The Truth About Operation Paperclip And The Connections The Bush Family Has With Nazis

(Tea Party 247) – The Bush family has a rather sizable and significant fan base within the conservative movement, but anyone who has done their due diligence and actually studied the history of these folks knows this probably shouldn’t be the case, especially when you dig into Operation Paperclip.

George W. Bush’s grandfather participated in this highly controversial program, bringing Nazis from World War II here to America. But that’s not all. George H.W. Bush was also deeply involved in the Central Intelligence Agency and may have helped to lay the foundation of what so many refer to as the New World Order.

DC Clothesline recently penned a piece discussing an event that took place back in February of 2014 at Politics & Prose Bookstore in D.C. where author Annie Jacobsen discussed Operation Paperclip and took questions from the audience:

Jacobsen is the author of Operation Paperclip: The Secret Intelligence Program that Brought Nazi Scientists to America.

The CIA even backs the claims of Jacobsen.

According to the CIA website in a review by Jay Watkins:

As World War II ended, the race was on with the Soviet Union to seize as many German scientists as possible in anticipation of the Cold War. The full story has remained elusive until now. Operation Paperclip, by Annie Jacobsen, provides perhaps the most comprehensive, up-to-date narrative available to the general public. Her book is a detailed and highly readable account of the program.

Jacobsen compiled extensive primary and secondary sources, duly annotated in over 100 pages of notes and bibliography. In it are many new sources, among them US government records (President Clinton’s “Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act”), German archival records, first-person accounts, memoirs, and letters. The book also contains a useful index and biographies of the principal players.

Jacobsen offers a detailed chronology of events related to Operation Paperclip.

Because of its scope and the introduction of so many characters, the narrative could have been improved if the author had focused on a shorter list than the 89 individuals profiled and maintained more topical continuity. Nevertheless, the book is a compelling work with interesting historical and personal revelations, for example:

• One of the most notorious cases of WMD proliferation occurred on 15 May 1945, when the German U-234 submarine, bound for Japan, was captured off Newfoundland by the USS Sutton. The U-boat carried Dr. Heinz Schlicke, Director of Naval Test Fields at Kiel, and the cargo included plans for the Hs293 glider bomb, V-1 glide bomb (forerunner to cruise missiles), V-2 rocket (forerunner to the SCUD missile), Me262 fighter aircraft (the first combat jet fighter), low observable submarine designs, and lead-lined boxes filled with 1,200 lbs. of uranium oxide, a key ingredient of atomic bombs. Schlicke, who claimed to be an electronic warfare expert, became a prisoner at Ft. Meade, MD.

• Sarin was produced at Dyhernfurth (Dyhernfurth later fell into Russian hands). Its name derives from the initials of its developers: Gerhard Schrader and Otto Ambros from the infamous IG Farben chemical company—maker of the killing gases used at concentration camps—and from the names of two German Army officers.

• Schrader tells the story of inventing “tabun,” a nerve agent named after the English word “taboo.” The Germans called it 9/91 and, after their defeat at Stalingrad, seriously considered using it on the Russians.

Henry Wallace, former vice president and secretary of commerce, believed the scientists’ ideas could launch new civilian industries and produce jobs. Indeed, German scientists developed synthetic rubber (used in automobile tires), non-running hosiery, the ear thermometer, electromagnetic tape, and miniaturized electrical components, to name a few.

The following video goes into even greater detail about all of the individuals who were involved with Operation Paperclip and some of the ramifications this program had on future developments in our government.

For anyone who has been a serious student of history and has dug into the CIA, the phrase MKULTRA should be familiar. This is a program that involved the use of LSD on unwitting participants hosted by the CIA that were highly illegal. This experiment actually led to the death of Dr. Frank Olson, a U.S. Army biological weapons researcher. The drug eventually drove him to jump to his death out of the window of a building.

Folks, this same organization exists today and is no doubt involved in some rather nefarious things that we can’t possibly imagine. We have proof Operation Paperclip existed, so it’s not beyond the realm of possibility to envision the sort of nasty things the “intelligence apparatus” in our country might be up to behind closed doors.



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