Trans Activist Who Wanted To Force Women To Wax His Genitals Has Very, Very Dirty Secret

(Tea Party 247) – The LGBT ideology isn’t just immoral and unhealthy, it can be very dangerous. Much of the belief system is based on delusions, such as that of the transgender movement in which people falsely believe they are actually some kind of gender other than what they are biologically. This opens the door for people who have sick fantasies and motives, to act on them under the guise of being their “true self.” Society doesn’t dare tell transgender people “no,” and it’s created an atmosphere in which people are able to get away with lewd, inappropriate, sometimes illegal, acts by simply claiming to be “transgender.”

The most high-profile case of this is that of Jonathan Yaniv, self-proclaimed poster boy/girl for the LGBT mafia. Yaniv, a biological male who goes by “Jessica,” has been in the spotlight for quite some time now as incident after incident prove just how predatory and deceptive this sicko really is.

First, he made headlines after bringing legal action against 16 estheticians after they refused to wax his male genitals. Then he tried to organize an “all bodies” topless pool party for children as young as 12-years-old and adults up to age 24. As if that isn’t deranged enough, now it’s being confirmed Yaniv is a disturbed sexual predator who has a sick fetish for menstruating girls. If that was hard to read, imagine how it felt to write. Continue reading at your own discretion.

One of Yaniv’s victims, Jessica Rumpel, now 20, has stepped forward with damning evidence against him. Yaniv allegedly starting messaging Rumpel when she was only 14-years-old and he was 27.

In an exclusive report from The Post Millennial, Rumpel provided several disturbing screenshots showing conversations she had had with Yaniv. The report also contains bizarre voice messages she claims Yaniv sent her.

The most shocking piece of evidence is a screenshot of Yaniv asking Rumpel to take a used feminine hygiene product out and send him a picture of it. Disgusting!

I had to save the best for last.

Remember when I first tweeted about JY asking to see my used pad? Well, here it is y’all. He was asking me through and acting shy to just ask me on messenger, but with my responses and his you can tell what he asked. #JY

— Jess (@HyperJesserz) July 23, 2019

When the conversations first started Rumpel claimed she had sympathy for Yaniv because he seemed to have some mental problems. The conversations gradually grew darker and more sexual and Rumpel realized she needed to stop interacting with him.

Naturally, Yaniv is denying all of these allegations, claiming he doesn’t even know who Rumpel is.

The Post Millennial reached out to Jessica Yaniv for comment, who claimed no knowledge of who Rumpel was, stating: “I have no idea who that is.” Yaniv then also claimed the messages Rumpel had received may have been from a fake account, stating “There has been a lot of fake accounts of me out there, and a lot of people trying to put disparaging content out there. So I have no idea who this person is at all.”

The Post Millennial was able to verify, however, that Yaniv’s verified trustednerd Facebook page was the source of the messages to Rumpel.

This man is a sick, sexual predator. Period. He should not be allowed anywhere near children especially not at a swim event in which participants are invited to be topless and parents and guardians are banned from attending.

Herein lies the problem with the twisted LGBT ideology.


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