The Truth About The “Impossible Burger” They Don’t Want You To Know

(Tea Party 247) – As if we need another reason not to touch the “Impossible Whopper” with a ten-foot pole, it turns out the “burger” contains 18 million times more estrogen than a regular burger. One veterinarian, James Stangle, has spoken out about this insanity claiming that men will grow breasts if they decide to eat the burger-alternative. Naturally, the Washington Post is trying to refute this claim despite science being in favor of it.

Summit News reports:

The Washington Post published an entire article denying a claim by a veterinarian that Burger King’s new estrogen-packed vegan ‘Impossible Whopper’ could make men grow breasts if they eat too many.

According to James Stangle, a doctor of veterinary medicine in South Dakota, the soy-based Impossible Whopper contains 18 million times more estrogen than the original beef Whopper.

That works out at 44 milligrams of estrogen in the vegan burger compared to just 2.5 nanograms in the original beef Whopper.

“Just six glasses of soy milk per day has enough estrogen to grow boobs on a male,” wrote Stangle.

The Post tried to debunk his claims by pointing out that Tri-State Livestock News, where his article was published, is “a trade publication for the livestock industry” and represents cattle ranchers who have “declared war” on Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat, two of the biggest companies behind plant-based meat substitutes.

The science on whether substantial soy consumption feminizes men is still disputed, although given what many soy enthusiasts look and sound like, there appears to be a strong correlation.

A Texas man who complained of sore, enlarged breasts and a decreased libido was later found to have estrogen levels eight times higher than normal, a result explained by his over-consumption of soy milk.

Another 2008 study found that “men who ate the most soy had lower sperm concentration.”

Soy is loaded with estrogen and this appears to be well-proven to cause men to become effeminate. If the “Impossible Burger” has 18 million times the amount of estrogen as a regular burger, any man who values his man card should steer very, very clear. Not to mention, it’s a pretend burger. We’ll just let that speak for itself.

This is just another attempt from the left to turn men into women. If they can’t convince all men to either be gay or transgender, they’ll just get estrogen into the food supply and help men along. It’s all part of the grand plan to “smash the patriarchy” which is why the Post is trying to debunk this very factual statement made by Stangle.

It’s disturbing to imagine what the rest of the food at fast food chains is doing to our bodies. We have got to be more vigilant when it comes to what we put in our bodies. There is a master plan at play here in America to undermine all values and morals that were once respected and reverenced in this country.

The family unit is the target of the insane left. There is nothing they won’t do to accomplish the destruction of it.


  1. Assuming that this is all true. I had done a lot of similar research on dog feed ingredients and the effects on male and female . So I am real familiar with estrogen added to diets by many foods. It may explain how the food chain is effecting the growth stages of adolescents evolving into she- males. Men do have estrogen just not as much as females and it is essential for them as males. Maybe those he- shes grew up in families that did not get balanced diets either . LOL Crazy hipster fad diets of vegans not eating meats turning their kids into *****’s Maybe these guys stumbled onto something ?. .

  2. crock of schitt… Don’t enjoy anything the left is preparing up for us..!!. they do want all males to be faggs so they can easily dominate us.. FIGHT BACK EAT RED MEAT..!! DONATE THAT CRAP TO THE FOOD PROGRAMS FOR THE LEFTISTS & 1 WORLD..

  3. Cutting through all the crap, why would anyone want to pay three bucks more to get a fake burger? I’ll take Whataburger any day over the fake.

  4. More sick ways that a corrupt government
    & corrupt corporations are working hand-in-hand to push their leftist agenda of making men more like women so they can dominate male virility, their thought process is to berate males , it’s a proven fact vegans lack minerals & nutrients and are very sickly after following their beliefs for years , but this is how the government takes control people by working through corporations my answer to this is I resist anything that even sounds like it could be turned into a conspiracy and that is how the government operates 100% conspiracies against its people people ,you have to be smart do your homework don’t be an uneducated ill-informed liberal and expect everyone else to follow fake news people like sheep.. I have to go now my steak is ready to take off the grill

  5. Vegans are idiots anyways if it weren’t for meat we wouldn’t be as smart as we are now, meat is and will always be better then straight vegetables

  6. The government is trying to turn all men into gentle soy boys that wouldn’t think of protecting their families or themselves. The end run around the 2nd Amendment.

  7. For the record, I tried the “impossible burger.” It was mushy, bland and boring. Rather than tasting like a real hamburger, it tasted more like someone fried a burger and poured the leftover fat on a salad.
    I don’t understand the Vegan obsession with needing plants look like meat. Just eat plants that look like plants. Stop lying to yourselves.

  8. I get tickled when people use Asians as a reason to eat Soy. Yes, they eat it but they eat pork, chicken, beef and fish. By that reasoning, no one should be Vegan because we wouldn’t be like the Asians.
    Soy does contain phyto estrogen and it does affect us, especially when we eat an all plant diet.
    Humans are omnivores and omnivores eat meat and plants. Balance them out and remember you should eat to live, not live to eat.

    • Yes, a Balance. Not good to eat only meat. And it is not neccesary to eat all plants.
      It is healthy and fun to have a variety and have a balanced diet.


  10. I do eat at home. That is way I am wondering WHERE do they serve this “Impossible Burger”? I’ve never heard of it. Is it from multiple places or just one? I would be interested in one, but I want to know where it comes from. I am a female who is not endowed as much, only barely, so I might not mind trying one & seeing the after effects. So if you could tell me where this “Impossible Burger” is made, I would appreciate it. Thank you.

  11. Its phytoestrogen not estrogen. Phytoestrogen is produced by plants and has no known active effects on the human body. Claims it causes breasts in men are not remotely accurate.

    For those wondering where this article came from, a PR company on behalf of cow farmers started this crazy rumor. It’s litterally american farmers fighting with each other to make more money.

    Impossible burgers if you haven’t tried them taste good. Health wise they are not better for you than a burger primarily due to sodium content, but when did you ever think a burger was health food.

    Enjoy the taste of a veggie burger that still tastes like a burger every now and again instead of a normal beef burger and do a small part to reduce your impact on our planet.

    • Lol. Another fool going to save the planet. Cow farmer, Thats hilarious. You can not put enough chemicals in soy beans to make them like meat or taste like meat because there not meat and should not be fraudulently labeled or sold as meat.

  12. I eat at home all the time, so have NO idea if this Impossible Burger is for real. If it is, who makes it? I am a female, but one could hardly tell it I am so underly endowed. I might go out & hope to get the after effects you speak of. Otherwise I am fine bodywise, healthy & married. I have no desire to be a man. Nor am I muscular as was one of my co workers at a desk job (Computer programmer). I wouldn’t be surprised if she changed into a man via transgender. I was GLAD to get away from her 30 years ago. Butif you know where this “Impossible Burger” is made, I would appreciate finding out. Thank you!

  13. Lol so funny everyone believes this quack.

    Phytoestrogen is NOT estrogen. Cows are not steer, does that mean they have more estrogen, they are predominately females were all eating. The funny thing is your getting more animal estrogen from actual meat since phytoestrogen actually doesn’t do what estrogen does in the human body, but blocks that receptor and instead increases testosterone, theres a new documentary on netflix that proves with science a plant based diet makes you a real man, giggity. These silly haters cant get it up, that includes profits too!!

  14. Naw ! I’ll wait until the start selling genetically engineered “meat” that it’s grows itself on a lab slab and then is cut up into burgers. Question though – when does it stop growing on it’s own ???? I understand some of the commercial thinking, but really ? I really want to be a carnivore eating artificial meat. What next ? Artificial veggies and then Soulant Green – sorry mis-spelled but also as real as the meat.

  15. Unable to tell if this article is satire or just another unprofessional, uneducated anti-vegan rant?! If the latter then get a job already you hack!
    Maybe you should ask for your ‘normal’ whopper to be served in tinfoil so you get a free hat kiddo!

  16. Eat the cleanest freshest meat you can find. What’s in meat is essential nutrients and vitamins…I shoot a deer almost every year.. that’s some of the best meat right there..I want my salad a bowl..with vinegar and oil

    • OK, smartass go out and eat an impossible burger two times a week for a few months and we’ll see who needs to wear the tin foil hat. In other words, put your money where your mouth is!!!

    • Does that make your grass digest better? Why do you care what other people eat. The only thing not right, calling plants meat.

  17. The “Impossible Burger” from BK is BS – I wouldn’t TOUCH it with a 10 FOOT pole! When the Lord in Genesis said to eat meat in Genesis, He did NOT have a soy burger in mind. Keep Your “Veggie Burger” to YOURSELF. . . I don’t need a high voice nor “moobs”. I like my MANHOOD. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

    • Wow! You are part of the problem! Educate yourself first before commenting. You even had time to think about that drivel before hitting the send button yet you still pushed it! Again…wow!

  18. I could believe accusations of Leftist Malice, but another problem is the things they add while trying to disguise veggies as Meat.
    If you just eat good vegetables as a regular part of your diet, you can enjoy the heck out of eating. I eat far less meat than I did as a 20-year-old. Whatever the Merits of the arguments for vegetarian diet, you’re “helping save the planet” just by eating a little less animal protein.

    In Silicon Valley, I worked at an arcade game manufacturer w a cafeteria. They always had veggie burgers available. I liked’em – mushrooms & bulgur wheat & spices. I always asked for 2 strips of bacon. That was to aggravate the lectury hoiler-than-thou Vegan next to me in line.

  19. Time for me to unsubscribe from this river of BS.

    This James Stangle who apparently stirred up the entire kerfuffle at hand has zero expertise or credentials as a nutritionist or dietician. Look him up with a search engine; he has no achievements that qualify him to spew his absurd gibberish.

    He cites no authority. He presents no studies or research.

    This site is constantly making utterly bogus claims with no attribution or corroboration.

    London’s The Daily Mail, addressing the controversy, cites a New York University nutrition professor as follows:

    According to (the professor), the best thing to do is look at cultures who have historically consumed soy products.

    She said: ‘Asians have been eating soy products for millennia and don’t seem to be any the worse for it. They have among the longest lifespans and best health, at least in classic diets.’

    ‘There is a special concern about . . . men and boys who eat soy products, but again, if you look at populations that eat a lot of soy products, there is no evidence of particular problems. No, they don’t grow breasts.’

    Nutrition Action, a website generated by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, say soy might have gotten a bad rep when a medical journal reported that a 60-year-old Texas man complained of sore, enlarged breasts and decreased libido.

  20. Growing up eating out was a treat not an everyday all day staple. Maybe there is something about that that should be put back in the swing of things.

  21. If you’re worried about what’s in the ingredients of anything on a fast food menu you have no reason eating their food. Also, if you’re concerned about soy, what do think they feed cattle?

  22. i can see you people that say Asians have been eating soy for year’s have never been to Thailand WERE THERE ARE MANY MEN WITH BOOB’S. Also they don’t eat soy every day they eat fish and beef and chicken which vegan don’t …so enjoy your boob’s

  23. Shelley J.; maybe because I’m 85 – I think your comment is right on point! After reading some of the more ridiculous and plainly stupid comments, your hugely sensible comment hits the spot like a good old Sunday dinner!
    Thankfully, I had a lot of those when I was growing up.
    Conspiracy theories are easy to dream up and have been accurate about 1% of the time – about the same as futurists predictions!
    Thanks! I’m going to fix pasture eggs, homemade sausage, bakery bread toasted and non-BHT milk.
    Bon appetit!

  24. I have lived in a vegetarian household for over 40 yrs… my husband was a heart attack waiting to happen, it did plus 3 strokes and finally 5 way by-pass. This was NOT a an overweight lazy dude. Cattle rancher/Rodeo PRCA/truck driver/saddle maker and otherwise normal average guy. The bottom line in ALL THINGS is MODERATION and low fat foods. Soy is NOT a bad thing here, but like everything else….. you overdo.. tsk tsk. Extremes in anything is reckless , the Burger King Impossible burger is a GOOD alternative to high fat content burger meat which IS A CANCER KILLER. jus a thought!!!!!!! Peace and God Bless. We are now in our 80s

    • I seen first hand how they treat animals and it’s pretty bad. So I think you should stop eating something that was a living being at one time.

  25. The beef industry is afraid that people wising up to their mistreatment of animals, horrible environmental impact, and many other downsides, is cutting into their bottom line. So they sponsor junk-science articles such as the one written by Strangle (not a people doctor, a shill vet for the beef industry).

    FYI, i’m sure your anti-vaxxer readership will be thrilled to know that the majority of vaccines in this country are fed to animals meant for human consumption. Mmm, tasty!

    More and more people than ever are seeing right through the “soy causes man-boobs real men eat meat hold on to your testicles boys” fearmongering garbage every day.

  26. Personally, I can cook, and do so pretty well, in my opinion. This fake meat product push makes me wary. At the moment they advertise what they are wanting you to eat, but when do they quit doing that if their goal is to feminize men in this country or world? Add to these concerns is the rare ability to come across women who can cook is a whole other question. Women don’t seem to need men much anymore, They get better opportunities in the workforce, have far better health benefits and perks, and I am of the opinion them most of them feel just fine with the way things have turned their way in today’s society. A sense of humor would be nice as well.

    • You might just be right. There will be no need for men anymore with all these good women. They will need to make their toys with reproductive capabilities in the future, if there is to be a

    • Women will always need men. They are just too stupid and brainwashed to realize it. I for one hate the situation today. Women have lost far more than they have gained.

  27. This isn’t news, this is garbage. No ones trying to turn men into women or trans. Especially not through veggie burgers. If you believe this, you’re an idiot. Asian people have been eating soy for thousands of years. Their men don’t have breasts, and they’re pretty good at reproducing. F this site

  28. Impossible Burger is processed and is therefore not a health food. However, it has no cholesterol and is loaded with fiber unlike beef. That means it is still a far better choice than beef, dairy and eggs which are proven killers. Only a plant based diet is scientifically proven to prevent and reverse heart disease. Soy is proven to be protective against breast cancer. Do the research people, don’t be fooled.

  29. I quit eating junk food months ago like Burger King, McDonald’s,Wendy’s, White Castle,etc, I feel much better physically than I have in months! Stay away from this garbage! I will not eat this vegetarian crap ever!

  30. WTF? Left! We need to get rid of them at any and all costs! The left is Lucifer! And apperently Lucifer will be released in the end days! And that’s right now! Trying to take America’s guns away so they can off all of us like Hitlers NATZI soldiers did to the Jews! They ain’t getting my guns! They will have to pry it from my cold dead hands! And I’m sure I shoot just as good the USA military does! So they can try and come take it!

  31. Where’s the beef? Remember the two old gals complaining on the mysterious missing beef on the Wendy’s commercials.Can say it now and it is real, Where’s the beef Burger King?

  32. IN 1913 the Globalists put their goals downto gain full Global control beginning with breaking down the FAMILY unit by putting the MOM to WORK, just take her out of the house and away from the kids.
    As time went by, the Planned Parenhood MONEY MONSTERS began taking the fetal parts of the aborted babies and putting them into the VACCINE MIX (Making big bucks from the underground demons).
    Soon we saw an outrageous increase in ADD, ADHD, Autism, and low sperm count in our young men.
    Pretty soon the SOY MONSTERS began putting ESTROGEN FOODS on the market to accommodate the VEGANEERS, and then our MEN became SUITS–the estrogen took the HUNK out of many of our men.
    They tried killing off our men with the ONGOING WARS!!! But that was not working fast enough to get the populations MANAGEABLE for World Control by the SATANISTIC ELITES.
    And now what do we see exploding? TRANSGENDERING. No more men to make babies. And “humans” that are so weak that they can no longer see straight and “need to be governed” until the GLOBALISTAS suck them dry. What do we do about it? Stand up for what is true while keeping our HOPE in JESUS for the day that he LIFTS US UP TO HIM before this earth is laid low. (See: Asteroid WORMWOOD 2029)

    • Finally the truth comes out. Thank you for your words. Liberals won’t care you speak facts as one Liberal Presidential candidate recently said, “We believe in Truths over Facts!”.

    • Spot ON, Aletha!! The Cabal is banking on the masses waking up a titch too late to make a difference…! BTW, did anyone notice the new voter registration ppwk in California??? To register as a Republican many counties have EXcluded that category as a choice altogether!! Others make you go through several additional steps just to FIND IT!!

    • Their plan to keep God out of everything unfortunately seems to be working with many people. People are so materialistic that it is money first. The heck with family including kids. No wonder this latest generation is so confused. Yup, the HUNK has disappeared from lots of the men. Intimidated by the women.

  33. This is funny in a sad way. I was wondering just the other day what chemicals they use to make soy and other veggies taste anywhere near a good beef burger. I still am wondering, but now I know about the estrogen in the soy.

    • Exactly. I have a particular liking for Carl’s Jr. Western Bacon burger, but rarely get one a year. If I could duplicate their sauce, I’d never have one. :>P

    • Had a couple Impossible burgers at BK, they were good, and probably would never know the difference between a meat whopper and a non-meat whopper. I didnt get larger breasts! I think eating at any fastfood restaurant daily is putting yourself in grave danger no matter what you eat. You will get larger breasts along with a larger stomach if you eat that garbage fastfood everyday. You are better off not eating any animal, how about eating a salad!

    • I do eat at home. That is way I am wondering WHERE do they serve this “Impossible Burger”? I’ve never heard of it. Is it from multiple places or just one? I would be interested in one, but I want to know where it comes from. I am a female who is not endowed as much, only barely, so I might not mind trying one & seeing the after effects. So if you could tell me where this “Impossible Burger” is made, I would appreciate it. Thank you.

  34. These processed experiments to mimic meat is political. Wean humans from their natural diet and control every aspect of their lives. Soy makes Sissies, meat makes men. Get rid of the men, and the lefties seize control of the world.

  35. I had one “Impossible” burger, and thought it tasted quite good. Then I read this article, and am pretty upset about this. I am taking an estrogen blocker daily, because the breast cancer that I had surgery for last March is the kind of cancer that feeds on estrogen. Wonder how many steps back I took when I ate that burger? Lots of women take an estrogen blocker to try to keep that cancer from coming back. I don’t think one burger will cause my cancer to come back quickly, but that’s a lot of estrogen in one patty, which I will be discussing at my next oncology appointment. Possible lawsuits for Burger King on the horizon?

  36. Just another reason to avoid this putrid tasting concoctions. Tried it twice to make sure I just did not have a bad one the first time. Both were disgustingly terrible and gave me tremendous indigestion …absolutely amazing given the small amount of the unpalatable crap that I ate…)

    • Reminds me of those potato chips that made you shit your pants. Shity pants fad didn’t last long nor will the fake meat fad.

    • That question bothers me too! Fortunately the shelfs on grocery store are full of pork, beef and poultry. Why go for imitations while meat goes bad on grocery stores refrigerators? Trend?… That’s a stupid one. Animals will always be grown and slaughter, no matter how many soy burgers people eat. And on the top of it, you can’t get the proteins and vitamins your body needs from soy! Just ask the Chinese women how happy they are with their counterparts soaking soy sauce at every meal!…


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