Top Military Official: Special Forces Took Nancy Pelosi’s Laptop During Capitol Riot

(Tea Party 247) – You may or may not have heard this, but House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) office revealed in the aftermath of the breach of Capitol Hill on Wednesday, January 6th that a laptop belonging to a member of her staff appeared to have been stolen.

Well, according to a top former military officer, the laptop was taken not by an angry, MAGA-gear clad protester or even an Antifa member in disguise, but a Army Special Forces team.

And now Pelosi is losing her mind.

Can you imagine what might be on that laptop?

Speaking from the White House, retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Thomas McInerney said that Pelosi’s recent demands for the Trump administration to either invoke the 25th Amendment or she’ll impeach President Trump have everything to do with desperation.

“Pelosi called the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley, and they’re trying to get him out on the 25th Amendment or to impeach him. Why?” McInerney said.

“Well, because on Wednesday, they took Pelosi’s laptop. She’s frantic,” he explained.

“There were some people in there that was from Special Forces mixed with Antifa, and they took her laptop and they have that data,” he said.

The above tweet indicates that members of the Special Forces team could have been spotted in video of the chaos that day.

One clip showed several individuals dressed in black trying to leave the building as one man says to the camera, “we’re not here to be Antifa.”

McInerney claims that a whistleblower has come forward to admit to crimes relating to election fraud—you may have heard whispers of such a thing.

This source, he says, is sharing plenty of information.

“I believe they also have a source that is talking like a songbird. And the president is going to spring that person on us so it will completely change, because it is someone that has said ‘I’m not going to do this,’” McInerney continued.

“This is treason. Remember, this is high treason,” he added.

On Monday, the Democrats are set to introduce their second articles of impeachment against Trump, just days after first floating the idea.

The crookedest figures in Washington, D.C. are in an absolute panic.

Copyright 2020.

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  1. Wow! What a bunch of WACK-JOBS inhabit this space!
    Riley June Williams is under investigation for the theft of a laptop, or “computer device”, from Speaker Pelosi’s office. She is not US Special Forces.
    It would make a better story if you claimed it was USA_ANTIFA_#1 Hunter Biden or Adam Schiff who did the theft. Or maybe spider monkeys from Mars powered by ALIEN SPERM!
    Wow! What a bunch of WACK-JOBS inhabit this space!
    Keep safe (and grow a brain) – Maxwell

  2. Could it be the military took the laptop due to her trying to get The joint chief of staff to created a military coup against a sitting President, which is Treason in the real world of non demonrats! It time for this vile despicable anti-American party to close its doors permanently. But the next four years are going to be hell, every member of Biden’s cabinet hates America, and as Biden said himself for all you who voted for me I’ll take care of you but for the 75 million who voted for Trump I will destroy you isn’t that a lovely sentiment from the commie lover who sold his soul to communist China. If any American is connected to big tech cancel everything close it all, and be patient.

  3. Demon pledge for AMERICAS CITIZENS
    I pledge that i will support and defend those who would desecrate the American flag and the national it stands for, one nation whose GOD i do not recognize, to divide the nation through lies, cheating, stealing and any manner that suits my needs, I will take away all rights of freedom and justice so help me satan.


  5. If this is true it would destroy Democrats across the country! Democrats would be drug out and hung! But lets pray that doesn’t happen! I would rather see them in jail forever! The same fate they wished on Republicans! We can only hope!

  6. Do you think Nancy has pictures of a certain son of a newly elected president on that lap top and the people who now have it will use it against her.

  7. I am tired of hearing this kind of thing and then no action on the information! If all these scum are the traitors we think they are then quit talking about it, and DO SOMETHING!

    • Been to war! Don’t want that! Cause when it starts to many brainwashed innocents would get hurt! Usually the not that bright Democrats would throw under the bus! Just the top will do just fine! A life of embarrassment and jail would be far better! Then you could write then a nasty letter and laugh when ever you wanted!

  8. How much longer do we have to wait for these people to be charged with all the terrible things they’ve done to our government we’re tired of waiting they need to be cast out and what they’re doing to this president Our people president it’s a sin how must he and his family feel after all the good they did and they cared what these people are doing it’s a sin I feel sorry for them for in the end the truth will come out but if they don’t repent they will burn forever in hell GodHave pity on their souls

    • Have pity: Here is your error in speaking, sir… According to the KJV Bible, God would/ will NEVER forgive anyone who is not a biblical, REAL, Christian, sorry. So, what exactly is a Christian? One definition: “A follower or imitator of Christ.” Simple. If a person with an average I.Q. who can read or listen to the Gospel [Matthew, Mark, Luke or John– and throw in the book of Romans, please] — they can and will learn most everything that Jesus taught while He was on earth, and he/she has an honest, pure heart full of love for Christ, all they have to do is ASK Jesus to come into their hearts, to help them practice true Christianity as best they can. Christians are NOT perfect, and they will remain sinners until they either die or get Raptured, but they are Christians who will eventually be in Heaven. Hope this helps a little. –Disabled Vietnam Veteran: 68-70. –Tommy S

    • all the good Trump and his family did huh? Like pretend COVID-19 was a democratic hoax, and then after weeks of that finally admitting that it was a thing, but that it would miraculously go away, 15 infected down to nobody in a month? Now 400,000 Americans dead, and yoou have the balls to say in ignorance what he and his family did good for this country? How about have him reunite the 600+ families his derelict policies seperated from fking children in cages at the border? It’s disgusting man, and I don’t know what is wrong with people nowadays to see the truth for what it is. What-about-ism’s aint gonna work either. So glad this president lost the election bc another 4 yrs of crazy and division aint what this country needs.

  9. I find it disturbing that hill sold our secrets, made intelligence gathering way more difficult and suspect, sold our uranium, left men behind in Benghazi, perhaps helped our enemy ambush our SEAL team; obomination was prez at all his father never having been a citizen, you can keep your doctor, lois lerner, brennan, comey, cia, fbi, doj, supreme court, reps dems – many if not all should be in jail instead of endless investigations

    • Deb, All those traitors and nasty, greedy oinks will certainly pay for their crimes– if not now, then surely ‘latter.’

  10. I pray that these evil people are arrested and tried for there acts against the American people. Thank you President Trump for what you are trying to do for our country. I pray for you daily.

  11. I hear all of these stories. When are we going to get the truth.
    Hannity with one of his news reports. Asian lady who worked the the health organizations who knows who started the china virus. What happen. End of story.
    News reporter in state of Washington who saw the city get destroyed, took pictures of the people who did it. Same reporter went to the other city, I believe it was Chicago, took pictures, saw the same people who were in Washington and stayed at the saw high class hotel he was at. Where`s the investigation. What happen. End of story.
    The Russian story where they found evidence of Hilary Clinton giving the OK to start these stories. What happen to the evidence. What happen. End of story.
    Biden son (and Pelosi son) making deals with China (over 1.5 billon dollars), Russia(over 3.5 million dollars), Iran, Iraq, Romanians and any one else who give money to Biden Sr. for his campaign. Because they didn`t want to deal with President Trump. And that guy who turned Biden down. Didn`t what to work with them. And Biden Jr computers (2). What happen. End of story.
    Now we have Pelosi`s computer. Will we have the truth.
    I don`t have much faith in our FBI, CIA and the rest of them. To much corruption in these organizations. They been bought over. I guess it is true. Money is power.
    There is no truth. We will never the truth. There is no God. And everything is going to hell.
    And no one will every read this. Because will no longer have freedom of speech.

    • You are right. This is so very clear! You are right!!! WHERE IS THE STORY?! WHERE IS THE TRUTH?!! “Let the truth be told or the Heaven’s fall!” The late, great Jim Garrison out of New Orleans. LET THE TRUTH BE TOLD OR THE HEAVEN’S FALL!!

    • How in the world can someone say, ‘there is no God,’ and then talk about hell …duh? Actually the definition of a “fool” according to the KJV Bible is: ‘Someone who says there is no God !’ Go check the oil in your vehicle to see if you are not a few quarts low, buddy, and then don’t be afraid to read a few good books…Ha!

    • There is a God and he will stand behind us if we have faith. It takes time to get things done, and it has to be the right time. When they have Trumps trial, they will play his speech and everyone will hear there was no violence in it. What will Pelosi do then? She did this on his speech. Trump loves his country and his followers . He has faith and does pray. We need to pray for God to help us.

  12. I can HEAR that old HAG Pelosi CACKLE in PANIC as her HIGH CRIMES and MISDEMEANERS are discovered on her LAPTOP. Impound her BROOM! . . . She is a FLIGHT RISK. One Enlightened And LAUGHING Patriot. Team Trump and His Allies 2020.

  13. Okay then, start publishing everything contained therein! Let everyone see for themselves what a communist conspiracy at the highest levels of government really looks like!

  14. Occasionally yiu hear of a great action and this time Pelosi’s laptop is seized.

    President Trump should not loose one moment with declassifying documents exposing corruption.

    I don’t know when folks on the Right are going to realise that democrats are not stupid, they have proven to be smart, they just stole an election. Yes they are crooked too and smart as well.

  15. Please don’t give the Americans the run around as we need to get to the bottom of the truth as the Dumborats have staged all this. We need the TRUTH be told cuz we know Trump done no wrong. We Americans have every right to stand and defend Trump against those evils especially Nancy’s lies.
    Now they are demanding for COVID tests for the Dems due to the protest at capital??? Seems like she’s getting away again by blaming the protesters when she demanded the others show up and vote for her! She’s going too far with her lies and finger pointings. Time the Swamp is drained before it goes toooooo far. Americans ain’t blind to all those TREASONS that stole from us!

  16. TAKE THEM ALL DOWN NOW. TRUMP WON THE ELECTION BY A LAND SLIDE. CORRUPT/EVIL SCUMBAG DEMONCRAPS. There is so much evidence with FRAUD out there. The election & the senate seats. Why are they DESTROYING EVIDENCE??????? THEY MUST HAVE A LOT TO HIDE👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻…

  17. I fully believe that the devil is costing all things that’s happening we need to pray hard that God will stop Biden and all the democrats and that before the 20th of January that Trump will be our President and that Biden, Harris and all the democrats will be thrown out of Washington and put in prison. So please Christians pray hard that this will happen Thank you God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit

  18. TAKE THE CORRUPT/EVIL SEWER GUTTER TRASH D O W N NOW.👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻……

  19. There was a picture not of the FL guy with the podium.
    There was also a guy identified as having left a quarter for a letter removed from np’s desk along with a laptop supposedly containing on meeting schedules, he seemed quite at ease sitting in her chair.

  20. Perhaps there is sufficient incriminating evidence on “one of Pelosi’s staff member’s” laptop to initiate charges of sedition on the old bith – Pelosi. It would be oh, so poetic justice to see Pelosi and her gang of worthless, corrupt Democrat cronies be on the list of defendants. I applaud the “Special Forces” who took the computer. Little did they know that they have done our Nation tremendous gratification to have some input to Pelosi’s plan to takeover the Nation by hook or crook. I only hope that the data is sufficient to put the entire bunch of worthless Democrat bastards behind bars. Let the world know how sneaky and illegal the Democrat Party operates to “govern our Nation.” When I was younger, I used to hunt rattlesnakes, but I can see many of them got away free and are now deceitful, corrupt, Democrats.

  21. This info has been on the internet for several days. Nanny Peloser is freaking up as are many others in the District of Corruption swamp. Its time for Trump to expose all these Globalist traitors. Something big could be coming down before Jan 20th.

  22. I surely hope with all I am that he implements the insurrection act. This stealing of the election cannot be allowed to stand. The patriots I know are ready at the local level. Our president has given the corrupt government every opportunity to come clean and they have now shown us just how evil they are. I hope all of them are tried in military courts, found guilty of treason and hanged daily at Fort Leavenworth. No mercy should be shown. No country club prisons. Freeze their assets and give all that money back to the people and pay down the national debt.

    • My suggestion: 75 million voted for Trump (not including those who’s ballots were destroyed). If we ALL just went on strike, how long before the govt would shut down?

  23. Praying for truth be revealed
    Praying for Trump
    May God reveal the evil ones that are trying to remove God from a nation that was formed One Nation Under God
    May this nation always remain under God
    So sorry to see Pence turn on the President
    I thought Pence was a Christian
    Wanting to see the truth revealed
    Thought Pence was. Warrior for God
    Sad that he chose to turn his back on our nation

    • Some times the Devil is real sweet and kind. The Devil goes to church just like the Christian do. It made me real sad because I like him. I was hoping he would run as President. Why do you think he turned on Trump.

  24. How ignorant is of the CommieNews , Dems & turncoat Republicans to even suggest Trump incited a riot. He did not, we’ve all heard what he said. That was the last chance to get some evidence out in the proceedings & our folks were there to support it, not stop it? Crazy not to laugh at blaming it on Trump or his supporters. Antifa was there all the many things we know & see on video. Trump supporters pointing Antifa out on the inside & the outside, trying to stop them in a few cases. Just consider if a few people wearing MAGA hats are deemed to really be supporters that did damage, that doesn’t fly. Say, if a small number of bad actors in our crowd went beserk, we all condemn them as Trump does. They can wear that hat & say they are supporters but that’s just infiltration. Ruin the last shot at those hearings but what? You’re a real supporters. Stupid. You silence us & censor our sources yet call us like the propaganda minister of Nazi Germany? Did we censor them? IT’s their usual tactic. Nobody buys it but their left wing Koolaid drinking sheep don’t know what the Nazi’s even did & probably think Palmist is how to pronounce Psalmist. A Palmist must be a palm reader, huh?

    • The blue-shirted lefty NAZIS do NOT need FAUX”proof” OR “truth”!!!…They INVENT FAUX “crimes” to DESTROY their enemies….and this means YOU!!…..

  25. Gross prevarication, abject hypocrisy, and a propensity toward total rejection of the Constitution and Bill of Rights are the identifying characteristics of Democrats and other “woke” progressives of this day and age. With each new revelation of Marxist/Democrat mendacity, the dawn of judicial retribution draws ever closer.

  26. A counter coup would make me one happy camper! But please, dont give us false hope. Nancy and company need to be in a military prison!!!

  27. Yes I do support President Trump. The majority of people at the Capitol did not go inside and some were intentionally let inside by Capitol police per videos.

    It is not clear to me as an American why the riots, burning, looting and killing of the last summer- participated in by our new VP by the way are “peaceful protests “ and the Capitol protest was a riot?

    This appears to be a double standard. While I fully support our men and women in Blue, even some that are active have questioned the use of force to kill Ashley Babbitt. I am so sorry for her family.

  28. If the above I’d true then we are in a whole different situation. I can’t sleep to the rightness or wrongness of this action, I believe she needs to be checked!

  29. El Chapo II in USA
    The judges are guilty they ignored us they could prevented
    The traitors finally removed the masks
    Pence sand others sold us for 13 coins
    The clowns dress with suit in the White House 2021 and trying to play a role of corruption corruption fraud corruption and crime
    Please do not talk about of Democracy in USA when we have a fraud corruption election, first fixed it then let’s pronounce the word Democracy in USA

  30. Make it public…..wanna bet there some inciting of violence on it?….lets start the impeachment of aunt esther and pressley…the hoe….you loons are a special breed!!!…Americans are not stupid!!

  31. The judges are guilty they ignored us ; they could it prevented.
    Pence sold us for 13 coins, finally he remove the mask .
    We must keep strong body , mind and soul to continue walking toward integrity for our country

  32. General McInereney is a hero and a throwback to a military commander that learned the first lesson in the military well you don’t disrespect the commander and chief in this case he’s talking about the President of the US . Mciernery is a straight up no nonsense guy and can spot a coup or a coordinated attempt to overthrow the commander and chief easily and in the case of the resistance from the minute Trump took office and the severity of the attacks on him and his cabinet are easy to figure out for an older general well seasoned in deception and tactical dissinformation . He shed lite on the artificial intel the retired general McCrystal is using on our President and how the ex CIA head Brennan has tried to create a hornets nest of traps with fake info to our President and others in his addministration . I hope that there is some there is some very incriminating video or messaging on this missing laptop enough to turn this fake attempt to oust our elected President so that someone with a spine can start a proper deep state investigation into this most dangerous coup and election deception .

    • Thank you – excellent point . And by way President Trump speech did not incite the crowd ! Look at the timeline of when the people were walking away. Many had left and he was still speaking. The front runners had already gone to the capital building. It’s difficult to understand how people blame him for it. He asked people to be peaceful in his speech. I believe the people were overwhelmed because the election was clearly stolen using machines that were raised with Santiago software. When you can clearly see on the TV screen vote speed give it to one candidate exactly in the same amount to another candidate, you can’t fool the American people that much!

  33. President Trump did win the 2020 election.
    We love him because he loves us, the American people.
    These evil forces are intent on destroying our country, our constitution, our religion and our independent way of life.
    May their souls burn in hell for eternity.

  34. I really hope this is true. This country and the planet is doomed if these traitors are allowed to take control. This impresses me as being a big operation over a matter of years and all those who participated need to be indicted, tried and behind bars. They should be tried in a military court not civilian court. The civilian citizens are to uninformed to understand what has been going on.

    • Brian, you’re right but for one thing. They don’t belong behind bars, they belong in a coffin under the ground.

  35. I would like to say that the Chickens have come Home to Roost! All of the Speaker of the Houses Dirty Laundry will be exposed and all the World will see what the mind of deceptive evil person is thinking.
    GOD will expose the EVIL, IF YOU ASK WHY, because HE is a HOLY GOD. Praise GOD!Lloyd

  36. Yes. He is the best President we have ever had. The Democrats are vicious and dangerous. Everyone including Obama and the Clintons should be held accountable. President Trump should be receiving the re-election. Nancy Pelosi and all the traitors should be in jail. Trump needs to receive the election. Prosecute the media (jail) and big tech. Arrest the Biden’s!!!

    • Go to where there is group of pastors and seers that have said that Joe Biden will not be inaugurated, and that Pres. Trump will remain our President for 4 more years, mainly because God loves him and wants him to run His land. Very interesting! Some new information about the Dominion machines has been given to Mike Pompeo last week. Pres. Trump is our President until Jan. 20 and I think he should keep fighting!

  37. I have seen a ton of things saying that the crooks are going to get nailed and so far nothing. I hope that this is real this time.

  38. I only hope she had all this crap on her laptop snd it exposed her To high treason snd the vile bitch gets hind. Just shag that lying rotten crazy woman deserved. She has certainly lost her mind and should have all her authority taken away from her. She is not stable and belongs in d mental institution.


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