The Real Meaning Of “Covfefe” And Why Google Wanted It Hidden

(Tea Party 247) – In May of 2017 President Trump was traveling home from Saudi Arabia where he had made his first official visit overseas as President of the United States.

While only a few months in office, Trump was also no stranger to his ability to send the entire news media into a frenzy over his tweets.

This was when he dropped the tweet that would have everyone falling all over themselves for an entire news cycle: “Despite the constant negative press covfefe.”

It was assumed to be a typo, which of course, in the eyes of the press, was further proof the president was entirely incompetent, mentally unsound, and had obviously colluded with Russia.

POTUS, however, teased the press further, asking in a follow up tweet “Who can figure out the true meaning of ‘covfefe’ ??? Enjoy!”

Turns out, “covfefe” really did have a meaning, and it was entirely appropriate at the time.

According to DC Clothesline, not only did the word have a meaning, but Google would go on to bend over backwards to make sure that no one found out what that meaning was:

Come to find out it is Arabic for “I will stand up.” The president was saying, then, that despite all of the negativity from the media and his critics, he will “stand up” in the face of it all and ‘stand tall’ against it. He will overcome, in other words.

That’s pretty inspirational when you think about it and entirely appropriate given the outlandish, outrageously negative media coverage of the president’s Saudi visit (and of everything else he’s done since).

Little did we know, until now, that Google was already hard at work in those early days of the newly minted Trump administration undermining the president and his conservative supporters.

As reported by SGTReport, internet investigator Tiffany FitzHenry notes that there was a reason why when people tried Googling the word “covfefe” but couldn’t find it, that was due to the search giant burying it and its meaning. (Related: Despicable: Google hiding search results for Jussie Smollett’s ‘hate crimes’ hoax.)

She tweeted Sunday, “TOP BOMBSHELLS OF THE GOOGLE LEAK: 1. Deleted Covfefe. Documents reveal Google raced to remove the Arabic word Covfefe from virtual existence in the hours and days following Donald Trump’s infamous tweet.

“Leaked documents, titled ‘covfefe Translate Easter egg,’ reveal how Google raced to scrub the Arabic word “covfefe” and it’s meaning “I will stand up.” According to the document they knew the meaning of the Arabic word. Despite that, they set out to replace it with a shrug emoji,” she later tweeted.

This is a pretty big deal. “Covfefegate” is sure to go down in history as one of Trump’s biggest supposed gaffes, but in reality, it had a perfectly lucid meaning, and one that became a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts.

So obviously, Google had to make sure no one knew this:

According to those leaked documents, Twitter speech Nazis moved to erase the word from search results so that no one would know that it was inspirational — that way, they could help craft the narrative that the president is an ‘idiot’ who didn’t know what he was writing.

“So, just to be crystal clear, Google has no problem whatsoever taking it upon themselves to alter a centuries old language – deleting an entire word and it’s meaning from virtual existence – in order to carry out a completely unstated, hidden political agenda,” FitzHenry wrote.

“By removing the word covfefe, Google willfully defrauded the American public. They weaponized language information meant to be available to all humans, mass manipulated thought, political opinions and reality itself. All in real time. Sit with that. Think of the implications,” she added.

In recent months we’ve learned — from leaked documents, from insider whistleblowers, and from independent researchers — that Google and other social media behemoths are scheming to alter the 2020 election by fudging search results and either eliminating pro-Trump voices online or substantially subduing them so that other, anti-Trump media will be much more prevalent.

One researcher, Dr. Robert Epstein, a San Diego-based Harvard Ph.D. who founded the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies, believes — based on his studies — that Google’s manipulation of news feeds and search results may have cost Republicans House seats in the 2018 midterm elections.

In fact, he found that a single shift in Google search results on Election Day 2018 very likely shifted anywhere from 800,000 to 4.6 million votes to Democratic candidates.

So much for the corporation that once pledged, “Don’t be Evil.”



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