Transgender Activists Want Us To Stop Using The Word “Women”. No, Really.

(Tea Party 247) – How long do you think we have until the entire English language is so butchered by the progressive left that it is barely recognizable as anything that makes sense?

Transgender activists now want to define women as “womxn” to try to downplay the actual, science-based definition of the word woman.

According to, the “exclusion of transgender individuals by some who used the [womyn] term has given rise to another spelling, womxn, meant to include trans and nonbinary women in intersectional feminism.”


The womxn term “denotes gender fluidity and inclusivity,” declares Daisy Jones (pictured at top), an editor at VICEUK. site shows how “womxn” was thought up by transgender activists to replace another made-up word they had apparently been using, “womyn,” which is a pretend thing meant to distinguish men and women (this is where radical feminism collides with gender theory feminism):

Womyn is recorded as early as 1975 during second-wave feminism. One notable early instance was the Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival, which was held annually starting in 1976 until 2015. This was a feminist music festival only open to “womyn-born womyn,” i.e., or cisgender women. It was much criticized for its exclusion of transgender individuals, which exclusion has led to another alternative spelling of women, womxn, meant to include trans and nonbinary women in intersectional feminism.

Hilariously, the “womyn” music festival was repeatedly crashed by transgender men, eventually forcing them to close in 2015, Breitbart notes.

Opponents to this gender insanity maintain that the legal rights of women are dependent on a government recognition of the biological differences between men and women.

Here are some examples of the rising outrage against this insanity:


  1. France has outlawed the terms mother and father! This is not to be taken lightly. It showed up almost overnight and can go worse overnight. If we don t reverse the curse fast, we will not survive . The Word of God is very clear about our future.

  2. This he/she should keep her/his logic to his/herself. The confusion that reigns in the minds of these people is unfathomable. Only when they speak their minds that you get a glimpse of the twisted reality that exists within these people, trying to net others into their world of confusion and distortion seems to be a mission they do not tire of.

  3. Unfortunately, so many fell into the PC trap that putting an end to the madness will be very hard. A lot of this was caused by msm and politicians ignoring all of the ramification down the road.

  4. GOD MADE YOU: You are what you were born to be. If you were born a man, you are a man, if you were born a woman, you are a woman, marriage is to be between a woman & a man. Lets all pray in our country that these people turn their lives around to live by the word & laws of GOD.

    • I agree with you. However, these people either turn their backs on God, or they twist the scriptures to say God is “ok” with their perverse choices. They even say it is not a choice. They claim they were born that way, and have no choice. There is always a choice when it comes to sin. They don’t have to marry. Abstinence is also a choice.

  5. Perverts, freaks, or malcontents. If one is not male, and if one is not female, and if he, she, or it is neither or both, then “it” must be a “nothing,” or an “anything.” Therefore, it doesn’t exist as a living being. Briefly, then, it is just a “thing.”

  6. Bad V sez “put all the infringements on an lsland with a silent volcano and see how fast it wakes up”. Smart money says when it wakes up…well, we get a message that will be hard to ignore.

  7. I would like to see the word transgender eliminated. It is a word and not a reality. XX=Male, XY=Female except in a few very rare anomalies. Surgery, harmone therapy, augmentations, lipstick, switch dressing and on and on. In the end, XX & XY remain unchanged. There is no such thing as transgender. Psychiatry is the answer.

  8. Howard: If there were men out there that looked as hot as Melania that would almost be enough to make a guy switch teams!!!! There was a time when we put nuts like these in a nut hatch until they got their heads straightened out. Now we put them in political office or teaching at some Leftist university!

  9. It is their choice to change theirselves. God man women and men. It’s their problem if they’re not happy with the word women. It was their choice to change themselves. The billions who out number the transgender are not the ones who have to change. They should be looking at the progression and acceptance in this day of age. Don’t push it. Soon we won’t recognize any words because they will somehow offend someone. So tired of the political correctiveness. God would be appalled of what the world has become with all the fighting. You do you and we’ll do us.

  10. I agree!! You can’t change God’s creation of men and women, no matter how hard you try. It’s His design! Watch out if you want to challenge The Almighty!!

  11. Quick stupid questions: (1) How exactly do you pronounce “womxn”? and (2) Is a transgender person who identifies as male a “mxn”, and if so, how do you pronounce that?

  12. The mentally deranged have no business telling biological women or men what they should be called. The transgendered seem to be on mission to ensure the non-transgendered are as loony as the transgendered


  14. trannys, homos & lesbians will burn in hell & the ones that don’t ,will be left on the Earth will to used like circus freaks when the Civil War breaks out ,when God and the Bible and morality is challenged in this new world socialist order ,the sick freaks are Kings now, as this socialist New World Order is starting but they will be used for experiments by the evil socialist that groom them that’s how sick and twisted their perceptions are, those who stayed loyal to God will live with morality and truth will always honor family and God in the end we’ll see the truth, when evil fails they’re suffering will start…

  15. The F-n freaks. Lemmee see, when a crime lab tries to ID a suspect and tests of DNA comes as positive for XX chromosome, do they say
    A)the perp is a woman
    B), female
    D) non-male with a d*ck
    E) snowflake w/no brains
    F) XX crossdresser
    G) CNN watching XX chromosomer
    H) CNN watching idiot living w/parents
    I) unemployed idiot living w/parents single subscription to CNN………

  16. I really don’t care what you believe or want so why should you care what I believe and what gives you the right to demand society changes for your beliefs . This is a free country and you are entitled to you beliefs but you are not allowed to impose them on me and I will respect you .So just live your life and shut up

  17. OK
    A MAN

  18. WHAT DO THEY WANT TO BE CALLED? There are only two ( 2 ) genders, their are males who say they are females and females who say they are males, that still makes only 2 genders. Anything else is wrong and phony. If people don’t like themselves changing genders is not the answer. A person must find and be happy with themselves. We are all in this together but forcing people to accept whatever a person chooses is wrong. A person has Freedom and freewill to choose the lifestyle they want but that is their individual choice. It will not be acceptable to most people and if it is against God, he will not accept it either. That goes for all of us.

  19. Men are men and women are women. Don’t like then stay home and keep your tv and radio off. i call people what they really are. Ir’s called freedom of speech and common sense.

    • In a way these transgenders are right. You can’t call them women because they are not women. They don’t even know what they are but women they are not.

  20. The Me Too movement was front & center in Kavanaugh hearings.
    I asked at that time, In our trans gender world, who is me??
    The Progressives have opened the flood gates. We have totally
    turned our backs on God & future generations will pay the price!
    No turning back.

  21. Well, I am a woman, prefer to be called a woman and will always be a woman. I don’t care what they want to be called but they can leave me out of their little game. That goes for my daughters too.

  22. It’s fine. I can stop calling Women Women and just call everyone a cunt. Men, Women, Politicians, whoever, are all just referred to by me as a cunt. If it makes the Trans-warps happy, I’ll do it. LOL.

  23. Don’t ask for support or understanding . Don’t ask for concessions .It’s a choice adverse to nature which makes it a rough row to hoe . I pity any child who is forced into that “freak show “..

  24. These people are nuts. Need to be examined by a ‘non gender’ psychiatrist. WTH would that be? Some one (or thing) without any genitals. I think.

  25. QUESTION???????????????????????

    Take away the FREAK PERVERTS smart phones and social media………

    WHAT IF ANYTHING WOULD BE LEFT????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    This is one of those “If a tree fell in the forest…..” type questions.

  26. Hey, are you confused progressive sick demonic perverts OK with THIS???


    I wouldn’t HONOR you by calling you women…….

    YOU’RE F R E A K S.

    How’s that, aholes?

  27. This is truly very sad and just one example of many that are used by the aberrant NWO marxists employ in an attemp to weaken ,demoralise,and destroy the last bastion of freedom in the world.God bless Pres Trump and God save America 2020.Lost souls are the embodyment of the Democrat satan led party.

    • They’re not going to demoralize me. Melania has a great body. Melania is hot. Melania is a woman. Men are not women and never will be. “PERIOD!”

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