The Pork Included In Coronavirus Spending Bill Includes Millions For Illegal Aliens

(Tea Party 247) – This week, Congress passed a $2 trillion spending bill which would provide much-needed relief to millions of Americans suffering financially during the coronavirus crisis, and on Friday, it was signed by President Donald Trump.

Of course, the Democrats managed to pack all kinds of pork into the bill, including funding for the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts and PBS.

That’s not all.

They also managed to include $350 million in funds for “Migration and Refugee Assistance” in spite of the fact that our dangerously porous border contributed to the spread of COVID-19.

These are the same people who are now whining that Trump didn’t do enough to stop the spread of the virus. A few weeks ago, they were whining that he was restricting travel from countries with high volumes of coronavirus cases!

According to the wording of the bill, this cash would be used to “prevent, prepare for, and respond to coronavirus.”

How, in any way, shape or form, is encouraging more migrants to come into our country going to help “prevent” the spread of the virus?

The original House bill asked for $300 million, and the Republicans apparently didn’t put up a fight when another $50 million was added.

Rep. Matt Gaetz called this measure a “poison pill” which would put “America LAST.”

This is in addition to the $25 million in funding for the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.

“If there is one thing this whole coronavirus debacle should have taught us, it’s that we need to bring in people with exotic diseases from all over the world at levels greater than ever before,” Chris Menahan comments.

Summit News notes:

If every western country had followed the example of Russia and ended ‘migration and refugee assistance’ back in January by closing their borders and keeping them closed until a vaccine was available, the scale of the COVID-19 pandemic would be significantly less horrific.


  1. The Democratic party, whose first president was Thomas Jefferson, have always been the party crusading against freedom, and even against life itself. Fighting FOR slavery during the Civil War (Lincoln was the first Republican president), and using legislation crafted during the 1960’s, this party has done everything it can to enslave various groups of people. Slavery is nothing more than a dictatorship, or a monarchy, or welfare, or a socialist regime whereby a few hold all of the wealth and power while the people are put into the shackles of debt, taxes (Obama almost tripled our national debt in 2 years), and excessive regulations. Most of the ten wealthiest members of Congress are dems, the dems have more millionaires as registered voters than the Republicans, and more tech companies supporting them. Instead of trying to impeach a duly elected president (they did nothing to impeach their own law breaking, immoral Bill Clinton, who was elected with only 43% of the popular vote in 1992 – far less than Mr. Trump’s percentage), they should have been working to protect Americans. But, they did not. What do you expect from the party who champions the killing of the unborn – and probably the elderly as well – who are incapable of defending themselves. Yet, they complained that Mr. Trump closed the borders. Now, they have put America at even greater risk with the trash they loaded into the Cares Act. What is sad, is that the Republicans have not fought for our country and against the treasonous dems.


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  3. Anyone who believes that adding pork to bills is limited to only Democrats should WAKE UP Republicans do this as well. When going to polls to vote don’t be limited to party but to Conservative policies

  4. Seize and divert the funds, that are for pork and other add on nonsense programs, to ICE and Boarder
    Patrol to eradicate the country of illegal aliens. The other plaque this country suffers from.

  5. F.Y.I. — I just calculated the Corona virus mortality rate, based on current numbers on TV. The rate is 1.775%. Worldwide rate is currently 4.711%

  6. This would be a good time to hunt down and deport every person in the USA who is NOT Legal. Use a little of that money to send them where they need to go. And use the rest of the money to protect Americans with all the things which are needed to keep us, alive, safe, healthy, and happy.
    It is totally ridiculous to give financial benefits and voting rights to illegals!. Any politician who would support such a luney tune, ought to be dismissed from office, for that person is surely not an American in his heart!
    I am Not a Robot. I tried to check your box, but it would not register.
    I do not think that robots are in the habit of stating opinions any way.

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    • Awake American citizens, we were “sleeping “ for so long in decades now it’s time to Make A Big Change for Our Country! Be side by side with the President Donald Trump !!!!!

  8. We don’t have to wait for the November elections to make a difference with our government corruption. We are not impotent victims just because we are politicians! We can end the corruption just from our personal Facebook pages, or by creating a new patriotic page with a title that reflects our own Agenda. For those who don’t feel comfortable able their own writing skills, they can be reporters. Just pick five or more of your favorite political websites, browse through them to find their most important videos or articles, and share them to the public and to friends. They will be included on your own page. If you are already active on other social media, share the information there too. Fight corruption by emailing your own state and local representatives and telling them to do it. Even if you only spend an hour a day, you can make a difference!


  10. Mortality numbers are changing everyday day. Not necessarily worse than it was. Treatments are being developed successfully. Not everyone is going to die because of Covid-19.

    • This money should be used to shoot dead any illegal alien who has crossed our borders illegally. That will stop them from coming. Whoohooo!!!

  11. Bull…….This is what the Democrats do well ,,,,,,,,,, Pork,Pork……..Wait till we have to Vote. Republicans. Conservative ………REMEMBER THIS!!!!!!!

  12. Supporting “Performing Arts” is the job of the public who want this, not the government!!! Ask George Soros if you need funding for Performing Arts!!! KQED runs funding drives all the time, that’s how you find “Performing Arts”!!!

  13. It’s totally appalling, inexcusable and unacceptable for despicable anti American traitor Pelosi to allocate one red cent to illegals much less hundreds of millions. She should be removed from Congress and jailed for putting illegals first and withholding assistance from American citizens, especially our homeless, veterans and senior citizens.

  14. If the Demos aren’t voted out this Fall, we’re finished. I’ll move to Iceland or New Zealand. Even S. Africa if they’re not experiencing much virus.

  15. Tired of both sides adding pork to any bill
    there needs to be bill passed prohibiting any thing on a bill except for what that bill was intended for
    In fighting this virus why is there money for the Kennedy Center and illegals that is so stupid
    It shows the level that the idiots in Washington stoop tp\

  16. How in the hell could the damn Dems be allowed top put that into the bill and why did Trump sign it ? He’s ( Trump) isn’t stupid so I’m praying that he has a reason for signing that will enable him to be sure the monies don’t go to cash in illegal pockets (not even the damn Dems) and to be used for deporting and exiling many of the damn Dems) I’m totally appalled that they want to give our monies to illegals ..and they surely haven’t earned any raises …. Those effing
    Dems had best NOT get reelected and all voters had best vote for trump cuz if anyone else wins. .
    our country will be in a worse mess than we are in right now with this (dem) virus. ..THINK ABOUT IT ….WITH ANYONE BUT TRUMP, ALL ILLEGALS BENEFIT MORE THAN ANY OF US …

  17. This is just another reason among a huge number of reasons why so many Americans loath and despise the Democrats. Taxpayer collected money at all levels of government is ALWAYS in short supply and should always, first and foremost, be used for the benefit of American citizens and legal residents AND NEVER FOR THE BENEFIT OF ILLEGALS WHO ARE TRYING TO SNEAK IN OR WHO HAVE ALREADY SNUCK IN AND BEEN CAUGHT.
    Normal Americans, remember these Socialist weasels masquerading as Democrat weasels come election time and pull the lever or push the button for just about any Republican or Independent. Just imagine how much medical equipment could have been paid for with 350 MILLION DOLLARS?

  18. Damn the Democrats? They are toxic, subversive, treasonous and the very antithesis of the way want to function in concert with our Constitution. They must be driven out of government if we ever expect to prosper as a nation and put America First. The Democrats, Elites and Globalists are dead set on ruining this country for their on aggrandizement. We better wise up, it’s getting late.

  19. The coronavirus has prudently chosen to self-isolate for the next two weeks. It fears it may have come into contact with Joy Behar.

  20. Why did the Republicans let this stay in the bill? They had the Democrats over a barrel. If the Democrats held up the bill for this, then they would have been excoriated by the American public. That’s $375 million of wasteful spending in the bill and there’s probably a lot more shit that shouldn’t be in it. Way to go Congress, you dipshits.

  21. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer needs to be kicked out they are profiting from this and are looking out for illegals instead of the American citizens why are they wanting more disease , criminals and murders into our country and they are funding these people they are buying these people to vote illegally in November Pelosi and Schumer do not care about American citizens they are pocketing money for themselves they think they are ruling our country GOD BLESS AMERICA

  22. No-one should be helped except US CITIZENS and Democrats should be voted out of office for putting non citizens ahead of US CITIZENS. THIS IS A DISGRACE ! THESE DEMOCRATS SHOULD BE VOTED OUT OF OFFICE !

  23. We can complain, but there is nothing that we can do; other than vote in November. This is not about Democrat vs. Republican. This is about Good vs. Evil. There are many corrupt Republicans over many decades that have helped the Democrats lead us to this tipping point, and some of the corrupt Republicans are still in the Congress. For example, I live in SC, but I will never vote for Lindsey Graham. My conscience will not let me vote for a liar, and I will leave that block on my ballot as a blank. I am assume that you have your “Lindsey Graham” in your state. Look at Burr in NC. The list goes on. Forget about Republicans. Vote for GOOD!

  24. This is the Democrats’ last hurrah, and they’re milking it for all that they can get! I’m SO SORRY (sarcasm) that they didn’t get everything they wanted in this legislation, but sacrifices have to be made in politics! After November 3, 2020, illegal aliens are gonna wish they had never heard of the USA and had stayed home! The Democrats are gonna go down in flames, but President Trump will have a full plate to digest for the duration of his second term!

  25. I am so sick of the Democrats & their BS! I also read somewhere that they gave themselves a raise in the stimulus package. They don’t deserve the amount they were paid before. They’ve been too busy trying to impeach the President, for the past 2 1/2 years, to do their job.

    • Professor g
      Are you willing to produce evidence of proof and sware under oathe that Graham is a liar. You are like most educateded Idiots. You repeat what you hear and can not prove anything. You do not have any commansence to think for yourself. If your brain was gasoline, it would not be enough to start an Ants motorcycle.

  26. With a mortality rate less than 2%, the Corona virus is way less problematic than the standard flu. I do wonder if this ‘panic-demic’ was ginned up just to move the ‘new one world order’ forward a bit.


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