The Percentage Of Illegals Arrested In 2019 That Had Criminal Convictions Or Pending Charges Will Blow Your Mind

(Tea Party 247) – There are a lot of reasons that conservatives are against illegal immigration, chief among them being a deepy entrenched desire to protect our country and fellow citizens from ruthless criminals who would do harm to both our economy and our physical safety.

Folks on the left try to pretend that all of the individuals coming across the border are just oppressed people looking to escape a wretched existence and claim a little slice of the American dream for themselves. Unfortunately, the facts tell a different story.

It turns out the vast majority of individuals who have crossed the border are bad apples with criminal records.

Check out the details from Gateway Pundit:

This really is stunning — Over 90% of the criminal illegal aliens arrested in 2019 had either criminal convictions or pending charges. The average was four charges per alien.

And yet Democrats insist on putting the well-being of these criminal aliens before the safety of American citizens.

The report also found the number of individuals apprehended or found inadmissible nationwide totaled 1,148,024, an increase of 68 percent over the previous fiscal year.

Over one million illegals crossed into the United States in 2019 thanks to the Democrat Party’s open border policies.

NEW: More than 90% of illegal immigrants arrested by federal agents in the United States last year had criminal convictions or pending criminal charges, including 56,000 assaults and thousands of sex crimes, robberies, homicides and kidnappings.

Via Judicial Watch:

More than 90% of illegal immigrants arrested by federal agents in the United States last year had criminal convictions or pending criminal charges, including 56,000 assaults and thousands of sex crimes, robberies, homicides and kidnappings. Many had “extensive criminal histories with multiple convictions,” according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) year-end report.

The 123,128 illegal aliens arrested by the agency’s Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) in 2019 had 489,063 criminal convictions and pending charges, representing an average of four crimes per alien, highlighting the “recidivist nature” of the arrested aliens, the agency writes, noting that sanctuary cities nationwide greatly impeded its public safety efforts.

The left has done a bang up job of crafting a narrative that makes all illegal aliens appear to be victims searching for a better life, a bunch of sob stories meant to emotionally manipulate folks into supporting left-wing policies. It’s what liberals do best after all.

Now, that’s not to say there aren’t good people who are trying to come to America that are trapped into thinking crossing illegally is their only option. No doubt there are. But as much as we might feel bad for these folks and desire to help them, we still have to uphold the law. If we don’t, criminals take advantage of the system.

The main reason liberals are so gung-ho about the cause of illegal immigration is because this very large demographic represents a whole lot of voters they can bring into the Democratic Party. This is accomplished by making illegals think that Democrats are on their side, when in reality they are only purchasing their loyalty with false promises they have no intentions of keeping.

It’s manipulation of the worst kind, and what makes this all the more heinous is that the left knows that they are essentially enslaving folks, but as long as they keep them winning elections, that doesn’t matter.


  1. Follow the money. Lots to be made in placing alien children, detention centers, taking bribes from cartels for drug importation. The undertakers get 70K more bodies to prepare for cremation or burial. I am sure politicians are getting envelopes stuffed with green along the way. Why ruin a good business by enforcing laws and building a wall?

  2. @Lamigra: When in doubt, go do a little research. I did. These statistics are correct. Shocking aren’t they? And remember, way back when, you leftists called President Trump a racist because he pointed out the fact that a good number of these people crossing illegally were “bad people”. Not ALL of them, he went on to say, but you chose to ignore that part. The fact is, “good people” generally choose to enter LEGALLY. The president was right, after all. Not racist, just applying common sense. So, yeah, these stats should come as no surprise, if you use common sense. Peace.

  3. @Bob: If you would reread the article, you’d see that the 123,128 is referring specifically to the illegal immigrants with criminal convictions apprehended by the Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) alone. Meaning this figure does not include apprehensions made by ICE, CPB or DHS. The 489,063 refers to the number of convictions or pending charges among the 123,128, which works out to an approx 4 per person! Doesn’t that alarm you, Bob? Do you live in a sanctuary city that is affected the most? With an attitude like that, I certainly hope you don’t have children. You see, we aren’t idiots or blind sheep. Unlike you, when I see any statistics in an article, I go to the internet to fact check. These figures are from the U.S. Immigration and Customs report for fiscal year 2019. Good enough for me. Probably not for you, because you’ve been told by your party to believe that ICE is evil and should be abolished. Then what, Bob? These numbers would be too scary to even think about. And, by the way, why do you leftists feel the need to belittle and name-call? You would’ve been far more effective had you just pointed out what you thought was a discrepancy. You were WRONG, of course, but I’m sure you lead many people to fact check. Thank you for that. You shouldn’t ignore statistics if they indicate an alarming risk to the safety of American citizens, you know: “We the people”? Who cares about the false rhetoric politicians tell us on a daily basis compared to that? If I try to be Christ like I have to say, bless you, Bob, from a fellow American. Peace.

  4. Why doesn’t the math add up? “The report also found the number of individuals apprehended or found inadmissible nationwide totaled 1,148,024“ THEN HOW IS 123,128 equal 90%?

    You idiots only read titles. Look at the number, you blind sheep. That is less then 10%. The fact is the immigrants aren’t evil. They are people looking for a chance to live. But you racists would rather believe they are evil. Do the math you idiots. Stop watching fox and try to act Christ like.

    • Bob you are right the numbers do not add up but having said that they are all criminal do to the fact they entered this country illegally. You need to stop calling names and as for the facts the Democrats have allowed this to go on thinking it will make them look good when in fact the same federal laws they took oath to follow they do just the opposite. The Democrats want to muddy the waters thinking it will cover the fact that they are trying to turn this country communist and a third world just look at California and Chicago. The give illegals food stamp, pay for their babies, and all the time they should be sending them back. That put a stress on the American people. The problem with Hispanics is you can not look at them and tell who is or isn’t an American Citizen. You are right immigrants is not evil but the ones entering this country are criminals. If immigrants is done right it is a great thing but that is where the problem lays people do not separate the two and that is when immigrants get a raw deal. Oh and Bob are you acting Christ like when you call names don’t think so.

    • NO! I say execute them all and we won’t have these repeat offenders! Besides, they’ll just keep on repeating and coming back< It's time we put a stop to this bullshit!

  5. i have not enough words in my brain for the damage done in Congress from Clinton onward especially but it actually started with Roosevelt, and before that with our human weaknesses/ideas of ‘wanting something for nothing’- ( and especially not enough words for Obama’s damage to the USA), while they are all living on the “fat of the land” ( our tax dollars ), which fact alone should give them some conscience but it no longer does. The Politicians are out of touch with Americans, their home states, with logical clear thinking, and they think they are entitled to take, ruin, and vote anyway that benefits themselves – not even the states they were elected to represent – all the while spouting rubbish. These words of mine do not begin to cover how deeply angry I am. I am so angry at the abuse of power and of my American way of life that I often just have to shut down my talking and thinking about it. I believe we have let the devils loose by our own selfishness and wanting big government to pay for our medical problems – much of which is brought on by our own desire to live an easy life – ( very human ), and starting with Roosevelt, the sneaky beginnings of Socialism set out thinking that the Federal government has to pay for citizen’s lack of strong work ethic. It is sneaky- socialism crawls into our thinking and we do not notice until it has robbed us of our basic freedoms to choose whether or not we want government mandated medical care ( that is loosing ground to other higly developed countries), and the right to have our borders protected and so on and so on and so on……..awful mess.

  6. If they are to come here and stay they must be confined to living amongst the democrats only. Democrats will have a damn quick change of mind when they fall victims to these criminals.

  7. The Dumbocrats will argue that the illegals are not any more criminal than Americans. BUT, Americans are prosecuted and may go to jail. Illegal criminals are let loose to reek havoc back on the folks or recycled out of the country only to crash back in. What a folly. This complete BS. The Democraps don;t give a hill of beans about America or Americans.

  8. And a lot odf those running want to have open borders. Maybe 1 of there 12 year old girls will be taken, raped by 3 or 4 of them and then kill them. That seems like what they want… Why????

  9. America was built by predominantly by Europeans with ability and class. Now we’re being invaded by non achievers from third world Countries . They exploit our system . They fraudulently cancel citizens votes. Americans should implement class action suit against politicians who encourage this. They are denigh ing our right to have our vote count.

  10. First off it’s the job of the federal government does in Congress to protect the American people, to protect our borders and to protect our wealth, but the communist in the a.k.a. Democrat party because of their idol call marks says to destroy the American people he was overwhelmed their system with dirt. Thanks Bec first off it’s the job of the federal government does in Congress to protect the American people, to protect our borders and to protect our wealth, but the communist in the a.k.a. Democrat party because of their idol call marks selves to destroy the American people you must overwhelm their system with debt. Thanks Back! The Democrats ( if you desire to call them communist that ) Have violated their oath of office and care less about the American people it should all be removed from office for violating their oath of office and committing an act of treason against the American people after saying that we don’t have a spending problem we have a rubber new problem meaning they want to take more money from you and I assume servants to use on illegal aliens that they could care less about what does do what Carl Marx says overwhelm the system ,With date that will enslave our children and crash or economy that is their goal. They have been after our guns for 80 years and our guns are the most important thing to them because it protects them from us as they are and they’re 17 agencies they created to protect the elites with automatic fully automatic weapons and 2 billion rounds of hollow point bullets the kill people the Barack Obama illegal alien bought for them with our tax dollars.

  11. deport them all.and stop calling them immigrants,they r not they r illiegals.democrats r a bunch of bleeding hearts. they just want the votes.even the legal immigrants dont want them here. they r immigrats who came here the right way. they r caming here because they can get most things free. on our tax payers money. and i resent making the citys santuary citys. who is paying for this?

  12. My Fellow Americans,
    The corruption in the Democratic party is astounding, especially with regard to the immigration issues we are facing! The Democrats believe they can register a vast number of these illegal immigrants, enough to change election results in their favor!
    Stop and think about it, for our law enforcement to catch, arrest, and the system to process them, and remember most likely these same individuals have already committed between 8 to 12 previous assaults on our system, so its costing you the tax payer billions of tax dollars to have some left wing lunitic judge turn them loose to commit the same crimes again. If one of these bastards kills, rapes or harms one of your family “HOLD THE DEMOCRATS RESPONSIBLE AND LETS FIND AWAY TO MAKE THEM FEEL THE PAIN!”

    • Perhaps the way to go after them is to use the dems own logic against them:
      Democrats claim that munitions manufacturers should be held responsible when someone goes off the rails and starts shooting people.
      Use that same logic by holding all democrats and the DNC PERSONALLY responsible every time an illegal enters this country and commits a crime.

  13. Perhaps these criminals should be sent back where they came from with a clear understanding
    that if they come back into the United States, they will be shot on sight. This may be brutal and
    drastic but I am tired of the monsters coming in and killing and maiming our citizens. Enough is
    enough. I think harsh is the only thing they understand.

    • You need to learn to read. Nowhere did the article say that 90% of the illegals entering are criminals. Try reading it again and again and again until you finally figure it out.

    • Please understand what you are reading. It says that 90% of those ARRESTED by the feds had criminal records.

    • They are all criminals if they are entering or attempting to do so without going through the proper process. Criminals every one. Deport immediately.

    • 90% of the ones ARRESTED had already been convicted or had charges pending for a prior crime. They’re repeat offenders. They had an average of 4 convictions each.

    • Lamigra anyone of them entering this country other than a legal way are criminals and yes a lot do enter this country repeatedly have committed crimes. There is a law they seem not to want to use and that is if a illegal is deported once and comes back they are to go to prison not get deported again and that is what should be happening then maybe the illegal enters would if not stop slow down.

    • Hey Lamshit… You also need to learn how to write after you learn how to read! The parasites who run the Democrat love gullible fools like you !

  14. It’s all part of the UN’s and democraps equity program. Get enough illegals to drive wages down so we’re equitable with 3rd world nations.

  15. That’s the truth. Let these illegalis go away and find another country to support them. Why don’t all the democrats use thleir own salaries to support them.

  16. Iranian terrorists are numerous among the criminal invaders at US Mexico border.
    EMERGENCY BROADCAST: Iranian Terrorists on US Soil. Yt: Douglas M. Ducote Sr.

  17. The way to stop this illegal problem beside the wall is to drop off 10 bus loads of them in Washington DC and by Pelosi’s and Schumer’s house.

  18. Most of the drunk driving accidents in the Denver area who then leave the scene of the accident are illegals. Think of how much damage, physical and mental and emotional they cause.

  19. We better get this crap fixed n Soon. Vote out Every sad-eyed, whimpering politician who has More concern for out of country people Than Our Own Family of Legal USA citizens. There are billions under oppression. We can Not help m Except to show m how to Change their country as we did 250 yrs ago by the Revolution we decided upon n the Law System n moral code we adopted. Read The History from 1500- 1800: Europe; Brittan; n N. America!!

  20. These Democrats and liberals have caused more deaths with the crimes that these illegals have given us!! We the citizens need to quite voting these radical politician into are government, for they have attacked are Constitution, are laws, are religions, are freedom of speech, are rights to bare arms, are traditions and are values!!! These Democrats have given us outrageous taxes every chance they get, they have destroyed are election system in these Democratic run states and cities, they are also the ones that have loaded are courts with radical judges that do not uphold are Constitution or federal laws, they also don’t even listen to the voice of the citizens of are country, for these Democrats even refuse to protect are borders and even use are tax dollars to support illegals!!! Lets get real for these Democrats politicians are not representatives at all they have become dictators not at all patriots!!! It is time to get rid of the Democratic party for ever before we end up without a country, for the Democrats and liberals are leading us to nothing but doom!!!!

  21. In the words of a former U.S. president, “We simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States undetected, undocumented, unchecked, and circumventing the line of people who are waiting patiently, diligently, and lawfully to become immigrants into this country.” That former U.S. president is Barack Obama. He said these words while a U.S. Senator.

    • There’s no denying Obama could make awesome speeches, but we now know they were merely for effect. Just as in his campaigns for president, he promised hope and transparency and a whole lot of other wonderful things that he never intended to deliver. The fact that he was reelected is strong testimony for the effectiveness of brainwashing. Denying these statistics is causing real harm to real people, and those who still support the Democratic party seem to be ok with that. I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt in assuming they are otherwise law-abiding, decent human beings and fellow Americans. If it’s not brainwashing, how do you account for such lack of compassion for their fellow Americans?

  22. Strict control must be kept on illegal people trying to enter USA. They must go thru the process as many people has gone thru to become legal citizens. No consideration whatsoever deserve illegals.

  23. It’s time to totally shut down immigration and refugee rescue unless and until this nonsense stops.


  24. What a sickening fact. My Lord, a 50% number would be pathetic and we are at 90%…. What a load of scum coming into OUR Republic??

    • overloading our labor system. overloading our schools. overloading our medical system. overloading our welfare systems. overloading our courts system. overloading our hospital systems. overloading, overloading, overloading, ect, ect, ect

  25. Thanks to Obama and his left wing demorats. He wanted the white race diluted and got his wish. What is next for our country. No culture , borders or language. The world sees America as a declining nation and knows we have revolved into a banana republic. Russia & China waiting on sidelines knowing we will self destruct from within. They do not need their armies. We are destroying ourselves. Matter of time.

    • Yes, you are spot on. I also wonder what it’s gonna look like when the illegal invaders turn on the dimwits who have welcomed them in?? We are already beginning to see the Bloods street gang going at it with MS-13 & even with Jihad loving Muslims

  26. Only reason it’s still happening is the people who want open borders don’t have to worry about gettin robbed, raped, or killed. Unlike us peasants. Guarantee if a few celebrities or politicians are affected by an illegal scumbag, Trump will be blamed for letting em in.

  27. Yes, and the same thing is happening in Canada. Unfortunately the government at present in charge has the same motives in mind as the democrats.

  28. Let’s not forget what Fidel Castro did when he took over. He emptied out Cuba’s prisons, put them all on boats and sent them to Florida, which is why Miami is so “brown” and has such a high rate of Cuban crime and criminals. Doesn’t that fact bear resemblance to the high number of criminals coming through our southern border? We should deport these alt-Left socialists for open borders to Guatemala, Argentina, Venezuela, El Salvador, and others, including southern Mexico, and I’m sure they’ll be welcomed with open arms and free stuff there. Thank you, TeaParty247 for all you do and report on. Great job!

    • Yep… I was a kid whose family had long been visitors to the East coast of Florida 3-4 times per year. When Castro send his undesirables, Miami, Lauderdale, etc., we’re transformed almost overnight. Needless to say, we began staying on the West Coast, never returning to watch the demise of those once beautiful areas!!

    • florida has a mental health problem caused when castro opened his prisons to flood americas shores with all the sick people he didnt want


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