This Masked Home Invader Picked The Wrong House…

(Tea Party 247) – There is something that do-gooder gun-grab supporting voters completely don’t get about gun ownership.

That is, aside from the fact that they’re supporting something that violates the very core of our constitutional rights.

No, the same people who think that the guns of law-abiding citizens should be taken away won’t think twice before calling the police when they themselves are in need of protection, policemen who have firearms.

These same people wouldn’t think twice about robbing a bank because banks have armed guards.

These same people adore celebrities who virtue signal their support for gun control while being protected by private armed security.

All these people have faith that prisoners will stay in prison and that criminals should be locked up in the first place all because they’re kept there with firearms.

And yet they think that people who are smart enough to understand how guns work and what they’re used for shouldn’t own guns to defend themselves at home because of crazed psychopaths who usually don’t even purchase their guns legally.

But time and time again, these smart, self-reliant law-abiding gun owners remind criminals exactly why it’s important to be armed.

Maybe if some of these gun-grabbers found themselves needing to defend their own lives, they’d feel differently about their support of unconstitutional gun laws.

Breitbart reports:

A masked home invasion suspect was shot dead by a Benton Township, Michigan, homeowner Wednesday night.

WKZO reports that two masked suspects allegedly entered an apartment around 11:30 p.m. and “ordered residents to get down.”

An armed resident then emerged from a bedroom, shooting one of the suspects in the chest and fatally wounding him.

Fox 17 reports that one of the intruders was allegedly armed, and exchanged shots with the resident.

There were “three adult males, one adult female, and three children” in the apartment when the suspects entered. None of the occupants were harmed.

The deceased suspect was identified as 23-year-old Dante Long of Benton Harbor. The second suspect was able to flee the scene.


  1. The assault on guns by the Left is by design but not for reasons everyone assumes . The puppets of the One World Order financed by the World Establishment , Soros , the military armament complex and the EU elites don’t care about the small arms -handguns and rifles in the hands of the population. Obama set the foundation of the future Socialist/Communist World Empire by decapitating the command of the US Armed Forces. He replaced over 200 general officers, armed over 85 government agencies and at the same time sic the judiciary on the police . The goal is to create a reason for martial law , deposing of POTUS and VP and installing a temporary authority under the auspices of UN to give it a legitimacy.
    China and the rest of Asia are not going to play that game. Neither is Russia. However China, Japan and South Korea can be squeezed economically by denying them the markets. China is susceptible to disintegrating into dozens of independent regions the way the Soviet Union was. Without American and European markets Korea and Japan are screwed. So far that’s the plan. Will it work out? No matter the outcome, we are in for a load of suffering.
    All that so that the F-n Elites can be an absolute Masters.
    In the mean time they will protect the criminal elements, put you in prison for defending your life and family, brainwash your kids, have their minions the AntiFa, BLM, the collegiate mafia and the corrupted Media make your life as miserable as possible, trying to cower you into submission. Where is the American Patriot when we need him desperately.

    • Hmm? Not too many Christians would name their son after the DEVIL! And Benton Harbor does have a large minority population. Too bad all criminals don’t pick the wrong home or business to rob. We would have a lot safer country.

  2. Our for-fathers could foresee the need for individuals to protect themselves, not only from intruders but from a governing body who sought to take control of our country.

  3. Love it! Among my small circle of friends, there are three who have protected themselves or others by simply having and displaying a firearm. In each case, no shoes were fired because the perps declined the offer. Firearms mere presence sometimes bring peace.

    • I live in NYS, not NYC, where “brandishing” seems a bigger crime than robbery, but my semi-annual break-ins stopped after posting Pro-2A/ Pro-Constitution signs.

  4. Guess what? No more crimes for him. Tough Break. I am not shedding any tears over him. The home owner should receive an award for his bravery. AMEN

  5. I sure hope they catch the second suspect. Maybe he’ll think twice about robbing people after seeing his friend stopped dead in his tracks. Glad the victims are okay. I’m sure this story would have a very different ending if the victims hadn’t been armed. Thank goodness they were.

  6. In some areas the police are 30 minutes or more away. In a more rural area or less desirable area where the police are very busy people need to protect themselves. I fully support law abiding citizens having firearms to protect themselves from those that don’t care about or follow the laws.


  8. Good!!! Glad someone was armed and shot the guy dead. If you enter someone’s home with ill will intent, then you deserve to pay the price….immediately. Edie you cause harm.

  9. Story lacks content. The dirt bags had a reason for picking that apartment after 11:00 at night. Sorry, but sounds like drug dealer remorse.

  10. Unarmed subjects are much easier to fore in train box cars that Citizens who ARE armed, and actively and purposely DEFEND THEMSELVES against the devil.

    I can’t believe how utterly simple this entire issue IS… The Left wants to disarm every single last American Citizen, morphing us into “subjects”, unarmed, complacent, drones that do exactly what we are told to do by our government. Their thirst and hunger for power and dominance is bewildering. They don’t even care anymore that they are as obvious as they are anymore.

    THey need to be removed from their Seats and Offices. PERIOD! They need to be INVESTIGATED and BROUGHT TO JUSTICE. We the People DESERVE at least that.

    • No… …liberals do NOT want to “disarm all citizens” … this is a LIE told by the all hallowed Fox “News”.
      It’s a lie. Grow up and stop believing everything you hear.

    • Know it All didn’t hear that bozo of a leftist candidate say hell yes we will take your guns? Or the rino who threatened to nuke legal gun owners who did not surrender their guns? I’ll tell you what, you disarm every last criminal first, then we’ll talk.

  11. Great and thanks. You did what was right and saved the tax payers thousands on keeping him out of prison where he could have learned more criminal activities.
    Thank you and God Bless you for protecting your home and family.

  12. Competant home owner with gun vs bad guy with gun…how many times does this have to occur to wake up these libratards to the real actual facts of the REAL WORLD!!! Who knows what the out come would have been if the resident who was armed had called the police instead of protecting himself and the other residents. Who knows what the actual response time for law enforcement would have been? My guess is it would have been too late to save anyone if the intention of the bad guys was to eliminate any witnesses! This is NOT the fault of the local police/sheriff. Facts are that most agencies are under staffed and have an awful lot of calls for service. It’s up to us to protect our selves in our own homes! If my life or my family’s lives aren’t important enough for me to protect why should I expect others to do it for me. Our Constitution protects that right!!!

  13. The criminals don’t have to follow rules,but the victims of crime do. This is the opposite of what justice should be. Same thing in the military service. The good guys hands are bound by rules of engagement,while the enemy runs amok on us. I see a very disturbing trend toward of hatred,and disrespect to our law enforcement officers,and it makes me sick! EVERYONEhas the right to DEFEND THEMSELVES!

  14. Thank God for the 2nd Amendment. In this case it may have saved seven innocent lives. If you vote Democrat you are a dummy. And there is no cure for stupidity. When you are stupid the pain if only felt by others.

  15. The only problem here is, that La-DonTre’s family will end up suing the shooter in an expensive ‘Wrongful Death’ action. In fact, the perp that ran away will probably join in with the suit, claiming PTSD from facing an armed homeowner and having to run to a ‘safe place’. While their suit(s) will obviously be dismissed (if the details in the story are correct), the homeowner/renter will still face legal bills as he will be forced to hire an attorney to represent him in the case.
    For all legal gun owners, take a few minutes and join the NRA (and no, this is NOT a paid political announcement). They have a VERY reasonable legal liability offering for just such occasions.
    Think this doesn’t happen all the time? Think again, because it DOES.


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