Trump Joins Forces With Oracle To Tackle Silicon Valley Tech Giant To Wrestle Them Back Into Their Proper Place

(Tea Party 247) – An alarming trend that seems to have swept through Silicon Valley tech companies is how they have gone from creating innovative products that help improve our lives at work and at home over to being political entities that have crossed the line and actually started violating the rights of ordinary American citizens.

No company is more guilty of this sort of behavior than Google. Google, the world’s largest search engine, has been supressing information done in searches, preventing conservative news sources from hitting the top of the search results, thus preventing that particular view of issues and news of the day from being discovered by folks looking for fair and balanced coverage from both sides of the political spectrum.

Well, now President Trump is joining forces with tech company Oracle in a decade-long lawsuit to hold Google responsible for allegedly stealing the company’s software code.

Here are more details from BizPacReview:

Google’s arguments against claims that it stole thousands of lines of code from Oracle are “unpersuasive,” the solicitor general’s office noted in the memo. If Google loses, then it could create massive implications across Silicon Valley, the company and its supporters argue.

The big tech company’s “verbatim copying of (Oracle’s) original computer code into a competing commercial product was not fair use,” the brief noted.

This is not the first time that the Solicitor General’s office has weighed in on this issue.

“[Google] copied 11,500 lines of computer code verbatim, as well as the complex structure and organization inherent in that code, in order to help its competing commercial product,” the Trump administration noted in a September 2019 brief.

The September brief went on to state, “The record demonstrates, moreover, that [Google’s] unauthorized copying harmed the market for [Oracle’s] Java platform.”

President Trump’s decision to move on this comes just a day after conservative group focused on holding tech companies accountable for their alleged political bias took similar action.

The group, the Internet Accountability Project, filed a brief of their own at the Supreme Court in support of Oracle.

The case — Google v. Oracle — could be one of the most important fights Google has ever encountered in its 23 years of existence. Nearly 26 amicus briefs have been filed supporting the Silicon Valley giant, including from tech giants Microsoft, IBM and Mozilla, among others.

At issue is Oracle’s claim that Google illegally swiped 11,500 lines of code from the company in 2010 to develop the Android operating system, which has become a crucial cog in the company’s business model over the past decade.

Oracle said Google copied its hierarchical system for organizing Java methods, which is effectively a filing cabinet stuffed with lines of codes and operations that help software programs communicate with each other. Using such systems means Android programmers can employ methods for which they are already familiar without learning thousands of new code lines.

Google has been involved in a lot of shady business practices lately, especially with their attempt to silence folks who don’t seem to agree with the politics of individuals within the upper echelon of the company, thus, it wouldn’t be surprising at all to find out that they have stolen code from an innovative company like Oracle.

Google and one of the lower courts argue that such structure of libraries of codes are not protected by copyright law. The company cites the Copyright Act, which notes that protection is unavailable for systems or processes or organizing method structures. Oracle must create a patent rather than a copyright for such protections, according to Google’s argument.

Oracle believes that it should receive around $9 billion in damages as a result of the alleged theft that Google is being accused of.

In the first case involving this topic back in 2012, Google smacked Oracle down. A judge opted to side with Google after the jury in the case gridlocked over Oracle’s claims. However, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit backtracked on that and demanded a new trial in 2014.

This sort of back and forth has gone on for awhile now. If the evidence is in support of Oracle, then Google needs to be held accountable for their actions and pay for the damages that have been done to Oracle as a result of the loss of revenue they experienced.

Google has a sordid history and has earned a reputation for being underhanded, so it’s not beyond the realm of possibility they would participate in this kind of action to help further their own company. Here’s to hoping justice is served.



  1. Linux is an open source kernel that others write code for additional functionality and release it under the open source rules. Use of the kernel is free. Any code written around it isn’t required to be open source although all involved are committed to their code being open. There are priced versions of Linux. The question is whether Oracle released it’s code as open source.

  2. This is a monumental theft and plagiarism of verbatim programming code. It is 16,500 lines of indexed code in exact order, not one character has been displaced or misplaced, each line is exact in every way.

    When writing code, each line can be no more than 80 yet seldom less than 60 characters. Using the median of 70 characters for each of the 16,500 lines, that works out to a total of 1,155,000 characters. The average word in English is a touch over 8 character’s long including punctuation.

    Okay let’s do a comparison. This code stream would be like randomly recreating an exact word equivalent of a great literary work containing 144,375 words in exact order and punctuation. The entire New Testament of the KJV Bible contains 181,253 words. The average novel is between 80,000 and 90,000 words. Not likely at all.

    Google has committed theft and plagiarism of Oracle’s intellectual property on the grandest most diabolical scale. ~JT

  3. Here’s the deal, Google is run by a bunch of yahoos who boo-hooed when Miss Piggy lost the 2016 election and have been acting like a$$holes since-far more than before. ZERO sympathy for them. They have sided with the Chinese and against OUR military because they don’t like DJT or AMERICA. All their big shots are not from Chicago or downtown Iowa. If they get kicked in the groin by this suit, I will applaud. They have been getting rich off Americans, but they us under the bus.

    • Google has more than sided with the Chinese. It has become complicit in that country’s control over its citizens.

  4. Get away from Google as much as possible. I haven’t used them for years. Brave is much better at protecting your privacy, as is smart page or duck duck go and it’s easy to search on these engines.

  5. Decidedly Google’s actions were clearly of a nefarious intent to usurp intellectual property, designed to take advantage of professional ready familiarity with such coding through the widespread of Oracle’s Java.
    If we want to protect US intellectual property from China, we have to start by doing from theft inside the US.

  6. Bullsh!t ! Both Oracle and Google use some sort of Linux, which is an open source program, created ,updated and maintained by tens of thousands of anonymous people! NOBODY OWNS Linux!!!… And everybody can use it! For free! So can Google, same as I!
    Now, what you do with it is another question. I surely don’t agree with censorship which Google and Facebook are doing, but in conclusion, Oracle’s claim about Google’s cooping 16,500 lines verbatim is more than imbecilic. And at this point so is Trump! Even if I understand his frustration…

    • Nobody owns the alphabet either, however, when it’s individual components are used to create an original work, that intellectual property has right to protection from unauthorized use, particularly “for profit” use.

      Using your illogical reasoning, no song, poem, play or book could be protected from being “stolen” from it’s creator.

  7. Ordinarily I wouldn’t take sides in any case like this, but considering the reputation that Google has developed for discrimination, lack of transparency, and suppression of dissenting opinions, I would hope that Oracle takes them for everything they have NOW and everything they’re ever likely to have LATER! I say this operating under the assumption that Oracle has a greater reputation for overall honesty.

  8. STICK IT TO THEM! . . . I don’t care HOW big they are. If they STOLE PRODUCT lines AND OPPRESSING the populace, then “dance on their heads in court and MAKE then pay. POTUS Trump is right – again. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  9. Many large software companies have stolen good logic from Oracle.

    By all means google has stolen the code and should pay Oracle for this service license. Although it was open and notorious, it was contested. The remedy looks like 9 billion PLUS punitive amounts paid to the federal government of at least 30 billion. If it is made due immediately, will that bankrupt Google ?


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