Tucker Carlson Blasts Leftist Propaganda-Pushing, Panic-Inducing Media Outlets In Epic Monologue

(Tea Party 247) – The leftist mainstream media has made it their mission to politicize the coronavirus “crisis” and that’s exactly what they’ve done since March. While they love to call Trump out for using any and all public appearances as “campaign rallies” they themselves are guilty of using all of their coverage of the coronavirus to disparage him.

The mainstream media, namely CNN and MSNBC, have helped fuel the divide in the country by demonizing Trump and his supporters by insisting they are stupid and selfish and must want people to die. They rabidly attack anybody who dares suggest the country needs to reopen or questions the use of facemasks.

How dare Americans “defy” the orders of tyrannical governors!

They have done nothing but encourage panic and support power-hungry state governors who seek to oppress the free Americans of their states for as long as possible. The media has instigated unfounded fears over Republican governors opening their states and have made them out to be villains. Don’t dare suggest that the economic devastation has been and will continue to be more damaging than the coronavirus itself.

The leftist media outlets had a full-blown meltdown at images of Americans out and about over the holiday weekend enjoying the sunshine, nice weather, and their friends and family. The most shocking images, according to the sycophant media talking-heads, were of massive crowds of people outside not wearing their government mandated facemasks (GASP!). How dare they neglect public healthy safety so brazenly!

While Facebook and Twitter are busy censoring conservatives, the mainstream leftist media has been peddling misinformation and propaganda around the clock for months without ever revealing the supposed “science and data” they love to cite. The worst part is the way in which lockstep liberals gobble it all up without question.

Tucker Carlson gave an epic monologue on the media-induced panic that has swept America:

Here’s a partial transcript from Fox News:

Tucker Carlson: CNN, MSNBC are peddling panic, moral judgment, not science and data, in coronavirus coverage.

We hope you had a happy Memorial Day weekend. It’s possible you have spent, along with millions of others, months trapped indoors per government order because of the coronavirus. So, getting outside makes all the difference — grilling a hamburger in the fresh air, hitting the park, walking on the beach for a couple of hours.

And unfortunately, it’s too late for a lot of people at CNN, and they haven’t even been trapped inside for months. For reasons that no one in authority has ever really explained, cable news yappers have been classified as essential workers from the very first day of lockdown. And by the way, that includes us.

It also includes the partisan political activists on the other channels. They didn’t lose their jobs. They have not been quarantined. If anything, they are thriving in the midst of this disaster. They feel more essential than they ever have.

Your suffering has been the best thing to happen to them since impeachment, when they got to spend a full month pretending to know where Ukraine is. So, you can imagine their rage when they saw you outdoors this weekend, enjoying time with your family. The fact that you disobeyed them drove them insane.

Tucker then plays clips from CNN and MSNBC before concluding with this:

So no, CNN and MSNBC are not bringing you science and data. They’re peddling panic and reckless moral judgment, and it’s having an awful effect on this country.

Featured image credit: Gage Skidmore – flickr.com/photos/gageskidmore/44674175810


  1. There are rumblings that Fox News is thinking about dumping Tucker Carlson. That would be a big mistake on their part. He is a breath of fresh air and honesty in an otherwise bleak media arena. If Fox dumped Tucker, their ratings might be reflective of the ratings at MSLSD and the Communist News Network, in the toilet.

  2. Tucker Carlson is telling it just as it is! We applaud him for doing that and support him always.

  3. The lost trust in Main Stream Media is well deserved. They call the truth lies and lies the truth Before every segment there should be disclaimer that they are pushing Democrat Party agenda

    • SPOT ON the DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST PARTY affiliated with the following

  4. I agree with you Mr. Tucker Carlson, sir, it truly seems that The Progressive Liberal Commie Socialist And Islamic Infested Democratic Party are RUNNING SCARED, because more and more Legal American’s can see right through all of their Propaganda = Hogwash = LIES!!!

  5. LOVE Tucker Carlson…the most spot-on, perceptive, not-taking-any-crap TV news journalist on the air!! Keep up the GREAT work. Keep calling out the fake, biased, warped mainstream media. THANK YOU!!

  6. Dumbo reporter, got caught criticizing a passerby for not wearing a mask, only to have the passerby, destroy his narrative, by commenting the camera man and half his crew were without masks. I wonder if the bozo ever thought he would comment on someone who would, “call him out”? Probably not.

    Typical MSM jerking off the general public. It is what we have come to expect. Deja vu!


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