The Truth About Flu Deaths Vs. COVID-19…What’s Up With This?

(Tea Party 247) – The entire world is experiencing the worst global pandemic in modern history courtesy of the novel coronavirus. Millions of Americans are currently under stay-at-home orders and millions of Americans have been put out of their jobs. We could be spiraling towards an economic recession to rival the Great Depression if our leaders don’t take the appropriate actions now.

Currently, no one should expect normal life to resume until at least May, as President Trump has called for 30 more days of social distancing and self-isolation, taking us to the end of April. We might get back to life as we know it then but only if we can “flatten the curve.”

What is most mind-boggling about the level of panic and hysteria over the coronavirus is that the flu has killed over 80,000 this season and yet society didn’t skip a beat. Life as we know it has been completely upended over the coronavirus that has, so far, killed just over 4,000 people yet the flu kills tens of thousands every year and nobody bats an eye.

A report from Grassfire highlights this enigma:

The CDC’s “Pneumonia and Influenza Mortality Surveillance” website reports that there have been more than 80,000 P&I (pneumonia and influenza) deaths during the current 2019-2020 flu season.

This is far more than is currently being discussed by government leaders or the media. We heard this on a John Hoover video, had trouble believing it, so we went to the CDC website and downloaded the data.

In 2020 alone, there have been nearly 43,000 P&I deaths. And we didn’t shut down society, shelter in place, curl up in the fetal position under our kitchen tables, only wandering out to go to Wal Mart, or Home Depot, or for drive thu [sic] fast food.

And it appears that there was an accelerated outbreak of the flu starting in January, about the time it is likely COVID came into the country. 

Well, isn’t that interesting. People have been dying from the flu for decades, even with a so-called vaccine. Is the solution to the coronavirus crisis simply finding a vaccine? People will still die from the infection just like with the flu. So why the global panic over the coronavirus but not the flu?

Perhaps this is more than just legitimate fear over the coronavirus. Perhaps this entire thing has been orchestrated by powers much greater than we realize. Maybe China? Maybe the Deep State in the US? Whoever it may be, the fact is they are getting a real life look into just how easy it is to take away the freedoms from the people of the freest country in the world.

Not only are people complying with the demands of the government but they are willingly and eagerly surrendering their freedoms. So, if they come out with a coronavirus vaccine, life will likely return to normal despite the fact that people will still die from it. At least this is a good theory and proves that this is much more than just reasonable fear and concern over a virus that the mass majority of people fully recover from.

While most people recover from the virus, will our economy ever recover from this mass hysteria and panic? Only time will tell. One thing is for sure, though, it is imperative to vote for Donald Trump’s reelection in November. Now that the Dems have seen just how easy it is to manipulate the masses, they’re more dangerous now than ever.


  1. I’ve been following politics since about the time Bill Clinton came to power! He was the first in your face liar and then we had some others we had behind the mask of being Republican when they were really global one world order people internally of which the Democrat party really is, or shall I say prostitutes of! I sincerely believe that the prostitutes that being the a.k.a. Democrat communist, and there Pimps the one world order billionaires have much to gain much much to gain here as this was the perfect storm that they created at least thru fear tactics, Which is a way to control crowds when you have the media globally on your side or shall I say controller own? I believe that this is a contrived planned scheduled event to usher in the one world order, make no mistake about it nothing has happened this quick globally at one time. There are people out there or one man that I have heard and it really caught my attention and she said the so called epidemic is not dangerous it’s what the effects of 5G are in there using this pandemic which is nothing more than a case of the flu to promote their demonically evil agenda one world order crashing academies like George Soros did and it’s probably involved in right now. Making a mistake all you have to do follow the money look who has the most to gain! It’s our job to pray and ask God to take care of this mess is with the people don’t have the backbone, To take the bull by the horn’s and address this!

  2. #9. Control factor

    Don’t use cash, it’s full of filth! Use credit and debit
    Cards. Heading for a cashless socialist society? Wake up sheeple, turn off MSM, seek out the truth. The anti American socialist left is out to take complete control.
    What has happened in Venezuela can happen here.
    11B10 Grunt is right on!

  3. Americans are good little sheep. They believe everything they are told and march in lockstep to Jacob Rothschilds government lackeys….

  4. AMERICAN’s are good little sheep. They believe everything they are told and march in lockstep to Jacob Rothschild’s government lackeys…..

  5. I agree with everything you posted above. You will never convince me that this virus’ appearance is simply coincidental at this particular time. This was a planned invasion through Deep State and OWO operatives in my opinion. The fact the WHO was first to call it a pandemic, and not a whisper from the CDC until much later should have been a clue.

    I posted similar to this on a Public FB post and was immediately shot down by folks, most of whom I know are ultra left wing Trump haters and agree with his demise as president, regardless of the mode. We know that left wing zealots in Hollywood and late night television have been praying for someone or something to take him out, so now they have the plague a couple publicly wished for…

    The problem as I see it is this president has very few people he can trust, and in my opinion is being manipulated by the press. Every word he speaks is subject to microscopic inspection and interpretation as deemed by the press and his haters in DC. I’m not saying the virus is not a killer, but in my opinion it has been blown way out of proportion.

    But why would anyone do that? Whatever it takes to take this president out is acceptable to his detractors. Pelosi said not long ago he would not be president next term, and she was quite adamant about that and would not elaborate when asked how she knew. In my opinion, this is simply a last resort effort, before the “take him out” order is given…

  6. to bad Hillary nor Obama have anything to do with the government in 2020,none of this happened when they were for all those years.our government in 2020 is under republican control, so it is thry not Obama responsible for this mess.

  7. Is there ANY common sense to ANY of this?!? . . . just asking – One INQUIRING Patriot. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  8. Once the temperature rises and summer is upon us, the grass and weeds start growing,outdoor recreation potential increases and people are wearing their hot weather garb, this virus attention will likely fade. Nobody will have time for caution and begin acting abnormally, normal again! But sure as the sun will rise in the morning, democrats will hammer away and capitalize on the faults they righteously see in the way our leaders have/did handle the “crisis “!!! Fingers will point and you’ll wish you were such a flawless,perfect,decisive person,leader and dynamo as those attached to said fingers! Regardless of the never ending ridicule and attempted thwarts, President Trump WILL continue to move ahead with bold improvements to the world we live in. I never thought that one man could garner so much attention and affect so many people, even creating an unplanned syndrome!!! TRUMP 2020! I don’t know how he finds the energy and desire to MAGA at his age! I wouldn’t want the B.S. he willingly endures, particularly since he doesn’t need the money! I would be enjoying my beautiful wife and family ! The man is incredible and selfless and makes ME proud to be in the USA even more!!! Investgate till you turn blue and green Schiff, Schumer,Pelosi,Sadler and anyone else who wants to waste some of their tour of earth on badgering your country and our patriots! Just another day and life experience for Mr, T !!!

  9. People can say this however meant to try to control other men and men who want to control the world have no problem blowing things out of proportion and also have no problem killing others to promote their demonically evil agenda and that is a one world order! This is the perfect storm that they are using to create panic and fear is the one who knows if you want to control people you must use fear and pressure. Well the one world order billionaires have done well at this globally and have lead companies comply with this but these are the companies in my opinion that are aligned with the one world order if like I believe they are told if they want to survive they must fall in line! You are close right we don’t miss skip a beat for anything else, but we will let the media control the minds of the people in the falling for this narrative!

    • PV if They have no Problem Killing others to Achieve Their Goal Maybe it is Time to Adopt Their Approach! It’s Not like the World will Miss the Scumbags!

  10. I have been asking that question since this started. Will we go through this again next flu season? Once the Dems see how easy it is to control the people, they will try it again next year.
    I’m not saying this is nothing to be cautious about, just take into perspective the number of people that has been affected by the flu and by the corona virus and how many deaths each have. God be with those who have lost love ones from both. Stand together and be a good neighbor, friend and to other human beings.

  11. There is a major difference in death stats over a six month flu season, and what is now occurring over the last half month. Also, it is new to have a disease with an incubation period in which no symptoms appear, but is being spread by the unwitting carrier. If the government restrictions seem too severe at this point, consider the consequences of not doing so. It is our government’s job to protect the lives of the citizenry first and foremost. This is quite similar to a world war, with the president and congress having powers not permitted during peace-time. The fact that this pandemic is world-wide and spreading like wildfire, should prove the necessity of these measures.

    • It is all still fear mongering. Why are there always outbreaks at election time and why the widespread panic caused by the media just because they do not like this president. There is something more than the virus going on here.

  12. Fauci is a Democrat operative He an Dr Birx cooked this sceam up to over throw Trump in 2020 an that’s the bottom line . No numbers justify this crazy nonsenseIts a hoax

  13. We have all seen the efforts of the socialist power seekers proclaiming to help the lower income though they will suffer the most when they lose even that amount they have and their freedom and the hope they need to allow themselves to improve all of their future possibilities

  14. The panic and scaremongering comes from the media a greater part of the time. This can only be attributed to the conservative wins in two major democracies in the world.

  15. Your ignorance is mind boggling. Yes 80000 or so die every year from the flu virus. That over the course of a year where the flu season is now in the northern hemisphere and the following 6 months in the southern. But the flu victims do not require ICU stays and ventilators. This virus does. There have been close to 60000 deaths from COVID 19…and it has happened over 4 months. And the China, Iran, and Russia numbers are not likely accurate. So this virus is much worse than the flu in terms of deaths and shear magnitude and use of medical supplies and equipment.

    • Hello Donald, I would like to point out that people who die of the flu are every bit as dead as those that die from COVID-19 (SARS COV2), AKA “Coronavirus”. Not all flu victims require ICU and ventilators, just as with COVID-19, though those that die from the flu often do end up in ICU, and frequently on a ventilator.

      The worst modern pandemic was the 1918 “Spanish Flu” which killed between 50-100 MILLION people around the world. The flu still kills tens of thousands of people in the US every year, despite readily available vaccines, (mainly because many people refuse to get vaccinated).

      While it is true that many years the flu vaccine is ineffective against many of the strains of flu that become prevalent that year, (viruses mutate into different strains), being vaccinated frequently makes a difference in the severity of the symptoms. Many people still believe the flu shot will give them the flu. This is not true. While many people will develop mild symptoms as a result of their own immune response to the vaccine, they do not “get the flu from the vaccine”. The flu vaccine injection is not currently made from live flu viruses. (The nasal spray vaccination does use a weakened live virus, and is not suitable for people with depressed immune systems).

      For the record, I am a Registered Nurse, working in an emergency department, and have been a 911 paramedic for nearly 40 years. I have seen my share of epidemics, pandemics, death and dying from every possible cause.

      As I’m in my 60s, have a variety of health conditions, (very few people in my age bracket don’t), I’m among those at higher risk for serious COVID-19 symptoms. I take necessary precautions, but I do the same for flu, and I get vaccinated for flu every year.

    • Donald You just Wait and See When/If They develop a Test that can show if You had the Virus and didn’t even Know it the Numbers Infected to the Numbers that Died Ratio will be Extremely Low and most likely about the exact same as the Seasonal Flu. It seems much Easier to Catch the Corona Virus, but that doesn’t Necessarily Mean it will turn out all that more Deadly in the Long Run than the Flu and could be even Less Deadly in the End.

  16. Does anyone remember the devastation of Y2k. Me either. This is another media hype to try to unseat our president.

  17. Got to retake the House & increase the lead in the Senate. Pelosi & Shumer should be tried for Treason. Along with Schiff, three of the most despicable people ever in Congress.

    • I don’t have an Alexa and don’t care too but your line was so compelling! What did Alexa say?

  18. The essential difference between influenza (a VERY virulent infection) and corona virus is that there are effective VACCINATIONS for influenza, whereas there are not, as yet, for COVID-19. Anyone who is concerned about influenza can get readily available vaccines (often for free) that significantly reduce the risk (by 30%to 80%, depending upon the source). When such protection for corona virus becomes available, we can become more sanguine about it.

    • Sorry but you dreadfully misinformed. The flu vaccine has been time and again to be ineffective, unless of course you call 10% effectiveness successful.

    • Bull. Flu vaccines are continually proven to be highly ineffective. They guess at them every year.
      I haven’t taken a flu shot since I left the military more than a decade ago and haven’t gotten sick yet.
      Most vaccines have so much crap and metals in them anyway. Also the companies that make them are exempt from any liabilities. Don’t trust them…

    • The bottom line is the number of deaths. Regardless of whether or not vaccines are available for the common flu, the bottom line is the common flu is killing 5 times more people than the C-19 virus.

    • dr Pat;
      Why are you having such a hard time admitting Corvid19 IS just another influenza virus? It is, in fact just another mutation of the avian flu virus.

    • I think so, too. And the dems are going to play it as long as possible. NEVER LET A CRISIS GO TO WASTE.

  19. President Obama:
    H1N1 Virus
    U.S. cases: 60.8 MILLION
    u.s. deaths: 12,469
    Panic Level: None

    According to the CDC, the number of flu cases confirmed in the US since September currently stand at 222,552 cases with 22,000 deaths.

    Do you see how the media can manipulate your life? The media is creating an all-out panic. They are destroying small
    businesses, crushing 401 (k)s, and worst yet, terrifying people. They are rooting for recession, destruction, and death. They are the enemy of the people and “ALL OF THEM” must be ERADICATED!!

    Totally agree! The Democrats/Liberals were facing certain defeat in November with the strong economy that Trump had built up but now they are using this panic to destroy that economy and use it to accomplish what three and a half years of investigations couldn’t do, have a chance of ousting President Trump. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the demoRATS China connection didn’t have a hand in getting this Wuhan virus leaked into the public knowing full well it would go worldwide and causing massive problems.

    The biggest argument for socialized medicine is in Italy. Look at the death numbers. They are literally allowing the elderly to die. I’ve heard the Coronavirus referred to as, The Boomer Remover. I guess that means all the Bernie Bro’s are going to have to seek employment. Who’s going to pay the bills? The millennial generation haven’t even been potty trained yet.

    The Obama-Biden Administration set up the White House National Security Council Directorate for Global Health Security and Biodefense to prepare for future pandemics like COVID-19.

    Donald Trump eliminated it — and now we’re paying the price.
    The TRUTH — as explained earlier this week in the Washington Post by former National Security Council official Tim Morrison — is that the office was combined with others in a reorganiztion that “left the biodefense staff unaffected.”


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