dumber? …add one more Dumber (DiBlasio) to the mix and you have “The Three Stooges” on steroids!
    Our governments in Washington DC to every Democrat state and city is infested with these morbidly leftist Communists!
    Democrats knew growing up were hard working patriotic and decent people who built this country.

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  8. 80???!!! I think they’re all too old. I say that as a boomer in the same age bracket as Trump.

    These politicians are living in the past, bound by tradition, and their egos can’t stand giving up the power they’ve accumulated over the years. Xi Jinping is a youngster compared to these fossils. Sure there’s value in experience, but the world changes faster than ever before. Seniority doesn’t equate to intelligence, certainly not energy and shouldn’t automatically qualify anybody for anything other than Social Security.

    Politicians tend to hang around much longer than their private sector counterparts. There’s a reason for that. Shareholders demand performance. There ought to be an upper age limit on elected officials just like there is a minimum age for President of 35.

    • I think there should be an age limit of 70, then you have to resign. Look at those old people like Charlie Rangel and others that are about 99 yrs old barely able to get around.. I say this as a person TRUMP’S age so I’m not picking on the elderly.

  9. 37? No, really, 37?!? REALLY? I have no idea who or what you’re looking at, but Nancy Pill-osi does NOT LOOK 37 unless you have a vision problem! Look, she obviously has the health related issues and then some associated with her “advanced age” and that can’t or shouldn’t be overlooked!! She is obviously an alcoholic that allowed its effects to more than spill over into her Speaker duties on more than one occasion! She’s delusional in thinking she’s the president and has all the authority that comes with that position. Look, she should have aged out YEARS ago. She can’t hand over her wish list for SANTA every single time she creates a bill FOR THE PEOPLE! She’s forgetting what her job is. The AMERICAN people need help and we needed it yesterday, yet she STILL forgets that fact. Blue state bailouts before helping us AMERICAN citizens is bass act wards. With her wanting the first monies of a bill going to bailing out blue states that have squandered and mismanaged their states budget is INSANE. We’re going to be in a world of hurt once this pandemic begins to recedes and it will all be because Nancy Pill-osi just can’t waste a good pandemic to get TRILLIONS of our hard earned tax dollars in the hands of her friends. God help us all if she isn’t relieved of her duties and Quid Pro Joe gets elected. Our country will be thrust into the dark ages like it was before President Trump turned this country around. Trump has shown the world that America is a country that WILL be reckoned with. He’s turned this country around to where we aren’t the red headed step-child on the global stage any longer! I can’t believe, I’m COMPLETELY DUMBFOUNDED to even entertain the thought that people would want Biden in the Oval Office. Can you imagine him having access to the codes? Dealing with communist China? Taxing the middle class to the bone where we’ll accept any scraps the democrats would be willing to throw us? Damn, November is approaching VERY quickly so I pray AMERICA has been paying attention.

    • You write the truth. Nancy does support her friends on our money. I have a friend who lost her job and hasn’t been able to draw an unemployment check because the system is so bogged down for several months. Thank goodness she lives with her granddaddy and he’d never put her an that sweet little 10 month old baby she has out on the streets. It angers me to see Nancy pull that same old trick on Congress to get the funds she wants for her cronies. She’s always telling the Republicans that they can have it next time, didn’t take TRUMP but one time for her to pull that on him.

  10. KM Baker
    In addition to the above comments. She refuses to recognize that a fetus in the womb is a life. She apparently has no objection to abortions. A woman has a choice, but it is before she becomes pregnant.

    Those who favor abortions should ask the question: what does God think?
    Do we wonder why the street to heaven is narrow and the road to hell is wide?

    • I pray TRUMP wins again, if he doesn’t it’s because of fake ballots used to vote along with cheaters like George Soros, Oprah, Obama, etc. helping him, hell he can’t run a country, just like Nancy Pelosi something is wrong with him and if his Dr. certifies him as ok to run then that Dr. needs investigated.

  11. Our Speaker of the House is unable to speak in coherent sentences unless she is reading from a piece of paper. She bounces between babbling and ranting. Yet, she is so delusional she still sees herself as articulate. Since reality is a rarity for her, the staff at Pelosi’s mansion has apparently installed carnival mirrors that alter the appearance of everyone who stands before them. I’ll admit I like the taller, skinnier version of myself I’ve seen there, too, but I know it’s only an illusion. That’s not who or what I am. My body could be accurately described as morbidly obese, according to a doctor’s definition. However, those who know me well do not focus on the shape of my container. They see beyond that limiting physical label and accept me for my positive attributes. It’s unfortunate Nancy’s not able to do the same.

  12. She doesn’t know how real world people live, work and survive. I am 60 years old and with lots of aches and pains, work as a full time mechanic with minimal pay and maximum responsibility. No retirement, but still an optimistic, proud veteran and American. I am part of the middle class who receives no handouts and supports people above and below me who seemingly do nothing for their money! The likes of Pelosi and Waters live cushy lives. Definitely out of touch! I’d be surprised if they even dress, groom, bathe,feed or drive themselves. They must realize that,and should step aside and let “street aware “ focused newcomers fill their positions. Old politicians carry excess baggage and term limits should apply…

    • MB, thanks for your reply that appears to be heartfelt. A proud veteran applauds you. I wish that we could applaud our congress members.

  13. Stretch Pelosi is such a wind bag that she makes a hot air balloon appear minute. Eat s__t and bark at the moon, Nancy. You’re a disgrace to the your position and country. You’re supposed to be a Catholic but you think nothing of murdering the unborn.Burn in He’ll.

  14. Why would anyone take the words of a alcoholic seriously. Without her plastic surgeon and her alcoholic behavior Nancy would be nothing more than a pitiful drunken soot She is a hate filled individual with no redeeming value.

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  17. Pelosi does not have a conscience……that’s been proven………She continues to embarrass the Democratic Party……. Pelosi’s legacy will forever be….The one person responsible for the Death of the Democratic Party……..and no other Democrats can stop it……..vote RED. …..and keep the Socialist out of power….!!!!

  18. Nanny Pelosi is only capable of throwing personal insults at her opponent. There is no intelligent content in her name calling of the President. This is no leader. She is a common street brawler.

  19. I had no idea nor do I care about the President’s weight. He is tall enough to carry it well and appear to be healthy. What I care about is his mind and ability to confront and control issues, to keep us safe and secure, to deal with this emergency adequately. Maybe the opponents wouldn’t do things the way the President is, but they don’t offer their methods. Why? Because they don’t have any. They are synthetically supercilious. Shame on them!

    As for the she devil, I’ve said it before. She has had so much botox, her brain cells have been squeezed from her head. Sorry, Tucker, you’re too kind. She does look like an 80 year-old TRYING to look much younger. Now, I’m a Pollyanna and that’s the best I can say about her.

  20. There seems to be a lot of hypocrisy involved when an 80 year old congresswoman who spends more on cosmetic surgery than most people spend in a year to raise families, spouts off about the President’s weight but fails to mention just how much she spends for self-repair.
    But there is nothing wrong with 80 year old women as I know one who is especially beautiful, and it aint Nancy Pelosi!

  21. I don’t like to make jabs at people’s looks either, but she threw the first jab. Nancy is man-made. There is no way an 80 year old woman has boobs like she does without plastic surgery. Her eyes look like they are shrinking away into her skull. Perhaps she should address that next. Maybe she can get an eyeball plumper? Perhaps her confusion stems from leaky breat implants??

  22. At least President Trump is not ugly. Nancy Pelosi should look in a mirror. Lately, she cannot even utter a complete sentence without stumbling. She and Joe Biden are a real pair!

  23. Nancy is a better gift for trumps re election than any dollar amount. Does this loony broad know she is more hated than Hilary Clinton? Please keep up with it Nan, you are always good for people who want the speaker to be a leader, especially with your 3 trillion pork package.

  24. She and Maxine waters are just 2 washed up ol’ hags that have nothing going for them short of an uncanny gift for childish, petty, slander. These two are so out of touch with reality, that they have become unfit to serve this country. They are a testament to the need for term limits. Send them packing!!! With any luck, Mr. Biden will be his own undoing. TRUMP 2020!!

    • Pelosi is 80 ??? Then WHY on earth is she still in Congress ?!?!? Retire Pelosi and head to the woods with HELLary and dumb Joe and all the other stupid out of their minds self righteous democrats !!! We DON’T need your kind telling American people WHAT they can have, do or say !!! You’re TOO OLD and outdated !!!

    • Hey, the sheeple must like them, otherwise they would not be voted into office over and over!

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