Tommy Robinson Goes Into Exile In Light Of Arson Attack; Check Out Who He Suspects Is Responsible

(Tea Party 247) – By now it should be clear that folks who are involved in Black Lives Matter and Antifa are dangerous individuals — most of them anyway — who are hellbent on leveraging violence and rioting to try and force folks into bending to their political agenda.

This is what sane people call terrorism, but with political correctness running rampant and so many individuals terrified to speak up and say the truth, no one will call it like it is. Then again, maybe brave people who do want to stand up and say something can’t because they fear for the safety of their families, not desiring what happened to Tommy Robinson to happen to them.

Apparently, Robinson has been driven into exile after an arson attack endangered the life and health of his children and his wife. As you can imagine, the radical left terrorists are all thrilled about this outcome.

Here’s more from Breitbart:

No country should give Tommy Robinson refuge. Period. Payback time for inciting hate against all those who sought refuge in UK from persecution/war/economic oppression. He runs to an European country which would’ve been easier to settle in if not for #Brexit. Can’t make it up.

Wait, so Tommy Robinson is a refugee now? Also, does he realise Spain is filled with all those foreigner types he’s not too keen on? What next? Katie Hopkins moving to Dubai?

I find all this nastiness utterly inexcusable. Certainly, Tommy Robinson is a man who divides public opinion. But anyone who considers it funny or a form of poetic justice that his family home has been firebombed and that he has been forced into exile is sick in the head.

Robinson is currently taking refuge in Spain.

In a statement on Parler he said that he did not think the arson attack on his wife’s property had anything to do with his track record of outspoken views on Islam. (Robinson first rose to prominence leading protests against the organised Muslim rape gangs preying on mostly underage white and Sikh girls in inner-city Britain).

“It wasn’t Muslims that done this,” he said. “It was after all the BLM stuff. I think I know who it was…”

He said that the threat to his family made it impossible for him to go on living in the UK. “My wife has had enough of everything.” They are currently staying at the home of a well-wisher but are now in search of somewhere permanent.

In a subsequent Parler statement, Robinson expressed his disappointment at the way the attack and its aftermath had been reported in the mainstream media, which implied that he had invited the arson assault because he had disparaged Black Lives Matter.

So I leave the UK to keep my family safe and the press refer to my rant about BLM. The inference will always be that by disliking a violent revolutionary marxist ideology cloaked in race and race-baiting is the same as hating black people.

I never “ranted” about any hate for anyone based on their skin colour, I ranted about a violent Marxist ideology at the very core of BLM leadership.

BLM Marxist activists and ANTIFA defaced the Churchill statue, they desecrated the cenotaph, they tried to burn the Union Jack flag.

Had Churchill not won the war then there would be no BLM movement here in the UK, there would be no black people living in the UK. The UK would be 100% white and we would be slaves to Hitler. I’m not sure all the BLM/ANTIFA activists care for such historical facts.

BLM leadership do not represent all black people, they represent Marxist totalitarian aggression and anarchy.

Criticising the ideology that guides BLM isn’t racism, it is a revolutionary act.

If the radical leftists would stop being so hateful for a moment and reactionary, a cursory glance at Robinson’s latest posts on Parler would help prove that he is not, in fact, a racist. One post praises a black sports coach for railing against the divisiveness that results from playing identity politics. Yet another expresses sympathy for Bernell Trammell. Trammell was a black supporter of President Trump who was murdered in Milwaukee.

Of course, this means the left would have to do actual research to verify their claims and given that many in the BLM movement and Antifa are allergic to doing work, that’s probably not going to happen. They’ll just make baseless assertions and riot and loot instead. Because hey, why not? Since they are on the left they can get away with it. If anyone tries to stop them they can just call them a racist.

Robinson’s real crime, as I have argued before, is to be white, working-class and outspoken on issues like immigration, sexual abuse by Muslim gangs and the dangers posed by the radical left. If he were a licensed middle-class commentator in what little is left of the conservative media he might just have got away with it. But because he’s a working-class lad, handy with his fists, not afraid to get into a fight, unpolished, impulsive, with a string of minor criminal convictions, the political and media Establishment find it easy to belittle him and demonise him.

There’s also little doubt that the support he commands from white working-class communities across Britain renders him a threat to the liberal-left Establishment’s hegemony. The MSM, doing the Establishment’s bidding, gives him a relentlessly bad press – even though many of the injustices he has bravely stood up against happen to be injustices keenly felt by the country at large. The so-called Muslim ‘grooming gangs’ — child-rape gangs, if you’re not using the official terminology — are one example of this. The aggression and destructiveness of the hard-left Black Lives Matter is another. Tommy Robinson says what many people think privately. Unlike many, though, he’s not afraid to express it publicly.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly why he’s hated so deeply. Sad, isn’t it? Being hated for calling out evil. The Bible condemns people who call evil good and good evil. Perhaps those in the progressive movement should crack open the Good Book and give it a quick scan?

Probably help them not be so nutty.



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  5. Racism will never disappear because those who accuse others of racism are themselves practicing a form of racism. The oppressed become the oppressors in the Marxist strategy. Socialists driving the wedge between ordinary citizens are fomenting the discontent wherever they can.

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  7. What are government administrative and legal bodies doing about the decay of democracy and freedom in democratic societies. Britain like Italy are very old societies whose glorious histories we read about in books. The sad decline of these old civilisations is that they no longer care about the decaying fabric that is dedtroying their nations.
    Today calling someone ‘racist’ stops them in their tracks, whether it’s the man in the street or President or Prime Minister. It is the best and most effective missile of the Left.

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  10. Freedom of speech, but some speech is freer than others. There have always been bullies, but bullies masquerading under the name of tolerance just doesn’t make sense. It’s sad when the righteous need protection.

  11. White people have to stop apologizing every time they are called racist in an attempt to shut them up. Never do the accusers of racism give any proof of racism instead their reasoning goes something like this:
    X criticized the poor soccer passing skills of Y
    Y is black
    Therefore X is racist

    What this does is it allows real racism to pass undetected. The worst racism is the racism of low expectations and being given (instead of earning) a ‘pass’. This is one of those undetected forms of racism that masquerades as ‘concern’ or ‘caring’ or ‘making amends for past transgressions’.

    Dr. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X fought for equal opportunity, not equal outcomes. James Brown sang, “I don’t want nobody to give me nothing. Just open the door and I’ll get it myself”.

    Have black people produced a dumber and lazier generation than the one who came to maturity in the 60’s and who had sentiments of working hard when opportunity was presented to them?

    I don’t think so. We are all socialized into laziness and miseducated into dumbness. Look instead to the educational system that has become infested with marxist ideologues who are mis-educating both black and white children in order to produce shock troops for their societal takeover.

    The CCP virus is another horse that is being ridden by iseologues intent upon putting us all under their thumb. It is being used to produce a cashless society where the self appointed rulers can keep us all firmly under their thumbs. Get out of line and your social security is no longer valid, your bank balance goes to zero, your bank cards no longer work and are confiscated and chewed up by any ATM you put them in, your birth certificate disappears out of the depository in which it is kept AND YOU LITERALLY BECOME A NON PERSON.

    Don’t think it’s possible? Keep being stupid and you will find out for sure.

  12. Give ‘em HELL, Tommy Robinson! The truth sometimes hurts (so WTF!), but that doesn’t make it any less the truth! There are two distinct categories of FOOLS, those who self-identify with Antifa and BLM, and those who support and encourage them (Democrats, the MSM, Holyweird, etc.)! It’s tragic that the fools so vastly outnumber the wiser heads, but hope always exists that RIGHT will prevail in the end!

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