Trump Scorches Nancy Pelosi Over Her Criticism Of His Decision To Take Out Soleimani; This Is Brilliant

(Tea Party 247) – President Trump is a man who will not sit around and allow himself to be someone else’s punching bag, which is just one of many reasons so many folks have come to love him and his brand of hard hitting leadership. It’s been a long, long time since this country has had a leader who isn’t afraid to swing back at those who swing at him.

For far too long, American leadership has been soft, weak-willed, and allowed itself to be bullied, slapped around, and beaten down by the mainstream media, which is nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party. Now we have a real fighter on our hands, and he’s inspiring folks to stand up for themselves boldly.

The latest example of Trump’s counterpunching comes from a scorching rebuke he gave Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi over her criticism of his decision to take out notorious Iranian terrorist, Gen. Qassem Soleimani.

Here’s more from Gateway Pundit:

President Trump on Thursday that Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani “were looking to blow up our embassy” in Iraq before Trump ordered the U.S. military to take the terrorist out.

Trump also declared that as president, he doesn’t need congressional approval to make “split-second” decisions to protect Americans.

“We took him out. We did it because they were looking to blow up our embassy,” Trump said an impromptu press conference in the White House. “I think it was obvious. And he had more than that particular embassy in mind.”

Trump ordered the drone strike on Soleimani last Friday, which congressional leaders on the Democratic side quickly condemned. Ira retaliated by firing missiles at U.S. military bases in Iraq in an ineffectual attack. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi plans to call a vote on Thursday to restrict Trump’s presidential authority to take military action U.S. foes.

Trump said he doesn’t need Congress.

“I don’t have to [get authorization],” Mr. Trump said. “It would all depend on the circumstance. You have to make a split-second decision sometimes. We had a shot at him, and I took it, and that shot was pinpoint accuracy.”

Trump said Pelosi and her fellow Democrats “are trying to defend a monster” by condemning the killing of Soleimani.

“When Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats want to defend him, I think that’s a very bad thing,” he said.

After Trump ordered the attack on Suleimani, Pelosi said the president should have asked for permission from Congress before conducting the airstrike.

“The Administration has conducted tonight’s strikes in Iraq targeting high-level Iranian military officials and killing Iranian Quds Force Commander Qasem Soleimani without an Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF) against Iran. Further, this action was taken without the consultation of the Congress,” she said last week.

But Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, launched more than 2,800 on Iraq and Syria without congressional approval.

“The U.S. military has been conducting strikes in Iraq for 10 months, and began striking directly at targets in Syria last September as part of Mr. Obama’s announced campaign to degrade the capabilities of the Islamic State,” The Washington Times reported in April 2015.

This past weekend’s attacks brought the total to 1,458 strikes in Iraq and 1,343 in Syria by U.S. forces. Coalition forces allied with the U.S. have conducted another 655 attacks on Iraqi targets and 95 in Syria.

Mr. Obama has justified the attacks under his commander in chief powers and under the 2001 resolution authorizing force against al Qaeda, and the 2002 resolution authorizing the ouster of Saddam Hussein in Iraq.

Some lawmakers on Capitol Hill have said Mr. Obama is stretching those laws and that the strikes could be illegal — though they say they want to put them on firm footing by passing a new authorization.

What’s truly shocking to see right now is just how far to the left the Democratic Party has moved, especially in the last three years that Trump has been president. It’s clear that these folks hate Trump more than they love America, a true testament to the lack of morality held by individuals aligning with the political left.

There are tons of individuals in Congress, all of them Democrats, who are openly defending a known terrorist, a man who has killed countless American soldiers and who has brutalized his own people in ways too cruel to mention. What is wrong with these people? How can they possibly feel okay about backing a mass murderer like this?

They justify it by saying Trump is worse. According to them, Trump is worse than this man. To them the president is more morally evil and wicked for making locker room talk than a person who murders people.

That, my friends, is proof that Trump Derangement Syndrome is really and a serious mental disorder.



  1. 1> Trump is a LIAR — this one is #15,000 or something!
    2> Just wait til this this bully traitor ends up in prison — with a cellmate named Bubba! We’ll see REAL pushing around then!

  2. All I have to say is “Thank You President Trump”.
    I don’t know of anyone, and I know many leaders, who could have or would have put up with so much negativity, attacks and B.S. on themselves and their families and stay so focused to continue performing in such a great way with great results as you are doing.
    I think anyone else would have thrown in the towel and say it is just not worth it!
    You are a solid positive figure for our Americans to look up to and I will vote for you in 2020!
    The majority of the Americans have common sense and can see through all this foolishness which is borderline with treason, unethical and down right ignorant positions and statements.
    Just imagine how much could have been done over the past few years if the Democrats would have represented the Americans and worked with President Trump on the issues.

    • You SIMPLETON! We put up with a MUSLIM as President for 8 miserable years. Hpw dare you call Trump a traitor. It is YOU who is the traitor! Are you defending a mass murderer now? You don’t love America, no way. You liberals love your abortions even up to birth now too. Murder your own full term baby and have the gull to speak one single word against President Trump?


  3. If Trump found the cure to the common cold or cancer, the democrats would scream that Trump is destroying the economy by making everyone well. How dare he. Now doctors everywhere will be without a job. Big Pharma profits will tank. It’s all Trumps fault. Time to impeach him on changing our life.

  4. Why does Pelosi ask for reasons why Suleimani was taken out. We have been told he is responsible for hundreds of American soldiers dying. Is Pelosi trying to add more to this list in order to satisfy her.

  5. With President Trump at the helm, we have not a president who would not put up with the opposition since President Truman. It’s about time!

  6. That is why he is called commander and chief something the Democrats refuse to except. Instead of supporting the American People the Democrats support anyone but just because they do not like President Trump Democrats get over it he is your President and you are support to support him and the American people they bombed the Embassy and the American bases but according to the Democrats we should just sit by and let this go on. President Trump did the right thing unlike Obama.

  7. Demo-socialists have eliminated God from all aspects of their life and without God to guide their lives, they are easily defined as EVIL. Demo-socialists are experts at creating confusion and contention. They twist the facts, mislead, lie, avoid taking responsibility, deny reality, make up stories, and withhold information. Their evil hearts have no conscience, no remorse. Demo-socialist point their crooked fingers at President Trump and Republicans, unfortunately for all the foul and corrupt actions they themselves are taking.
    Consider that if you take the “D” from the demo-socialists and combine it with their EVIL, you get the answer – DEVIL.
    Remember next November – Worthless politicians are elected by apathetic citizens who don’t bother to VOTE.

  8. Please vote for trump 2020, I would like to keep my job, which I thank Jesus Christ for, these democrats will ruin a lot of companies with their outrageous taxes

  9. I am not a total tea party supporter. BUT, the information I glean from this publication is invaluable. I am pushing 75 and find most of the comments refreshing. The age of the contributor is easy to determine by the vernacular, some of which I disapprove, but directly gets the point across.

    Thank you to all of you. You prove that Christianity is still alive and that American Patriotism exists among all age groups. God bless you, God bless President Trump and God bless America.

    Oh, yeah, remember Pascal’s theory? The dems are going to be turned away. So, they might as well just go straight to hell!

    • We remember when this country was based on a bit of common sense and respect. And not to mention the realization that God is the ultimate source of all we have. I just love Trump and his tell it like it is response to criticism

    • With the Dem leadership it’s all about power and money. Love of country died for them sadly. I know if I needed protected…I would always call on our President over any Dems in power and even some GOP in name only.

    • What is your problem about how he talks?

      Would you rather have bald faced lies like Obama or smiles and promises of free stuff? Maybe you would like the soft bigotry of Rinospeak like Romney? Have you ever heard the smooth words on Radio Moscow in the ‘60’s or the enticements of Lord Ha-Ha to avoid travel on British ships because there are German Submarines out their doing their best to ensure the high seas are safe? The whole British Elitedom would have surrendered to sweet German offers to save their soldiers in Dunkirk.

      Trump talks Anglo Saxon not newspaper gibberish.

      I like it.

  10. I have always voted for the best person on either side. I dont think I can do that anymore since I have been able to take a look at the exposed Democratic Party. Yeah I don’t like the way Trump speaks, but everything else is WOW, So so needed. And do’t let them fool you. I am a minority whose parents stood in line to get here and love a strong WALL and then legalize all that are here due to a broken system and promises made to them to come.

  11. Trump knows that Piglousi is a drunk, and drunks usually have loose lips. Remember the old statement: Loose lips sink ships. That is why he doesn’t trust her.

  12. Isn’t it the Demon-rats that support murdering babies in the womb and even after live birth? The demon-rats are a immoral group of sick individuals who only care about control and power. All their current candidates are morally corrupt mentally deranged individuals who care only for power and absolute control. Any current demon-rat presidential candidate would be the downfall of liberty and freedom. Deranged Leftists admire anyone who vilifies President Trump, and are blinded to the real threat.

  13. Peter Craw , you hit the nail on the head ! I agree 100 % with your statement ! Soleimani, was a demonic, sadistic, person , who wanted to hurt and torture as many people as he could .

  14. If America is attacked we can not wait 4 weeks for Nancy’s approval like the Senate has been waiting for the Impeachment Articles.

  15. pelosi you are a traitor to america as far as i am concerned you can pack up and go to Iran we don;t want traitors like you in our country

  16. I pray and Thank God for sending President Trump to protect our great country and its constitution
    I also pray for the EVIL traitors DEMOCRATS that now exists in our government. The devil comes in disguise of an angel as Nancy P professes to pray for the President and she is LUCIFERS minion along with most 2020 DEMOCRATS trying to destroy OUR great AMERICAN DEMOCRACY.
    Nancy lust for power greed and self exoneration along with her EVIL minions NEED TO BE EXPOSED and destroyed. DEMOCRATS ARE DEMON RATS
    Keep praying CONSERVATIVES light hails darkness

    • Dear Friends:
      Hurray President Donald Trump. String, bold, ready and willing and able to meet the enemy.
      USA men be strong instead of like a Willow tree. Free, sons of the American way. Yes Now is the time to be United and string, God Blessed America.

      Pelosi is like an old stinky kitchen furry rag! Throw her out! California was having recall for her Newman relative at Libraries and everyone, all nationalities were screaming and yelling we want this for Nançy Pelosi too. All ages were telling. Schiff and other names too. Hurry.

      I had not seen anything like this before.
      Hurray. Be string USA men and do not let bags take you out.

  17. Thank to our courageous President Donald Trump for making the right decisions to take down that damn monster Solemani, and now we’re left with another monsters in our own White house, Nancy and the entire demon rats and those Rhinos. The way I see it, they the demon rats prefer to have American murdered by this evil monster than the monster being killed. These people are very sick mentally sick.
    I belief it is time they are replace, I scenes that these people hate America and American, they prefer to be buddy’s of monsters.
    VOTE THEM OUT IN NOVEMBER. God bless Donald Trump and God bless America.

  18. P. e. l. o. s. i. e. : (Pea brain), (egotistical),( looser),(obnoxious), (senile), (incompetent), (eccentric). Her name says it all!!!

  19. Please make sure you all get out this year and and vote to re-elect the President. Can you imagine the destruction that will take place if one of these insane Dims gets elected. Woe be us and the country.

    • Be sure and cast an intelligent vote when dealing with the other politicians. President Trump is great, but he needs more help from solid Conservatives to complete his mission! The Swamp is deep and wide, and is in need of draining!

  20. [Pelosi said, “The president should have asked for permission from Congress before conducting the airstrike.”]

    Since when did a President of the USA have to ask the US Congress to be allowed to perform his job and duty of protecting the USA, the American people, and American interests and allies? President Trump didn’t start a war, he simply killed an international terrorist, designated as such by the US Federal Government long before Trump became President.

    Are there not three separate and distinct branches of the federal government in the USA, where neither can dictate to the other what the other must do, or ask for permission from another branch of government to do it’s constitutionally designed work for the American people?

    Nancy Pelosi must not believe in the separation of powers, since she’s trying to run the “Impeachment Trial” in the US Senate through attempted blackmail over the control of the release of the “Impeachment Articles”, voted on by the US House, and now wants to control the actions of our President in doing his constitutional job and duty of protecting the USA, It’s people, and the interests and allies of the USA.

    • You said a mouth full, Mr. Randy 131 Sir! And Mrs. Pelosi, and her Ignorant Group of Progressive Liberal Commie Socialist And Islamic Infested Democratic Party Members, have been stealing “We The Legal Citizens Hard Earned Tax Dollars (and acting like a bunch of Illegal Robinhoodsters) and turning around and giving our Hard Earned Tax Dollars To Those Illegal Immigrant-Aliens! And those PLCSAII Democratic Members would rather treat those IIA’s like Legal Immigrants, which they are NOT!!!

    • When Obama quit…Pelosi stepped in and has attempted to be a “shadow president” of sorts by obstructing our duly elected president on a 24/7 basis. She and hers will ultimately fail.

  21. When are the Democratic Party going to stop Pelosi?
    She and her team are ruining our two party system.
    All the gridlock over the last three years is a sign what they are doing is not working.

  22. These are the same people that support total gun control. The reason is very obvious! They want to control the population of The United States. They can’t because of the 2nd amendment, If there are guns then they themselves could be eliminated. They worship these crack pot leaders and want to be just like them. Im sure this General was revered to the democrat party we have today. If these same people were alive in 1945 then we would be speaking German today. They are cowards.

  23. Remember when Obama said he had a pen and a phone and could do whatever he wanted? Everybody in Congress stood up and cheered! What a LEADER! But only if you’re a Democrat, obviously. Their hypocrisy meter is off the charts. Compare how they treated General Flynn to how General Soleimani is being praised as a wonderful man.

    • Hey Harry, Adam (SFB) demands that the Senate calls witnesses when he refused to allow witnesses to be called in the House. Dismiss upon arrival. Trump 2020!

    • There is words in the Bible.
      Avenge me Oh Lord mine enemy is at my feet.

      Pelosi is also the enemy.

      God Hear my prayer.

  24. This action by all of the Trump haters in our Congress, there are many, regarding the killing of this madman demon should tell everyone just what our country has become in the last three years. These elected officials hate America, our military, our Constitution, our rule of law but of course most of all our elected fantastic Presidet Donald J. Trump. They all are still smarting that their queen, the Obama clone, did not win in 2016.

  25. Nancy Should have taken the phone call from Vice President Pence when he called her to give her the heads up about the drone attack instead of telling her staffer that she would call him back. Just saying. Oh and by the way Nancy President doesn’t need your permission on how to run this country. HE IS THE PRESIDENT NOT YOU.

    • Look for the picture of her drinking and partying when OUR VP was trying to get a hold of her to inform her! She was too busy and would call him back! The time line of his call and her brush off is the same! Saw it on TV! NOT the fake news! The ole HAG is a total “B”

  26. Very little word coming from the democrat party hierarchy that has anything to do with decisions made by other than themselves is on the positive side. They are officially the party of negativity, which everyone realizes is very bad for America. I believe they are digging their political grave at a much increased pace. By the time November gets here, they will have no positive things to vote for. And their list of presidential candidates is about the worst ever offered.


    • They’re all filthy dirty, this is a continuation of the FBI/CIA
      COUP, nothing more. Don’t the Socialist/Fascist/Marxist/Iran-loving/ anti-Americans who parade around as Democrats have enough sense to realize that “We The People” JUST DONT BUY THEIR TALKING POINTS! Anyone who DOES belongs in a different country. Hey Nancy, THIS IS OUR COUNTRY AND IT ALWAYS WILL BE FROM NOW ON. Aren’t you embarrassed? Is THAT why you’re always angry and snide and haughty and sarcastic? And, let me say that when you stand up there and profess to PRAY FOR TRUMP, you’d better go to Confession because you know that lying is a MORTAL SIN, being such a “good Catholic”. Oh that’s RIGHT, MURDER IS A MORTAL SIN, Nancy. Did you pay off the Bishops so that they don’t excommunicate you like they did Biden? Bribery.

    • On the contrary, I don’t hate Trump. As a matter of fact i voted for him but at the time I felt my vote was most likely a throw away as I didn’t give him much chance of winning. I did however feel I had tto make a statement in what I believed in.

      Fortunately for America common sense prevailed and Trump did win big. He has been a blessing to our country, it’s people and our economy. He has fulfilled a lot of his promises which is highly unusaual for a politician, but then Trump never was a typical politician.

      I believe he will easily win another 4 year term and continue hius rebuild of america in spite of the angry Dems. My hope is that Americans see through the lies of the Dems and throw them out of power in mass in 2020. It makes me sick to see Dems rush to defend Iran and its criminal activities just because they hate Trump. Many of these people are committing treasonous acts against America just cause they dislike Trump on an unimaginable level.

      What is taking place in America and the world right now is God’s plan and his cleansing according to his plan.. We are not at the mercy of curropt dictators and evil countries anymore. we are in the midst of God’s final plan for humanity Most will come out losers big time but some will be eternal winners in this process. Read your Bible..

  28. It’s been three years now, and the verdict is already in! I’m not talking about the impeachment verdict, either! The Wall is being built, the Swamp is being drained, and America has gained a new respect among the other nations of the world! This is all due to the strength and fortitude of our President, Donald John Trump! I predict he will be re-elected in one of the most one-sided elections ever, and that he will go down in history as one of our greatest Presidents, if not THE greatest!

    • I have to agree with most of what you said here. The Democractic party is all but over period. The party will most likely fragment into several irrelevant factions and lose almost all their impact on the elections held in this country.

      It’s about time as they have maintained a charade od deciet and lies for many many decades and don’t deserve to hold any of the reigns of power in America. Will be interesting to see the political landscape after 2020 elections are held.

      Dems for many years have been the party that projects itself as the champions of the down trodden, the underdog, the minorities and people of color. Problem is when they get into power theyhave done little or nothing for those people.

      On the other hand those people under the Trump Administration have advanced to levels they never could have imagined before. Action speaks far louder then words folks, and Trump has provided that action, in spite of every attempt the Dems could possibly make to sabatoge his efforts.

      I think this election in 2020 will reveal that the vail has been lifted fro america’s eyes by Trump and the Dems lies will be obvious to all.

  29. Where was the outrage when the last administration took out Osama bin Laden in the middle of the night with his family at his hidden compound. Not 1 democrat said a word. It’s very sad they do not support President Trump and how he keeps America safe. I really do believe they have a disease called Trump Derangement Syndrome. They simply can’t work with him because he succeeds. Very sad!

  30. Way to give her Hell, Mr’ President. I am glad that we finally have a president that takes no crap from anyone. especially Terrorist nations andTraitor Nancy Pelosi and her evil traitor Democrats!! Keep up the good work Mr. President !!!

    • I was a registered Democrat until all of this impeachment crap and pelosi crap went on I changed my party and most people around me have.Our court clerk has informed me thousands of voters have changed parties around us, and my wife and children have changed too. Well Nancy you have lost votes for the democracy party.. keep it up and you will lose more.Thank you!!!

  31. I have been for Trump from the beginning and continue to support him he is the kind of President we have needed for many years now. Reagan was the last one who even came close. Nancy Pelosi is the worst thing that has happened to this country and long time along with her other minions who continue to distract and prevaricate and other things to keep the public’s off of the real ball which is that the Democrats and the Far Left (probably aided by powers outside the U.S.) are executing a coup to take over our government and they are calling it an “impeachment.”

  32. Can’t wait for the day Pelosi is removed from speaker
    of the house
    Hopefully the homeless the drug-addicted the mentally retarded the rats and dysentery move into her backyard

    • “Treason” The constitution of the United States, art. 3, s. 3, defines treason against the United States to consist only in levying war (q.v.) against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid or comfort. The dissemination of this letter by Nancy Pelosi, in newspapers, TV, and internet is giving aid and comfort to the enemy, she is absolving them of blame and condemning our President, Constitution and Laws. As a retired Military Officer, (with over 42 years of service) I cannot tolerate such TREASONEOUS acts and I herby accuse her of an act of “Treason”

  33. Good for President Trump to fight back and explained his reasoning!
    Let him along with the top military leaders take care and make the decisions.
    They know what is going on as well doing everything to protect and secure our country and peace.
    It is sad the Democrats are only interested in promoting their own political power over the best interest of America. And God is in control!!!!!!!

    • Amen+Amen! President Trump,anointed by God for such a time as this! Yes,God is in control! GodBlessAmerica!,KAG2020!

  34. Let the liberals have a summit meeting with all the Iranian, Iraqi and Syrian terrorists and have another SUCCESSFUL STRIKE and rid our Country and the world of terrorist and terrorist supporters. Pelosi needs to be kicked out of Our Country.

  35. President Donald Trump is right and Pelosi and her MOB are wrong.
    . She has tried to act like she is the sole ruler of this country for too long. She used millions of our tax dollars to buy booze, take military planes and take her family and friends on trips. She disrespects our chosen leaders and makes ridiculous comments while waving her hands like a dictator.
    Queen Nancy acts more like the COURT JESTER.
    I will give a donation to send her a one way ticket to IRAN.

  36. What did you EXPECT out of TREASONISTIC TRAITORS? . . . Truth? PATRIOTISM?!? C’mon, This is the Democratic PARTY we’re talking about. Quite a FEW of them need to be LOCKED up in prison (Pelosi, Nadler, Schiff AND others, AND including RINOs) for SEDITION and TREASON, Section 3 Article 3 of the U.S, Constitution. This is SERIOUS Stuff which ENDANGERS our REPUBLIC and needs to be DEALT with. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  37. GOOD JOB, Mr. President! When rogues do not pay attention to your words, then it’s time to show them the promised actions that speak more loudly then words.

  38. Now when we let any President have powers to do waht Trump did without consulting Congress, we have come to a dangerous point in this Country, where it is no longer a Democratic Republic, but an Autocratic society, where one person calls all the shots. Now some may think this is OK but it sets a Presicent to where when Democrats are back in power and they will be at some time, their President can do as he likes without Congressionaql oversight.
    The4re is the age old saying which still holds true, “Think of the consequences before you act.” that still holds true today.

    • Hey Robert, I guess you would rather see Trump watch Iraq embassy blown up. Remember Obummer and crooked Hillary watching and saying stand down.

    • Hate to tell you but Obama did over and over. This has been going on from the beginning of our nation and should continue because if there has to be a split second decision made it is better to have the end results of President Trumps than the end results of Obama when he decided to include congress and we ended with Benghazi. Obama made thousands of drone strikes without congress approving except with Benghazi and our citizens died.

    • The thing is Robert, the Obama admin DID the very same thing and everyone supported it because it was the right thing to do at the time, just like this was. The ONLY reason the Democrats are having a fit is because it’s not their person doing it.

    • Robert, Obama by passed Congress on just about everything he did,and no one ever said a word. He made treaties without the consent of Congress—forbidden by the Constitution; he used drone strikes to take out hundreds of people without the consent of Congress; he put 1.5 billion dollars on an airplane and sent it to Iran without the consent of Congress, and nobody spoke up; he made new law by Executive orders on things he knew he could not get through Congress, and you were completely quiet, and it went on and on. Nancy Pelosi has said that she has as much power as the President which anyone who has read the Constitution has laughed at. Do you realize how hypocritical your position is? Or do you think none of the electorate has enough sense to recognize the Democrats end game. By the way, Trump did not need the consent of Congress to take out a terrorist.

  39. You have to ask yourself, who’s side are these dumborats on!? If they’re not with the President or America, the should be executed for treason!

  40. Could the reason for M. Pelosis desire to be consulted by Trump before making such a decision be so she has time to warn the target to take evasive action? Her sympathies appear to be with Americas enemies.

    • No, it is because she thinks she wants equal power with the president and thinks she can fool the American people into believing she has it. She doesn’t.

    • She/Pelosi is using a Police/legal model where everybody is read Miranda Rights and presumed innocent until proven guilty. Trump’s process grows out of Legal and business theory underlying poker. Trump is the “Poker President”. He does not just play the cards he plays people AND cards. That offends all Dem’s and and know nothings who want smiles and pompous lectures.

  41. Common sense no longer exists in Washington, it’s all about power control and to “hell” with what is best for our country it has to be best for our political party.

  42. Comrades Pelosi, Schumer, Shifty, Warren, Sanders and the four Muslim four stooges are all good and faithful Comrades of the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Government. This is why they are trying so hard to Destroy our republic. They keep calling our Nation a Democracy to make people who don’t Know history believe in the Demoncrat Slave Party. It is a con to destroy our freedom and bring Back slavery like in the past. When are the American people going to wise up? When anyone Offers freebies, something too good to be true, it isn’t. The price will be high and freedom is lost when you are dependent on the Government. Just like slaves dependent on their masters. Freedom is very hard to achieve and hard to keep but is so easily to loose.

  43. Amen ! This one statement in the article says it all…What’s truly shocking to see right now is just how far to the left the Democratic Party has moved, especially in the last three years that Trump has been president. It’s clear that these folks hate Trump more than they love America, a true testament to the lack of morality held by individuals aligning with the political left.

    • Democrats had rather stand by a KILLER OR AD KNOWN AN ASSASSIN TO NOT ONLY OUR COUNTRY BUT OTHERS. Than to stand with Trump. This is called TRESON to their own country and they are not hind it anymore. Now any one who does stand behind this type of action from the democrats should be stunt down like RIGHT NOW DO NOT PASS GO DO NOT COLLECT YOUR 200 DOLLARS. Now!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. If this was the u.s.a. back in www 2 these politicians would’ve been locked up & executed. It’s time 2 replace all Democrats & half of replubicans. So we can get back to where we once were.

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