This Reporter Just Asked The Question About Antifa-Ties In Congress That We Need To Have Answered

(Tea Party 247) – This week, patriots everywhere collectively cheered the announcement from President Donald Trump that the radical, far-left group Antifa would be designated as a domestic terrorist group.

This is an excellent move on the part of Trump.

Ever since he was running for office, the ironically incredibly fascist “Antifa,” which is supposed to mean “antifascist,” has been raging their own little civil war against peace, justice, and the American way.

The group operates like a terrorist group. It recruits like a terrorist group. It trains like a terrorist group. It makes threats like a terrorist group.

They openly and unapologetically denounce the rule of law in this nation and justify their violence in the name of “combating hate.”

Which is really incredibly sick and twisted, considering they attack peaceful, law-abiding people physically for merely using words.

That’s right–their philosophy is that you can use violence to combat “hate speech” because they claim that “hate speech is violence.”

Now, not only is that absolutely insane and completely morally baseless, but it also makes one wonder as to why Antifa justifies destroying private businesses in the name of George Floyd.

What did Starbucks, Target, or black-owned businesses in Minneapolis ever do to Floyd, one wonders?

Anyway, Trump’s designation that Antifda is, indeed, a terrorist group will allow the federal government to use the full weight of its intelligence and law enforcement resources to investigate and charge Antifa criminals for their crimes.

However, we must remember that several prominent Democrat politicians have openly expressed support for Antifa…which means they now have openly expressed support for a terrorist group.

Hamas is in good company.

On Monday, One America News Network’s White House reporter, Chanel Rion, posed a very important question to White House Press Secretary, Kayleigh McEnany.

Will the White House investigate members of Congress who are funding or tied to Anfia.

Chanel Rion: Kayleigh, is it possible that DC will be placed under Martial Law in order to protect these national monuments from further destruction? And second under the Civil Rights Act of 1968 will this administration investigate either members of Congress or political organizations who are funding or who are tied to the Antifa movement?


  1. Bottom line, Democrats want to take over our nation and control anything and everything anyone does , including taking your hard earned money. It’s ALL about control and when they are not in control they will do ANYTHING to destroy this nation, yes including sponsoring Antifa. Let’s face it America…Democrats ARE terrorists !

  2. When will Trump get serious and have George Soros investigated into his backing of Antifa and other anti-American hate groups? Also investigate Soros’ ties of his Media Matters and the dozens of media reporters and journalists he “buys” off?

    • Nothing will be solved in this country til he is stopped. We all know that but his ties to some in Washington keep this from happening and they like his money.

    • George Soros is Socialist that should be physically removed from the USA, all his assists here money, homes everything should be confiscated and frozen for the damage he committed by backing hate groups and Terrorist and his ass shipped out of the USA and back to where he came from and let those people deal with him.

  3. They are the brown shirts of the democrat party. They are fascist. Reminds me of Germany in the late 30s. The fact the we do not teach history in schools Leads to history repeating itself. Remember the Nazi party were national socialist. The hated communist because they were in their political space. We go this road and we will have a fascist dictator and a collapsed economy. A collapsed economy is the short run objective of the left. Bankrupt America. Cause hyperinflation. And then takeover at ballot box.

  4. You are showing some US Legal Responsibility, Ms. or Mrs. McEnany, something that #44 = Mr. Barry or is it Barack Hussein Soetoro’s Alias Soebarkah’s Alias Dunham’s Alias Obama’s two Administration’s Never Addressed, And Truly Should Have, When He Happened To Be Elected To The US White House! After three or almost 4 years now, that “We The Legal Citizens/People And Legal Immigrants Of The United States Of America”, truly needs to Lower The Ball Pin Hammer on these Ruthless, Dangerous, Deadly Violent And Destructive HATE FILLED AND FUELED ANTIFA DOMESTIC TERRORIST THUGS AND THEIR RICH HANDLERS IN THE USA’S GOVERNMENT!


  5. Soros was a NAZI in his youth helping them collect the valuables of the Jews as they were taken. He said
    well, I did not see anything wrong with it and someone had to do it. He funds over 200 anti American groups
    and should be charged as they arrest the Antifa members and gather evidence. He gives out money to the
    recruits and for big events like the recent assault. They call it Soros money. He is one of Satan’s workhorses. It may have to go to the Supreme Court with the dam democrats filing a motion to block it before much action con happen, but maybe not. They tried to stop him from building the wall and lost. Prayer and faith in our good people will save the day, but there are many traitors in government that should be weeded out.

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  7. As a terrorist organization ANTIFA needs to be dealt with as such. Dealt with as any other organized terrorist group that meets out harm against We the People, no bargaining just swift and final results. Seek out and terminate without prejudice the heads of the serpent.


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    • He should be. Soros, like ANTIFA has openly sworn his desire to see the United States lose its power in the world.

    • France charged Soros as acrimibal years ago. Why does the USA continue to Molly-coddle him? Is it because he owns too many of the rich & powerful leaders who give their enslaved petty criminals immunity by Soros funding of DAs and other justice officials who tie law enforcement’s hands from preserving law & order in this country so that Soros can continue his evil one world order that he will rule despotically???

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  11. If members of Congress continue to support by funding, words, or actions Domestic Terror Groups, they should be charged under the Rico act to get at the head which is indoctrinating our young people with hate. Members of the corrupt press who lie and incite riots could be the first candidates for Federal Prison. Along with them would be members of the Senate and Congress.

  12. Could someone PLEASE tell that reporter in the black face mask to COVER HIS NOSE as well as his mouth?! What stupidity there seems to be among the reporters at the White House briefings! Perhaps even better, he might want to use DUCT TAPE on his mouth!!

    STALIN. PEOPLE WHO VOTE DEMOCRAT BETTER WAKE UP AN SEE THE EVIL OF THIS PARTY. No one is safe and they will use any means even murder like Floyd to promote hate and racism. This tragedy happened in a Completely Controlled Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party State & City Government. Just think what this evil party will do if they have full control of our country. They are using and paying KKK, Black lives only matter, Antifa ( Anti Free America) And any other group to riot, loot & kill. They even have Communist Entertainers promoting Hate, Racism and Violence. How many more innocent lives are going to be lost because of what one Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat police officer did under Democrat Party Rule.

  14. Unknowingly, you, Tea Party fools, are playing the Antifa game. In the first place, you still believe that there are two political parties in the U.S., while evidence indicates that the both Republicans and Democrats are the two sides of the same corrupt, traitorous coin. Secondly, you still believe that your beloved Trump is on your side. as the saying goes, there is no more blind than the one who doesn’t want to see.

    • Stuff it Pancho you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about must be one of Piglosi ‘ s goats .

    • Forget about most Repugs and Democraps. Years ago many in Congress sold themselves out to the New World Order gang(Globalists) of the Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, Committee of 300, Club of Rome and dozens of other private clubs of the ruling elite money masters and manipulators. What we have is the “Global Tyranny Party.

  15. I agree that Antifa is a terrorist organization. FBI should start picking them up along with George Soros, detain and interrogate each member using conventional methods, and get to the truth. Obama should be the first one they interrogate!

  16. Who are their allies in Congress? Start with the anti-American “squad” then almost anyone with a (D) after their name.

    • I believe the mess has been educated from pre-school on thru college, where they really get educated, in all things communistic. Many Professors in college brainwash their students, IMO.

  17. ANTIFA are duplicates of the Brown Shirts who were the police for the Nazi party in the 1920-1930’s. Read their purpose on the internet. IDENTICAL to modern day ANTIFA. The ‘party’ today is the Progressive Democratic Party. Their funding will be released soon. Just before that happens watch for Democrats who verbally supported them to suddenly anti-ANTIFA.

    • You are right; the Brown Shirts were also known as Storm Troopers since they were part if “Sturm Abteilung” (literally, “Storm Department”). They didn’t wear masks either. “Progressive” is another term that I am learning to hate because of its connection to Socialism/Communism. The Progressive Party was founded by hard core Communists who surrounded themselves with dreamy-eyed Liberals.

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    • Julia, find another site on which to advertise. One you pay for, not sneak in and rob the space of a site not intended for what you are doing.

  19. Just designating Antifa as a terrorist group is not enough, they are more than just a minor nuisance. They must be recognized as the well funded, well organized, well trained, and affiliated with international enemies organization they actually are. They are more than a nuisance, they are a major threat as much as Leon Trotsky’s revolutionary goon squads or Hitler’s Brown Shirts.

    One America News just showed video and reported on Central American extremists taking part in one U.S. demonstration, flying their organizations flag. When arrested, they were found to be carrying “a large amount of cash” on their person.

    What was a local issue, the unfortunate death of an arrest resisting criminal suspect, with prior arrests, was seized upon as “a crisis too good to let go to waste” and has gone international by the forces of evil to incite revolution.
    Not only has it been used to incite insurrection across America, it is opening the door to justify another lockdown/shutdown due to another fabricated Covid outbreak scare which could result in an economic collapse we have barely avoided so far and fuel more and bigger unrest. Lives ruined by economic hardship are ripe for Socialist led revolution who are experts at utilizing people as ( in their own term ) “useful idiots”.

    This nation as a free sovereign country and our freedom is in more danger at this time than ever before.

    • “They must be recognized as the well funded, well organized, well trained, and affiliated with international enemies organization they actually are”
      True – they should be investigated in the same way that organized crime enterprises are.


  21. Our GREAT PRESIDENT ~ DONALD J. TRUMP ~ is, like he promised, DRAINING THE SWAMP!
    Promises made ~ Promises kept!
    Vote as if your life depends on it ~ cuz IT DOES! TRUMP AND PENCE 2020!
    Keep, keeping America GREAT!

    • There are some ugly creatures in that swamp. Some new and some old species. Some gone forgotten. Some that refuse to go away.

    • IMO, the news organizations are part of it. Blind sheep just follow along, believing everything that is said by them, thinking it’s truth. CNN is awful when it comes to finding any truth, MSDNC is another, and the major networks also. ABC, NBC, CBS. Some of the major networks have actually staged incidents to make it look like news. I think the latest was a covid-19 testing site, which wasn’t a testing site at all.

  22. Anyone that is trying to violently overthrow the government is committing TREASON. If convicted the punishment is HANGING

  23. George Soros completely funds all Antifa groups across the USA, so this should give the “Department of Justice” the incentive to investigate, arrest, and prosecute George Soros for financing terrorists. George Soros also funds the Democrats in Congress that aid and abet Antifa, but those politicians don’t give out money, they only collect it. It’s George Soros that does all the funding, for anyone who is trying to destroy the USA, the American people’s heritage of a free enterprise and capitalist society, in favor of a change to socialism and communism, which is today’s Democrat Party goal.

    • George Soros is the King of evil, chaos and mayhem. He is trying to change the fabric of our Country and He’s not even from our Country. I don’t like to curse or wish anything bad to happen to a Person, but Soros should DROP DEAD.
      Who do you think is responsible for planting pallets of bricks in different Cities to cause more mayhem, hurt and kill the Police and others?
      He should be well investigated, through the years of His businesses and exactly who He is connected with. I despise this Monster!!!

    • Yes! Let’s go after George Soros. I have never understood how someone who immigrated to this country and made all that money would want to work against America. It’s never made any sense. Let’s investigate him and see what we can learn. BTW great photo in this article with the black hooded Antifa thug in front of flames.

    • Must go after Soros and cut the head off the snake. Actually he is alike a hydra with his horrid head in many places: Funding BLM, Antifa, The Iranian Government and where there is evil in the world Soros is there promoting it. He needs to be detained in Switzerland (where he was recently giving a speech anyway) and turned over to Romania or the US through extradition. The Romanians want him for Crimes Against Humanity–a capital crime.

    • Not bad idea. I love hunting…🤣😜 Can I be qualified getting license ether…?🤔🤣

    • Actually it is past time to question ANTIFIA, and other supposedly NON PROFITS that are sponsored by Soros and all his ties to Congress members. Soros is also behind all the State Attorney General radical elections and it would be interesting to know and more importantly stop his financing of all these anti American organizations.

      Don’t take me wrong, I am all for peaceful protests regardless of their concerns, but when you consider the goals of the new Democrats ” You can’t let a good Crisis go to waste”, it is just feeding these nuts. It looks to me like the two are related? The Democratic Congress takes advantage of the Crisis, Democrat states take advantage of the Crisis, the so called news media takes advantage of the Crisis, and organizations FINANCED by Soros like ANTIFIA, Black lives matter, and others take advantage of a Crisis as well.

    • The DemComs beat you to this idea. They made a movie not long ago, I think release was delayed. It is about hunting down Republican. Not even veiled very much at all. I don’t know who wins in the end but I had assumed the Left did it….whoever did it, I hope the pro Constitution folks kick their asses & take back the reigns. Somebody on here probably knows the movie, tell us, please. It might seem a little like the Hunger Games.

  24. Have any interest in having your interests, property that has been worked for, personal safety of family and self? Then the current forces of destruction interfering in those items needs to be dealt with. NOW. You kick my door in you should be aware that you will be carried out upon it.

  25. Why can’t you arrest the supporters of the terrorist? Celebs, people in Congress, etc for help funding them. They should be held accountable for people being killed, businesses destroyed, setting fire to homes with children in them. BURN DOWN THE HIGH AND MIGHTY CELEBS along with the house speaker residences. The filthy SCUMBAGS. May KARMA BE SERVED.

    • Thank you for speaking the truth! This is exactly what is going on & they are the people who are responsible for murdering, terrorizing, funding evil.

    • I bet with sitting President it would be hardly anybody to escape justice. It would be the only matter when and how! Promices made promises done and without, God forbid, Armageddon or a civil war! Hope any sick brainwashed monkey selfkillers got not Dambama message: ‘If we decler war against Islamic terrorists it will them doing more recrutting…🙀🙈, but a real Commander and Chiff who can’t be fooled by any shit or crap and he don’t care about anything except peace and prosperity for every one American, even the one who still sick with TDS. I’m sure what I’m saying Trump meaning: You can’t be upset on somebody sick one since in common sence you must be a doctor…🤣😜 it why I’m personally continue being doctor father for my own intellectually and culturally sick to kids now 40 and 45 years old even after 23 years, just recently I’m calling them Nazi…😪.


  27. ALL the politicians who support ANTIFA should be thrown out of office and charged with supporting terrorism.

  28. Please do and while you’re at it cease their assets and use it to pay for the damages antifia and blm has caused.

    • Whether antifa members are black or white, they are all losers. This malignent evil needs to be eliminated ASAP to preserve the majority of Americans love for our country. If they arent dealt with in a swift and harshmanner, this group will get bolder as it attracts more and more losers to its philosophy.

  29. We the People see what the Democrats are promoting, violence,looting,fires,riots,shootings.If they continue,We will Quell this Lawlessness. We are ready,willing and able. HG Wells said* it takes rough men to do violence to those who would do harm to you and your family”( Keep poking the tiger!

  30. Antifa is now officially a domestic terrorist organization! It always was, if the truth be known! Now that President Trump has made it official, Antifa should be thoroughly investigated and prosecuted where evidence justifies prosecution, and as for being a terrorist organization, should be treated accordingly!

    • I will guarantee you that there are Democrats in congress who are supporters of Antifa! Antifa is like the Brown Shirts of Nazi Germany,and that is the kind of control of the people that the Dems want!

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