The Real Reason Twitter Banned Fox News Host Pete Hegseth Is Disturbing…

(Tea Party 247) – Twitter isn’t even trying to be subtle in their censoring of conservatives anymore. It has been pretty obvious for a while now that those on the right are just not welcome to freely speak on Twitter. Conservatives get banned from the social media platform for simply expressing their views while lunatic leftists are free to spew endless tweets of vile and derogatory diatribe and threats and never even receive so much as a warning. The blatant double standard is clear.

The Big Tech censorship of conservatives is alarming but perhaps even more disturbing is the way Twitter appears to be running defense on behalf of Islamic terrorists.

Fox News host Pete Hegseth was recently suspended from Twitter for posting a screenshot of the manifesto written by the Pensacola naval base shooter, who just so happened to be an Islamic terrorist. The shooter’s own manifesto showed his terroristic motivations for killing three Americans but apparently, it’s a punishable offense to share that with the American people on Twitter.

In the post made by Hegseth he wrote, “The coward posted it just hours before his terrorist attack. This is Islamist terror. No reason to ever mince words. Saudi Arabia must be held to account.”

Every single American should be outraged by this attack just as Hegseth is, yet the folks at Twitter are more concerned with protecting the interests of Muslims, and their hate for America, than they are with ensuring all Americans see the truth about Islamist terrorism.

According to Summit News, Hegseth discovered he was locked out of his account after he posted the screenshot and was informed he could regain access if he deleted the tweet, which he is rightfully refusing to do. It’s complete lunacy that an American reporter has been banned from one of the biggest information sharing platforms in the world for simply sharing the manifesto of a terrorist. The left has the nerve to accuse President Trump of trying to bully and censor the media, what hypocrites!

“I simply posted the words of the terrorist who killed three Americans in a terrorist attack, yet I’m violating the Twitter policy on terrorism and therefore I am banned,” Hegseth explained to Tucker Carlson. It’s completely mind-blowing. It isn’t as if Hegseth was surmising as the motives of the killer, he was posting words written by the terrorist himself.

Hegseth went on to say, he doesn’t normally “play the veteran card” but he has served in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Guantanamo Bay and this gives him a more well-informed perspective on the motivations of Islamic terrorists.

Hegseth addressed the fact that it is incredibly dangerous if we don’t have the right to speak freely on social media platforms saying, “we’re gonna get the false narrative of the PC folks from Silicone Valley every single day of the week. And they banned me, and if they’ll ban me, they’ll ban anybody.”

Carlson pointed out that there are literally thousands of people being banned from Twitter who don’t get access to a platform such as Fox News. Hegseth acknowledged this point, “It’s not the people who have a profile, it’s the thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of Americans who share stuff about radical Islam, which is taboo, who are blocked every single day.”

“Silicon Valley is in bed with defending, under the guise of defending against Islamophobia, anyone who exposes the things that radical Islam is doing. That’s what I ran up against here,” he concluded.

It’s particularly frustrating that Twitter has taken up the position of Islamic defender when there are evidently no restrictions on the disparaging things people are allowed to say about Christianity on their site.

“There’s literally no limit to the things you can say about Christianity or Christians and remain on the platform,” Hegseth noted.

Twitter would rather have Hegseth appear to be an intolerant, hateful, Islamophobic conservative radical than have the American people know the TRUTH about Islamic terrorism and just how much they hate us and want to see us dead.



  2. Get the book “Because They Hate”, this will start your education on islam because you will all have a big surprise when the jihad starts here as it did in Lebenon.

  3. Isn’t it time to defend the USA ? Isn’t that what President Thomas Jefferson did against the Muslims ? Why not tell the head of twitter to go to hell!

  4. This course of action by the Democrats is well explained in the following two resources. If you really want to understand what is going on in our government (our Country), I urge (even beg) you to read Andrew Breibart’s book called “Righteous Indignation” or at least watch Glenn Beck’s recent video called “The Democrat Hydra” on YouTube. Glenn’s video provides factual documents and text messages obtained through the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) and not conspiracy theory. If you agree Glenn’s information is correct, you can do your part like I am by spreading it around. Do as others have done, copy this entire comment and paste it in your social media networks. Yes, I keep posting this in hopes to reach new readers. We need to do something, not just talk about it. This is a well organized strategy by the Deep State and there is proof if you are willing to research it.

    • Thank you for trying to do your part. We are losing the PC battle because the left has had their way so long their ideology is embedded and we let it happen by being the nice guys going along to get along. Now, we are on danger of losing everything and the job we face is monstrous instead of small.

  5. Take them to court where it’ll hurt them. This is exactly what is currently happening in Sweden. A person pasted the hateful and threatening words of an Islam and he got fined. Unbelievable. You didn’t make up his words, just informing people. The news outlets did it too. This craziness has to stop. The terrorist know the American government is afraid and they’re laughing at us. That’s why we need Trump. The only one sticking up for us.

  6. The bias in the mainstream media for ______? It must be hard to be consistent, as the “standards” are somewhat adaptable to fit the agenda which exists any given day. It is necessary for people to not fall into the trap of reacting too harshly. It is a bit like a warning not to struggle when in quicksand, as you will only be drawn in quicker. Political brown sugar will eventually kill itself if we remember the basics of decency.
    As soon as “news” becomes political, it becomes unreliable.

  7. Kinda sad.
    Haters lost the battle and the hole they are digging for themselves grows deeper by the day.

    GOD bless America and our great President Donald Trump.

  8. If Twitter, Facebook or whatever crap media is so important, why don’t create your own?
    And don’t count I’ll using it. I never visited Twitter or Facebook sites, and will not yours either!
    Grow a brain if you don’t have one, and if you do, and are outraged by twitter, learn to use it!… The brain I mean…

  9. Big Brother knows what we need to be informed of. Our news is trying and succeeding
    To brainwash our youth and young. Teach your children at home and be parents and not let the left take your children from you. GOD is almighty and forgiving.

  10. I am permanently banned from Twitter because THEY DEEMED WHAT I SAID , ‘INCITING HATRED’ & ABUSING THEIR USERS’…I was standing up for POTUS against vile, hate-filled language from AOC & Bette Midler….They are protected by Twitter & I pray Twitter doesn’t get any of myu Tax Dollars, Tax Credits, etc, etc, to operate…

  11. Obamass is not a black; ‘it’ is 44% Saudi, 6% black, and 50% other. I can see the Saudi in it’s face, plain as can be. Then you add the muzzle to this puzzle, who came out of the rotten woodwork, then his tranny who had two kids and you know this was done on purpose, by big money.

  12. I don’t understand why anyone would even want to use Twitter. The owners or People that run it are Sicko, demented Nazi’s that only believe Sicko Politics!!

  13. If you read 2Timothy 4:4 in the Holy Bible, it tells us what the Democratic Party and other liberals are morphing into. Read it and you will understand just how low they will go.

  14. Muslims have a goal to take over the world. They invaded Spain and other nations centuries ago prompting a defensive act called the crusades.

    Catholics get called out all the time about he crusades ignoring the fact that it was defense and not offense as so many anti Christians claim.

  15. Twitter is waking up a giant!
    Another platform will raise to destroy them if they continue defending Muslim terrorists! The sooner the better!.

  16. I have made a few comments on some of these websites about twitter. No one listens until it happens to them. I have been banned and reinstated and shadow banned since. I tested twitter and called them very nasty names and told them they are lawbreakers and are playing God and will get a very large lawsuit for going against the constitution of the United States for freedom of speech, preventing people from posting their emotions and feelings. It is against their AI that is just an idiot computer mathematical formula and it cannot understand feelings and emotions. The words I used to twitter never had any effect on them proving that I am shadow banned. I am still contemplating a lawsuit. Maybe after the first of the year because someone has to do it. No one else is and everyone else just keeps complaining and doing nothing.

  17. So where do we go from here . There is no unabridged, open to discussion, unrestricted internet anymore. Is there a counter to twitter, facebook , etc that allows all points of view and allows the people to disseminate fact from fiction?
    This makes people feel as if they have no voice. Don’t we already know what happens. If they continue this betrayal it will not lead to a more docile America where you’re expected to believe what you’re told. It comes from the same people who would say impeachment and censure are the only way to shut you up. This is not good . We must be willing to listen to both sides. That is what has made America great. Censure breeds terrorism . While we may consider any extremist group to be crazy, evil, etc, how do you think you can change a mindset by ignoring it. You can’t just press delete. It will come back as a virus. That is what formed isis in the first place, and may be where we are heading

  18. When Trump wins and conservatives take the house & senate in 2020, it may be time to censor the media. Hate to say it, but they are forcing this on themselves by being so biased. Don’t want government control of media, but there has to be some strict guidelines & penalties for such abuse.

  19. These Social Media companies need to come under the control of the FCC like yesterday!!! They brazenly claim they don’t censor because they created algorithms that pick up on certain word phrases. The algorithms are computer programs created by the people doing the censoring. The programs do as they are programmed. I am not an idiot and did computer programing in College so this is such a lame excuse made to the uneducated. Note that the studies done show that the vast majority of the censuring is being done to conservative content!!

  20. The cultural (civil) war is largely being played out on the business plains (economically / monetarily). . . . it’s only our constitutional republic that is at stake.

  21. Muzzies must go down !!! Every way, every day, period !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Somebody (?) has to stop this nonsense of shutting down free speech. How dare Twitter ban info on terrorized Islam BS! Our sacred American values are slowly and methodically being eroded. Does anybody in a position of authority care?? Why is there such a damaging agenda allow to exist? Our Republic is the greatest in all of history. Why are imbeciles allowed to continue their heinous attack on our beloved America?

  23. The end goal of Islam is to kill all Infidels. When asked who is a Infidel their answer was “all who do not do not believe in Islam”

  24. This is why I don’t have a Twitter account and I don’t use Facebook at all except to track my son out in the world down to make sure he’s alive. Every real American Patriot should be canceling all these accounts and cost these people money

  25. The Left keeps up the attacks on all of us who support the President and this country. They want to draw us into a a Civil War. Man we better vote strong in 2020 and send the message that their crap is no longer acceptable and we won’t stand for it anymore. As for Twitter I left them a long time ago. They are completely biased and it seems FOX News in headed that way as well. I still watch Hannity, Ingraham, the Five and Outnumbered but cannot stand- Jessica Tarlov, Marie Harf, Napolitano, Chris Wallace. and Juan Williams. I may switch over to Newsmax if FOX goes too far left.

  26. Yeah, they banned me because I like Trump. Oh well, I’m so GLAD they did. I don’t like patronizing any company who censors free speech. Only way socialist Left can succeed is by outright censorship control of the narrative. That’s what they always use. I can’t thank you enough for blocking me, Twitter. Otherwise I would have believed you were social media, when you’re in fact propaganda media. Homey don’t play that game.

  27. Twitter banned me because I tweeted all conservative things and was anti liberalist in my tweets. Talk about being anti American and you are talking about Twitter. The govt. should ban them just to see how they like it.

  28. I don’t use Shitter Twitter or Facecrook Facebook because of their unlimited support for the uber radical extreme leftist freaks and their anti American views. It’s sad that almost all social media is owned and operated by the looney Lefties therefore, they have full control who has 1st amendment rights and who and what they want to hear, read or ban. It’s a fact that the fake news media and social media outlets in this country supports the terrorist rights over our human rights. If you dare speak out against Islamic terrorist or a democrat your automatically considered a white supremest just to shut you down. We need some rich conservative start a conservative social outlet for our view and rights to be heard but, unfortunately that’s not going to happen so thank God for Fox News and people like Major Pete Hegseth who has the backbone to speak out against these worthless tyrant scumbags.

  29. I’ve been banned from both FB and IG. When I told them they must have made a mistake and asked why, I was told they couldn’t tell me for “safety and security” reasons and the decision was final.

  30. I think Islam has BOUGHT Everything that is a defense for themselves. Greed has sold us out!! When you OWN the resources you can use them for your evilness

    • Boycotting the social media giants won’t do much good or even be effective. What needs to happen is that they should be sued by the people in Federal Court for violating their rights of free speech, and if necessary take the lawsuit all the way to the Supreme Court and let the Justices review the matter and the issues involved; then give a ruling as that decision will apply to the people. It’s the nation’ Highest Court who must determine what social media can or cannot do regarding free speech and or censorship of someone because of race, religion, or political beliefs. They must uphold the laws concerning these acts by social media against the people.

  31. We have given the social media moguls way too much power over us; when you see what’s “trending” among them, i.e., shadow-banning, use of bots to challenge everything one says, and all the little “disciplinary” steps they take with other people, then, everyone who isn’t leftist ought to leave. We do not have to use their pages, and because their only goal is to tear this country down, we should not use their pages. I left both twitter and facebook a long time ago, and wouldn’t go back for anything in the world! Their power over me is gone, and I feel good about that.

  32. Come on people we can shut them down and it’s easy just don’t use them anymore it sounds like to me there bought and paid for. So just cancel your subscription.

  33. The biggest reason I will never sign up for Twitter facebook or any of the other platforms totally controlled by leftists. I normally don’t agree to any government oversight on most things, but in this case , no oversight is shown to be a very dangerous thing. FREE SPEECH!!!!!…….but only if you agree with us. Sick!

  34. We need a new, nonradical forum. Twitter and Facebook are left-wing terrorist forums. I’m sure CAIR, Hamas, and the Iranian mobsters’ war machine are well represented.

  35. Twitter, and almost all media is so radical and pro-dem, pro-socialism it is rediculous.
    I was banned for saying that what a radical demrat posted was a bunch of crap. It was the first and last time of me going to Twitter!

    • Because Adam Schiff dictated the ban on anything that goes against the agenda. Conservatives. Vaccines. Parental rights. Medical freedom. 5G. All of it.

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