This New Amazon Show’s Premise Concerning White People In MAGA Hats Is Well Beyond Disturbing

(Tea Party 247) – If you happen to be someone on the right, you’re probably used to being called a “Nazi” by our gloriously awesome friends on the left. That is, after all, the only word they seem capable of tossing out when they realize they can’t actually defend their horrific worldview when facts are used to dismantle their beliefs.

Hollywood seems to be the worst offender when it comes to labeling conservatives Nazis, as is clearly illustrated by a brand new Amazon Prime television series that has white folks in MAGA hats being hunted down as awful, horrible racists.

Horrible, right?

Here’s more from Summit News:

A new Amazon Prime show starring Al Pacino features a group of “diverse” vigilantes who hunt down and kill “Nazis,” some of whom are depicted wearing red MAGA-style hats.

Called Hunters, the trailer for the show, which is set in New York in 1977, is dominated by Pacino’s character, a Nazi-hunting Jewish ringleader named Meyer Offerman who justifies the killings by asserting, “This is not murder, This is mitzvah.”

“For eons, people like us have been degraded and exterminated. But no more,” says Pacino as images of Jews and black people are shown.

The clips featured in the trailer portray numerous acts of violence against the “Nazis,” including stabbings, a woman being punched in the face and a car containing the victims being blown up.

According to People, the vigilante group, described as “diverse,” discovers that “hundreds of escaped Nazis are living in America” and then “set out on a bloody quest for revenge and justice.”

The plot of the show appears to bear numerous similarities to Jason Blum’s The Hunt, a horror movie that centered around a group of liberals who hunt down red state conservatives.

The release of The Hunt was postponed following criticism from President Trump and the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton.

Remember back in the day when movies had to have their themes woven into the subtext of a film instead of blasted in your face with sanctimonious preaching like it is today?

This show is nothing more than propaganda designed to shame Trump followers and anyone who might not dare to think the same way liberals think. It also belittles the actual Holocaust and the horrors of the real Nazis who almost wiped out an entire people group.

It’s shameful this is the kind of terrible tripe Hollywood produces these days. Liberalism truly does ruin everything.



  1. I wish our WWII vets were still alive and in good shape. They wouldn’t stand for this crap. Us boomers have caused this mess but we’re such pussies we won’t stand up and fight back. Just roll over and say please give me MORE.

  2. You’re all a bunch of snowflakes. Oh woe is me, my political party wears red (so did the Nazis) and my president is racist (so was Hitler) and he divided the country and claimed the news is false (also Hitler) but why they got to bash my opinions and ideals… Oh wah . I mean… If the shoe fits. Quit trying to put blame elsewhere and just fess up already. This show is exploring the facts that exist right now and if you are all going to be little cupcake snowflake princesses and deny and cry and blame Democrats, then just shut up. Dumb deaf and blind little snowflake republicans. Geez. Candyasses.

  3. I’m 72 years old and I have remembered what my Father said about what would happen if Socialist ran this Great country! There would be another Civil War, Only this one will be for our Survival! KEEP AMERICA GREAT!!

  4. You might find a few shitty people on the right. Now get off of fake news and look for videos on YouTube showing awful racist people at Trump Rallies or whatever. Then search any anti Trump protests, antifa, pro abortion marches, slut walks, anti 2 amendment or women’s march and see how people treat others with opposing views on either side. It’s an eye-opener. This is why so many have switched.

  5. The actors portraying the “hunted” might as well start waiting tables now, their careers are over. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot……

  6. I find this HILARIOUS. First off the “magnanimous” liberals are hunting conservatives? Roflmfas.
    Let’s forget the fact that they’re all anti gun in the first place but then reality kicks them in thre face when they realize that any liberal setting foot within 10 ft of a conservative’s home making any threats such as this would probably be met in a hail of gun fire, making any threat they posed a not point before they utter their first words. This is absolutely the most hysterical concept in earth.
    Hollywood elites remind me of the old Roman elites. They think they’re superior, but the fact that they lie for a living and don’t really have a clue as to who they are is very reminiscent of the inbreeding elites have done for centuries.

    Hey Hollywood; you’re still not woke no matter how much you claim to be. Go back to day dreaming of being the hulk or captain marvel because that’s the only time you’ll even come close to being anything other than a bunch of over paid losers whos opinion matters less than that of a chimpanzee’s

    • Let’s take a look. Nazi is a socialist based on race. Socialists are leftists. Therefore Nazis are leftists? Something smells funny………..

      Help me here…………

  7. Amazon would rather go the way of the wretched rabid left and push their sick hate upon the rest of us. Well it seems Jeff Bezos is ok with watching his company go down in flames to appease the socialists, and some mentally disturbed puppets will commit a violent act again an innocent bystander. What does that say about how psychotic our society is?

  8. This is why I’m no longer a Democrat I switch to the Republican Party a few months ago and I can’t believe what they’re doing over there it’s not like they used to be something bad has changed over there and if we end up having to bear arms against each other again so be it I know that we didn’t start it but by God will be the ones who will end it.

    • The radical squad , and their views are destroying our country! Polosi has no strength to control her people !

    • Facts? Please cite your evidence. All I hear is someone who is brainwashed. I thought the left was tolerant, and stood up against discrimination, hate, and violence. Today it seems like that’s all the left is selling.

    • You sure are loose with that word, facts. What facts do you have, beside what you’ve been spoon-fed by the media? I’ve seen worse behavior by Democrats than I will ever see from Republicans. I’ve never in my life seen such hate-filled people as there are now. It’s shameful to treat people badly just because you can. I am white and 63 years old, and for the first time in my life, a young black female refused to take my order at a fast food place. She just acted like I wasn’t there. Did I start trouble? No. I left, if my business isn’t appreciated, hey, I can go where it will be appreciated. Did I tell everyone I knew about it, hell yes, I did. This is the way of the Democrats of today, pretty sad, pretty disgusting, pretty pathetic, pretty racist.

  9. amazon is NOT your friend, it is DESTROYING a sizeable segment of our society, mainly SMALL BUSINESSES that are the backbone of our Country, DITCH amazon, NOW would be GREAT!

  10. Amazing that so many liberals want to kill off Israel. And elemate guns, kill free speech. History told me that is what Hitler was doing!

  11. Wow! It’s just a movie for entertainment purposes only. Don’t take to heart. I watch bank robbery movies but that doesn’t mean I’m going to rob a bank.

    • Not by a normal person, but if seen enough times a week person will try it. That is what makes stuff like it dangerous.

  12. I’ve been saying it for a few years now that Netflix is racist and politically bias and if this dont resonate it then nothing will. Time to boycott netflix and I hope some hackers get to nutflix and costs then a great deal of money as they seem to forget that America made you Great! Now we will make you not! And as far as libtards hunting patriotic gun toting Americans?…..lmao….BRING THAT RUCKUS!

  13. I am very disturbed at this trash being on our air ways. To think I can be judged as Nazi for what I wear. It is clear these people need to be educated as to the crimes the Nazi’s did to all peoples. Yes all the people’s they judged as crimals. Anyone who disagreed with their agenda to become the Master Race. Sad Hitler wanted blond headed blues to rule the world. If you were a woman of German blond hair, blue eyed you were forced to get.pregnant by one of the men Hitler considered good breeding, like live stock. Please do not show you ignorance of history by labeling some one. That was what Hitler, was doing all peoples. He sent the elderly to the front to fight, which would be certain death, one way or the other.

    • Some people will do anything for money. He could find him involved as the target of the haters. He may not fit the chosen profile.
      Remember, the Germans gave up their freedom of expression gradually. Hitler was going to save them. Once the Germans figured out, Hitler was not their Savior. They had given up their rights. Remember, Hitler convinced them they needed to give up their guns and freedoms, to allow the German government solve their problems. If you do not believe me, go to” You Tube” and watch some of the survivors tell their stories. If they have not been taken down. Then there are books. Hitler got reid of unacceptable books and educated. The Germans were of the elites, educated,and intelligent of the world. The great scientist were forced to work on the government. At the end of the war. The scientist were divided by the victors of the war.

  14. Since people in Hollywood like to portray themselves as these Nazi hunters maybe the American people should start hunting them down as they are the real Nazis the real communist the real destroyers of freedom always hiding behind words to mask their demonically evil agenda.

    • Hollywood has been the source of liberal/Nazi propaganda for decades. Governmental oversight is desperately needed in the industry.

  15. First of all I am not white and I am sure I am not a Nazi . I am an American who believes the MAGA hat represents MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN ! I also believe that Democrats want to sell out America and make our country another third world country . Democrats must have made some serious promises to some very wealthy people to change our country, and when Hillary lost it all went up in smoke. So now Democrats must do what ever they can to make sure Trump does not get the chance for a 2nd term . And then Democrats can take control of our country and lead America to it’s destruction!

  16. I can’t believe that you idiots actually created this stupid series. I thought you had cancelled it when you were shown how ignorant it is to call those who oppose Nazi’s as Nazi’s. That is about the most ignorant premise for a series that I can think of. Why not depict people who live in Hollywood as Nazi’s, that would be a lot more accurate. After all, they are the ones who oppose speech that is offensive to them as hate speech. Sounds really fascist to me.

  17. Robert Deniro – worst Frankenstein monster EVER! Al Pacino – “scar face” scumbag. That is art imitating life. They both SUCK! As for Amazon, they just earned the top spot on my boycott list.

    • Definatly…never watch Amazon prime Again, or shop Amazon again…their ignorance is only proceeded by their ignorance… same for Hollywood ‘s so called elite…I’m boycotting all of them.. they want to talk about conservatives spreading hate they may want to look in the mirror…

  18. Hollyweird SUCKS!!!!! Pure Rubbish and Propaganda. I am sick and tired of their Constant Gas Lighting!!!! That is all they know. No creativity. No tolerance…even though they propose to have it. No mercy. No compassion. Just pure Satanic Garbage!!!!!

    • Trump is preventing them from selling our country down the river and destroying our sovereignty.

      That is WHY they hate him and us!!!

  19. The funny thing is that Nazis were left wingers, National Socialists; many of whom migrated from the Communist parties because they saw that the National Socialists were more popular. The Nazis were anti democratic, collectivist, ”green” and profoundly anti capitalism.

    • Yes, yes…..back in the 30’s when they made the switcheroo they were facetiously referred to as the beefstakers…..brown on the outside and red on the inside………as there isn’t a dime worth of difference between a commie and a fascist/national socialist!!

  20. What’s so hypocritical is the fact that conservatives protect ones like the Jewish state! Hollywood is hell bent in trying to turn the tables as they always do when it’s clearly pointed out that they are the dividers of this country! Then the tripe of a show had to go the extra step in use of the MAGA hat which not only is used to shame but to bring focus for the haters on conservatives. Glad I don’t subscribe to Amazon. Shit like this is what continues the division of the US and will push toward another civil war. Notice how DemoRats don’t say anything? They want division and war! Pathetic party of all time!

    • The next civil war will be interesting.

      The commies mostly live in the 10 biggest metropolitan areas.

      They grow no food, have very littler fresh drinking water, hate guns, either work for the government pushing paper or are on welfare, and mostly are afraid of their own shadows, BUT, are very self righteous!!

      Yesserie, it will be very interesting!!

      I kind of wonder what kind of odds the Vegas odds makers are giving them??

    • Look at the biggest group of America and Trump haters in our government such as Nadler, Schumer, Schiff etc. They are all Jews.

  21. If the premise of this show was to hunt down Communist dressed like Antifa the show would never be seen anywhere. Screw Hollywood and Pacino, all of them are nothing more than leftist Communist. This show should be boycotted along with Amazon Prime for putting this trash out there.

  22. The radicals are Nazi’s, justifying all of their crimes by liberalism. In such a conflict, who do you think will win? The patriots and gun owners, or the perverts and atheists?

    • Yeah, their inference is that if you work for a living and provide for your wife and kids and love America you’re a [email protected]!!!

      Makes a lot of sense, I guess, if you have a degree in Sociology from State U., or possible in gender studies!!

  23. Too bad things have come to this. FYI – the Russians have always wanted to start a revolution in America by weaponizing the liberals and criminals.

  24. why is it that washed up actors turn to television they can’t get movie parts any more. this is the same type of movie netflix was going to put on their channel. it’s funny how the left loves to call conservatives racist, bigots, and a host of other names when they are the ones doing the hating, or racist and bigots. they need to take the blinders off and look in the mirror and see themselves for what they are.

    • Oh, come on, in their opinion these libs aren’t racists when they say that people of color are too dumb to make decisions for themselves and need all kinds of government assistance, handouts and the like. Even requiring them to carry a voter ID is racist, as far as these libs, who are mostly white, are concerned.

      Anybody pointing the hypocrisy of these proposed policies is then charge as a racist.

      Sorry, that BS doesn’t pass my smell test for racism. They are the racists and they need to called out as such!!

    • Guess what. I’m a dem. I grew up in the Midwest on a farm, got a master’s degree in education, believe in some socialist ideas, believe in human rights, and I’ll bet my left kidney I have more guns than you, and I’m more than ready to use them if necessary. This show is just bringing light to the racism that does exist. The division of country that does exist. The belief that the news is wrong and almighty racist Trump is right that does exist. Quit being a little cupcake snowflake and just admit what’s really happening. Quit the denial. Own your red nazi-like ideals and quit blaming Dems.

  25. Some actors I previously watched I can no longer patronize. Al Pacino and Robert Dinero I will no longer spend a second of my time wasting on them.

  26. Very sad to see a supposedly good company lower itself to the level of pulling excrement out of the Hollywood cesspool! Beginning of the end indeed.

  27. Not watching this trash but we did watch a Head Full of Honey yesterday. Decent movie in general (even though it got awful reviews) but they just had to preach when an ex-pat in Italy said he left the US because of the idiot (or something like that) we elected as President. If the movie had come out in 2008-2012, I’d agree with him, but this was a 2018 movie so we all know to whom he was referring. Fortunately, that was it, one comment, back to the script.

  28. So true acting like Nazi’s hypocrites the best thing to do is not to watch this crap and I hope the company goes out of business won’t be missed 😤

  29. Amazon’s CEO was right when he predicts the demise of his company. They are leaning hard LEFT! It is hard to understand Chick-Fla-A, and Amazon Prime intentionally destroying their customer base. Forest Gump was right. “Stupid is, as Stupid Does”.

  30. It is obvious that hollywood is a liberal bastion. Thus they can portray their fantasy as truth, and not worry about fallout. The most amazing thing is that they are acting like Nazi’s while denigrating Nazi’s!!!


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