Trump Tells Journalist From Venezuela Exactly What Kind Of Future Socialism Has In The US

(Tea Party 247) – When you consider how hard the Democrats are fighting to keep Donald Trump from remaining in office, consider exactly what he’s fighting against that they’d like to see happen in the US.

In a word: socialism, the same governing philosophy that is ravaging the resource-rich nation of Venezuela.

Trump has made perfectly clear, in no uncertain terms, exactly how he feels about socialism and the government of Venezuela.

And his ideological opponents have made pretty damn clear that socialism is exactly what they want in the United States.

So when you support Trump, you are supporting not just a president, not just a party, but the future of our nation.

Trump reiterated his commitment to keeping socialism from our shores during a presser on Wednesday, reassuring a reporter from Venezuela that “socialism won’t’ happen in the United States … unfortunately I have to use your country as the example of what socialism can do.”

The interaction began when a reporter introduced herself as a correspondent from VPI TV in Caracas, Venezuela, and Trump seemed surprised that she was present.

“Wow,” he replied. “How are you doing over there?”

To which she responded, “Our situation is pretty bad.”

“I would say pretty bad, yeah,” POTUS answered. “It’s sad … It was one of the great countries and one of the richest countries not so long ago, 15 years ago. It’s incredible.”

The reporter went on to say “But we are going to make it,” to which POTUS president said, twice, “We’re helping you.” She thanked Trump for the support.

When she got to her questions, the reporter noted how Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro as an example of how leftist leaders are desperate to remain in power even when there is a formidable opposition movement, and asked if Trump was “worried” about the threat of socialism remains a powerful force in South America.

“Well, I just say that socialism will never happen in the United States. Can’t happen in the United States. And Venezuela, unfortunately, I have to use your country as the example of what socialism can do, how it can tear the fabric of a country apart. Because I know a lot about Venezuela,” Trump insisted.

The Daily Caller notes:

According to recent polls, the president is right about American political instincts, despite the so-called democratic socialism of Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Polls still indicate that a majority of Americans view socialism as “un-American.”

The president went on to describe his conversations with Venezeulan expats who now live in Miami, saying that these “fantastic people,” Trump said “vote overwhelmingly for me.”

He said that our nation is committed to “giving millions and millions of dollars in aid” because “”people are dying. They have no food. They have no water. They have no nothing. No medicine … It’s so sad to see.”


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