Trump Campaign Manager Tells The Brutal Truth About The “Seditious Conspiracy To Overthrow” President

(Tea Party 247) – Brad Parscale, the campaign manager for Trump 2020, accused the Democrats on Monday of “undertaking a seditious conspiracy to overthrow the people’s president.”

Parscale made the charge along with a supercut of various media pundits criticizing the Democrats’ impeachment inquiry, accusing the party of “crossed over the line of partisan politics.”

The biggest point the compilation video makes is the very conspicuous fact that there hasn’t yet been a vote on the matter in the House.

Parscale also called on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to resign for “betraying her oath of office and attempting to overthrow our great Republic.”

Earlier this week, the President issued his own scathing tweets, slamming the Democrats for their “impeachment scam.”

Parscale echoed POTUS in slamming the Dem’s actions as a “coup.”

Parscale and the president are absolutely correct.

This is not an impeachment inquiry, this is a coup. And it’s absolutely nothing new. This coup was in motion since before Trump was even in office.

We all know well and good that the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign funded the bunk dossier that would be disseminated into the Obama intelligence and law enforcement communities to spy on Trump on behalf of his competition.

They then used the FISA warrants that they fraudulently obtained to launch their full-on assault on American democracy for the next two years.

When that failed, they looked for other ways to overthrow Trump and here we are: the Russia hoax sequel, the Ukraine hoax.

They won’t win, though. They’ve been failing all along and they’ll fail this time.


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