Top Ten Most Diabolical People In Medicine, Science, And Food To Know And Avoid

(Tea Party 247) – We have come to a place in America where the masses just follow along with whatever the “experts” have to say. We don’t ask questions or think critically. Though it seems as though more and more Americans are beginning to shake out of their slumber, we have allowed big corporations to exploit our trust and abuse our health for the sake of their bottom lines.

Doctors, scientists, politicians, and other leaders in our society are not always what they seem. While most of these experts are simply just blindly following along with whatever the powers above them be, there are some that have nefarious intentions and are dangerous characters.

Back in 2017, S.D. Wells did an article for Evil News highlighting the top 10 most evil people and we think it’s worth revisiting.

First up is the insidious Dr. Paul Offit. We use the title “doctor” loosely. He is the proud creator of the deadly rotavirus vaccine, Rotatea, which has killed babies in the most horrible of ways “where their bowels folded in on themselves (like a teleschope) and caused a fatal blockage.” How is this not murder? Not only is this not murder but Offit is still practicing medicine, on children, at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. That’s a scary thought.

Second on the list is Farid Fata, “a Detroit area oncologist who defrauded Medicare and private insurance companies for more than $30 million in the biggest health care scheme the world has ever known.” What is worse is that he forced innocent people to endure extremely painful doses of chemotherapy that he called the “European Protocol” despite the fact that these patients did not even have cancer. Fata was sentenced to 45 years in prison but he is currently fighting his guilty plea. A judge has recently granted him a new trial based on his assertion that his attorney gave him bad legal advice. This sicko doesn’t even care to be held accountable for his psychotic criminal behavior.

Third, Dr. Richard Pan who wrote up California’s force-vaccination bill that “ensures all children in the state are injected with mercury, aluminum, and formaldehyde.” He is a shill for Big Pharma with political aspirations.

Fourth is Neil DeGresse Tyson an astrophysicist who pushes pseudo-science GMO propaganda for money despite the fact that GMOs are incredibly harmful to our health, a fact that real science has proven.

Fifth on the list, Bill Nye the “Science Guy.” Another pseudo-science quack who has flip-flopped on major scientific issues like GMOs and global warming. He now pushes them for the sake of the liberal agenda and his wallet.

Sixth, and this one should come as no surprise, former President Barrack Obama. While in office he declared “Americans have a right to know what is in the food we eat” and then turned around and hired a “former Monsanto shill” to head up the FDA so they could effectively disguise GMOs so Americans won’t know they are in their food. What a great guy!

Seventh, Bill Gates who enthusiastically “pushes cancer-causing GMOs and toxic population-reducing vaccines on innocent African nations under the guise of philanthropy.” It is no good deed what Gates does. He knows it too. As part of the liberal plan for world domination by way of population control, he knows exactly what he is doing.

Eighth, evil puppet-master George Soros. The man is the money behind SO many wicked, progressive movements. The left fights to supposedly liberate minorities and yet they are manipulated and controlled by the likes of billionaires like Soros. He has his hands in eugenics programs, political manipulation, and transgenic seeds. He is downright nefarious.

Last but not least, numbers nine and ten are Jon Entine and Kevin Folta, “two Monsanto operatives who push everything chemical that causes cancer as ‘sustainable’ and ‘safe’ for human consumption.” They have to know the truth about these dangerous “food” substances. Recently they were exposed for the frauds that they are by the U.S. Right-to-Know group.

And there you have it. Some downright dastardly characters who hold way too much for their own good, and ours.


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